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This thread is for girls to write stories about their own deaths in a first person POV. Your death can be murder, suicide, combat, or even accidental. Anything you wish. And, if you want to, you can make yourself younger or older for your story.

You may switch to a third person perspective after you have died in-story, if you want to go over what happens to your corpse.

My first story is inspired by a recent entry in the Killer and Victim thread.

My parents were strict. Decades ago, the government made it legal for parents to be as brutal as they like in punishing their kids. Of course my parents took advantage of this system, as I learned six years ago.

Back then I had an older sister: her name was Melissa. It seemed that not long after she turned thirteen that her wardrobe was mostly outfits that left very little to the imagination. She walked around in shorts so tight and short most of her ass cheeks squeezed out, or the smallest skirts she could find. Dad and mom both told her to stop, but Melissa rolled her eyes every time and went back to whatever it was she was doing.

One day, mom walked in and Melissa was laying on her belly in the living room with nothing more than an extra long T-shirt, without even a pair of undergarments to cover her pussy, and both legs spread and in the air. Our mother shook her head and left the room. Moments later she returned with a pistol in her hand. My sister didn't notice, too focused on whatever game she was playing on her phone, until mom fired six rounds into. She looked up, wheezing and coughing up blood, as my mother looked down at her with a stern expression.

"I told you to stop dressing like a little slut," she growled. Then she fired a bullet into her brain.

Mom took her body to a taxidermist and gave the stuffed corpse to my dad, so he could have something to keep him from cheating while she was on business trips.

I was on the couch when it happened, and my eight-year-old brain was horrified; I cried every night for six weeks, until my parents told me to shut up our I would be next. Then, as I entered puberty, that scene started to enter my fantasies. I soon began to think of mom shooting me and stuffing me for dad, and I rubbed myself to the thought.

Three weeks ago, the idea finally occurred to make my fantasy a reality. I began to walk around in tight, revealing, clothes, and stopped wearing bras and panties completely.

"Keep wearing shit like that, and your dad will get a new trophy. Don't think I'm playing with you," Mom scolded when I sat down at the dinner table in a cropped T-shirt and miniskirt.

It was any day. Dad was at work and mom just left for the store, and I decided to make it that day.

As soon as the car pulled out I threw off my blouse and laid back on the floor, in the exact same spot Melissa died in. I lifted my skirt and began to softly rub my labia. I went slow, and stopped if I felt to be edging too close. After thirty minutes I heard a car door shut and footsteps approaching; my heart seemed lime it wanted to burst from its' chest. The doorknob began to turn so I inserted my right index and middle fingers into my pussy and fucked myself frantically.

"Good God! Kaylee! What the fuck? Why here?"

My mom slammed the door and went into her room. This was it. I thrust my fingers in and out faster, making loud sloshing noises. Then I slipped two left fingers between my slit, and withdrew a dripping slime of my juices. I let it drip into my mouth before wrapping my lips around my fingers to slurp the juices off.

My mother comes out moments later wielding a shotgun.

[I]Oh shit! Will there be anything left of me for dad?[/I] I thought as she entered the room. I began to thrust faster. I edged closer.

"That is such a disgusting thing to do in front of everyone!"

She loaded two shells and aimed stuck it between my thighs. BANG! Agony pulsated outwards as my crotch exploded into chunks. My right arm emerged from beneath my skirt with a stump where my hand used to be. The pain was immense, as if my lower torso was on fire, but I was unable to scream. My vision became blurry as I lost blood.

"If only you and your sister were modest."

Mom placed the gun against the bridge of my nose; my last moments were staring down those barrels. Then, my consciousness ceased as everything above my nose splattered across the floor in a gooey paste.

My perky breasts ended up on a plaque above dad's side of the bed, and the rest of my body was ground up into fertilizer.


This is a fun concept. :)

Definitely want to see more, especially con stuff. :)


I'm excited about this. I'm always excited to see what things are like from a girls perspective since as a cliche guy who wants to be doing the evils, I wanna know more about what makes a fun and exciting time for the wannabe victim.


Sorry for my bad English. I’m German and so it’s hard to make this story written properly.

Short story

Lena did moan loud while she pushed the hard steel silencer deep into her bald wet cunny. Stretching her tiny and tight hole to the point of tearing. But the pain made er feel so good and she wanted, even needed it like this. Daddy would get so mad about her using this deadly weapon to stuff her tight hole with it. The pain she felt made her only more wet and let her use all the strength she has to push deeper. Finally pushing trough her cervix and tear her more open. Her finger right at the trigger she came very hard and there was a light plopp as the bullet crushes trough her uterus and up her womb. Shredding her intestines and lungs while she came even harder till she started to caught blood and her life fading away. She did manage to pull the trigger again which caused another big orgasm, making her shake all over till she dies with a satisfied smile.



Lena moaned loudly and pushed the hard steel silencer deeper into her bald wet cunny. Stretching her tiny, tight hole to the point of tearing. The pain made her feel so good; she wanted, even needed it like this. Daddy would get so mad about her using this deadly weapon to stuff her tight hole. The pain she felt made her only more wet and let her use all her strength to push deeper. Finally pushing through her cervix, she tore herself open. With her finger right at the trigger, she came very hard and there was a light plopp as the bullet crushed through her uterus and up her womb, shredding her intestines and lungs while she came even harder till she started to cough blood and her life began fading away {that last part could be written a few ways, I just wanted to change sentence structure as little as possible}. She managed to pull the trigger again, causing another big orgasm, making her shake all over till she died with a satisfied smile.

{I don't mean to put you down or anything I just thought this could help you understand a bit more and write more, which I'd love to see!}


@The Pervert
No no, it’s fully ok. In fact I am proud that someone liked this small piece of my fantasies so much. And did the effort to make it better readeable.
Thanks, Lena


Sara was nervous, her paws lightly shaking as she held her demise before her. She had been reading stories online about erotic death and gore, to the point that she wanted to add to the mix. The tip of her blade pressed against her fur, just under her breastbone, the leading edge facing south. She held it there as she gave her breasts one last squeeze, tugging her nipples as the pleasure built up. Her paw snaked downward to massage her dripping wet pussy, panting lightly. An idea popped in, leading herself to set the knife down.. She went to her stash of toys and pulled out her favorite; a 10-inch canine with a 3-inch knot, equipped with a cum chamber, a cartridge loaded from the last time she used it. She positioned it onto the floor and kneeled over it, resuming her previous stance. She rubbed her clit along the shaft, applying slight pressure with the knife as she teased her entrance below. She gripped the knife in both paws, biting her lip as she clenched her eyes in anticipation. As she pushed her honey-soaked cunt onto the toy, she sank the knife into her belly, groaning as it sliced through flesh, meat, and organ. She sat panting, cunt throbbing in echo to the pain as blood flowed from the wound, trailing rivulets to her crotch. She slowly started fucking herself, rolling her hips as she slid along the fake dick. For minutes she continued, her climax building. She sliced downward, crying out as it went, spilling her organs once her belly was opened enough for it, squeezing her cunt around the toy. As it fired, she came, moaning in pleasured pain aa the 'cum' spilled back out of her ruined uterus. She rubbed her breasts again, using one paw to reach up under her chest. She groaned, breath shallow as her paw squeezed between her lungs. She felt a cold, sharp pain stab her chest as she grabbed her heart. She smiled faintly at the webcam she set up before, her tail wagging softly. She closed her eyes again and pulled with all her might, her heart ripped from its home.. She looked at it, as it pumped a couple more times.. Opening her mouth, she placed it inside and chewed, her body collapsing, eyes glazing over before her meal concluded.


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To go with my story~

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