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In similar vein to "Finish Her!" only the victims willingly offer themselves up to you for you to kill.

I'll start us off.

This is Cordelia. After dealing with an unrequited love for her Prince, she found true love with another, only for her lover to be slain in battle after the two of them had conceived a child.

After ensuring the daughter conceived with her lover had been born and raised properly, Cordelia is ready to join her lover in the afterlife, and has sought you out for that purpose. How do you help her rejoin her true love?


File: 1434615973755.jpg (229.93 KB, 856x1200, 5e76bd3f8e99301b0f15e86748….jpg)

“Cordelia, you are certain that this is the way that you want it?” I ask in a soft voice, looking toward the armored woman, a concerned expression hiding the desire on my face, my own armored gauntlet on her shoulder. Cordelia nodded, her eyes on my boots. She was terrified, I could almost smell it.

“I know that there would be easier ways to go, Commander Malice.” She said. She sounded almost breathless, she was panicking. Or perhaps this aroused her as much as it did me. “But I need to go in a way that makes me feel I am helping. Killing myself would be useless, leaving people torn between hating me for abandoning them and in pain that I am gone at all. This way they will see me as having fought to protect them before being slain by criminals.” She gestured at the bodies of thugs that lay scattered about us. “And I know that you have wished this for years Commander, this is the best way.”

I smiled, it was not a kind smile, nor a cruel one, simply one that was happy in my own saddistic way. “As you wish, Cordelia.” I uttered under my breath, barely audible. It was dark and no one would be out at night aside from soldiers such as us and criminals, we had just destroyed the remaining criminals in this area, and the other soldiers were patroling the rest of the city. We would not be interrupted. Cordelia took in a stuttering fearful breath as I stepped nearer, my gauntletted fingers lightly stroking her pale, smooth cheek.

“Remove my armor.” I commanded in a tone she was very familiar with, it was the quiet tone that I used when giving very important orders. She nodded and quickly kneeled to begin removing my greaves, then down to lift away the tops of my boots before pulling away the sabatons. With praciced hands she pulled away the rest of my armor, leaving it in an ordered pile beside us. I was dressed now only in my soft under-slip, my leather dress having been removed last. “Your turn.” I said then. “Until you are bare.”

Codelia nodded, she had expected this, I could see, and she was not unwilling to allow my fun with her before I killed her. Before long she too stood without armor, though hers was left about as though torn off during the fight, I would add some finishing touches of my own once we were finished. I moved forward, the tips of my slender fingers moving gently over her pale breasts and neck as I circled her, looking her entire body over with hunger.

“Soon you will be little more that meat for the rats.” I said quietly, leaning down and lifting her spear in my hand. I had taught her to use this when we were younger, and now I would use it on her to send her to her lost lover. “I am going to miss you.” I whispered into her ear before slamming the butt of the spear into her gut, causing her to double over and fall to the bloody streeets, coughing and holding her stomach, tears in her eyes, but not on her cheeks.

I knelt atop her then, my legs spread to either side of her torso, the shaft of her spear across her upper chest, holding her shoulders down. “But I am going to use you properly first.” I told her with a smile. I knew that I should be distraught, afraid, disgusted that my friend had asked me to do such a thing. But she was right, I had fantasized abut this for years. I wanted to do this, I had wanted to do this so many times.

Leaving my knees on the haf tof my weapon, pinning her on her back, I lifted my slip off, revealing my own, slightly larger breasts to my soon to be victim she did not struggle, but I held her down anyway, pushing harder and harder o the spear as I leaned down and pressed the soft pillows of my lips against hers, kissing her in a loving manner. Gently, tenderly. It would be the last gentle thing that she experienced.

I bit her tongue as she allowed it to tentatively make its way into my mouth, pulling it farther out of her own and taking it between my teeth. This muscle was the first thing to go, severed by my teeth and consumed quickly, leaving her coughing blood and crying nearly silently, no longer able to speak. Over the next hour I borught myself to orgasm on her bleeding mouth almost four times, each one more intense and body racking than the last.

Finally, I had had my fill of sex from my friend. I stood over, she was no longer coughing, simply panting as she lay on her side, blood dribbling from her mouth slowly. I glanced between her legs, it seemed that she had enjoyed this as well, though certainly not as much as I had. I chuckled, poking her belly with her own spear, not cutting her, just getting her attention. “You little slut, you enjoyed me, didn't you?” I did not wait for an answer, slamming the head of the spear into her stomach. Her eyes widened and she let out a soft whimper before curling up around the blade and groaning. The groan turned to a gurgle as I wrenched the wide blade from her body, her intestines spilling out onto the cobblestones, blood spewing from between her lips as it came up through her throat.

“And now it is time to die.” I uttered, watching her with a facinated, lustful gaze. I slammed the spear into her again, this time a little higher, then I twisted it, tangling her insides about the sharp head and the crossbars supporting the blade before yanking it out again, now trailing her guts from it. I knelt before her, holding the spear upright as I watched her eyes. They were full of tears, hardly seeing anyting, certainly nothing but me. I smiled at her, then swung the spear in a gentle arch, slicing through her neck and removing her head with hardly a sound.

I stood then, donning my undergarments and armor once more and placing a few of Cordelia's pieces back on her corpse. Once the scene was properly set, I laid her body near the edge of the river so it looked as though her head had rolled away into the water and flown to the ocean. I lifted her beautiful head by the long maroon and purple locks that I had admired for so long. I would keep this. Then I stalked off into the night, a smile on my face and my best friend's head in my hands.


