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I would like to do a RP of the story in this CG:

Or something very similar, just slightly different, a different girl of my choice, and she will be still alive enduring it (you can decide to kill her or not at the end), the main idea is for you to humiliate her in every way, insulting/degrading her, using her as punching bag and/or stabbing her, and specially making fun of her stupid giant tits, treating her as a disgusting bitch with no value.
No respect for her at all, just extreme abuse.

If you want to RP you can add me on discord: Tsu#7974




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Still looking if someone is interested. (involves really HUGE tits)


Got kik?



No, sorry, but leave your kik and maybe I'll create myself one, just for you


Problem is that your discord id doesn’t work. But I too prefer kik so make one and I’ll add you.


I want to play as this victim. Not sure about zombie, but other things looks great.
Discord: Belladonna#0442

p.s Looks like author's discord doesn't work

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