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Adding another game to the growing collection of "Kill The Above".

Victims typically don't want to die, but willingly enter into, or agree to, a scenario which will result in their deaths. This can include the victim offering their life as a sacrifice. They could also have entered into a deadly competition or fight to the death, and lost.

The victims just have to be somewhat reluctant to die, but they willingly offered up their lives anyway. How seriously they take their death is up to you; can be however you would expect a real person to act, or the victim could act as if it's just an inconvenience.


1. While you don't have to write a novel, at least get to around 100 words in your response.
2. Respond to the previous entry before making a new one. You can disregard this rule if more than 30 days have passed since the last entry was posted.
3. You may do multiple victims, but no more than 10 per entry.


Here is the template;


Multiple Characters;






Here is the first entry.

Name: Michelle Keller
Age: 19
Sex: F
Description: See Pic
Scenario: Michelle has entered a gameshow called Run or Die; which requires contestants run five miles through a forest to win a large sum of money. The only catch is that trained hunters are stationed along the path, waiting to ambush and kill the contestants.


File: 1544916182895.jpg (124.55 KB, 675x1000, 1544568518676.jpg)

Name: Clarissa
Age: 42
Sex: F
Description: See image
Scenario: In order to raise money for her son's cancer treatment, she's agreed to sign up for a mortal combat arena TV show. Contestants are pitched 1v1 against trained warriors for cash prizes that can reach into the multi millions.

Boseman trained the rifle sight on the young woman frantically running along the forest path. He heard the whirr of the TV camera beside him focus on the figure as he gently rested his finger on the trigger.

"Its a shame, a damn shame" he thought to himself. The girl (Mikayla, Michelle? He could never remember their names) was cute in a bookish, girl next door kind of way. Long, glossy brunette hair, glasses, sparkling blue eyes, a perky chest. The kind of girl he might glance at for a second at the coffee shop. But here he was, about to cut her young life short, all for the entertainment of a mass audience.

She was within 25 yards when he pulled the trigger, placing a round squarely on her left breast. The bullet punched through her ribcage and began to fragment, with shards piercing both lungs. Michelle's face registered shock as her body dropped to the ground.

Boseman lifted himself up and jogged over to the girl. She dragged her body over the dirt path, coughing up blood every few seconds. Boseman unholstered his hunting knife. With his leg, he rolled Michelle over, eliciting a pained squeak from the woman. The front of her shirt was coated in wet blood, the fabric clinging to her tits. He could see the entrance wound sucking the shirt inside. Michelle's eyes welled up with tears and she whispered something. Boseman couldn't hear, and really didn't care. "I'll make it quick", he grunted.

He kneeled down and placed the edge of the knife at her jugular. With a swift motion, he opened it up, causing a torrent of blood to spray out. Michelle's eyes widened, her mouth opened and closed before she
fell still. He wiped the knife on her pant leg and stood up. The forest was silent, save for the wind rustling the branches of the trees.


Name: Vennifer Tai (Ven-Tai)
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Description: Noble and proud Ven-Tai values honor above all else. She has no desire for
violence, or killing, or fucking; the thrill of the combat and bettering herself is all she lives for. She usually does not kill her opponents, instead sparing their lives so that they may learn lessons from her and return to challenge her again. Such mercy is rare in her Barbarian world so she is very prepared for an honorable death in battle herself.
Scenario: You are adventuring in a Barbarian world (think Conana) and a woman warrior blocks your way before a bridge and challenges you to a duel or she will not let you pass.

Clarissa quivered as she entered the arena dressed in a yellow leotard and brown. This was for her son who dying of cancer along with his dog which was one legged and also dying of cancer after after they both jumped into a pool of radioactive waste after attempting to gain super powers - as kids do.

The arena was a partly converted warehouse with a concrete floor with stands around the edges and TV cameras elsewhere. Unsure of herself she walked to the middle of the arena and bowed.

Her opponent then came out a fighter a young well muscled man going by 'Vir', clad in just a pair of black hip briefs and a pair of sun glasses. He also carried a can of beer which he chugged down and then loudly belched.