This is Lilia, she feeds off of the life of humans that she possesses. However she can only do this by manipulating others to kill the body that she is inhabiting currently. She is now attempting to seduce you. Enjoy.


(Holy cow!! That was an interesting way to go about killing her, M. A. D. :)

Don't have any ideas for the victim you provided [yet, at any rate], but I just wanted to say I really liked what you did to Cordelia. Of the various characters in Fire Emblem Awakening [where she came from], Cordelia is one of my favorites, and seeing how you fulfilled that AU version's wish to die was amazing. :D )


Thank you. I look forward to seeing what someone comes up with for Lilia.


File: 1434837749909.jpg (37.04 KB, 680x383, Fyuria - Official Profile ….jpg)

(I'll see what I can do - I have a clear set-up, just need to flesh out the killing.)


I haven't had much of a history with women, and what history I have isn't a good one.

Every single woman I've been attracted to is either taken, isn't interested in a relationship, or doesn't swing that way.

So when this beauty walks up to me in a bar and starts hitting on ME, it's so too good to be true that I know something's up.

Turns out, I'm right: The girl was being possessed, though the spirit possessing her was also female. Seems the spirit wasn't a ghost, rather some other kind of entity who feeds off the life energy of her hosts - usually through them being killed by someone else.

Part of me was disgusted she went to me for the killing, though I also realized that I could at least get my first time out of the deal. After extracting a promise from her that (A) this wouldn't get me in trouble with the authorities later, (B) she wouldn't possess any of the women in my family in the future, and (C) I'd never run into the spirit again, we rented a room in a Love Hotel in the seedier parts of town for the night.

We spent a couple hours going at it, the spirit teaching me many different ways to get a woman off as she brought me to orgasm after orgasm, before she couldn't wait for her 'food' any longer.

She lay back on the bed, letting me stick my cock in her pussy as I wrapped my hands around her neck, and I began to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, tightening my grip on her neck with each thrust, cutting off her airflow. Her body instinctively struggled to survive, though she smiled at me all the time, even as her struggles started to weaken and her face turned blue. Though she couldn't speak, I could see her mouth 'thanks for the meal' to me just before her body went limp and I shot my load into the corpse.

I left the hotel that morning, paying a bit extra for a 'cleanup crew' and 'confidentiality agreement' (something told me they were used to catering to the Mafia, which wasn't exactly comforting), and was out of the town by noon. I wanted to leave that little 'adventure' as far behind me as possible...


(That work alright, M. A. D.? Also, for the next victim...)


This is Fyuria, a Syrium from the continent of Lucrellia, and one of three women competing for the heart of the hero Leonhardt Raglan. When he chose another, Fyuria was heartbroken - she tried to deny it for several months, but couldn't anymore, and has sought you out to end her pain. How do you grant her request?

(Brief note: Any character I personally submit to this thread [such as Cordelia at the start and Fyuria just now] will be somewhat AU so I can give them a legitimate reason for their desire to die.)


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Well for starters, I have her strip naked and I feel her up all over and kiss and lick her various body parts. Next, I force her to the ground and I have hot dirty sex with her and screw her both in her pussy AND her sexy ass which of course causes her to cry out in both pain and ectasy.

Once I've finished having sex with her, I unleash a large python which squeezes the life out of her but as she dies, I caress her sweet face, smile and tell her how beautiful she is and that she'll bring me pleasure even after death which causes her to smile warmly before she exhales for the last time and the life drains from her eyes and they go dull and empty.

After I get the python to leave, I inject an anti-decomposition serum into her, bridal carry Fyuria's lifeless body to a bathtub and bathe her while caressing her sexually. After drying her, I dress Fyuria in a sleeveless white sundress and cute white sandals before laying her on a padded slab, lay her in a funeral position with her necklace wrapped in her hands and ensure that sunlight and moonlight always shines on her eternally sleeping body and proceed to build up a shrine to her around her lovely body.

Now then, Nodoka from Negima has a diagnosed with a terminal illness and rather then let herself and those she cares about suffer needlessly wishes for you to end her life right away but she's allowed you to do whatever you want to her body before and after you kill her. What do you do with her?


File: 1434921661035.jpg (33.88 KB, 296x600, Flay Allster.jpg)


I would lead Nodoka into the basement of my residence, and have her strip, before stripping, myself. We would then have sex, taking her virginity and giving her a small sampling of the pleasures of being a woman, before I have her stand on a chair and set up a noose above her, and slip her neck into it, all the while telling her how she will die, and what I'll do to her body afterwards.

Once she is ready, she says goodbye to me before I kick the chair out from under her, and she slowly chokes to death as I jack off to the sight of her final 'dance'. Once Nodoka dies, I'll take her once again, before going to a scientist I know to turn her into a love doll.


(Why yes, I have an asphyxiation fetish, why do you ask?)


This is Flay Allster. She lost her father, tried getting revenge through a proxy, though found herself developing actual feelings for the proxy before he was killed, too. She can't handle people dying around her anymore, and comes to you, seeking death, and allowing you to do anything you wish to her. What do you do?


File: 1434939921467.jpg (444.34 KB, 895x503, 9405c9cd50dd5c6190371f5710….jpg)


Well I'd feel bad for her and decide to make her final bout of sex pleasant so I caress her sweet face and french kiss her while feeling her up. We'd then lay on a bed and strip each other naked and once she was down to her bra, panties and stockings, I'd start taking pictures of her. Next, I'd caress her stocking covered legs and feet and massage her feet through the stockings which causes her to coo softly before I gently peel off her stockings one at a time.

