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Looking for DM/GM for short or long term game. I will be Ms. Victory a superheroine that often meets brutally tragic ends that could lead to permanent death. If you like the idea of focusing on action violence, ryona, guro, death, eroticism and healing, then I would love to talk to you. A barely clothed beautiful superheroine ruined by guns, mutilated by energies, destroyed by superpowers, killed by magic, her wonderful body brutalized. Make me feel weak to the point I'm begging and crying both IC and OOC for you not to end me. Ms. Victory, The American Princess. You can also reach me on discord at: Sophie Sinclair#0773


I sent you a discord friend request. A lot of your interests are mine; presuming you are looking for a super villain to challenge you. Warning: You death will be prolonged, and based on your slowly losing your powers and being humiliated to your core.

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