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There doesn't seem to be any kill-the-above centered on execution, so I thought I'd change that.

Basically, the person above you posts a character, you execute that character in a story, and then you make a new character for the next person to execute.

While you should write a story for the character above before posting your own, you may add a new character if the previous post is more than three months old.

Here's the template;
Description: (Can be written out or you can post an image.)
Scenario: (Optional; you can use this to specify a location/time period, and even suggest a method of execution.)

And here's the first character;
Name: Lisa Smith(left), Chelsea Brown (Middle), Kari Brown (Right)
Age: 19 (all three)
Sex: Female
Description: See Image
Crime: Public Nudity


File: 1537082068486.png (4.13 MB, 2832x2004, 8a16e9c01fb57aa7348ddd58a4….png)


Name: Sarah (left) and Lucy (right) Miller
Age: 12 (Sarah) and 33 (Lucy)
Sex: F
Description: See picture
Crime: Prostitution. Lucy has been whoring out her daughter to older men (and most likely got in on the action too)
Scenario: If you're feeling merciful you can spare Sarah or at least grant her a swift death. But make an example out of her mother. (Or if you're not into loli at all, just ignore her and make Lucy's crime prostitution)


“The convicts Lisa Smith, Chelsea Brown, and Kari Brown.” The executioner announced as a few guards in their usual face-concealing helmets ushered the three visibly frightened and trembling girls into the room. Only important executions were televised, but every one was recorded on video, so proper procedure had to be followed. “For the crime of public nudity and indecency.” The girls had been out in the woods playing some kind of 'native tribes' make-believe, judging from the body paint and self-made grass skirts they had been wearing; but to their misfortune a passing hiker had heard them and caught enough of them on his phone to make for an easy conviction. “Sentenced to hang by the neck until dead.”

As if on cue, ponytailed Kari started sobbing again, clinging to her older sister, who just returned the hug, her eyes tearing up as well, while bespectacled, twintailed Lisa tried her best to keep a steeled expression even if her eyes still clearly reflected her fear at the view of the gallows before them.

Seeing the girls' utter terror, the executioner still couldn't pardon them just like that, at least not without risking his own life in the process, but he ultimately decided to grant them the small mercy he could, setting the platforms of the gallows to fall away entirely instead of slowly lowering to ensure they'd slowly strangle to death; like this there'd at least be a chance for them to break their necks.

Once he was done, the guards grabbed the girls, each dragging one to one of the gallows, heedless of Kari's and Chelsea's shrieks and tears, forcing them onto the platforms and placing the nooses around their necks. “D-don't worry girls, I-I'm sure... it... won't hurt...” Bustiest and seemingly most mature Chelsea stuttered, reaching out with both her hands for the other two girls to grasp for whatever little solace it brought them.

Kari was still wildly sobbing and crying, squeezing Chelsea's hand tight, who in turn was doing her best to put on a brave facade for the other girls, but still had small tears running down her cheeks, while Lisa was trying her best to impassively look into the distance, even though she was shaking and breathing overly fast as well. Giving the girls a final few moments, the executioner finally activated a button and the platforms quickly gave way, dropping the girls into their nooses with a surprised shriek.

There immediately was a low but audible crack as Chelsea, likely the heaviest, went limp as soon as her fall stopped, her head twisted sideways a bit and her body only twitching and shuddering for a brief couple of seconds before it completely stopped moving and a stream of urine dripped from her pussy and down her legs into the drain installed below each gallows.

Hearing the noise and feeling her sister's grip suddenly loosen, Kari managed to turn her head enough to see Chelsea's lifeless form, letting out a wail of sorrow and anguish as she started wildly fighting and struggling against the noose, to little avail of course, but in her movements apparently managed to place the noose over an artery in her neck just right and only a couple of seconds later passed out all of a sudden, her body twitching and swaying slightly for a little while longer before going limp altogether.

However Lisa was not as lucky, maybe she was the lightest or had the strongest neck or just bad luck, but her neck didn't break and she didn't pass out quickly either. Instead, even though she tried to control herself at first, just a little after Kari had passed out, she started involuntarily kicking and squirming, then clawing at the noose with her hands. Before long she was fiercely struggling and flailing, tears streaming down her face, but it would take several minutes for her suffering to finally end, her body slowly losing strength before she'd finally fade, soiling herself in death and her face frozen in a grimace of pain and terror.

As per regulations the bodies were left hanging a full hour before being taken down to be claimed by any relatives, with any that were left for two days instead being sent to be processed for resources.


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Name: Milly
Age: 24
Sex: F
Description: See pic.
Crime: Espionage during wartime
Scenario: Near future

Sarah Miller's nude corpse slowly swings from the gallows. It has been an 5 minutes since the shivering little girl was slowly led up the stairs, made to stand on a step stool, and had a noose tightened around her slim neck. It was a long drop, as ordered by the court due to Sarah's young age. The noose and gravity did its job, promptly breaking Sarah's neck. The girl twitched, a golden stream of piss splashing down her slender legs. Her long brunette hair whips around her slim figure as the cold autumn wind blows.

Lucy Miller won't experience a quick death as her daughter did.
The 33 year old woman is dragged kicking and screaming into the surgical room. They strap her into the table. One man takes a sharpie and begins drawing a line from her chest to her pelvis. Another man takes a scalpel and smoothly cuts down the line, opening her body. The men hold open the two flaps of skin, exposing her ribcage and stomach cavity. Lucy is conscious throughout, although unable to speak.
One by one, her organs are cut from her body and placed into a cooler.
Finally, only her lungs and heart remain.

Lucy is still conscious when they wheel her daughter's corpse into the room alongside her. The men cut open Sarah's corpse, taking her organs as well. The other men return, and one inserts his hands into her ribcage. The woman feels hands take hold of her heart, and a sharp pain pierces through her drug induced fog.
Slowly, the world turns dark.

Two hours later, two unmarked body bags are placed into the incinerator.

Sarah Miller
Prison ID #352747
Date of Birth: 12/23/2017
Died: 09/12/2029
Lungs sent to undisclosed client in South Africa
Heart sent to 60 year old man in Russia
Corneas sent to 12 year old girl in England
Kidney sent to undisclosed client in Japan
Liver sent to undisclosed client in Australia
Uterus sent to 40 year old woman in Austria

Lucy Miller
Prison ID #352748
Date of Birth: 03/05/1996
DiedL 09/12/2029
Lungs sent to 23 year old man in Mexico
Heart sent to 70 year old woman in Canada
Corneas sent to undisclosed client in Argentina
Kidney sent to 18 year old woman in France
Liver sent to 45 year old man in France
Uterus sent to undisclosed client in Singapore


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Name: Jana Bell (left) and Helena Bell(Right)
Age: 20 and 22
Sex: F
Description: See Image
Crime: Jana is paying for her father's treason,. Helena, the wife of Jana, attempted to help her escape the country.


In the midst of the Third World War there were many threats facing the newly formed Russian Empire. Spies were a particularly nasty threat, and therefore all forms of espionage had to be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Milly Cunningham knew this, and when six Russian officers kicked down her bedroom door and dragged her kicking and screaming into a black SUV, she knew her life was over.

Milly was a beauty of twenty-four, with waist-length black hair and blue eyes; though she normally wore purple contacts. This young girl from Seattle spent the last three years of her life posing as a secretary for high-ranking officials in the Russian military. She used her charm, as well as tops just a little too tight to hold in her exceptionally large breasts, to seduce men into discussing confidential information; information which very quickly ended up in the hands of intelligence agencies in the United States. Information that she paid the ultimate price for.

There was not even a trial. Milly was taken, still in her night clothes, to an undisclosed location outside of Moscow to be executed immediately. The police forced her into a small brick building where her clothes were ripped off and her naked body was tied to hooks jutting from the wall.

In her last moments, as the horrified realization set in that she was never going home – would never see her brother or parents again – she began to quietly sob. Milly was not a crier, and for the first time since the age of ten a torrent of tears poured down her face. It was the worst part of it; she hated giving the appearance that she was weak and helpless. A small part of her was thankful that none of the people she knew back home could see this, but that bit of the bright side was quickly dashed when a hatch in the floor several feet in front of her opened up and a camera rose up out of it. The Russians made it a policy to broadcast execution of spies on the airwaves and Internet; as both a means to encourage patriotism and to let those in other nations know the price of espionage. While Milly was fairly certain her parents and brother wouldn't watch this, there was quite a few boys who had a crush on her in high school who would be thrilled when they learned that there was a nude video of her online.

A woman spoke in Russian over an intercom. "For the crime of passing classified secrets of the Russian Empire to a wartime enemy, you have been sentenced to die by automated firing squad."

Automated firing squad? The lazy bastards were either too good or too lazy to even get a few soldiers to shoot her in person, she thought.

Six more panels opened up, and small gun turrets, each with three vertical barrels, rose out of the floor. Milly squeaked and shut her eyes as the guns swiveled in her direction. A warm liquid ran down her legs and pitter pattered on the floor, and left a sense of utter disgust and humiliation as Milly's last coherent sensation.

All at once every barrel fired, shaking the building with the sound of small explosions in rapid succession. It ended as soon as it began, and dozens of holes went through her breasts and belly; her magnificent bust was gone as chunks of her breasts were blasted off her chest. Pieces of heart, lungs, and other internal organs dangled and spilled from large gory cavities in her torso. Blood trickled from her mouth and nose, as her head hung uselessly. Her consciousness faded quickly and her eyes rolled back. A trickle of piss continued to spray from her urethra for another minute.