Vir looked Clarissa over before. "Kind of an old bitch." He muttered, "At least her old saggy smelly pussy is still a hole." Clarissa suddenly got very nervous.

With a call of "FIGHT!" from the Judge, a young girl with dark haired girl and striking green eyes, the match began.

Clarissa tried to fight back but she was no match for the much younger and more powerful man who seemed to be enjoying laying blow after blow upon her frame. Vir knocked her down and then stood her back up before giving a hard uppercut to her groin before laughing at her and calling her out for being a "weak wombed woman".

Vir then dragged Clarissa to the center of the arena laid her across his lap and began spanking her as she squealed causing the crowd to go wild with laughter.

Vir then stood Clarissa up again and reached forward with both hands and grabbing onto Clarissa's breasts. Vir squeezed them as Clarissa felt disgusted and dirty. Vir then heaved Clarissa up by her breasts and sent her flying over his back. Clarissa smashed into the ground head first.

Clarissa woozily got to her feet as the world spinner around her. No, she couldn't loose her son, James Butterfingers IV, needed him. From a million miles away she heard the young judge shout "FINISH HER!" and she felt something break deep in her heart.


Vir looked upon his reeling opponent as he licked his lips - the work was done and now for some fun. Vir dropped his briefs to reveal a raging hard impossibly large erection as the crowd cheered.

Vir then approached Clarissa and ripped off her leotard exposing her naked body to the world as the crowd jeered and cheered. Grabbing the back of Clarissa's neck Vir tossed her to the ground where she landed unsteady on fours.

"It's time for the real show!" he roared and held out his hand and caught a beer can that was tossed to him. Vir then opened the beer can and began violently ramming Clarissa's pussy as he chugged the beer.

Vaguely Clarissa slowly became aware of what was happening to her as she was violated roughly. She tried to suppress the feelings of ecstasy growing in and she felt shame as she orgasm several times as Vir assaulted her pussy with his giant cock.

Finally Clarissa felt the heat of Vir's hot cum flowing to her and gave an audible moan as she came herself again. She felt great shame and tears flowed as the crowd cheered wildly.

"YEAH!", Vir yelled, "That's what I'm talking about! For an old bitch you feel pretty good!"

"Please my child need me…", Clarissa sobbed.

"Listen Clarissa," Vir snapped, "You don't have to explain it all. I don't care. I fight to get some pussy and some funds for booze. When I win this I'm going to have a harem with bitches blowing me 24/7 while serving me booze. I don't care about just another bit."

"You won," Clarissa pleaded, "can I go?"

"Go?!", Vir Laughed, "Sorry bitch, but this is a MORTAL KOMBAT!"

With that Clarissa felt Vir's dick somehow swell in her pussy and then felt a massive heave and felt her insides tearing apart. Clarissa rolled on her back and looked up in abject horror to see Vir pulling what looked like a manged uterus and assorted gore off his dick. Her insides she realized as she looked down and saw the bloody mess of what was once her crotch.

"I might keep this for later." Vir said chillingly as he tossed the gory mess over his shoulder.

Clarissa screamed as Vir got onto her and with effort tore her breasts from her body and tossed them away. Before standing up again.

"Butterfingers…", Clarissa wheezed as the tears flowed. Vir then slammed his foot down onto Clarissa's head popping it like a balloon and spying blood and gore across the arena floor.

Vir belched and feeling those beer passing through him began urinating on Clarissa's mangled remains. Ahhh! That was better!

"VIR WINS!", the judge announced as she bounded out happily with her perky breasts bouncing.

"FATALITY!" the Judge declared as took a cursorily look at Clarissa's mangled remains. The crowd cheer again as Vir strutted off stage.

"Thanks for cumming!", the judge said with a sly grin. "As a reminder this Mortal Kombat has been brought to you tonight by Butterfingers! Remember: Don't Lay a Finger, on my Butterfinger!"


File: 1544926847517.jpg (210.43 KB, 1320x1020, d4m2sv1-c2bf05c8-db8b-49fa….jpg)

(Last file was screwed up here's Ven-Tai) also sorry for the many typos.