I then caress, massage and kiss Flay's lovely feet and even lick them and suckle her cute toes for good measure. I'd then caress, kiss and lick her legs up and down in a slow delibrate manner which causes her to moan in pleasure as I tell her how lovely her legs are. I'd then do the same routine with her belly and belly button before I get behind her and grope her lush breasts from behind and then I'd intimately caress her back and shoulders while whispering into her ear how lovely she is and nibble on each of her ears and then lick and kiss her neck while I unclasp her bra exposing her lush breasts.

Finally, I pull off her panties and sniff them leaving Flay completely nude and by now, I'm nude too so we proceed to make passionate love together and when we both orgasm and cum, we cry out one another's names. After we rest for a bit, I strangle her to death while smiling and wishing her and Flay eternal happiness in Heaven causing her to smile kindly at me before the light goes out of her lovely eyes and they become dull and empty.

With Flay dead, I inject anti-decomposition serum into her body, bridal carry her to the bathroom and lovingly bath her with red rose petals being sprinkled in the water for erotic effect. I then dry her off and slip fresh red panties over her crotch and ass, a red bra over her lush breasts, light coloured stockings over her lovely legs, a harness around her waist to keep her stockings up, a sleeveless silky red dress over her body with a fairly short skirt, red high heel shoes with straps along with a bracelet on her right wrist, a watch on her left wrist and a necklace around her neck plus I paint her fingernails red and apply light makeup on her face.

Once I'm done making Flay's body look good, I place her on a chair, cross her legs and leave her with my other love dolls but first, I kiss Flay on the lips and tell her that I'll be back later to play with her some more.

Now then, here's Jessica from Umineko. In one of the "games" Beatrice and Batler are playing, all those she loves are dead and she wants you to kill her so she can be with them. In exchange, you can do anything you want to her before and after you kill her, what do you do with her?


Very nice work with Flay. :)

Once you get done with that Lunamaria short story expanding on how you dealt with her in "Finish Her!", you think you could do the same with what you just did with Flay?

If no one comes up with anything for Jessica before tomorrow, I'll see if I can come up with something - and then maybe see about expanding it. :D


Still working on coming up with ideas for Jessica, though if anyone else wants to try, go right ahead. :D



I suggest engaging in activities that break through her tough tomboy shell and get her to reveal her softer more vulnerable side, be creative with it.

Also, if you decide to do stuff to Jessica's body afterwards, be creative there too. One suggestion is that you place a few bugs or worms on her body and have them crawl around and do stuff to it.


Well, I'll see what I can do.

I will tell you what I do have in mind - I was thinking of involving Magic, though not in her death directly: A spell to strip her clothes away, an optional spell (she could choose to turn down the offer of its use) to translate any pain she feels as pleasure, and finally a reincarnation spell which would use her soul as a beacon to draw in the souls of her loved ones, so they'd all get a second chance at life... and since I detected an unformed Soul Bond (meaning that the individual on the other side of the bond wasn't on her world), the spell would also 'home in' on the other side of the bond.

Apart from that, I don't have any ideas at the moment. :D



Would you like to online chat with me? I've got 2 e-mails addresses, and That way, we can do RP's involving our respective sexual fantasies.


Might be interesting... though rather than Online Chat, how about Google Docs? We could roleplay on the documents, turning the roleplays into stories which we could then post in /lit/. :D


And even if we don't post the stories, Google Docs could make for a decent 'impromptu' chat. :D


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Someone had left you a gift on your bed. In this fantasy world, possessing female severed heads is proof of no longer a virgin as well as how many times males had sex with women. Lyn wanted to fuffill her destiny and agreed to be sent to your house tied up in ribbons. It will be a long night of sex before snuffing lyn at the h3ight of her sexual ectasy. How will you have sex with lady lyndis before collecting your trophy? How will you behead her and what will you do with the remains after?


File: 1435469827375.png (192.19 KB, 452x544, Mikuru_Asahina_by_Nagika.png)


I'd take my time and feel Lyndis up in an intimate fashion before kissing and licking her various body parts and I'll even gently massage her from head to toe in order to put her in the right mood. I'll then screw her brains out and cause her to cry out my name and right when she orgasms and cums, I'll chop her head off with a katana blade leaving her face in a state of ectasy.

I'll then inject her head and body with anti-decomposition chemicals, make a copy of her head and display the copy as a trophy as proof that I'm not a virgin while using magic to reattach her head onto her body and keep it as a love doll.

Now then, here's Mikuru Asahina from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Depressed that Kyon ended up with Haruhi and with her future time period vanished due to history being changed by them being together, she wants you to end her life and has given permission for you to do whatever you want to her lush body before and after you kill her, what do you do to her?


File: 1435538606311.jpeg (57.09 KB, 544x757, 63b2ea337a24223760c4834be….jpeg)

I'll let someone else do Mikuru. This is Flora. The scenario is that she is your wife. You've been practicing hanging play for a long time. However after a hospital appointment, she has been diagnosed with an uncurable cancer. She does not want to spend time in a hospital waiting for a slow horrible death. She wants to hang erotically in a noose. You guys set a date and time and on that day, it will be a final but long and erotic night of sex. You will do all sorts of sex acts, covering her in cum inside and outside.

After is when she does her air dance for you.

HOw will you spend your final moments with Flora before she dances in the noose for you. What will you do with her body after the dance? What will do do to her during her dance. How long will it last?