The Russian officers removed her remains and left her to rot in the nearby woods. The footage was uploaded to the Internet within an hour.


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Names: Nina Abramovitch (left), Nancy Westfield (right)
Ages: 28, 34
Sex: F
Description: See image.
Crime: Murder, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery

The two young women cowered as the hemp nooses were roughly thrown and tightened around their necks. Despite the baggy prison jumpsuits, Jana and Helena's firm, shapely bodies aroused the attention of the normally bored prison guards. There were a few whistles as they stood on the gallows.

The hangman looked at the clock. There was still two minutes to go before the two girls were given the long drop. Tearfully, Jana looked up at Helena, her luscious lips trembling. Helena's heart sank. The older woman lowered her head and gently kissed the younger woman on the mouth. Jana surrendered to Helena's mouth, desperately trying to submerge her terror under her love for Helena.

The platform swung open underneath their feet. The lesbian couple dropped, too shocked to even utter a squeal.
The crack of two necks snapping echoed throughout the chamber.
Jana and Helena swung limply, the crotch of their jumpsuits wet as their bladders loosened in death.


File: 1538380595383.png (502.79 KB, 756x1356, 69713904_p0.png)

Name: Marisa
Age: 19
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Assault with a deadly weapon

Nina and Nancy hugged each other tightly in the waiting room.
The two best friends had been sentenced to death the previous week, and were now just minutes away from their execution.

The door opened and two corrections officers walked in.
"Alright, ladies. Its time to go", one of them said curtly.
The two women let go of each other and faced the guards.
They were led out of the room and walked towards the execution chamber. Inside the chamber were two posts.

The women were led over and tied to the posts, their bountiful chests heaving as the realization that they would not leave this room alive washed over them. The two guards walked over to a table and picked up two rifles. Nancy gave a brave smile to Nina as the guards took aim. Two thunderous cracks rang throughout the chamber. Nancy and Nina slumped over, blood pouring from their mouths. Both women had a single neat entrance wound placed right in between their plump breasts.

The guards walked over to check their shots. Nancy weakly raised her head, eyes squinting as she hacked up more blood. One of the guards raised a pistol and calmly placed another bullet into her forehead. Nancy went limp as the shot burrowed through her head and blasted out the back of her skull, splattering the wall with blood and brain matter. Nina had died within seconds of receiving the first shot, her heart punctured by the rifle round.

The two guards cut down the corpses and dragged them onto a cart. They wheeled the cart down to the bio-mass compactor, where corpses of executed prisoners were turned to the mush that made up the prison food. Prisons in the near future were very focused on recycling as much as they could.


File: 1544225830825.jpg (84.11 KB, 827x1455, ccd8496fed08e76c5601949f2d….jpg)

Name: Sophia Antonelli
Age: 41
Sex: Female
Description: Pic related
Crime: Treason
Scenario: American conflict with China in the 2030's. Sophia is an American born agent of the PRC, passing intelligence to Beijing before being found out.

Marisa struggled against her restraints as the guards secured her tightly to the electric chair.
The 19 year old girl looked up at the bored looking executioner. Her eyes pleaded with him, to no avail.

"Marisa Gernsback, for the crime of assault with a deadly weapon, this state sentences you to death via electrocution. May the lord have mercy on your soul". The man gripped the power switch, and yanked it down. Marisa stiffened and jerked as 3,000 volts passed through her body. The executioner kept the juice flowing as the girl spasmed in the chair. He shut it off after a minute. Marisa slumped over, smoke rising from where the contact leads met her bare skin.
He laid a finger on her neck, looked up, and declared "No pulse!"


File: 1544736482606.png (517.39 KB, 708x1200, 88024513cd3aa754853249c335….png)

Name: Jessica Gable
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Description: See Pic
Crime: Sex With Minors
Scenario: At the end of each semester Miss Gable, a high school English Teacher, rewards male students with the highest grades in her the privilege of spending the night with her. A new Constitutional amendment has been ratified which mandates the execution of any adult who engages in sexual intercourse with a minor; as Jessica will find out after one of her students brags a little too much.



Sophia backed against the wall and held out her arms, as two uniformed guards placed her wrists into a set of harnesses bolted to the concrete. With the turn of keys her arms were firmly secured. Seven soldiers, armed with rifles, positioned themselves in a semicircle several meters away.

The soldiers had a grimace on their faces, and their eyes seemed to drill holes into Sophia; Sophia held her chin up and stared back at them defiantly. Although Sophia knew she had betrayed her country by giving classified secrets to the Chinese, she felt no regret. As her end near Sophia closed her eyes and turned to memories of Michael Nguyen — her fiance and the father of her baby girls; and was himself arrested for giving Chinese secrets to the United States. Sophia did what was necessary to ensure her man was released, so her children would have a father.

"Ready!" One of the guards yelled. Sophia opened her eyes; her eyes widened for a brief nanosecond, but she replaced it with a piercing glare. "Aim!" Seven barrels pointed at her. "Fire!"

Seven bullets ripped apart the fabric of her orange jumpsuit and burrowed into her ample breasts, then punctured her lungs. Pain rippled through her body; her lungs burned as Sophia instinctively tried to breathe in. Fits of cough spat fat chunks of blood from her throat.

The soldiers aimed and fired another barrage. They impacted in her cleavage, and shredded her heart to a pulp. Blood burst from her throat and spilled down her chin as her eyes rolled back into her head. A dark spot formed in the crotch of her jumpsuit and quickly expanded down her legs, before pooling into a yellow puddle on the floor. Her head droops forward and her body goes limp.


File: 1544777653180.jpeg (417.7 KB, 800x1113, 28bea6f1761639d100bbcfaf7….jpeg)

Name: Christina Morinaga
Age: 18
Sex: F
Description: See image. Eurasian teenager with a taste for the finer things in life.
Crime: Prostitution, drug running.
Scenario: Near future Tokyo. The Japanese government has cracked down hard on illegal drug trafficking, instituting harsh sentences on those caught with even trace amounts of narcotics. Christina was caught giving a blowjob to the husband of the CEO of Takashima Heavy Industries, along with a backpack filled with the newest synthetic narcotic on the streets.

Jessica Gable sat on the waiting room bench, her heart pounding. She, along with nine other convicts had been brought here an hour before. One by one, her fellow prisoners were called into the yard, until she was left alone with her thoughts.

That summer, a wave of ultra conservatism had swept the nation, resulting in a series of extremely strict punishments being handed out to lawbreakers. Perhaps she should have been more careful, less open about her habits. Yesterday, the boy who had blabbed to his parents about her had visited. His face was ashen as he mumbled an apology. Something about his obvious regret touched her.

Her mind was so caught up in her thoughts that she barely heard the warden call her number. "PRISONER 4750092, PLEASE PRESENT YOURSELF TO THE WARDEN!", the speaker blared again, making Jessica jump in shock. This was it, then. She shakily stood up and stumbled out the door, nearly tripping over her cuffed legs. Her eyes winced as the bright mid-day Arizonan sun flashed overhead.

There were nine corpses neatly laid out in a line in the sandy dirt of the prison yard. Jessica looked away, unable to bring herself to look at her immediate future. The guards whistled and jeered at her, their eyes focusing on her large perky tits and finely shaped rear, noticeable even under the frumpy orange prison jumpsuit (Jessica suspected that the guards had deliberately given her a jumpsuit one size too small in order to highlight her physical beauty).

She stopped and looked up at the gallows. A single noose swung in the wind. Suddenly, she could no longer move her legs. "Get a move on, prisoner!", the warden yelled. Two guards grabbed her by her arms and dragged her up the stairs. All Jessica could focus on was the noose. Everything outside of it was a blur. She heard the warden say something, but her mind was occupied. The guards wrestled her forward until her shapely feet stood over the X marking the drop zone. Jessica felt the scratchy nylon rope slip over her head and rest on her shoulders. The guards tightened it until it hugged her neck, then they stepped back.

Her heartbeat thundered in her ears. She tried to swallow, but her mouth was as dry as the surrounding desert. For some reason, Jessica thought back to her late night consultation sessions with her male students, their inexperienced teenage clumsiness contrasting adorably with their youthful lust. She wanted to laugh and cry simultaneously.
The warden sauntered up to her, and offered a cigarette. She shook her head. "Any last words, Miss Gable?", the warden drawled. She drew a deep breath and exhaled. "Please forgive me", she whispered. Jessica closed her eyes for the last time.

The warden shrugged, placed his hand on the lever and gave it a firm yank. All Jessica could feel for a half second was her stomach flopping as she dropped 5 feet. The rope snapped tight, burying itself deep into her neck. She grunted, her hands clenching tight as the noose began its work. Jessica's long, muscular legs kicked as they fought for a foothold. The rope tightened with each kick, cutting off more and more blood circulation and oxygen. Her face reddened, then purpled. Blood burst from her nose, and her tongue poked out between her blue lips as she slowly strangled to death.
As the minutes passed, her legs slowly stopped kicking, and instead began to twitch. Her heart stopped on the eighth minute. Her muscles relaxed, and a large wet spot grew between her legs as her bladder released its contents.

The warden cut down her corpse on the tenth minute. It dropped to the ground in an ungraceful tangle of limbs and hair. The guards dragged the body over to the rest of the executed prisoners, where the prison doc was waiting with a stethoscope. The guards looked on, slightly jealous as the doctor opened the front of Jessica's jumpsuit and placed his stethoscope on her still chest. He looked up and nodded. "She's dead, Warden", was all he said.


