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23 Y/O | Bi | F

Kik: lauryval_

Heya! My name's Lauren, and i've always been SUPER into victim play, and was hoping I could find some roleplay partners on here! I typically roleplay as a dead girl, which I do via juicy environmental descriptions and occasional "if she were still alive" comments! I typically roleplay using self-made images like the one in this post to keep you interested, I don't really like sharing photos of myself or any personal information.

Turn-ons: Corpse massaging, talking to the corpse as if she was alive, bathing or caring for the body, basically treating the corpse gently as if she was still alive.

Turn-offs: Hard vore, gore, scat (i'm flexible with pee..), oral.

Hit me up if I match your interests and you wanna roleplay!


Ya haven’t been responding to my messages and I’m just wondering what’s up!


what a lady, best necro RPs of my damn life




Would love to play, but perhaps on discord?


Sorry, my Discord's personal, I only really do Kik..


Hey so what gives? I’ve been tryna rp with you and you’ve been ignoring me for about a year

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