File: 1544934199074.jpg (136.58 KB, 850x1334, sample_509453c8b7a8f8dc459….jpg)

Name: Kelly Thompson
Age: 18
Sex: F
Description: See image
Scenario: Former child soldier turned gladiatrix in high tech modern televised fights to the death. This match is set in a square kilometer of the Brazilian jungle. Each fighter (bare skinned save for ammo pouches) is given a random weapon and an explosive neck bracelet that will detonate if they try to escape the boundaries of the arena or if there is more than one survivor at the end of the match.

"Let me pass, woman", Terga the Large roared. The female warrior stood before the giant brute of a man, clad in an impressively horned helmet, skimpy breastplate, and fur leggings. Her cape flapped in the dusty desert wind, giving her a suitably heroic look. "Not before you test your blade against mine!" she yelled back, her hand resting on the pommel of her sword. Terga grumbled in annoyance, then unsheathed his own sword.
"My name is Ven-Tai, and you are?", the woman asked. "Terga", Terga answered. "The Large", he added after a second.

They stood facing each other for a minute, swords at the ready. It was Ven-Tai who moved first, rushing Terga head on with her blade pointing forward. Terga blocked her strike, and countered it with an upward swing. The tip sliced a shallow cut in Ven-Tai's muscular abdoment, causing the woman to wince in pain.

"Give up now, Ven-Tai. I still feel merciful", Terga rumbled. The man attacked with two powerful swings, causing Ven-Tai to stagger back as she parried the blows. Terga's raw strength was ferocious, and Ven-Tai was visibly struggling to keep her fighting stance.

The warrior woman decided to go all out and hacked away furiously at Terga, who blocked all her strikes with ease. She was panting with exertion, sweat dripping from her biceps and thighs when she made a fatal mistake. The woman swung her blade down at Terga's legs, but he nimbly stepped back, causing her sword to embed itself into the gravel path. That left Ven-Tai frantically trying to pull it out.

She looked up just as Terga plunged his sword into her stomach and sliced it wide open. Her blood splashed onto the dusty rock. Her intestines slithered out of the gash, and she screamed in pain. The warrior woman dropped to her knees, her arms trembling as she scooped up her guts and held them against her stomach. Her face was decidedly pale. "You've bested me, Terga the Large", she groaned.

Terga placed his sword against her neck. "I'll give you the honor of a quick death", he stated. Ven-Tai nodded and closed her eyes. Terga raised his sword and swung it down on her neck, neatly cleaving it from her body. The head bounced and rolled a couple yards while her neck stump squirted blood. Her body fell over on its side, shivering as it died. Terga leaned down and picked the woman's head off the ground. Her expression was serene, as if she had just fallen asleep. He tied her hair to his belt, leaving her head dangling from his hip, as was the custom for defeated warriors of this barbaric world. She would have viewed it as an honor.


File: 1545188984422.jpg (229.03 KB, 1000x997, IMG_1908.JPG)

Name: Marie Myers
Age: 19
Description: See Image
Scenario: Marie's sister, Ivy, was sentenced to execution, but with a little "persuasion" from Marie, she volunteers to replace her sister's role


It's been ages since I've seen anyone in the jungle. And to think there are only three of us left, but I know for sure Kelly would be the last one I'd have to face. After facing her for the first time, it was kinda embarrassing being that despite having our guns pointed at each other's face, I had a hard-on for her. Though I do think that's why she left me alive, which explains why after drawing her gun down she kissed me and said, "I'll be sure to leave you last cutie, don't die on me ok?" I could've shot her as she went away, but for some reason I didn't.

Suddenly, I hear the announcers say mine and Kelly's name as we're the last two left remaining. Wasn't long until I hear gunshots already as Kelly found me. Hiding behind a tree I hear Kelly slowly coming, dropping her rifle and pulling out what sounds like her pistol. As she drew close I jumped out and luckily tackle her to the ground. The look on Kelly's face grew shocked as she didn't expect it. "H-Hey! What the fuck?!" She says, obviously unprepared from the jump. I immediately then take her gun and aim it at her head, showing that I've basically won. At first I wanted to pull the trigger, I really did, but suddenly I decided to do make her suffer. "Hang yourself!" I tell her, "W-What?" She asked surprised. "Shooting you'd too easy, I wanna see you struggle!"

