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I´m kinda new here, but for a while the thought of me getting murdered or executed in an erotic manner has gotten me all kinds of wet. And I´m sure there´s some people on here who would love to do just that to me (in a story of course).

* I like: Getting decapitated, shot (head, stomach, pussy, anywhere), hanged/asphyxiated in general (except drowned). And kinda formal execution scenarios. Rape/necrophilia is a-ok, and making me cum one last time before you off me too.
* Dislike: Messy/painful torture (a bit of beating is ok, but that´s about it), any kind of cannibalism, scat (except maybe peeing myself when I die, I heard that happens irl sometimes too)
* As for me: I have chin-length black hair, green eyes, I´m pretty average height but kinda skinny, so my boobs aren´t super big, but they´re nice and perky, and I have a cute butt (if I may say so myself). I´m kinda timid for the most part, but I think I´m a sweet girl, and I´d probably be really submissive and do whatever my killer tells me to.

Yeah, that´s about it, let me know how you guys (and girls) would finish me <3


Hi, i'm interested. Where could we chat?


I am an executioner in the prison for women and girls in a distant dystopian society. I'd love to process you! All executions are done in private and I take my time with teh sexier younger girls sent to me to be killed. if you like to chat


Um, right here? or is this not the right place? I´d love to hear what you´d wanna do to me <3
Sry, but I wouldn´t be comfortable using email. It´s okay if we just talk here tho^^


Sure miss. I'd love to execute you~ Wanna do it here ?


Sure <3 What am I guilty of? (Nothing too horrible tho, I´m a good girl really)


Most people use the board to make request to meet up somewhere else to RP. I, for one, use Discord, Hangout, or email. Speaking of which, I'm also interested :)


Oh I see. I saw some other thread where people posted promtps and short storys, so I thought that´s how it works. I´m kinda shy and never rly know what to talk about, so I´m fine just reading what ppl would do to me and talking on here^^ But I can maybe look into this discrod thingie too if that´s what ppl use.


If you're looking for something more like an on-board story, are you interested in writing any part of it or not? My immediate thought would be something like an execution scenario where you wrote your point of view after the scenario was established.


I like reading a lot, but I never wrote anything (like a story, I mean). This sounds interesting tho, so maybe I can try. How would that work? Do we take turns or something? I don´t rlly know how to start.


ok so I looked into discord and it looks easy enough. You need the name and the number it gives you to talk with others right? Mine is Valkyria#3600 I´d love to hear from ppl <3


How about you've been caught stealing ? And your death is being seen by the whole city? (I'm Anon 3)


(You should come up with some name to use lol)
Stealing sounds good. Maybe I just got rlly hungry and couldn´t help myself, but the shopkeeper caught me cause I wasn´t careful. And yeah I love being seen by lots of people. They´d probably laugh and cheer about my death, even if they don´t even know me!


(Here, got a name XD)

Wanna rp it too ? Like, I write what's happening, and you write your reactions ?


I guess we could do that. But doing bakc-and-forth like this sounds like it might take a while. So maybe you could write a complete little story and afterwards I´d describe my perspective and reactions. Would that work too?

And I´d be hanged for my crimes right? I just looove the idea of me dancing naked in the air <3


Here is a fine place.

How about a hit and run? You accidentally drive over a very small girl after getting drunk and needing to get home, perhaps to water your meanest friend's plants.The post-anarchic city has a squad of vigilantes who strip and noose you.


I wouldn´t drink and drive tho, I´m too careful for that^^ But hmm a whole angry mob of ppl who wanna kill me I totally couldn´t escape and they´d hang me from the next tree. And they´d totally rape me before (or my body afterwards) too <3


you could be of use to my soldiers.
After all you are to die a horrible execution, might as well make use of that nice young body. They would absolutely love the treat.
You would not.
When you are ready to be raped and then beg for release, contact me at:


Perhaps a child falls off a bridge and they assume you've tossed her? Lmk your discord tag and I'll get more in depth, I normally don't mind Roleplaying on GC but these days is too hectic with its in and out certification.


Ok then, some hanging for the thief girl.


You had your hands tied behind your back, the three strong hangmen pushing you forward to the noose that was waiting for your neck. When you arrived they made you go on the stage where the noose was. When the crowd saw you, they booed you and threw things at you, hitting you several times, insulting you of thief. The executioner brought you at the center and put the noose around your neck. You were to be hung, and your young life would extinguish in a few seconds. But then, somehow shouted "Rape her first ! Humiliate that bitch !, And the executioner stopped. He then looked at you and saw how hot you were. Your curves made his drool. He looked at the other executioners and they grinned. Two of them grabbed your wrists, and with a knife, the main executioner torn off your clothes, making you naked.