File: 1544922096849.jpg (105.47 KB, 744x1061, e0e3b2390b67446e6cfa137c0c….jpg)

Name: Nora Takeshita
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Description: See Pic.
Crime: Espionage and Sabotage
Scenario: Nora Takeshita infiltrated North Korea on behalf of the United States to deliver a crippling blow to the regime. In 2026, during a parade through Pyongyang with a live nuclear bomb, a glitch she programmed into the warhead caused it to detonate. The capital of North Korea was obliterated, along with most of the leadership. Nora is back in the United States, believing she is safe. A few North Korean spies embedded in the United States finds out about her, and manage to kidnap the young mass killer.



The crackle of static filled the small cell, followed by a cold and mechanical female voice, speaking in Japanese. "Christina Morinaga! Your execution will be carried out in two minutes!"

The young Eurasian woman looked up and let out a soft "hmm" and adjusted the bunched up greyish jumpsuit beneath her head until she was comfortable. Christina thought it was too ugly to wear, and would be more useful as a pillow; so she laid fully nude, except for a thin pair of white thongs. The guards — nothing more than autonomous robots; like virtually everything in Japan in the 2040's — could care less if she wore her uniform or not.

Christina could care even less, as she expected to die naked or half-naked anyways considering her lifestyle. Since her preteen years, Christina lived a life of crime; not out of necessity, but for the thrill. Started doing porno and prostitution at the age of fourteen, and selling drugs and even weapons at sixteen. Only months after becoming an adult, her actions caught up with her. She was arrested in Gokyo with a backpack full of narcotics while giving the intended recipient a blowjob. New, stricter, laws in Japan meant that Christina was sentenced to death. Now, after only a week of imprisonment, it was time for her execution. While most people her age would have started and crying at the announcement, and begged for their lives, Christina refused. She did enough of that when she got arrested, and there was nobody here to plea with anyways.

She was given two minutes to live; this is intended to give inmates a last chance to pray to whatever deity they choose, or reflect on their lives. Christina wanted to spend her last moments in pleasure. Less than ten seconds after her right hand slithered across her belly and burrowed beneath her panties, cusping her mons and inserting her middle and fingers into her hole. Christina thrust her pelvis forward and back in rhythm with her prodding fingers. Time was short, and she knew that this had to be quick. Her ass moved along the concrete floor; fingernails poked into her cervix. Her final orgasm built and released. A loud moan escaped her lips and filled her cell. Her hand slapped her labia with loud sploshing sounds, and sprayed pussy juice; drenching her inner thighs and the floor.

A panel opened in the ceiling and a quadcopter drone dropped in. A gun mounted below the machine swiveled and fired. Before Christina could register the danger a bullet hit just above her right eye. A small explosive charge detonated and the bullet fragmented into countless shards, which shredded her brain before embedding themselves on the inside of her skull. Christina's moans ceased, and a final "uuuuh" escaped from her lips as the last breath escaped her lungs. Her bladder relaxed and her fingers, still partially inserted into her pussy, were drenched with piss.

Four arms emerged from the drone and lifted her body, piss still dripping onto the floor as it carried her up through the panel it entered. Her body would be cremated and her ashes sent to her closest living relatives.


File: 1544948871515.jpg (529.08 KB, 1000x1414, 04cb578751582e6dddf671bc46….jpg)

Name: Anastasia Kirilenko aka "White Angel"
Age: 22
Sex: F
Description: See image. Russian father, North African mother. Born in Algeria, raised in Arkhangelsk. Native Russian speaker, fluent in French.
Crime: Multiple counts of first degree murder, multiple firearms offenses, resisting arrest.

Two years ago, a nuclear warhead exploded during a parade in Pyongyang, killing Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and the majority of the North Korean government. The nation plunged into chaos almost immediately. What was left of the military had attacked South Korea, leading to massive casualties in Seoul. The counter-attack from the US and South Korea devastated the North. Now, there was an official "reunification" policy led by a joint South Korean/North Korean provisional government set up in the aftermath. However, a few hardline North Korean intelligence officers loyal to the Juche had been hard at work finding out who was responsible for the detonation. It had been a long and arduous journey, but tonight they had finally gotten their hands on the whore responsible.

Syung and Hoon dragged the woman to a steel pipe and cuffed her hands above her head. They ripped her shirt and jeans off, then cut away her black lingerie. She had endured a vicious beating beforehand, and bore the black and blue bruising all over her flesh to show it. Her slim body shivered in the cold air of the abandoned factory complex.

Park approached the sobbing young American, steel in his voice. "You are Nora Takeshita, 26 years old, and an agent of the CIA?" The woman nodded, tears running down her cheeks. Park smiled coldly. He turned to his comrades running the videocameras. "This American whore turned an entire city to ash, along with all four million of its inhabitants. All to benefit the imperialist west and their lapdogs in Asia", he growled. He turned back and punched Nora in the stomach. She doubled over, wheezing in pain. "Please, don't kill me. I'm so sorry, just don't kill me" her voice trembled with fear. "A mass murdering monster like you deserves the most excruciating death" Park whispered. Nora's eyes squeezed closed as she moaned in terror. Park took a roll of duct tape and taped her mouth shut. "I will not be able to concentrate with your noises", he stated simply.

Park turned back to his comrades. "Pass me the acid, and the drill", he asked in Korean. Syung nodded curtly and retrieved a clear glass vial and a cordless drill. He handed both over to Park, who turned back to Nora. "Your family will forever bear the shame of your crimes. Your agony will be broadcast to millions on the internet. Your name will forever be tainted with evil." Nora began to hyperventilate as Park took the drill and slowly placed the bit on the top of her skull.

He turned the drill on and pressed down with all his strength. The whine of the cordless drill filled the room, along with Nora's muffled screams. The drill sank into her skull and Nora stiffened as it punched into her brain. Park immediately stopped and pulled out the blood stained drill bit. He took the vial of acid and uncorked it. With all the careful precision of a neurosurgeon, he poured it into the hole drilled into Nora's skull. The young woman's pale purple eyes rolled up into the back of their sockets as the acid began to dissolve her frontal lobe. A jet of urine sprayed out of her pussy as her motor functions went haywire. Nora began to shake and jerk, her firm breasts bouncing as her motor functions collapsed. Her mouth began to foam. She arched her back, her ribs visible as she sucked in her toned stomach. The acid continued to eat away at her brain, sinking into the temporal lobe. It took five more minutes before the acid had finally reached her brain stem and shut off her base functions. She was brain dead by then, of course. The North Koreans unceremoniously dumped her corpse by the side of the highway, where it found a day later, half eaten by various scavenger animals.


File: 1544964938548.jpeg (246.33 KB, 750x982, 96F26CAD-2DEB-4F31-BA1E-D….jpeg)

Name: Has no real name, but is often called “The Obsidian Angel” by the local populace.
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Description: See image.
Crime: Killing an eating a small child whilst out hunting.
Scenario: Harsh beating followed by dissection and dismemberment


To be entirely honest, being beaten half to death and left strapped to a chair in an open-air room for the scavengers for shooting up a gas station is a little much. However, if you take a closer look, you could see that her punishment was justified. During her little episode, she shot and killed an undercover officer before someone else called the authorities. When the police finally arrived, she managed to kill two before being subdued with a taser. Now, here she was. Nude, confined to a chair in a room with no ceiling, and with bruises all over her body.

The first animal to arrive was a widowed bird known locally as ‘The Obsidian Angel’. The bird was notorious for snatching people out of the streets to feed its young. Bring a bird with a twenty-foot wingspan justified this, as both it needed to eat and it had plenty of mouths to feed. A lone human would be more than enough. How the authorities did not yet deal with the animal yet is anyone’s guess. People have grown resentful towards the falconary as a result.

Drawn to the prison by the scent of the White Angel’s blood, the Obsidian Angel landed in the room with the grace of a ballerina. It turned its head to her and cautiously walked up to her. It inspected her for anything she might defend herself with, but found nothing. It had fed its chicks recently, and it didn’t eat. So it was starving. It continued to inspect her before deciding that it was time to eat. The bird jumped up and dug its claws into her chest and ripped off one of her breasts with its beak. Swallowing the organ in one go, the animal dug into her chest to find more delicious flesh. Pulling out organs to eat, the White Angel was dying as her heart was pulled out and eaten along with one of her lungs. The bird continued to eat, tearing out one of her eyes along with most of her face before pulling one of her arms right out of its socket. When the animal was done, it and the floor were covered in blood as Anastasia‘s now dead body convulsed one last time before expiring for good. Satisfied with its meal, the bird left, leaving the rest of the body for the other scavengers.

The drawing belongs to the Serina project, not me!


File: 1544992318197.jpg (496.71 KB, 840x960, 64c956e96394933f9edef840e8….jpg)

Name: Laura(left) and Melissa(right) Bailey
Age: 9(Laura) and 17(Melissa)
Sex: F
Description: See Pic. Sisters who, despite the age of the youngest, are overtly obsessed with sex. Laura is a bit of a brat, and acts up for the sake of it; talking dirty, messing with property, etc. Melissa is less openly naughty, and seemingly innocent outside of her sexual appetite.
Crime: Seducing older men (and even the occasional woman) into having sex with them.
Scenario: The two were arrested after attempting to seduce an undercover cop into a threesome.


A massive falcon dropped from the sky and into the backyard of the Simmons family. Their six-year-old daughter, who happily played in her sandbox making castles, barely had time to react when the beast sank razor sharp talons into her torso. Her mother, who came to the window when her piercing screams echoed across the neighborhood, watched helplessly as she was torn to pieces and devoured. When she made it outside, the bird was gone and the only thing that remained of Little Samantha was a bloody hand.

