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Hey I was just wobdering if anyone wanted to make a snuff based story about me? It doesnt need to be long and can include any kinks or fetishes you like too. I am 18 y.o. female with golden nlonde hair to my mid back, 5"6, slim 55kg, with 22C breasts and tanned skin. I am reasonably fashionable wearing dresses to parties or nights out or colourful bikinis to the beach and short shorts and crop tops in the summer. Scenes can be at school, my hom e, the beach, travelling etc and can include my friends or family too if you like. Feel free to email or msg me at Bronzelara#7359 if you want to see any pics of me or others or send the story privately rather than on here. Feel free to ask any questions too.
Im generally submissive, slightly slutty bimbo looking and am bi and very attracted to middle aged people 35+
Thanks and hope you enjoy


can't find you on discord


Discord is case sensitive Bronzelara#7359 or my email

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