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I made a place for guro fans.

You can post, draw, or say anything you want as long as it's not real life smut or gore. There's art and videos, roleplaying, artists, and more.

Right now, I'm looking for more patient, cool people who will watch the server grow slowly. If you want an invite, please message me on slack or send me an email.




Oh oops. There were a few typos.

You can post real life smut, just don't post real life guro.

You can message me on Discord, not slack.



Bumping because the server has been very talkative, posting lots of porn, and nears 30 people.

I will bump this post so long as the server has grown since the last time it was bumped.

The roleplay section is still pretty sparse, come be the first on the dance floor! We have a lot of submissive boys and girls who want to be gutted, eaten, and choked right now and we could use someone to do it.


Because the server has remained successful, I'm bumping again.

It is pretty much not a quiet server at this point. There are some hours of the day where it's quite lively.

It will grow above 50 people soon.

If you're looking for chat, roleplay, or organized porn, it's a pretty good option right now.


I said I’ll keep bumping this so long as new users keep coming. We’re clean over 50 users now. People are utilizing this post and contacting me. However...

Does anyone think I should stop bumping this? I feel kinda guilty.


No, I'm a guy with a grudge but at the same time want to see your server do well. Still fuck you for the racism you allowed when you didn't allow it's counter, but your server is a good thing all the same and fits a niche between mine and some others that overly taxing.

your server as I remember, is chill and yet categorize evenly enough, and has a direct, open and not overly specific but clearly defined interest. I say bump your thread every few month or 2, or every ten members.


Thanks. Well we definitely passed 10 new members and now rest at 70.

Sucks you still feel slighted.
We were telling jokes about how politics shouldn’t be allowed in main chat because of the potential for someone to see our conversation out of context. We were posting things it would be terrible for someone to see out of context as jokes. I made the new deeper discussion section. Then you came and I think you *saw our conversation out of context.* I didn’t disagree with what you sent but it sort of proved what I had been thinking. I had to start putting my foot down on the no politics thing at some point.

Anyway I don’t wanna swarm this place with the how’s and whys. We can always dm about it and you can always come back and see how you feel now that the servers more filled. Thanks for the support man

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