File: 1437521456272.jpg (158.66 KB, 600x764, Setsuka (Soul Calibur).jpg)


First, we would strip each other's clothes, slowly, intimately, enjoying the feel of each others' skin for the final time. Then, I would have Flora take my cock and massage it with her breasts, licking the tip, and cover her face and breasts with my cum. After that, I would take her in the pussy and ass several times each, sometimes cumming inside her, sometimes letting it spray over her body.

Finally, after she had had her fill of sex, I would slip the deadly noose around her neck, connected to a pulley system which lead back down to us, and I would grab the loose end in my hand. After giving Flora one final, loving kiss, I would hoist her into the air, watching her dance and dangle as her body struggled for air, her feet giving me an improptu footjob.

After she had died, and her body was completely limp, I would bury her in the backyard of our home.


This is Setsuka, from Soul Calibur. She has finally defeated Heishiro Mitsurugi, avenging her beloved master, and now seeks to go where her Master is. She has come to you for this task, allowing you to do whatever you want to her body after she is gone. How do you grant her request?


Bump to keep from being forgotten


Bump to keep this from being forgotten, and hope that someone will take one of the victims that are still available.


If anyone's still interested, the characters still available are Jessica from Umineko ( >>445 ), Mikuru Asahina from Haruhi ( >>464 ), and Setsuka from Soul Calibur ( >>522 ).

Anyone want to do them?


File: 1447140898678.jpg (237.06 KB, 1200x880, 5a94baa7177133da25a58dc7c5….jpg)


First I pull out my cock. I then remove her clothes and spread her legs, and plow my dick into her pussy. I kiss her deeply and passionately as I fuck her pussy, and softly carass her back with my hands.

We fuck for an hour, both cumming about eight or nine times each. After her pussy is gushing with my man juice I grab a small pistol from my pants. With one arm I hold her tightly, and lock my lips onto hers' once again. With my other hand I raise my gun to her the back of her head and pull the trigger. She dies enjoying her final kiss.

I continue kissing her dead lips for half an hour, occasionally spitting into her lifeless mouth. I then give her pussy one final fuck, before leaving her to rot.


This is Serena, from Pokémon. She has just lost her first Pokémon Showcase, and loses the will to live. She asks you to fulfill this task. You may do as you want with her body after.


Still a few ladies up for grabs here.

Anyone want a shot?


File: 1469504803324.png (438.93 KB, 785x1343, May (Pokemon).png)

OK, gonna try revitalizing this with a new victim, with the motivation being slightly less tragic this time.

This is May. After several successful years on the Pokemon Contest Circuit, she decided she was ready to retire from the Contest scene, but found that she missed the sense of adventure that her life had been.

Deciding to seek out a new adventure in either the afterlife or through reincarnation (Unsure which of the two is real, but believing at least one of them is), she has come to you, seeking your services in going to that next great adventure, and is willing to let you take her body before doing the deed if you desire, as well as letting you do what you want with her body after you kill her.

How do you grant her request?


File: 1470370736820.jpg (200.59 KB, 850x602, Nagisa Momoe.jpg)


I sit her on my lap and I french kiss her while intimately caressing her cute set of legs. I then bridal carry her around before I lay her on the ground and continue to make out with May while stripping her nude. Once we're both nude, I make passionate love to her and she cries out my name loudly before she orgasms and cums. During our love making, I focused heavily on her legs, ass, belly and breasts and constantly comment about how lovely she is.

Once we've rested for a bit, I proceed to strangle her to death with my bare hands. As she dies, she mouths silently how she loves me and how grateful she is for making her last bit of time in life happy. Once she's dead, I inject my anti-decomposition serum into her and then bathe and dry her off and then dress her in a short sleeved white sundress, matching undergarments and cute white sandals and make her into my love doll. I also keep her old clothes to dress her up in when it suits me.

Now then, here's Nagisa from Madoka Magica. She's dying of the same disease that killed her mother and only has a few months to live. Not wanting to go through a large amount of pain and suffering and to spare Mami and the others the pain of seeing her waste away, she wants you to end her life. How do you do it?


File: 1470822235585.jpg (118.66 KB, 850x949, __ebisuzawa_kurumi_gakkou_….jpg)


Happy to help little Nagisa in passing before I sit beside her, stroking her hair making her sign a form reassuring her that this would make it all legal.

Without this the inject a Cottel of painkillers so her can enjoy the day I arranged for her, comb her long hair and help to wear a suitable sweet white dress for summer with shoes and matching hat. Did this get in the car without wasting time and take her to the amusement park.

We do many rides, most people would mistake it for father and daughter, both me and Nagisa simply smile without saying anything. some times we have to stop to renew the iniection and to allow the small to take a little breath. I buy all you want to eat and seconded his wishes. first a little wary soon Nagisa does not remember even more the employment contract between us. and in the evening we are at a table to open and eat I prevented from taking the cake making it a little bit angry. but apena the sweet monster that I had made with a textile affixed smiles at me excited ..

He thanks me, he tells me that a little afraid of how I'm going to kill her, but eating cake with plesure, giggle while her eyes half close to exhaustion. I clean her lips and cheek and then softly whisper to ear. "I've already done" a sweet moan as the poison has completed its task in a kind of not allowing Nagisa notice anything until the last moment. gently I take her head before slamming against the table. The aid consists in making them sit for a photo.

Another customer fully satisfied, I'll take her up and carry to my car, where I can sit in the front passenger's seat of tying the belt while I do the last injection. or my trusty anti decomposition serum. the document that I did not sign on Nagisa makes only his legal death but gives me complete freedom over his body.