With tears coming from Kelly, I continue to keep the gun close to her as she makes her makeshift noose just in case. After making a noose from some vines and whatnot, she put it around her neck as she began begging to live. "How pathetic," I tell her, "you joined this show knowing the cost, yet now you wanna back out!" With that in mind, I throw the gun away and start pulling the vine, lifting her off the ground by the neck. As soon as I wrapped the end of the vine to the tree trunk. Immediately as she was hanging she gagged and tried breaking free from it, kicking the air as she did so. But surprisingly, Kelly's gags sounded sensual, as if she was liking it; that was then confirmed as she was dripping from her legs, literally getting off on dying. Didn't take long until she went limp and the announcers declaring me the winner. I jump in joy and kiss Kelly from excitement, having it turn from a quick one to a deep kiss as I grew hard again. As I hear the helicopter nearby, I quickly take Kelly's body down and take her to the evac as my trophy.


File: 1545373459254.jpg (960.3 KB, 2656x4000, e75e0ef7b465bd47af1be6f7ed….jpg)

Name: Linda Birch
Age: 21
Description: See Pic.
Scenario: Linda entered a gameshow called Cum Bunny. She is trapped in a building with dozens of armed hunters. To win $500,000 she must masturbate on camera and get out of the building without being killed.




File: 1545645932866.jpg (131.68 KB, 517x850, 72194814_p11.jpg)

Name: Miriam Watson
Age: 18
Sex: F
Description: See image
Scenario: Eldest daughter in a large, extremely poor family, Miriam has volunteered herself to be processed as meat in order to raise money for her family.

"Welcome to another episode of Cum Bunny!" the PA system blared. Linda Birch tugged at her large bunny ears and fidgeted with the pink skintight one-piece that showed off her full figured curves."Y'all know the terms and conditions, folks! One pretty young girl has the chance to walk away with 500,000 dollars, as long as she can masturbate on camera without getting caught by our dedicated team of hunters", the enthusiastic MC continued. Linda blushed as the CCTV cameras swiveled around and focused on her moist crotch. "So far, out of the 24 episodes we've aired so far, only 6 girls have survived to spend the dough. Will Linda be the seventh? Let the show begin!"

The buzzer beeped, signalling to Rothko that the target was active and on the move. He checked the tablet and saw Linda's location marker move towards the bathrooms. He shook his head. Classic rookie mistake, that. Rothko readied his crossbow and headed for the bathrooms as well.

Linda huddled in one of the booths, furiously rubbing herself as intense fear and arousal combined. This was the most intense sexual shlick session the girl had ever experienced. She heard the heavy clomp of combat boots enter the bathroom. Unfortunately, she reached climax at the very same moment. A strangled moan emerged from her mouth as she desperately tried to silence her orgasm. Her heart pounded in her chest as the boots stomped ever closer to her booth. The clomping stopped.

Rothko suppressed a giggle. The dumb slut hadn't even bothered to step up onto the toilet seat. He gently pushed open the door to her booth, and saw the wide eyed girl huddled in the corner, one hand still deep inside her pussy, the other clamped over her mouth. Her eyes were wide open, with a kind of "deer in headlights" look to them.

Rothko raised his crossbow and with an aim honed from two decades hunting big game animals and escaped indentured workers, let loose an arrow. The stainless steel broadhead sank deep into her soft chest, its cutting head puncturing her heart in the right ventricle. The girl raised her hand and grabbed at the shaft. Slowly, she sagged and fell over, her cheek hitting the filthy rim of the toilet bowl. Her eyes darkened as she silently died.


This story might be a disappointment to some, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"The next item is a voluptuous brown haired lass by the name of Miriam. She's selling herself in order to raise money for her poor family."

Miriam strode unto the stage, half naked - only her privates covered by a thin skirt. As she strode,moving from the hips, her tits jolted up and down sporadically.