Authorities managed to detain the beast two days later and chain it up in the city park. Hundreds of residents gathered with crowbars and baseball bats. They swarmed the beast and bashed every bone in its' body until no longer moved. Then they ripped it apart, and strewn the internal organs across the grass. Some took pieces of the bird home for trophies or food. The rest was gathered into a pile, where it was sprayed with gasoline and lit on fire. The smoke burned through the night, and the last of the crowd — Samantha's parents and older sisters — left as the sun rose.


File: 1545083513563.jpg (224.85 KB, 640x960, 32460869_p0.jpg)

Name: Matthew
Age: 13
Sex: M
Description: See image.
Crime: Drug trafficking

The two Bailey sisters knelt down in front of a large pit. Their hands were tied behind their backs, and they had been stripped naked. Laura peered back at the firing squad. Her heart dropped as she saw a neat line of soldiers with their rifles raised. "Mel, I'm scared", the 9 year old whispered to her older sister. Melissa cracked a shaky smile. "It'll be over soon, we'll get to see mom and dad again", the 17 year old said reassuringly.

Laura squealed and hunched down, in a vain attempt to make herself a smaller target.
Melissa took a deep breath.

Five rifle shots crackled as the morning sun rose above the horizon.

Melissa died instantly, having three rounds penetrate her heart and spinal cord. Her corpse dropped into the pit like a sack of potatoes. Laura had the misfortune of having two rounds puncture her lungs. She fell on top of her sister, gasping and choking as she drowned in her own blood. After two minutes, her little body relaxed.


File: 1545208142640.png (2.34 MB, 1822x2580, 69064249_p0_waifu2x_art_no….png)

Name: Mina
Age: 17
Sex: F
Description: See image. Fancies herself as sensual and seductive, but in reality it's more like slutty and horny, and everyone at school knows it.
Crime: Indecency on the school grounds. She was caught having sex in a changing room, and since this is her third infraction she will be made an example of.


“Next.” At the executrix' order some guards brought the next condemned up to the gallows, the blonde young boy visibly frightened, his eyes frantically darting around for something that would save him, but to no avail of course. The executrix, a tall, voluptuous redhead whose outfit showed quite a lot of leg and cleavage, quickly checked her list to know the boy's name and crime – not that she really cared about the latter –, and pushed Matthew to the front of the platform, standing him on the trapdoor as she placed the noose around his neck and pulled it tight.

However then the executrix reached for his dick, still somewhat small, but grown nicely for his age, and started jerking him off with one hand, the other fondling his balls, ignoring Matthew's weak protest and flustered, confused expression. Well known for being insatiably horny, and with a liking for younger boys, so given the time, she most likely would have gone on her knees to suck Matthew off, if not thrown him to the ground to mount him, but as it was, the executrix only kept stroking him for a few seconds longer until he was completely hard, then gave his balls one final squeeze before stepping over to pull the lever and drop the trapdoor.

Granted the mercy of a long drop, Matthew fell several feet before the noose caught his neck, instantly breaking it with a sharp crack. His body still continued twitching and shuddering for several seconds, his dick spurting a surprisingly large amount of cum, perhaps for his first – and only – time ever, as the executrix leisurely walked down from the platform. Stepping closer to Matthew's body, his crotch at just about the perfect height, she fully took his dick into her mouth, licking and sucking it for a couple of seconds to clean up all traces of his cum, pulling away and swallowing it with a satisfied expression, then calling for the next one.


File: 1545239418548.jpg (307.46 KB, 800x600, Kycilia.jpg)

Name: Kira Ganto
Age: 19
Sex: Female

Description: A more average girl from She grew up with another girl named Heveena who always lorded her supposed superiority over her. Eventually both became fighters and rivals in Mortal Kombat style tournaments. Kira eventually developed a relationship with another fighter, Kayla Pierce, and began to cool down.

Crime: Kira overwhelmed with anger after Heveena had killed her lover Kayla during a match between the two. In response Kira ambushed and in unsanctioned fight killed Heveena.

Scenario: Kira has been brought out into a filled area bound and bruised to face her punishment for the unsanctioned fight and death of Heveena.


Mina looked triumphant as she was led to the ornate principle's office at Reliant High School. The new gym teacher Mr. Terrell had caught her having sex with Sheamus Finnegan again. Finnegan got off with a warning but her third violation warranted something more.

Principal Mayfield Tiberius looked up dispassionately from his teacup as Mina was deposited in a chair in front of her.

"Again?" Tiberius sighed.

Mina just beamed as she arched her back to stick out her breasts to appear more defiantly sexy - in her mind at least.

Tiberius opened up a book and then began looking up the punishment.

"You know no one has gotten to your level of violations before young lady," Tiberius began lecturing and flipping through the book, "I'm not even sure what the punishment… is…"

Tiberius stopped in shock and spat out tea as he read the punishment from the books.

"The punishment is death." Tiberius finally said flatly. "By a gigantic death machine that is deep under the school for some reason."

Mina laughed this had to be some sort of a joke.

"I'm sorry Mina", Tiberius said gravely, "as I'm bound by the school regulations and you must die by a giant death machine that apparently exists under this school."

Mina laughed maniacally again as she was led to an elevator and then led deep under the school. Mina stopped laughing when she was led into a room with a pit containing a gigantic grinding machine made out of geared rollers and chains overhead.

All at once her cool demeanor evaporated and she began shaking as she wet herself.

"This can't be real!", Mina Pleaded, "You can't kill me for a school rule violation!"

"Unfortunately we have to do so." Tiberius said gravely, "our rules were written by an old crazy Admiral and we're contractually obligated to follow them - for reasons. Also take these things."

Tiberius then gave Mina a picture of her family, a box of crayons, and a puppy. Before shoving her over the edge.

Mina madly grabbed for a chain but it was too long and her right foot was crushed into the machine. The pain was excruciating as her foot was crushed into paste but she held on.

The puppy was crushed immediately as the crusher made quick work of the once happy pupper in a sicking crush of flesh and bones and leaving a bloody stain on the device. The picture of Mina's smiling family was also quickly consumed by the device.

Mina screamed as the pain was too much and she lost her grip on the chain. First her lower body was crushed as the pain became too much as Mina became numb to the pain. Her once bouncy and perky breasts were reduced to a paste as she was pulled deeper into the machine. Finally her head was crushed but not before a crayon that had somehow survived bounced at her and embedded itself in one of Mina's nostrils.

Mina was now little more than paste traveling through the machine for unknown purposes and all that was left was her was a bloody stain on the rolling crushers.

"Well that's that." Tiberius said and turned towards Mr. Terrell. "I think we've earned a Pizza Party now." Tiberius and Terrell then went up and organized a spontaneous Pizza Party for the rest of the school.

After the end of school day it was bright and sunny outside and some of the students smiled leaving the school as they noticed a massive bright rainbow arching over the school.


File: 1545241976290.jpg (248.83 KB, 600x866, 69443963_p0.jpg)

Name: Sarah
Age: 36
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Theft

Mike Holberger felt his dick stiffen as he watched the school guards drag Mina towards him. The slutty 17 year old schoolgirl had been caught masturbating in his office, her third infraction of the year. As the designated executioner for the school (along with being the PE teacher), Mike had the privilege of sending many a young teen to their premature death.

Mina stopped struggling as she saw Mike standing in the middle of the gym. "Mr. Holberger, please!", she cried. "I-It was just a one time thing, I won't do it again, I promise!". The two guards forced her to kneel. Mike stood in front of her, one hand resting on a large, impressive looking revolver. The other hand unzipped the front of his pants, letting his erect penis spring out. It rubbed against the redheaded girl's cheek.

"Suck, and maybe I'll consider letting you off the hook", Mike said. Mina immediately opened her mouth and wrapped her tongue around Mike's cock. She had always had a crush on the hunky PE teacher, and in any other circumstance she would have enjoyed sucking off the man. Her eyes flicked back and forth between Mike's face and his revolver. Mike grunted as he felt his orgasm coming, and he grabbed Mina's head, pressing her forward until her nose bumped up against his pelvis. Mina gagged as Mike's cock filled her mouth and blasted hot cum down her throat.

Mike pulled out his revolver from its holster and pressed the barrel against the side of her head. Mina's eyes widened in fear. Her tongue continued frantically polishing Mike's cock. It was futile of course.
Mike pulled the trigger. The revolver thundered, the .357 round blowing a grapefruit sized exit wound out of Mika's skull. Blood and brain matter splattered the gym floor. Mike felt her mouth slacken, her energetic tongue . Her eyes dulled and a puddle of urine grew around her legs as her muscles relaxed. Mike relaxed his grip on her head, and the nubile young schoolgirl crumpled to the floor, her breasts jiggling from the impact. He carefully closed her eyes and laid her arms across her chest.


File: 1545274700960.jpg (198.62 KB, 705x980, thief1.jpg)

Name: Emily Whitestone Lee
Sex: Virgin Female.
Crime: Theft.
Emily was starving. She didn't want to marry any ugly old dude and wasn't afforded any economic opportunity, yet refused to prostitute herself as she just knew she'd fall in love one day. She decided just once that it couldn't hurt to steal a small sandwich. Boy was she wrong.
Her crushes, all five of them handsome men, had either rejected her or never even took note of her, finding her abstinence off-putting.
Now they and the rest of her town, rivals and disgruntled friends she had falling outs with, will see her spanked every evening until a morning of an elaborate execution. More than just a single rope please.