Once home I start to carefully wash massaging her body, long hair adorned her with flowers, and I wear a black dress while I put a little dark lipstick on the lips and then put her body on a fi comfortable chair with candles all around. a small shrine in honor of Nagisa where I shall be able to cover it affection, waiting for her friends decide to join her.


Ebisuzawa kurumi after having confided in you of being infected by a zombie and that the serum to cure it is not having efect . Her is asking you to end her life until is still human .


demonic monsters are assaulting helpless teenage girls and young woman, lusting for their young energy.

A magical Girl is needed to stop them by destroying the source of their evil powers, their cocks!

Story, Sex, Rape and Vore
Long Term pls


btw once their cocks are destroyed they turn to ash so no big bloody mess though could have them got up in flames aswell


Bump to keep from losing this


File: 1509293221308.png (287.7 KB, 518x637, Screenshot_2017-10-29-05-4….png)

After ensuring Serena's pokemon are safe and out of the way, I have her strip for me taking off everything but her panties. I look her over and send out my Seviper, Undertaker. I allow Serena to look over the snake pokemon before speaking up.

"Serena, Undertaker. Undertaker, today's client."

Undertaker nods and Glares at Serena, paralyzing her before getting to work. He quickly coils around Serena tightly enough that she can't breathe, but loose enough that her bones don't break. Slowly, he increases the pressure until she passes out from lack of air. As she slumps over, Undertaker lines up his bladed tail with her neck and, with a quick flick of his tail, slices it clean in two. I catch Serena's severed head and give it a quick kiss before I begin my fun.

Thanking Undertaker and returning him to his ball, I start to feel up Serena's body with one hand and opening up my pants with the other. I use one of her stilled hands to stroke my cock to full mast as I taste he dead budding tits and remove her panties. I pick up her body and mount it on my cock, pounding its cooling pussy savagely until I blow my load inside multiple times.

After I finish my fun, I preserve the head to enjoy later, and the body to sell on the black market to the highest bidder

After a successful career of Assassinations, Natalie wishes to "retire" and picks you to help her "leave this life behind," offering her body to use as you so desire when you meet as payment


File: 1515002879725.png (190.52 KB, 350x465, sayori.png)

I am nervous. She was the first friend I made since moving to Hoenn. I have been known as the Grim Reaper thanks in part to my specialization in Pokemon with deadly poisons and even being able to modify their poisons to be used for taxidermy purposes, but they were used to euthanize Pokemon who have suffered. Not once had I used my Pokemon to kill humans.

So when May came and offered me her body both in life and in death, it was obvious I had to sleep on it. May came with me, continuing to offer me her body, even stripping her cute outfit down to her underwear. It took her a while to realize just what she's asking me to do, and she comforted me. Tried to convince me to kill her. But... I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I cried into her arms. I didn't want to say goodbye to her. She kissed me, told me it would be alright. We cuddled. I could feel her warm body overlapping onto my trembling body. I hugged her and unclasped her bra. My had squeezing her rather large melons. I nibbled on her nipple as she moaned. My other finger reached into her panties where I rubbed her vagina. I was turned on.

She offered me her body... To which I agreed. I took off my clothes and stripped her naked. For the next thirty minutes, it was nice, pleasurable love as my dick entered her vagina and I thrust continually. May gave out cute moans regularly and I stroked her naked back. I cried out that I loved her, and she responded to me that, if she were to ever come back, that she'll seek me out and love me in return.

That's what convinced me to go through with it. I summoned my Seviper and ordered him to use the infamous poison. He impaled her arm with it, like a hypodermic needle, and May began to shake. The poison was fast-acting and was improved over and over until it was able to kill painlessly. However, my point that it was made for Pokemon in question, namely small ones, was proven when I noticed May wasn't dying fast enough. She began to lightly convulse, though she smiled the whole way through.

I continued to pound May's vagina as her organs began to give up. May, with the last of her strength, held me and kissed me. Soon, her body gave up and her limbs flopped onto the bed. Her cum splashed out onto my cock and made me cum as well. I laid my lips on May's. I then got up and showered up. By the time I come back, she'd hit rigor mortis where the next phase of my poison came in: chemicals that prevent decomposition in the body. If regularly injected every year or so, this would ensure a long, lengthy time with her.

Although I miss May, I will at least always remember her.

So now I guess it's my turn to give someone for you guys to write about.

Sayori is your childhood friend with crippling depression. One day, she felt like the depression is too much for her. She invites you over to her house and announces her intent to commit suicide. However, she's too afraid to go through with it, and as asked you to kill her, the incentive being her own body to be used before and after the deed is done.


File: 1522190856107.jpg (156.59 KB, 838x954, knightwalker_by_futuretabs….jpg)

I tell Sayori I'll make it quick. I asked her if there was something she regretted never doing. She told me, embarrassed, that she regretted still being a virgin. So I held her close, gently, and kissed her softly. She kissed back. We both got undressed. I layed her on the bed and opened her legs. I licked her womanhood gently. She was moaning in pure pleasure and soon she came. Once she did, I aligned my penis with her pussy. I gave her a quick look to know if she was ready, and with a nod from her, I pushed my dick inside, taking her virginity. I thrusted gently. It hurt at first but quickly she started enjoying it, more and more at each thrusts. As I was getting closer to my orgasm, I decided it was time. I grabbed her skinny neck with both my hands and started pressing. It surprised her but she didn't struggle. Instead she concentrated on the pleasure she was having instead of her imminent death. I was chocking the life out of her while making out with her. I wasn't pressing too hard, too scared to snap her neck. It kelt going for 3 minutes before she blacked out. And soon, Sayori was no more. i came inside of her at the same time. She went limp. I kept the pressure for 3 more minutes just to be sure before releasing it. I kissed her one last time before dressing her back and hanging her on a cord to fake her suicide. Goodbye Sayori...