The men and few women in the room looked at her with disgust - just another meatbag with a pair of tits - no exceptional beauty, no mistique, no charm, just a pair of big fat tits.

"Auction starts at $1000." the host stated.

A long silence.

"$700. I'll take her for $700." a tall bald man in the back said.

"Alright. Sold for $700."

A few hours later Miriam found herself naked and afraid in a well stocked kitchen - that of the man who purchased her. She didn't know why she was so afraid, since death would be a good release from her misery - or at least that's how she felt. Wearing only her pink skirt, she sat at the table in the middle of the room.

A tall, muscular man with a shaved head and blue eyes entered the room. He grabbed a chair and sat down facing her. He watched her mildly, no ill intent in his eyes, until her fear seeped away and she only felt confused.

"You know… your eyes look just like mine." he said then resumed his silence, which was beginning to be quite unnerving for Miriam.

"Just…just do it. Butcher me! Butcher me and eat me. I'm only meat…" she said, her voice drowned in despair - yet with a shred of defiance.

"Is that what you want Miriam? To be killed in a horrific way so your family could get some scraps and live on - so your life could have had value?"

Miriam sat quiet and contemplated what the man just asked. The situation seemed absurd to her.

"You don't know how to do anything, do you?" the man asked amused.

"W-w-what? H-how is…? Why is that important?"

"As I expected. You're a sad little shit that only has a pair of tits to her name. You probably grew up in a poor house and didn't shine in anything. But you've got huge breasts and thought your life could be valuable because of that. Killing you would fulfill your fantasy of self worth, you would have finally amounted to something, to prolonging your family's existence." he scolded Miriam, slapping her with the reality of her situation.

For a moment… she didn't know what to say.

"My family… did they get the money?" she finally asked.

"Yes, I personally added the amount to your family's credit chip."

"So what will you do with me? Kill me? Torture me…?"

"Sure. I could burst open your tits with a maul then beat you to death, cook you alive with electricity, but I wouldn't eat low quality meat like yours. I could slash you to a thousand pieces, torture you in ways even the people of the middle ages would think I am insane. Feed you to my dogs, let my friends throw knives at you or degrade you as a sex slave… but." and he paused, staring at Miriam as her face went through a carousel of fear then ground to a halt.

"What I'll do is I'll give you a choice: all of the above, your life only amounting to $700 that won't do your family much OR … I'll see how far self determination can get someone. I'll help you raise your value, get you to ripen to any potential you could have." He said and laid his hands on the table face down.

"So… what will it be?"


File: 1545949125654.jpg (291.95 KB, 816x900, character02.jpg)

The next possible victim.
Name: Aori (there might be some japanese in the pic that suggests otherwise, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Age: 20, maybe.
Scenario: Aori has been part of your house girl menagerie for quite a while and she is bored. She feels that her life won't really matter past cleaning furniture and sucking dick so she asked you to end it for her.


File: 1545970698006.png (399.15 KB, 707x1000, 65707658_p0.png)

Name: Asuka
Age: 18
Sex: (f) futa
Description: dark skinned, long blonde hair
Name: Sayaka
Age: 18
Sex: (f) futa
Description: light skinned, brown hair in a pony tail

Scenario: Each year, a small theocracatic nation in the desert regions chooses two futa girls to sacrifice in a ritual. Asuka and Sayaka, two lovers, choose to volunteer themselves.

"Master, kill me".
Marcus looked up from his book and saw Aori standing in front of him, completely nude. "Why?", he asked. He already knew why. Aori had been acting listless all week. She had complained to the other girls about her intense boredom during that time, and Marcus knew she wanted to be snuffed. But he asked anyway. It was always good to listen to your house slaves, his father had taught him that.

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life locked up in this house, master", Aori continued. "So please, kill me". Marcus nodded understandingly, put down his book and motioned to Aori to follow him as he walked out to the backyard.

"Is there any way you want to go?" Aori placed one slender finger on her chin, her brows furrowing. "Quick and painless" she said after a few seconds of deliberation. Marcus nodded again and reached into his back pocket. "My commemorative energy combat blade", he explained to Aori as he fiddled with the settings. He finally switched it to "max energy output", and the knife hummed to life.

