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Setting: An alternative reality. Human clonation is a common practice. The human clones are engineered being with no rights, brought into the world to serve "real humans".

Your character is one of those clones, an human-pet used in "animal"-assisted therapy. You live in a farm, with other cloned human-pets like you. Each day you help tens of impaired/disabled men and women.

In particular, you had been developed to be used in sexual rehabilitation, helping patients to improve their sexual function. Spinal cord injuries or other neurological disease, dementia, psychiatric problems....You are used by an huge variety of unlucky individuals.

You diligently do your work, but you don't like nor dislike it. It is just your reason to be in this world. The only thing you can do and that you are expected to do.

But the farm where you lived went bankruptcy. Your owner had been forced to sell all his pets. But for any reason, he hadn't been able to sell you.

And what do you do to an unuseful animal?

You butcher it.

I'm looking for someone to play the female clone. I don't care the fictional age of your character, I enjoy from ageplay-material to MILFS.

I'd play the entire enviroment.

I would love to hear your ideas, but my ideal scene begins with your last sessions, and then it develops with the bankruptcy of the farm and your last journey to the human-clones butcherhouse.


Hey I would be happy to do this rp scene with you or any others you like too. Feel free to add me on discord Bronzelara#7359

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