"Oh god no. Not this. Just. Please just kill me." Moments ago Sarah been begging for her life and now, before any real pain at all, aside from maybe the sting of rough rope, she was begging for death. Oh, how her eyes went wide when she saw what had clanged on the ground in front of her. The startle and soft coarse pleading as she spoke… it made my boner somewhat… more awake. Sensitive. These were always better.

"Slice her shirt." My witches did as commanded. "Her skirt." Again, they obliged.

"Please. Oh god please not this. Please just ohhh no. Nobouuuwww"
They carried her to the giant hook hanging from the ceiling, next to the barrel of kerosene. Pressing her anus over the point, she was already drenched in her tears. She waddled as best she could but even when they no longer held her down, she was unable to shake herself off the steel curve of her impaling.

She was lowered into the bucket, ker knees tied to her neck and her breasts bobbing along the brim of the barrel. She wasn't covered in it, but the kerosene was only half an inch deep. More than enough to kill her.
"Drizzle her back and breasts." I didn't want her to suffocate from smoke without dying of fire. "Slather her ass with it, drench her breasts."
Raising her to cover her skin with the fluid, it was the entirety of her ass and breasts then a lightning shaped river on her back. She was strong enough to last at least a good while, I was certain. Even a fell single second would be wonderful. Sering her eyes go wide unlike even the fear when she had been captured, or witnessed the omen of her fate… but no, this was better. I didn't time it, but when I lit a match and her shivering became indescribable… what proceeded certainly lasted longer than almost any similar instance I had personally witnessed.


File: 1545653004630.jpg (1.34 MB, 1447x2046, 71260342_p0.jpg)

Name: Kara
Age: 20
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Corporate espionage

They took the sobbing teenager to the center of town, a sign around her neck with her crime spelled out.

THIEF, she was, and she would pay for it with her short life.

BY Order of the sherrif of Woodenheath, Emily Whitestone Lee shall by executed in the hanged, drawn, and quartered method.

The sheriff slipped the noose around her neck and kicked the stool out from under her feet.

She swung, hands and legs outstretched. Her skin shone with sweat. Her face was almost blue when they cut her down.

The poor girl was then set upon by the sheriffs men, who promptly cut open her stomach and dragged out her insides and burned them before her eyes. She was delirious with agony as the men continued to excavate her internal cavity, throwing her stomach, bladder, and kidneys into the fire.

Then they sliced away her vagina, ignoring her desperate begging. The men casually tossed "the whore's parts" onto the fire, before taking their time playing with the poor girls still-beating heart. Finally, Emily's eyes rolled up as her heart seized up and stilled.

The men continued, taking axes and roughly chopping off her limbs. They then ran her torso through with a saw, separating the meat chunk into four.

The teenage girl's remains were boiled, then dragged through the mud and dumped on the outskirts of town, where the crows feasted on her for days.


File: 1545657917508.jpeg (223.69 KB, 800x1000, 0EECFF42-7E48-44EE-9D21-F….jpeg)

Name: The Very Hungry Inchworm
Age: 18
Sex: Male and Female (composed of two people)
Description: See image
Crime: Multiple counts of first degree murder (victims dissolved with acidic blood if they fought back or partially chewed up)

Awakening in a woozy state and gagging on stagnant air, Kara stumbled to her feet. Around her, a dank and severely dim lit room which seems absent of color, dark vieny textures pulsing on the wall, malformed shelves and books scattered about resembling those found in a children’s section of a library. A chaotic ambiance echoed from all around, varying at different and sporadic frequencies, enough to put even the fearless on edge. One book near her had the title “The Very Hungry Inchworm”. Upon examining the pages of the book, most of the pages are either unreadable or scribbled out. As she flipped through, a low chittering resonated from behind her.

She barely had any time to react when the creature lept forwards.

The creature pinned her to the floor, using its mandibles to bite her body and face. It beat on her chest, cracking bones and rupturing organs. As her consciousness slowly drifted away, she could feel her soul sinking into the depths of this color-devoid, dangerous plane of existence. When the creature was done with her, her head was merely a puddle of blood and wet chunks of bone, and her body was torn open and her ribcage hollowed out.

The art belongs to Pyramiddhead on deviantArt, not me!


File: 1545677296070.jpg (268.45 KB, 1440x1080, 68099844_p0.jpg)

Name: Pattie Lombardi
Age: 40
Sex: F
Description: See image. A devoted housewife and mother to 4 children.
Crime: Aiding the rebellion against the monarchy

Officer Walgren of the Greenhill PD SWAT team wrinkled her nose as she stepped into the dingy room. Bones were scattered everywhere. After reports of some kind of creature attacking people had flooded in, the police department had sent two squad cars to check the scene. They never reported back. Now her team were carefully surveying the crime scene.

Something rustled behind her, and Walgren twirled around, her MP5 at the ready. Her weaponlight illuminated some kind of…thing uncurling out of a crack in the wall. Before she could shout, or even pull the trigger, it leapt out and wrapped itself around her torso. The 25 year old police officer screamed in agony as she felt a burning hot sensation erupt around her belly. Her fellow officers rushed to her location, but it was too late for Walgren.

The woman dropped to the ground in two separate pieces, steam rising from her half melted internal organs. The Inchworm backed up, chittering in anger at the interruption to her meal. The remaining 4 SWAT members promptly opened fire, peppering the creature with hundreds of rounds of 9mm. The Inchworm twitched and jerked, then finally collapsed.
The SWAT team beat a hasty retreat, radioing for backup.


File: 1547680385893.jpg (26.99 KB, 369x900, spider-gwen1.jpg)

I'll give this a shot.

Name: Gwen Stacy
Age: 19
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Murder, Vigilante
Scenario: Captured and convicted of the murder of Peter Parker, as well as being an unlicensed Vigilante. Sentenced to death.


Pattie Lombardi was slowly marched from her cell, deep in the castle. Her wrists were bound behind her back, and she had been stripped of all clothing the evening before. She was trying not to shiver as she was led up. It was cold in the dungeon, on purpose of course, and it wasn't exactly warm outside. And then there was the fear. Mrs Lombardi knew she was going to die. She had been told of this the day before, after she was tried - in abstentia. The Royal court did not need the accused present to end their life. She had given aid to traitors attempting to remove the crown from the shoulder of the current sovereign - along with the head. And while Pattie didn't lift a finger to try and kill them herself, she had let the would be traitors stay over night in her house.

And now she had to pay.

The sun blinded her as she was pushed out into the public eye. The gate lead right to a stage, and she stumbled across it, barefoot. The heat of the sun warmed her skin even as the cold air outside bit into her skin. There would be no speech. There would be chance for her to appeal. She had been gagged before being lead up. A ball, strapped into her mouth. All she could do was moan and whine in protest as she was lead before the crowd.

Jeering started, yells and shouts. "Traitor. Traitor. Death to the traitor!" The called out. The screamed for her to pay. There was one of the guards, reading the charges. Aiding and abetting a known terrorist. Conspiracy to commit regicide. The punishment was public execution.

She was crying now. Shivering, shaking, unable to run away. The two guards on either side had a tight grip on her arms. Her knees clattered against each other as she shook her head, side to side. It was there, in front of her. The method of execution

The Spike.

She was shaking uncontrollably now as she was dragged forward. The metal pole stood proud and high, polished to shine in the morning son, facing the crowd. As with all traitors, she would be impaled on the pipe, and left on display for the crowds for days to come. There was a swift kick as she was driven to her knees. She screamed, and thrashed, but it was of no use. The pike was about as high as her chest now, which was heaving as she started to hyperventilate.

A third man approached. Like the guards, he too wore a hood, but while theirs were red, his as black. He was massive, and he moved to straddle the woman, one leg coming down on either side of her. Unable to resist, Pattie felt a hand sink into her hair, pulling her head up. She could see the crowd now, as tears streamed down her face. There was a sharp jerk, and her head was pulled forward. Her toes started ot kick and she tried to wiggled, side to side. It didn't work.

cold pricked her, just under the chin. She could feel it! The tip of the spoke. "NOOOOOO" she tried to scream, but it came out asa muffled moan. There was a sudden warmth between her legs as her head was held in place. Fear ripped through her. It was real, this was real. This was happening. She pissed herself, and one of the guards made a disgusted noise. It was the last noise she heard.

There was a sudden, harsh slam downward, on the back of her head. The force was great enough that her skull was driven down on the pike with brutal efficiency. It split up, into her mouth from below, and continued on, probing the roof of her mouth, up, into her skull, into her brain. Pattie Lombardi's eyes went wide, and then the spike split out the top of her skull. Her body thrashed again, but the guards stepped back. After a moment, she grew still.

And the crowd went wild.


File: 1547962539512.jpg (467.52 KB, 1920x1200, bff4ed53651c0ca4a30e6fbbd6….jpg)

Name: Freyja
Age: 14
Sex: F
Description: White skin with brown hair tied into a messy pony tail
Crime: Race mixing, lesbianism
Name: Para
Age: 13
Sex: F
DEscription: Black with long black hair
Crime: Race mixing, lesbianism

It was a quick trial. Gwen Stacy, accused of murdering Peter Parker, along with being a masked vigilante herself, was sentenced to death. The state would carry out her execution immediately, in order to make an example and deter others from vigilantism.

The sentence? Gwen would be executed by crucifixion, and her corpse would be displayed in the center of Times Square.