The sun was beaming down from a cloudless sky as the pair walked outside. A couple of house girls were trimming the lawn. Aori waved to them, and they waved back, their faces curious.

"Be a dear and get on your knees", Marcus asked Aori. The slavegirl obliged, and Marcus gently cupped his left hand around her cheek and mouth. With a deliberate jab, he slid the energy blade into her neck. She inhaled sharply, her eyes wide in shock. Marcus slowly dragged the blade around, opening a large gash. Blood sprayed out, coating the freshly trimmed grass. Aori gurgled in pain, tears flowing down her face. Marcus kept her head up, letting gravity drain her head of blood. After a minute, the girl sighed and went limp. The old man relaxed his grip, letting the girl crumple to the ground.


File: 1547346780881.png (2.07 MB, 1608x1068, 69629836_p0.png)

Name: Matthew
Age: 15
Sex: M
Description: see image
Scenario: Gameshow called "Dash or Die!" using juvenile convicts where said convicts have a chance at winning their freedom by running a deadly obstacle course.

Sayaka tenderly caressed Asuka's engorged penis. She looked up at her girlfriend, suspended from a noose, her normally bright face contorted in agony. "It'll be alright, Asuka. I'm coming soon", Sayaka whispered as she fingered the detonation necklace that had been locked around her slender neck.

Asuka shivered, her tied together arms and legs straining in a last desperate ploy to break free. The dark skinned beauty gurgled her last breath and went still. Despite her previous willingness, Sayaka felt a twinge of fear flutter through her heart.

She exhaled, then gathered up her courage and pressed the detonation button on the necklace. The shaped plastic explosive charge ignited, blowing Sayaka's head apart while leaving her shapely young body untouched. Sayaka's headless corpse twitched, then crumpled to the ground. Blood pooled around the ragged stump of neck where her head used to be.


File: 1550830294303.jpg (69.9 KB, 651x1199, DwC2WAfUwAERNuG.jpg)

Name: Clarissa
Age: 23
Sex: F
Description: See pic
Scenario: Her twin sister requires a heart transplant, and Clarissa is the only one with a compatible blood type in the area.

Matthew grinned as he spotted the exit. It was at the end of a long, narrow corridor, with lights pulsating along the walls. The finish, and his freedom were so close he could taste it. The boy took a step forward, unknowingly activating the very last trap of the gameshow. At the far end of the corridor, a military grade laser point defence system activated. The optical head swiveled on its gymbal, acquiring the heat signature and IFF implanted in the contestants spinal column. Within a half second, it carried out a preprogrammed series of moves, slashing its beam across the boy's neck, neatly beheading him in a single strike. The head tumbled off Matthews neck and rolled forward, as his body crumpled lifelessly to the floor, steam rising from the cauterized neckstump.


File: 1558167595515.png (2.48 MB, 2000x1478, Beach_Party_Three_by_Radia….png)

Cab we get this rolling again? I really liked this thread

Can't think of a good continuation from last post, and it's been over 2 months, so can we start over?

Michelle Birch (middle) is looking for her missing sister. She and her friends end up being scouted for some "show" called Cum Bunny. Michelle doesn't know anything about it other than Linda mentioned it, so she and her friends sign up.

Refer to previous posts to know what cum bunny is.

Other girls in pic are Alice (far left) Mei Lin (centre left) Alana (centre right) Kate (far right)

You can choose for there to be a killer or booby trapped building or a bit of both to have them taken out. If you want to write a winner who doesn't die, that's fine but at least 3 must die, who that is is up to you


File: 1561373129780.jpg (612.02 KB, 1357x1920, 534114 aria_(senr….jpg)

Name: Clare
Age: 23
Appearance: pic
Scenario: in order to get revenge on the minister who had her fiance killed, Clare has summoned a demon with a ritual only witches like her can perform.
She knows that the price for brutal revenge is her own life and she's willing to throw in her body as a bonus to the demon as an extra to make sure her target suffers more.

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