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Kik: medfetrp
Email: medfetrp@gmail.com

Looking for: Bondage/torture/BDSM RP in a modern/ultramodern, realistic/clinical medical setting.

Kinks: Doctors, nurses, assistants, patients, slaves/submissives, anesthesia, surgery, medical play, gyno, exams, lactation, monitoring, BDSM, torture, loli (generally tween+), fucking machines, machine milking, e-stim, CPR/defib/resus, shaving, experimentation, training, discipline/reinforcement, gags, breast/nipple torture, genital torture, dentistry/oral, breath control, and related.

Turn Offs: Toilet play (pee/sounding/catheters are fine). Scat/vomit are a limited okay depending on the circumstances.

Feel free to send a message if you want to RP, or even just to chat, exchange ideas, images, etc. – that's fine too.

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