They dragged Gwen up to the cross. The young woman struggled as the guards roughly slammed her against the cross. She looked at the bucket of nails being passed around by the guards, and the hammers they held in their hands. The severity of her situation hit her. "Oh god", she moaned "Make it quick, please".

As the guards gathered around, Gwen closed her eyes. The cool sensation of a pointy metallic object pricking her palms and feet caused her to start breather faster and faster, until she was nearly hyperventilating.

The first blow sent agony shooting through Gwen's hand and arm. She let loose an ear shattering scream, and then the second blow, then the third, and fourth. Within a minute, she had all of her limbs nailed to the cross. Her face had turned a sickly pale color, and sweat shone across her firm, fit body. The cross was raised, and gravity began to take hold of her body, only adding to the pain she was experiencing.

"P-please, kill me", she begged.

The guards ignored her and left. Gwen broke down. "Someone, please. Just kill me", she muttered.

They took her corpse down two weeks later. By that time, crows and vandals had made their mark on her body. The girl had both of her blue eyes picked out, and her stomach sliced open, with most of her internals draped around her shoulders.
"Spider Killer" was spraypainted across her chest.


File: 1554923772715.jpg (216.75 KB, 1267x1230, 0h.jpg)

Name: Kaylee Clark
Age: 9
Sex: F
Description: See Pic
Crime: Underage sex, and seducing an adult



File: 1555189981472.jpg (587.85 KB, 850x1370, sample_d34282c28101eef3330….jpg)

Name: Katerina Goldstein
Age: 26
Sex: F
Description: See image, a young pregnant housewife.
Crime: Her husband was part of a plot to oust the dictator of their nation. The dictator started a brutal purge after finding out, ordering all family members of those implicated in the plot to be killed.

The executioner took a long drag from her cigarette as she eyed the little prisoner. Kaylee Clark fidgeted in her baggy prison jumpsuit, her eyes switching back and forth between the executioner and the guillotine where her short life would end. The girl had her arms and legs restrained with cuffs, and her strawberry blonde hair had been cut short to ensure a clean beheading.

"Alright, no use in dragging this out", the executioner finally spoke. She gently placed her hands on Kaylee's shoulders and firmly pushed her towards the guillotine. The woman could feel Kaylee's slender body trembling in fear. A pang of pity swept through the woman's heart. "Okay sweetie, I need you to be brave for me", the executioner whispered in Kaylee's ear. The little girl nodded, and placed her rear on the bascule. Kaylee looked up at the executioner, her blue eyes welling up with tears. "W-will it hurt?", she asked.
The executioner knelt down and touched Kaylee's cheek. "No, it's very quick. You won't feel anything", she answered with a half truth. "Now, lie back and don't move".

Kaylee obeyed, and the executioner locked the lunette over the girl's slim neck, then tied the leather straps over her chest and legs. Kaylee looked up at the blade and whimpered, her heart pounding like a jackhammer. For a moment, there was nothing but the sound of Kaylee breathing quickly. The executioner released the déclic and the blade dropped free. A loud thud followed as the blade sliced through Kaylee's neck and hit the bottom. Her body arched its back, her flat chest raised as high as the straps would allow. Blood spurted from the neck stump for several seconds before petering off into a dribble, as Kaylee's heart slowed to a stop.

The executioner walked around to the basket and reached in. She picked up the head of the girl and raised it up, peering at Kaylee's face. The child's eyes were flat and dull, her mouth parted slightly as if she was in the middle of saying something. The executioner dropped it back into the basket. She took out her tablet computer and checked Kaylee off the list. There were another 8 prisoners to deal with. She sighed, and called for the clean up crew to bring the body bags.


File: 1555446841648.jpg (263.85 KB, 1500x811, lolibooru 162632 sample.jpg)

Name: Linda and Christina Bishop
Age: 34(Linda) and 15(Christina)
Sex: F
Description: See image.
Crime: Incestuous relationship. After losing her husband, and unable to find a suitable man, Linda became desperate for love. Her beautiful teenage daughter, having developed a crush on her own mother, seduced her easily. Unfortunately, they were caught having sex in a motel and sentenced to death.


After thirty minutes of scrubbing, mopping, and almost enough water to fill a small swimming pool, Peter’s execution chamber was clean; he inhaled deeply as the scent of bleach and soap rose to his nostrils. It wouldn’t last.

A plot to overthrow the Supreme Leader was foiled, and the perpetrators and their families were to be executed. Peter alone had already executed ninety-seven people that day, and had almost five hundred coming his way over the next few days.

“Next,” he yelled over the intercom.

The door opened and a woman in her twenties, blonde hair in a ponytail, and completely naked save for a pair of glasses on her head, entered. And, judging by her firm, round, belly pregnant and nearly ready to give birth.

Peter felt a slight twinge in his stomach; the woman was almost a spitting image of his own wife, save for the pregnant belly and plump breasts. Such a fate for such a lovely woman was unfair, but Peter already killed several dozen women already, and even a few children. If he did try anything to save her life, his own wife and children would meet her fate instead.

“Over here,” Peter said and pointed towards a large drain. The woman walked with her head down and lips shut; tears dripped from her eyes and each breath grew heavier as she approached the spot. Peter drew a 9mm pistol. “Where do you want it?”

The woman sniffled and looked up. “What?”

“Where do you want me to shoot you? The head or heart?”

She stared at him for a few seconds and then looked away. “Well, I guess if I can choose,” her hands cusped the sides of her belly, “put the first shots in my stomach. Kill my unborn baby first so he doesn’t suffer.” She closed her eyes.

Peter stepped back and fired six shots in a circle around her belly button. She fell to the floor, thrashing and screaming as a crimson puddle formed, and flowed down the drain. She looked up, blood dripping from her mouth. “Please,” she grunted.

Peter silenced her screams with two shots to the forehead. As she pissed and shit on the floor, Peter walked over to a touchscreen on the wall, and confirmed that Katerina Goldstein was deceased. Then he carried her corpse to an oversized garbage shoot, and tossed her down to the street below where several workers waited to load her body on to a truck.

Peter shook his head at the putrid odor now filling the room as he yelled “next” into the intercom.


File: 1555486680514.jpg (83.52 KB, 666x1000, sample-219ca86841b8fc24ec3….jpg)

Name: Tessa Arnolds
Age: 13
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Hacking into sloppily secured intelligence agency servers and leaking the identities of hundreds of agents to the world
Scenario: A young computer prodigy is manipulated into betraying her nations secrets. Now, she faces the death penalty for treason.


Mike was fiddling with his watch when the first two prisoners entered the execution chamber. He looked up, coolly appraising his victims. Two females, both of them brunettes, and both wearing nothing but their underwear. From a quick glance, he could tell they were related. Mike looked down at the checklist for the day. Linda and Christina Bishop, mother and daughter, sentenced to die for their degenerate relationship with each other.

Mike called up Christina first, reasoning that it would be more merciful to spare the teenager the agony of seeing her mother die in front of her. Christina turned and gave her mother a tight hug. Linda held her daughter, sobbing quietly. He glanced at the girl while he prepared his tools. She was definitely good looking, with a slender, athletic build. Modest breasts, compared to her rather busty mother. Her brunette hair was tied up in a simple pony tail, her eyes pointedly avoiding his.

She finally let go of her mother and slowly plodded over to the gurney. The teen sat on the edge, and swung her legs up onto the bed, before laying her head back on the pillow. Mike tightened the straps across her arms, chest, abdomen, thighs and feet. He looked around surreptitiously, then quickly slipped a hand underneath her bra and gave her breasts a quick squeeze, relishing the pleasantly firm yet pliant sensation. Christina squeaked in surprise. Ignoring the girl's venomous glare, Mike placed 10 EKG patches on her chest, arms, and legs, then inserted an IV drip feed into her left and right arm. He checked the EKG monitor. Christina's BPM was elevated from the normal rate, but that was to be expected.

Only one more step remained. He leaned over and asked the prisoner for her last words. She shook her head. He nodded, and walked over to the switch that would start the execution.

The state called for a simple two drug injection. A 5 gram dose of sodium pentothal, then a squirt of saline solution through the tubes followed up with a 100 milligram dose of pancuronium bromide, a muscle relaxant that killed by paralyzing the lungs and diaphragm. At precisely half past 12, he pressed the switch, sending the lethal dose through the IV tubes and into Christina's body. The young girl took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her heart rate spiked on the EKG monitor. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Christina opened her eyes and looked around, visibly confused. She laid her head back, blinked a couple times, then closed her eyes again. The anesthetic had kicked in, knocking her unconscious. Slowly, the BPM on the EKG decreased. At the two minute mark, it flatlined, a loud beep echoing through the chamber.

He undid the restraints and lifted Christina's corpse up off the gurney. Two body bags had been prepared, and he laid the dead girl into one. He dutifully recorded time of death and her prisoner number onto a tag and attached it to the bag. "Next up, please", he called out.

Linda Bishop stood up and shakily walked over to the gurney. She paused in front of Christina's body and knelt down, gathering her daughter up in her arms. She kissed her dead child's lips, tears rolling down her cheeks as she trembled. Mike let her grieve while he cleaned the IV tubes and prepped new doses.

Linda gently laid Christina back into the bag and stood up, gracefully pulling herself together as she clambered onto the gurney. Mike admired her body. Linda had kept herself in shape, and could have passed for a woman a decade younger. Her body had filled out, and where her daughter had been thin and athletic, she was shapely and meaty. Her brunette hair had been cut short, and she stared back at him, her dark brown eyes filled with regret and resentment. He strapped her down tight, attacked the EKG patches and IV drip feeds, and asked for her final words.

