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Looking for rping about a young loli getting raped and used as a pet by her big brother for whatever reason. You can be the little sister or the big brother, doesn't matter to me. Just nothing too hardcore, such as : no scat, no torture (but a little bit of beating is fine to me) and no extreme injuries. I'm okay with hardcore sex, strangling, bdsm stuff, bondage, mind control, and much more. You can kill her if you want to but not before a while. I'd like to rp on gurochan though.


Hey big brother.
I'm going to go on what would be my first date with Jeff. You've met the guy. Remember him? He came over once with some of my classmates.

I'm worried about how far I should go. I want to be honest with you. Because I'm 13 I don't know what to expect. Is it really a date? He's invited me over this weekend. He says his parents will be gone and we can go swimming and he'll make us pizza. He's in my same class. Do 8th graders "date".

In being honest with you, I've made out with two different guys; you've never met them. Once was at school so it was only kissing. But the second time I made out it was with a guy at his home when we were alone in his den. His parents were home. he did put his hand under my top as we Frenched. It got me really excited. I'm worried I'll want to go to second base with Jeff but that he may try and push it further. I'm not sure about that.

I'm worried about how I French kiss. Am I doing it right? When you French Julie is it also sexual? Do you want one another while you make out? How far does your Frenching go until you reach for her top?

Were you two embarrassed when you first undressed one another? How do I let a guy take off my bra without him seeing my nipples are WAY hard? What if I end up partly nude while we're making out? Jees - my tits on display for him and then I see him a couple days later in class. Did uou tell your male friends about a girl's body development when you first got to second base? I worry I'll feel totally humiliated.


The big brother looked angry at how slutty she acted. "You know I hate it when you talk like that ! You slut is going to fuck every guys in the city ?!" He grabbed her arm and lifted her so she meets his face. "Do you actually want big brother to punish your worthless as ?! Well then you asked for it. To the red room"

The red room was a hidden room behind his bedroom. It was hidden behind his closet, and that was where he always brings his sister when she was misbehaving. All of his tools were there. He pulled her through the house and opened the secret entrance, before throwing her inside the red room.


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