Now here comes Erza Scarlet. After her friends were all killed, she has no reasons to live. She asks you to kill her and to make you accept promises to let you do whatever you want to do with her.


File: 1522438893000.png (1.12 MB, 1600x1920, Full_Portrait_Mia.png)

Erza looked at me with sadness and acceptance in her purple eyes. I was one of the bystanders who'd watched as most of her guild had been massacred. She had obly arrived when the battle was over. For some reason, she had picked me out of the many people who were watching and after leading me to a secluded spot made me tell her what happened. However, I didn't expect what happened after: she forced a sword into my hand and demanded that I killed her. With how beautiful she was, I was a bit reluctant do do it. Sensing that I wasn't convinced, she leaned in closer, giving me a better look of her huge tits. "If you want to use my body beforehand, I promise I won't stop you."
I could feel my dick going hard as I heard her. I didn't need any more convincing. My hand reached for her top - little more than a bra, really - and pulled down on it, freeing her breasts.

I put the sword down, then started giving her breasts the much deserved attention. She tried to stay calm as I groped her, bit when my mouth joined in, sucking on one of her nipples, she couldn't stop herself from moaning. After some more fun with them I moved down her body, reaching her hips. My hand closed on her belt, an and pulled it down along with her skirt. My cock was beyond hard at this point, so without much more delaying it, I tore her panties off as well. I was able to see that my earlier actions had already made her wet. Erza looked at my erection with some lust when i removed my pants, and slid it easily into her pussy.

Pushing her to the ground, I continued to pound her cunt. At this point I could almost forget what I was supposed to do - with such a beautiful woman underneath me, the knowledge that I had to kill her was in a distant corner of my mind. Erza seemed to have forgotten it herself, pushing me to the ground instead and climbing on top of me after riding out her orgasm. My back touched something cold that was beneath me, and I remembered it was the sword she had given me. Taking it out from beneath me, I let her ride my dick for some more time. When I reached my own climax, just as I was starting to cum inside her, I sliced with the sword.

Her blue scarf offered no protection from her own sword, and it easily cut through both it and her slender neck. Her eyes widened for a moment, wondering what was happening, before she remembered that she wanted this to happen. As her head fell down in a fountain of blood, I could see a thankful expression on her face. Just one orgasm wasn't enough for me, though. I continued to fuck her headless corpse for a few more hours, before leaving her naked corpse to rot.

Here's Mia. After sparing with you, the mercenary girl decided that you were her fated rival. Happy with finally finding you, she declares she fulfilled her purpose in life, and asks if you want to be the one to take it - and also ti use her body before that.


File: 1535763735868.jpg (39.07 KB, 225x350, IMG_2111.JPG)

Teasing the girl, I undress her without a comment. She blushes as I decide to pinch her nipples. Wasn't long until I pin her to the floor and undress myself to unveil my hard cock before penetrating her insides. She squeals loudly as it hurts her, but I didn't care as I use her own weapon against her and slit her throat as we fuck. The girl's blood squirted all over the both of us as she squirmed a lot. Eventually, the girl stops moving and I continue to fuck her body. After a few orgasms in the girl, I left her to rot, didn't feel right to do anything more to her.

Nina has a snuff fetish and has always wanted to be hanged to death. With you being her lover, she decides to go to you, even begging for it as she wears some lingerie for the occasion. What do you do?


gas all the people in the room close door laughing everyone dead. leave place go eat popcorn



-_- Really dude?


lmfao ok leme have a go, tho I enjoy the guy's style.

I don't know why she likes me. She says I have a good heart and that ai'm worldly, aware of things. But now I'm torn. She wants me to literally kill her. To hang her to death. Sex with her isn't like sex with any girl prior. I really enioy her and it's not just to be in a girl for some stupid cultural score, her body is as pleasant any joy in this world… and she wants me to rid this world of her body. And her mind, which has been the source of my happiness ofr years now…

So I lie to her, I think.. I'll cut the rope when she passes out. I already knew about autoerotic adphyxiation… But as soon as she closesher eyes and stops kicked, I slice the rope, it takes longer than I expected.. it's so difficult to untie the noose… it's not at all what I anticipated. Even whrn the rope is off her neck, she can't breathe and now…

I didn't mean to do her this favor.


File: 1544903463158.jpg (684.85 KB, 756x1052, bf18d3020428613a30bbd7d0cf….jpg)

As the last one has been done and there isn't a new entry, I should post one.

Name: Jane Antoinette (Original Character)
Age: 17

Jane, at a rather early age, discovered that thinking about her own death was a turn on. Though, she preferred the idea of being killed by somebody else; which is why she never did it herself. In recent months news of a serial killer operating in a nearby forest; a dozen bodies of young teenage girls, like herself, have already been discovered. So, one Saturday evening, she hiked to a secluded part of the forest and camped out. She laid down on a blanket and began to rub one off as she waited to see if she could be the next victim.


File: 1544979004350.jpg (60.8 KB, 637x895, Deed.jpg)

The Spice Rack Killer heard a rustling in the wood and a muffled moan. Excellent, another foolish victim. The Spice Rack Killer adjusted his hockey mask and raised his dagger as he burst out of a patch of dense foliage.

