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I'm looking for a roleplay about a guy kidnapping amd killing little girls. You can be the killer or the victims, it doesn't matter to me.

I like : Rape, humiliation, asphyxiation (strangling, drowning,...), neck snap, torture (as long as it's not too hardcore), necrophilia, throat slit, decapitation, beating to death or normal beating up and dismemberment.
I don't like : excessive torture, scat, vore or cannibalism.

I'd rather do it here and not on Discord. Thanks for answering.


Define little girls, I like 10 to 13 or so. I would love to snuff a tween. I like strangulation with bare hands. I have always wanted to make a tween deep throat.


Yep, that kind of kids. Maybe even younger. As long as they're young innocent children.


I'm interested, but I'm used to private RPs, Send me an email, and we can talk more.


Sorry dude. No emails. I got only one and I'd never share it to anyone I don't know.


do you have a skype?


Heya, are you still looking, because I'm interested in playing characters of that age range in rps including any of the content you listed. I do have a vast variety of experience when it comes to literate writing and rping, but sadly I only recently discovered this site and heard it apparently can go offline now or then, which is a bit of a dealbreaker for me as I prefer the steady communication.

But in case you (or anybody else interested in this content) is interested though I will leave a quick link to my discord (i know you said you dislike it, but it's really handy) which is Iko#6230 or my f-list character where you can find me by the name of "iko-stuff". Don't quote me on the f-list though, I never actually searched for anybody on there myself, no idea how reliable it is.

Anyways, would love to try something though if you are still interested. =)


I sure am. But I'm paranoid. I can't just give my Discord to anybody, especially on such a fucked up website...


Are there any platforms you do feel comfortable using? Maybe google hangouts or something? It's just that doing RPs on the site is unusual. The site might crash again, or you lose the thread to spammers.


Sorry. I couldn't mentally support it anywhere else than here. It may be unusual but here it guarantees discretion.


Alright, I think I have an idea. We put out post in literature, and discuss what we're doing here so we don't clog up the story with OOC talk. Sound good?


In litterature ?

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