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Discord: Skye#4252

I'm looking for a partner for snuff RP. I want to play the victim, and you my murderer or executioner. I'm new to guro and RP, but I have writing experience and learn fast. Just know I'll be a little green and probably a bit shy to begin with.

I'm 23 and Bi, I would probably feel safer with a female partner but I don't mind.

My main kink is asphyxiation, but I'm curious to explore my fetish. I'm not fussy on the setting either, be it an execution or murder or a cons pact. Nor do I mind what fun you have with me after I die.

Turns-Ons: asphyxiation. wetting myself, slowly fading out, being pleasured or fucked as I die, detailed writing.

Turn-offs: fire, instant deaths, torture, inconsiderate jerks, lack of detail.

Don't even ask: No scat, furry, bestiality or under-age. Nope.


Are you still looking for a rapist to snuff you? I want to do the nasty with you before and after death. I want to put my bare hands around your throat and make you struggle for air.


Happy to fulfil your darkest desires

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