"Forgive me, sweetie. Mommy's coming up to meet you", she whispered, her voice ragged. Mike nodded, and hit the switch. The woman stiffened, then relaxed as the drugs ran through her body. Her eyelids drooped, then closed for the last time. Mike waited, but only a minute had passed before he smelled the stench of urine. He looked over at Linda's pelvis, and saw a wet spot grow across her plain cotton panties. The executioner heard the beep of the EKG machine detecting a flatline BPM, and went to untie the restraints. Grunting, he lifted the dead woman up, and with considerably more effort, dumped her unceremoniously into the second body bag. He marked date of death and prisoner number, then called the medical examiner in to take the bodies away.


File: 1555505836746.jpg (503.64 KB, 1300x975, 002_2.jpg)

Laura Whitefield age 12 Samuel Whitefield age 10 Elle Whitefield age 7 if you want you may spare her life but if you do make her watch.
Crimes incest, 1 count murder for the murder by stabbing of their Mother Lina Whitefield age 31 after she caught them having sex and threatened to turn them in. 1 count attempted murder of their father Robert Whitefield age 30 after he heard the screams of his wife he was stabbed 4 times in the stomach the kids then fled their home and were caught six miles away.
please make it slow and painful they deserve it.

Tessa Arnolds Punishment.
Location U.S.N.A. Federal Maximum Security Prison Denver Colorado April 18th 2091 at 0400
U.S.N.A. United States Of North America
0700 Allen tray the executioner makes his way to Death row thinking about how he is going to have make a poor girl die that is a year older then his own daughter
0709 Allen Arrives at tessa's cell the Mormon bishop steps out of the cell shakes Allen's hand looks back and say may the lord have mercy on your soul Tessa.
Allen steps in and says: Hello Tessa i am your Executioner Allen i am going to Read you your death warrant now then handcuff and shackle you then lead you to the death chamber where i will carry out your sentence. Tessa Linda Arnolds the Supreme Court of the U.S.N.A. Has Found you Guilty of Treason in a Tribunal as such You are here by sentenced to Death By Poison Gas cyanide which is to be carried out Today April 18th 2091 at 0730 your execution will be recorded by camera and shown on the News at noon Mountain time across the nation. this court has made this decision in good standing and on good knowledge of your guilt. may your god have mercy on your soul. He then ask her if she wishes to wear a diaper so that if she urinates or defecates the camera wont see it. she refuses. Tessa whimpers for a few seconds Allen then tell her to to around place her hands on her head and spread her legs. he then handcuffs her and shackles her ankles. 0715 2 guards armed with tasers escort Allen and Tessa from her cell and walk them down the 50 yard long hallway to the execution chamber when they enter 2 minutes later the 2 guards help escort her into the chamber they unbutton her shirt and place a wireless heartbeat monitor device on each side of her chest and place a brainwave monitor at the back of her neck by the brain stem then then button her shirt back up. they ask her sit she complies, they then unshackle her and use leather straps to tie her Wrist,chest,hips and ankles down. both guards then leave the chamber and activate the camera. they then leave the execution room and head to the cemetery to prepare the grave for the condemned girl. this takes 3 minutes
0720 Allen steps into the Chamber and ask: Tessa before your sentence is carried out do you have any last request or statements to make. he holds a microphone close to her face
Tessa: Yeah i do. To the families whose loved ones i got killed, or put at risk i am so sorry. to my Parents i am so sorry that i hurt your reputations and left you with one less child, to my little brother Tyson grow up strong and wise and help protect our family and nation that is all. i am ready to die now.
0723 Allen ask Tessa if she wishes to die blindfolded and gagged she shakes her head no. Allen then steps out of the chamber he reads her death warrant again loud enough to ensure the camera picks it up. He Closes And Secures the Air Tight Bulkhead. He then activates the system. 0730 Allen presses the button. 0733 Tessa starts Screaming that it hurts, hyperventilating and struggling against the steel chair and leather straps to no avail. this continues till 07:37 she tilts her head to the Left and Vomits. 07:39 she goes silent at 07:40 Allen observes her Jumpsuit crouch area now has a yellow and brown liquid coming from her crouch. 7:55:41 Tessa Slumps finally at 07:59:54 the Pulse and brainwave Monitors Flat line. 0800 He turns the Cameras off. 0830 as per law Allen waits 30 Minutes from the last Heartbeat to deploy ammonia to neutralize the cyanide gas. at 0835 He enters the chamber wearing a gas mask he uses a stethoscope to listen for a heartbeat he finds no heartbeat. He unstraps her corpse Cuts her Poisoned Jumpsuit off he then sprays her down with a hose, dries her off dresses her in a simple white gown with white panties, white socks and black shoes. he then places her on a gurney and wheels her to a hearse at 0915. He Helps bury Her in an unmarked Grave. 0956 Allen arrives back at the prison and meets with the warden. who pays him a fee of 900 Dollars Plus a Bonus of 300 for extending her suffering. he leaves the prison at 1000. 1145 Allen arrives home sits down and turns on channel 9 for the noon hour news. at 1200 the news starts the top story is the traitors execution it is completely uncut and raw showing her last words, her pain and suffering, her death and even the sounds of the flat line the video ends at 1242.


File: 1555536463934.jpg (229.73 KB, 570x1440, 56855993_p0 - GS10.jpg)

Name: Princess Sophia, House of Crawford
Age: 11
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Her father’s kingdom was defeated after a long and costly war that he started. The occupying powers seek to replace the monarchy, and ordered the execution of all members of the royal family.



File: 1555571027277.jpg (119.21 KB, 800x1130, Dzv1Z6dUYAA0Vfy.jpg)

Name: Jenny Carter
Age: 23
Sex: F
Description: See image, a young high school chemistry teacher
Crime: As a member of a radical communist group, she had helped create compounds for a nerve gas which was used in an attack on the headquarters of the national bank

Since I seem to have reached the word limit on /rp/, I posted the story to your thread, if that's okay.


File: 1555707117033.png (733.25 KB, 901x1430, de92b2332e4b321c80e62b953b….png)

Name: Vivian Wren
Age: 34
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Wren is a trained assassin for the Yakuza, accused and convicted of killing at least 4 prominent members of a major city government in an attempt to intimidate the council over an upcoming vote.


The group gathered in the room on the other side of the glass barrier, filing in slowly to their seats. There were cameras set up in either corner, and another two were hanging from the ceiling, in the chamber on the other side of the glass. A pair of reporters were there, with recording gear and note pads. Other than that, the room was filling up with officials, designated by the state to witness the execution.

On the other side of the barrier was a single metal table, tilted up at an angle. This allowed those on the other side of the glass to bear witness. Normally such an event as this would not have quite so large an audience, and would not be broadcast. But the matter at stake warranted the measures, as to ensure that no one got the idea to do such a thing again.

The Table was not empty. Strapped down, naked, but aware, was a woman, with large breasts (the straps ran above and below the bust) and legs spread. Her dark hair was loose, and there was a gag in her mouth to keep her from screaming too loud. Her eyes were wide, and she was squirming about, but the straps that crossed over her ankles, thighs, wrists and just above the elbow, as well as her waist, kept her in place.

The clock struck 8:00pm, Local time, and one of the men in uniform stood up, gesturing to the glass window, and the naked woman bound to the table. He pulled out a piece of paper and began to read from it. "We are here this evening to witness the lawful execution of one Miss Jenny Carter, for high crimes of treason against the State, as well as the manufacturing and deployment of a chemical weapons, classified as a weapon of mass destruction. In accordance with the law, and under court orders, we will now execute the prisoner with her own nerve agent."

This was, of course, played in a speaker on the other room. The woman, one Jenny Carter, was able to hear everything that was said. However the glass was sound proof. So those on this side could not hear her scream. But scream she did. The girl had done what she had been told was necessary, to bring down the Capitalist oligarchs that suppressed the workers of the country. She did not expect to get caught, or fall subject to the full force and fury of said oligarchs (those that survived the gas attack in any case). In true capitalist fashion, bets were being made on how long she would last, even now.

A hissing noise filled the room, and her head bounced about, as she started to gasp harder for air. She couldn't actually hold her breath - the ball gag in her mouth prevented her from doing so. Her toes curled and she squirmed from side to side, the table rocking slightly. Through the glass she could see the faces of those watching. Some were calm. Others looked eager, ready for her to die.

The gas filled the room in a gentle blue haze, almost peaceful looking. She was sweating now, knowing what was happening. The fumes seeped into her mouth, down her throat. She coughed. Inhaled. And that was it. Her body reacted almost immediately. The thrashing intensified, far beyond what her own conscious efforts had elicited. She bucked up, her stomach arcing against the strap, then crashed down. She was screaming and sobbing, trying to breath as the agent seemed to burn her lungs from the inside out. Her eyes were wide, starring back at those watching her, as slowly the whites became blood red.

Jenny was crying now, from the pain, and the realization that this was in fact the end. She'd failed. There was no peoples revolt. Tears of blood poured out of her eyes now, as her vision became as red as the blood on her cheeks. Foam appeared at her mouth, and her nose, bubbling up and out like a rabid dog. She shook all over and her body then sagged. Drool and spit poured down her chest.

Red, red, everything she saw was red…and then…darkness. She took one last searing breath and tried to scream, but only managed to gurgle as the agent ate through her trachea. Her legs bucked at the knees, and her body sagged against the leather strap. Her head was held in place, unable to fall forward, as blood red, lifeless eyes stared back. Between her legs, a stream of rancid piss poured out, splattering to the floor. And then the body hung there. Dead.