Before him was a teenage girl masturbating alone in the forest on a blanket. The Spice Rack Killer raised his dagger but something was… wrong. The girl was masturbating more furiously and looked like she was enjoying herself.

The Killer coughed and cleared his voice.

"Prepare for your doom!", the Killer growled as he waved his knife menacingly.

"YES!!!", Jane yelled in excitement, "DO IT NOW!!! I'M READY!"

The Killer was taken aback.

"You're… Ready?", He replied.

"YES!", Jane squealed in excitement.

The Killer then dropped his dagger down and pushed off his mask revealing the face of a young handsome man.

"That's not how this works, Ms.?"

"Antoinette! Jane Antoinette!"

"Yes, Ms. Antoinette. My name is Jeff Ashen I'm killing people so that the price of this land will fall so low I can pick it up for a song and then build a giant dick that they will see in Norfolk. Because those people are tossers. I also kind of like killing but you're kind of doing it all wrong. Normally the victim is frightened, scared, and pleading for their life and that gives it a thrill."

"Jeff, I can scream!", Jane screamed so loud that Jeff held his ears, "…and I can beg! Don't kill me! Please!"

"Right.", Jeff replied

"Please… at least.", Jane indicated her soaking wet pussy with a slight rub "…and hold the knife.".

"Oh alright!", Jeff sighed as he stripped and then mounted Jane.

Jeff's cock slide easily in Jane's soaking wet pussy. And he began to thrust again and again as Jane moaned as the shaft of heat inside her massaged her insides. Jane's muscles tensed and her aching flesh welcomed each thrust as it slid through her depths. Jane surrounded into uncontrollable lust as waves of pleasure shot through her body. Jane bathed in ecstasy as it seemed that the Jeff took away her breath one fleshy bounce at a time. She then felt a surge of heat as Jeff's seed spilled forth into her womb and passion filled her to have it done now.

Jane suddenly grabbed Jeff's hand with the knife and forced his hand so that the knife cut across her throat. Blood spilled forth as Jane reached a new high as her she felt herself slowly fade away into oblivion.

Jeff looked down at the bloody cum soaked girl and sighed. He had some fun true, but that girl was a bit much. Jeff gently closed Jane's glassy eyes and dressed himself back up. He then pulled out a bottle of Rosemary and placed it between Jane's now cold perky breasts. A bottle of spice his calling card after all and he could still claim credit for this.

Jeff then sauntered off to find another victim.

Name: Jayna Roberts
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Description: Jayna Roberts is a well muscled golden haired fighter who has studied martial arts and wrestling and has always been turned on a the thought of being humiliated sexually and brutally killed in a fantastic fighting tournament in front of an audience for their sick amusement. She got her dream when she was sucked into a portal into a fantastic world which was holding a "Mortal Kombat" style death tournament. He next match starts soon.


File: 1545037727653.png (446.25 KB, 680x765, 8lixf7mn62e01.png)

Name: Saki
Age: 19
Appearance: See picture
Scenario: The nihilistic girl is wont to loudly proclaim her intent to kill herself about the smallest of grievances or inconvenience, but will just as quickly change her mind or be distracted by something. How about this time you help her go through with it? (She is going to be cooperative/compliant about it, so be nice)


“Finish Her!” Jayna heard the announcer call out as she sank to her knees, bruised and bloodied from her hopeless battle. After somehow being drawn into a massive life-or-death tournament, she'd handily won the first round against some upstart boxer chick, but it looked like this was it. Her enigmatic opponent, only going by the moniker 'The Witch', a tall, curvaceous woman with pale almost ashen skin wearing little more than a bikini and a long cape, its hood somehow covering most of her face in darkness, was looming over her, a triumphant smirk barely visible on her face.

Jayna's rather mundane martial arts had been no match against the Witch's flight, telekinesis and conjuring some kind of hard energy constructs, so now the blonde could only wait for her end, hopefully it was gonna be a good one at least. As if she'd heard her thoughts – and who knew, maybe she had, Jayna wouldn't even be surprised – the Witch leaned down, her slender fingers with finely manicured nails groping her breasts until Jayna gasped in pain, then tearing at the thin fabric of her top, quickly freeing her sizeable breasts with a small bounce.

Forcing Jayna forward so she was on her hands and knees, the Witch summoned a mass of energy in a lengthy shape, right in front of her crotch, grabbing Jayna's hair to pull her closer to it, as she commanded in a deep, sultry voice. “Suck it.”

This was just what she'd been hoping for. Jayna complied almost a little too eagerly, licking the oversized dildo for a few seconds to get it all nice and messy, then took it into her mouth, all the way to her throat until she almost had to gag. Continuing to suck the dildo deep and fast, Jayna quickly noticed her pussy getting wet, until the Witch stopped her after a few minutes, with a snap of her fingers conjuring shackles around Jayna's wrists and ankles, lifting her into the air a few centimetres with her arms and legs spread – and her clearly damp panties on full display.

“My, what a naughty girl.” The Witch ran two fingers over the outside of Jayna's panties, making her gasp in pleasure. “You're enjoying this, aren't you?”

“Y-yes…” Jayna only replied, heedless if this was going to make the Witch grant her wish or not. “Please, more…”

“Well if you're asking this nicely, surely I can punish you a little more before the end.” The Witch tore away Jayna's panties to reveal her smooth – and completely wet – pussy before walking around her, and a moment later her dildo, now even thicker and longer, and still nicely lubed up by Jayna's spit, pressed against her from behind, but instead of the pussy as she'd hoped, the Witch spread apart Jayna's cheeks before forcing the dildo all the way into her asshole with one swift motion. Screaming in pain and surprise, Jayna grit her teeth, tears welling up in her eyes as the audience burst into laughs and cheers.


