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Discord: Skye#4252

I'm looking for a partner for snuff RP. I want to play the victim, and you my murderer or executioner. I'm new to guro and RP, but I have writing experience and learn fast. Just know I'll be a little green and probably a bit shy to begin with.

I'm 23 and Bi, I would probably feel safer with a female partner but I don't mind.

My main kink is asphyxiation, but I'm curious to explore my fetish. I'm not fussy on the setting either, be it an execution or murder or a cons pact. Nor do I mind what fun you have with me after I die.

Turns-Ons: asphyxiation. wetting myself, slowly fading out, being pleasured or fucked as I die, detailed writing.

Turn-offs: fire, instant deaths, torture, inconsiderate jerks, lack of detail.

Don't even ask: No scat, furry, bestiality or under-age. Nope.


Are you still looking for a rapist to snuff you? I want to do the nasty with you before and after death. I want to put my bare hands around your throat and make you struggle for air.


Happy to fulfil your darkest desires


Your discord doesnt seem to work,


The thread is half a year old, maybe she had her fill and deleted it. Check the dates before you reanimate ancient corpse threads.


also check my double trips yo


Hey guys. I'm sorry it's been such a long time, but between work and college I haven't had much free time. I had to make sacrifices and RP was one of them.

Finally I have some free time, so i want to get back into RP. i'm a lot more comfortable and confident than I was when I first posted, and my tastes have changed a little. So…

Asphyxiation is and always will be my strongest kink, but I'm pretty open and will gladly discuss ideas in DMs. I also really enjoy wounding; knives, guns, impaling, that kind of stuff.

As a sub my turn-ons are snuff, involuntary wetting, cum, rape/noncon, necro, belly wounds and most of all asphyx/hanging/strangling/drowning. As a dom, it's mostly the same but I tend to be quite gentle and prefer consensual scenes.

My turn-offs are cartoonish proportions, enormous insertions, beatings and instantaneous deaths.

My hard-limits are scat, underage, furry, bestiality.

Discord: Skye #4252.


Is there a chance you blocked someone out of a desire to hide from your kinks before embracing them? Please check your block list and consider saying hi. Looking through our messages a long while ago, it seems we got along.
If I'm wrong and you jist don't like me, that's fine too.

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