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Welcome to The Kombat Arena!

While there are a few threads dedicated to killing characters none of replicate showy gladitoral fights where doing over the top kills and entertaining a crowd are the name of the game.

The place will be 'The Kombat Area' a large magical Arena that can replicate any place such as a dark evil forest with deadly plants, a factory with deadly machinery, or even such a mundane place as a classroom. Watching it all will be a massive crowd (walls will be transparent) and they demand a good show for their entertainment.

So here's how this thread is going to work:

1. Come up with a character who would be in a Mortal Kombat-style death tournament. Give them a short bio and write an entrance for them as they enter the Arena where their opponent is already waiting. Be aware that the crowd is watching! Also original characters and characters from fighting games are encouraged - also any gender.

2. Flip a coin or use

If it lands Heads/Obverse/Odd Number then your character wins and gets to use a finishing move on their reeling opponent.

If it lands Tails/Reverse/Even Number then your character is left reeling and the winner of the last match kills your new character.

3. Write out the scene starting from when the loser is reeling. Remember when writing the finishing moves that there is an audience watching and they need to be entertained so the more over the top, perverted, showy, degrading, creative the finishing off is the better. Also you can use the environment to your advantage (think Stage Fatalities like tossing them into man eating plants in a dark forest, crushing them in machinery in a factory setting, gouging out their eyeballs with pencils in a classroom before doing more…).

4. Give a short description of how the arena will appear in the next fight. As a reminder the winner of the previous fight continues on to face the next challeger.

The first fighter is Jenny Culotte

Name: Jenny Culotte

Bio: On the surface a fairly average gal but Jenny has a passion for panties, some even call her the Panty Queen. She loves all styles and types from Boyshorts to V Kinis she can't get enough. Nothing gets her wet like someone admiring her panties.

Appearance: Jenny has a remarkably average appearance - Dark brown hair, blue eyes and an average body she is dressed in a schoolgirl skirt and short sleeve top. She changes up her panties regularly but it's always something interesting.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Age: 22

Beast Form (for Animality-type finishing moves): Jenny Donkey

Style: Curious & Playful.

The Arena Style will be a basic sandy surface.

The next post will be an example.


File: 1544854412908.jpg (219.52 KB, 1254x1771, MaryPrice-AltOutfit1.jpg)

Name: Mary Kycilia Price
Bio: A young fighter, Mary has trained all her life to be a Sex Kombatant studying at the Cunt Prep Fighting Academy. A more physical opponent she likes to smash into her opponent with her ass and smother them with her breasts. She also has a bit of a small obsession with panties.

Appearance: Mary has dark brown hair and dazzling green eyes. For an outfit she sports a schoolgirl skirt and top combo.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 22

Beast Form: Doe

Style: Showy and Lewd. A more physical opponent she likes to smash into her opponent with her ass and smother them with her breasts. She also has a bit of a small obsession with panties.

Mary exited a portal transposing her into a vast arena. The crowd cheered as she started skipping towards her opponent - by the looks of it another young girl in a school girl outfit. She was fairly cute and if this wasn't a match she would have had a hard time not heading over and trying to pick her up for a bit of fun…

"You look so cute!", Mary declared, "It's a shame we could have had a fun time but now I have to crush you between my legs - I came prepared check out these red panties which will hid your blood stains!"

The crowd laughed as Mary hiked up her blue skirt to reveal a pair of red silk panties. She turned around and gave herself a smack on the ass before turning around.

The girl she was facing, Jenny was her name, looked at her transfixed.

"I love them." Jenny said and she hiked up her red skirt to show off some frilly red silk panties. "Great minds think alike!"

Result: Heads


File: 1544854487718.png (24.83 KB, 719x223, MK2_Arena.png)


Mary caught her breath as she watched Jenny woozily reeling from side to side. It had been a long hard fought battle. It had also been close but Mary won the day through an Flying Ass Smash maneuver where launched herself backwards and her ass had crashed into Jenny's head. After she got up she was reeling and judge was calling out for her to finish her.

It was a real shame, she sensed a kinship with Jenny that might have blossomed into something more and a bit fun. Oh well maybe she could have a bit of fun with her right now.

Mary seductively striped herself taking off the panties last as the crowd cheered. Mary then approached Jenny, embraced her and passionately kissed her really getting the crowd hot and bothered. Next she slowly striped Jenny who game a weak and stoic smile.

Mary stripped off Jenny's top and skirt and then undid her bra letting her small but perky breasts pop out. She really did look cute.

Finally Mary stripped off Jenny's frilly red panties as Jenny meekly tried to resist. Her womanhood was bared to the world and Mary reached around to give Jenny's ass a squeeze making her give a small squeak. It was really a shame.

Mary laid Jenny down onto the Arena Floor and they began interlocking their legs and Mary started rubbing against Jenny's womanhood as she moaned.

They scissored for a little bit and Mary felt her blood pumping as the crowd cheered wildly. She wished she could end it there and take Jenny home with her but the show had to go on or else.

Mary pulled away shivering with a light orgasm as they parted and a trail of cum emerged between them. It was time.

Mary reached into her pile of clothes and pulled out a decently sized knife she had hid. Mary then pushed the handle into her pussy. Mary moans heavily at the sensation of the rough leather wrapped handle as it scrapes against her inner walls and her internal muscles gripping the handle tight.

Mary then lurched forward with great speed grabbing on to Jenny tightly with her legs and forcing the blade deep into her Jenny's pussy, causing her to release a blood curdling scream. Mary continued grinding against Jenny and cutting her insides to ribbons as she felt waves of pleasure flowing through her. Mary gasped and let herself feel the erotic high as hot blood coated her pussy and the crowd cheered her name. Jenny's crotch soon became a twisted bloody mess.

Mary pulled out and Jenny tried to get to her feet but Mary retrieved her knife and flung it in to Jenny's chest right between her perky bit trembling breasts. Jenny crashed back to the ground choking up blood.

Mary then strolled over behind Jenny and positioned her head between her thighs.

"I'm sorry I had to do this", Mary whispered as she gently stroked the quivering Jenny's head.

"I understand," she croaked softly while coughing up blood, "you at least took me up to heaven before taking me down to hell. My panties… a gift to you"

Mary's heart ached as she leaned forward and gave Jenny a final kiss. She then reared back and slammed her thighs together with all her might. Like a water balloon Jenny's head popped spreading blood and gore all over Mary as Jenny was no more.

The crowd cheered wildly as Mary got up and smiled giving a bloody 'V for victory symbol' then bouncing on her feet a little so that her breasts jiggled pleasingly for the crowd.

Mary then picked up her clothes and heading to wash up and redress herself before the next fight. As she left she grabbed Jenny's frilly red panties and sniffed them - gods even the smell was intoxicating. She decided to wear them in the next match to carry a little of her late opponent with her.


Next Match:
Stage: A facsimile of Kahn's Arena from MK2 but with an empty throne and bed-like platforms at the ends of the arena.

Mary Kycilia Price Vs…



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