Jayna was completely powerless to hardly even move as the Witch started raping her, the dildo seeming to grow even more as she kept painfully thrusting into her, capable of little more than pained gasps and bouncing along with the Witch's movements, her large breasts swaying quite beautifully. Yet this was just the sort of end she'd been hoping for, so despite the pain and without even touching herself at all, Jayna felt herself get rather close to one final orgasm.

A fact the Witch seemingly picked up on as a tendril of energy wrapped around Jayna's neck, not tight enough to choke her, but very clearly noticeable, as the Witch leaned closer to speak into Jayna's ear. “The moment you orgasm like the whore you are, this will tighten and crush your neck. How long do you think you can last?”

By this point Jayna was more moaning than gasping, her face flush in pleasure, so 'not very long', the answer would have to be; this was going to be the ultimate humiliation death, dying as she came, because she came, so if anything the prospect drove Jayna to her final climax even faster.

And true enough only a few minutes later Jayna felt her orgasm build up and reach its peak, shamelessly moaning as her whole body clenched and shivered in pleasure – only for the tendril around her neck to snap shut, cutting her moans off into a choked gasp before tightening even further, swiftly snapping her neck with an audible crack. As Jayna quickly faded, her face frozen in an expression of utter pleasure, her body continued its orgasm, her pussy visibly squirting, before her shudders were replaced by the twitches of her death throes, a stream of pee arcing from her pussy to only add to her final humiliation as the Witch continued raping her body until she was completely limp, then just dropped her onto the ground like a ragdoll, triumphantly leaving the arena.

The Witch ultimately went on to place second, only meeting her similarly undignified end at the hands of the final victor, but the recording of her finishing Jayna would go on to be one of the highlights of the whole tournament.

(Two parts because ffs, smh, and other acronyms, character limit)


File: 1546109917144.jpg (47.48 KB, 393x618, Mami_Tomoe_Original_Design.jpg)


(I couldn't figure out how to do italics here, so please read *text between asterisks* as italic)

"I failed my math test! I'm going to kill myself before my parents find out!" said Saki.

"My parents want me to mow the lawn! I'm going to kill myself instead." said Saki.

"Jasmine didn't invite me to her party. I'm going to kill myself, then she'll regret it!" said Saki.

"My parents think I'm too irresponsible to get a puppy. I'm going to-"

"Kill yourself, I know." I cut her off. "You say this every time anything bad happens, and you never go through with it."

"This time I really mean it!"

"Fine. Lets do it then." I stand up from our study session. "Let's grab some rope from the storage closet, go out to the woods, and you can hang yourself from a tree."

"You're really going to help me kill myself?" she asked.

"Yep, if that's what it takes to make you shut up about this." I respond.

I don't really expect her to go through with this, I'm just sick of hearing her make threats she obviously isn't going to carry out. *That said*, I think, *she is a pretty girl, she would look quite nice dangling at the end of a noose. I guess I wouldn't be too upset if she really did it.*

We drop past the supply closet to steal some nice thick rope and head out to the woods. She keeps glancing at the rope. *Maybe she's having second thoughts?* I decide to probe her a bit to see if she'll give up.

"So, have you thought about your suicide note yet?"

"What? Ah! I can never figure out what to say. I guess I'll just go with 'Dear Mom and Dad, I hate you for not getting me a puppy, so I'm killing myself'"

"Pretty harsh thing to say to them, especially after the tragic loss of their daughter. Did you bring anything to write it on?"

"Ah, no. Maybe you could record me saying it with your phone? It's pretty short."

*And here I thought I'd need to talk her into letting me film this.* "Sure thing."

We get to a likely looking tree with a good strong horizontal branch just a few meters above the ground and I start tying the noose.

"Still sure about this?"

"Yep. I'm not backing out this time. That puppy was near and dear to my heart and I refuse to go on without it. Get this noose around my neck so I can get this over with."

"Hmm, neither of us brought anything for you to stand on, did we?"

"Nope. Maybe we could throw the rope over the branch and you could pull me up?"

"No way! You're way to heavy! And I've got to film this too, remember?" I say. "How about you climb up and tie it to the branch and then jump down?"

"That works."

I pass her the noose, and she sets herself up. I point my phone at her sitting on the branch, noose around her neck.

"Alright, say your piece and then it's your last chance to give up on this."

"Hey Mom, hey Dad, remember that puppy you wouldn't get me? The one I'm 'too immature' to look after? This is for Daisy!"

And with that, true to her word, she slipped off the branch and let the noose take her.

There was an immediate crushing sound as she reached the end of the rope and the noose tightened around her neck, followed by a painful sounding rasp as she started to choke. Her hands fly to her throat and her legs kick out seeking something to support herself, but from the looks of things her throat is too damaged from the drop for her to survive even if she did get down.

Her struggles continue for about half a minute until she fully looses consciousness. I keep recording for a few minutes longer, until the last twitches of her body have stopped.

*She really did go through with it* I think to myself after I've stopped recording. *And she let me get a full recording. Guess I'd better make sure to send this video to her parents.*

As I turn to leave, a thought comes over me. *She never let me do this when she was alive*. I walk up to the corpse and squeeze her breasts a bit. *Best not to go any further*, I think, *I don't want to make it look like I desecrated her corpse or anything*. With that done, I turn to leave for real.


Mami is tired of the magical girl life and loosing all her kōhais, and has asked you to help put an ends to her problems.

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