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My usual and main fetishes are normally sleepy, hypno, or accidental/intentional snuff. I've had hard vore/dolcett in my mind lately for some reason (maybe I'm reacting to the loss of Tumblr haha)….so figured I should put something up here :)

Role: Prey but its fine if I fight back and *almost* win.

Preferred Styles: A rare hard vore person I guess. Swallowed whole is fine though its also fine if I'm cut into more manageable pieces haha. I do prefer it to be fatal and I will almost always play non-con.

Character: I'm a fit 5'4" blond (25 now, as of a few weeks ago so happy late bday haha) from a bottle, I actually have a wierd faded strawberry color hair that just like skin haha, so I changed it a few years ago. See my profile. I will not send pics specific to an RP unless I'm really feeling it, so please don't ask I'll offer if I would like to. Pics that are on the profile should be enough, even though face is cropped. :P My eyes are green. See my reddit profile link below.

I came here from Reddit, so if you don't know me there go see me at

Not interested in: Scat. Anything super bizarrely unrealistic or magical, like a cock someone eating me. Not disrespecting it since I'm pretty f'ed up obviously, just saying when I'm going to die and become someone's meal I want them to eat with their mouth like a normal person.Haha :P

Reddit: ttps://


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