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Good morning you delicious deviants. I've been a long time visitor to this site and I've been debating this for a while, but I think I'll go ahead and try.

I'm looking to run a game of Shadowrun for people who are into guro.

Yes, I want to run a game where your character may very well be killed in horrible and gruesome ways, or you'll have to inflict pain and suffering to do your job. This will be a game where everything's in the table when it comes to method, and you're free to discuss any options you want.

This is meant to see if there's any interest, and if enough is generated, I'll create a discord server. This is mainly an interest check to see if it's worth the trouble to get started.


I'll be interested.


Very intrigued!


Very much interested, especially if it features female enemies (as a male runner myself, and whomever the rest of the team bring)! Would love to use a lighter system like The Sprawl too!


Def interested


Very interested


Is this still happening?



I'd be interested as well.


I'd be down too


Count me in

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