"Thus to all traitors," someone on the other side of the glass said. "it is now 8:07 pm. Miss Jenny Carter has been executed as per the order of the court."


File: 1555970814870.jpeg (370.55 KB, 735x800, 21ca652fb67efbdb4e5193c20….jpeg)

Name: Serena
Age: 17
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Murder

Vivian Wren bowed towards the state sanctioned swordswoman, who bowed back. The 34 year old yakuza assassin then carefully got to her knees before undoing the first couple buttons on her jumpsuit, letting it slide down and revealing her toned, athletic body to the world. Her perky breasts heaved as she took a few deep breaths, steeling herself for what was to come.

A few clipped words of Japanese came over the PA system, and Wren presented her bare neck. Wren's long silver hair had been cut boyishly short in order to increase the chance of a successful first cut. Wren flinched as she felt the cold edge of the blade tap against her neck. The headswoman gave a few practice swings before raising her sword for the first try.

In a smooth, practiced motion the executioner slashed downwards. The sword sank deep into Wren's neck, stopping just short of completely beheading her. Blood sprayed from the cut as Wren's head flopped forward, a single flap of muscle and skin keeping it connected to the rest of her body. The swordswoman slipped her sword out of the cut, before wiping it clean on her uniform. She turned and bowed to the cameras. Meanwhile, Wren's torso twitched before crumpling forward, having lost its connection to the brain. She lay on the floor, a pool of blood spreading around her mortal wound.


File: 1556058608749.jpg (102.68 KB, 800x800, 152148545565.jpg)

Name: Alexandria Jenkins(left), Amanda Valentine(middle), and Jessica Bailey
Age: 10(Alexandria and Amanda), 9(Jessica)
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Murder
Scenario: The three girls travel the country and perform lewd and sexual acts with each other for money. When a man attempted to violated their no-touch rule, Amanda murdered him.
The deaths of Alexandria and Jessica can be merciful if the executioner desires, the judge wants Amy to suffer as she is the one who committed the murder.


Response here:



Not sure why you keep posting these scenarios with birds/monsters. None of us are turned on by them, and we really don't enjoy writing stories about them. These threads are for scenarios involving the deaths of attractive ladies (and sometimes guys), and these do not fit that bill.

Also, your response wasn't even an execution; which is the focus of this particular thread.


Agreed, these seem like they should go in their own thread. Most of us aren't zoophiliacs.


I think that’s why the methods of killing them didn’t mention sex or necrophilia.


Name: Brittany Hoffman
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Description: See Pic
Crime: Assisting Terrorists
Scenario: Brittany stole certain materials from her dad's business and gave them to a boy she liked, unaware that he was going to make a bomb that would kill 1500 people.


Looking at the horrid creature, resembling little more than a walking corpse, Jared swore to never end up in this prison. Chained over a pot of boiling water, it thrashed and uttered a wet, gurgled, roar, as hot steam cooked its' mangled flesh.

"Lower it!" Jared bellowed, and his assistant pulled a lever on the wall.

The monster roared ferociously as it was lowered into the water, and a terrible shriek cut into the very souls of everyone within the room. The scream lasted for almost a minute, until it expired.

After boiling for an hour, the creature's shriveled remains were lifted out and cut from the chain. The butcher swiftly removed the genitals—a gruesome treat to be served to the most ruthless criminal they held—and the rest of the carcass was thrown into a meat grinder and added to the gruel that the chefs served to the inmates.


File: 1556130990453.jpg (409.15 KB, 800x1324, TNN011.jpg)

Oops. Forgot the pic.


File: 1556136974263.jpeg (63.65 KB, 400x668, 84c3e0321bc7422ebc78c17c4….jpeg)

Name: Alex
Age: 15
Sex: M
Description: See image
Crime: Rape

Brittany screamed and struggled as the guards tied her to the post. "Let me go, let me go!", she wailed, her voice cracking. It was useless, as the guards felt no pity for the treasonous little whore. One of the men retrieved a black strip of cloth and wrapped it around the poor girl's eyes. Once Brittany was restrained, the guards withdrew about 10 meters, where a table loaded with rifles was located.

Brittany trembled in terror, unable to see her executioners, but able to hear the metallic sounds of bullets being loaded into magazines, then bolts being racked back and forth.

Brittany tried to wriggle out of the ropes tying her to the post.
She pissed herself as she sobbed hysterically.
Her pleas shifted to a high pitched, mindless scream as the guards raised their rifles and aimed.


Gunfire burst forth as the guards unloaded their rifles into the 15 year old girl. Brittany jerked and twitched as each bullet slammed into her budding chest and taut stomach. Finally, as the last round punched through her body, she slumped over. Blood seeped through her ratty tank top, making it cling to her young form. The men placed the empty rifles back on the table, letting the warden and prison physician walk up to the limp body. The doctor grabbed Brittany by her hair and pulled her head up, peering into her eyes. They were dull and unfocused, still wet with her final tears. He let go of her head and placed a finger on her neck. No pulse.

The doctor turned to the warden and nodded. "The prisoner is dead", he said. They undid her restraints, and Brittany's still body fell face forward into the dirt. One of the guards came up to the post with a body bag thrown over his shoulder, which he laid down next to the corpse. The warden and doctor grabbed the girl by her arms and legs and carelessly threw her onto the bag. The guard zipped the bag up and lifted it up to take back to the morgue.

The doctor smiled, anticipating the fun he'd have exploring Britanny's firm, youthful body.


File: 1556139783174.png (260.6 KB, 597x1481, E9F2C5CF-9CA8-4EF2-A9F1-00….png)

Name: Terezi Pyrope
Age: 21 earth years, 9.6 Alternian solar sweeps
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Treason

The troll could smell the red in Alex’s hair from a mile away. Now, while that was exaggerated, she was about a meter or two away from him. She snuck up behind him, being careful to remain silent as to not disturb him. Once she was close enough, she grappled him into a bear hug.

As Alex struggled, Terezi started… licking his hair. The licks went on for several minutes before his hair was completely soaked in the troll woman’s saliva. As hunger surged up in her stomach, she hugged him harder, breaking several bones, including his ribs. Terezi then bit down, rending a hole in his skull and an important piece of his brain missing. She chewed for a bit, tasing his hair and scalp before his brain touched her skull.

A loud ‘BLUH’ resounded as she clawed at her mouth in disgust and spat out the teen’s brain and fled, leaving the boy’s flailing body to its own devices. Obviously, human brains do not taste very good to trolls. Minutes later, the body finally died down, with foam surrounding the mouth and the occasional twitch of a finger or toe.


File: 1556306538052.jpg (34.01 KB, 386x670, sample_a7f3cb18410e33d121f….jpg)


Name: Jessie Musashi
Age: 25 years old
Sex: F
Description: See image
Crime: Theft, grand larceny, kidnapping, assault.

There was but one punishment for treason, and for Terezi that punishment was metted out two days after her brief trial. The case was cut and dry, and there was no sense in wasting the governments money on a long, drawn out legal process when the conclusion was inevitable. The state had declared her a traitor, and they would not have done so publicly if there was any chance she might be innocent, would they?

The grey skinned woman was taken out in the morning, to the amphitheater where her execution would be held, for public display. Ropes were tied to both of her wrists, and her ankles, and bunched together into a leash used to guide the nude prisoner up to the platform. The stands were, of course, packed with spectators, many there of their own volition. While the State had been known to occasionally force locals into watching, so that it would seem that they were held in high approval, this was not always necessary, and today seemed to be one such day where the participants in the stands were eager for the execution to take place.

Any protests on Terezi's part were ignored by the black masked executioners. A reading of her crimes was read to the crowd as the woman's arm and leg bindings were tugged in four different directions. She was lashed to a series of poles, strung up with her body suspended above the platform. Each rope was tied to a metal ring. Each ring connected to a heavy chain, which ran through a pulley system. This system eventually ended in a wheel, that the lead executioner walked up to, placing his meaty hands on the spokes.

Terezi was breathing frantically. There was no escape - there had never been. But her chest heaved and her bare breasts bounced. The nude woman gasped for air as she felt her body begin to be pulled, and tugged, in four directions at once. Each click of the wheel sucked another chain link up into the pulley at the top of the poles. Each link tugged the heavy ring up by an inch. And that in turn tugged on her limbs. Pressure began to build and build at her joints - the wrists and ankles, of course, but mostly, the shoulders and hips.

Soon, Terezi was groaning in pain. The crowd was screaming in delight as the woman's body bucked, pulled taut. She shook, held in place, breathing rapidly, eyes full of fear. It felt like she was going to break apart. The Executioner gave a heavy spin of the wheel, cranking the chain in a few links, and in the process, pulling each limb from its socket. Terezi screamed in agony as her arms and legs were forcibly dislocated. She thrashed about, her body hanging awkwardly now, each limb flailing.

But it did not stop there. After a moment of the intense agony, the girls sobs and pants heard in the crowd, the executioner began to spin the wheel again. And he did not stop until, with a sickening tearing of flesh, each limb was ripped from her body, muscle and skin pulling and pulling. The scream - her last scream - was ear piercing and wretched, as the head and torso fell down to the floor of the deck, flopping about like a fish out of water. She wailed, only too have her voice tail off. Massive blood loss, and the shock of pain brought her death swift at that point, and she soon lay still in a pool of her own blood, piss, and shit, face starring up blankly into the sun, watching her severed limb swaying in the wind.

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