How do you like it for now ? Wanna react to it ?


I Like it :)

As the executioner suddenly cuts away my clothes I let out a small scream and start squirming but the other two are holding my arms so I can´t even cover myself in front of the crowd. I totally blush and try to look away but the ppl watching me are all around. Then the hangman steps in front of me and pulls out his hard dick coming closer to my cute virgin pussy...

Your turn


He raised your legs and aligned your pussy with his dick. Then suddenly, he plunged his 15 inches dick inside of you, tearing your hymen in a sudden thrust that goes even deeper than your womb. He started punishing you with his cock, making you into a mess of screams and moans, your body feeling intense pain and incredible pleasure at the same time. The crowd cheered, insulting you of "slut", "bitch" and prostitute. Quickly, only pleasure was going through your body, and your face started making lewd expressions. You came a first time, and that moment lasted...

You came 3 times in this position before the executioner cummed inside your womb. Then the 2nd executioner forced you on all four, making you face the public as they were laughing at you. The executioner was aiming for your ass this time. 15 inches of meat inside of your tight butt...


How do you like a good rape ?~


Mmh I love it. Keep going <3



Sorry for the late reply, kinda forgot about this.


You scream in pain and pleasure as this executioner pounds your ass furiously. The third one, at the same time, shoves his length in your mouth, pounding it. "No teeth or I'll make you suffer" You obey. It goes for several minutes, the crowd laughing. Then finally, they cum. You swallow his cum without he even had to ask you. "What a slut" He grab you by your hair and lifted you. "You'll die for being a thief, but also for being a debauched bitch. Now on your feet" You stand up. He brings you at the center of the stage, and puts the noose around your skinny neck as you are still naked. The crowd holds their breath, ready for the grand final.


Sorry for doing it in a lot of parts. I must do it on my phone and I hate it.



Ya, typing on a phone is the worst^^

I start crying and begging as another man starts fucking my ass, but of course my pleas fall on deaf ears and a few moments later a third one forces me to take his dick in my mouth, silencing my protests altogether, to the continued cheers and laughs of the crowd. But after a little bit despite the pain and humiliation I start to feel kinda good and I actually end up swallowing as the man cums into my mouth just as the other one does in my ass.
Suddenly he pulls me onto my feet again, still naked and my pussy and ass dripping with cum, and puts the noose around my neck and suddenly my fear returns in full force and I start sobbing as the hangman reaches for the rope to pull me up...

Your turn. Finish me <3


i want to rape you in front of your husband or bf..


I´m happy without a bf atm :P But you´re welcome to rape and kill me while I´m hanging out with my bff Julie (not her actual name ofc lol) and make her watch. How would you do it?


I hope some one wants to humiliate and degrade you in front of your friend! Your rape and murder will be a preview of what is going to happen to her. Watching you get killed and fucked turns her on! Hearing you plead for mercy makes her snatch tingle. You hate being degraded, she secretly loves it!


One movement, and the hangman hangs you as the crowd cheers. You start dangling, kicking in the hair uselessly. You try to breathe, but no air can go in your lungs anymore. You're starting to make gurgling noises, your eyes pleads the crownd for help, but they just keep laughing at your helpless situation. Eventually, you start to become deef. You can no longer hear their laugh. They just sound like a distant roar. Your strugglings are getting weaker and weaker. You feel like your throat is on fire. You start pissing yourself, and it only adds at your humiliation. Soon enough, your struggling becomes weak spasms. Your eyes rolls and you start succumbing to it. But for your last minute of life, you can feel everything. They your brain stops working, and you just dangle on the rope lifeless, dripping with cum and piss. They lowered you down, and let you fall on the ground. One of them keeps you on your knees while the other exposes your neck. And the third executioner, with a strong slash, decapitates you, grabs your head and shows it to the crowd who cheers once more, chanting "the thief is dead !". Then they throw your body to the crowd to do whatever they want to do with it. Who knows what your body will become in their hands. Finally they shove your head on a spike as a warning for future criminals.


Hm, I love it^^

She´d never do something like that. ...But then again, that´d also be what she´d want me to think, so there´s no way I´d know lol



How would you feel about a story where you and Julia both get snuffed?


I´d like that too^^ What would you do to us, I´d love to hear all the details <3



Well, I would need a description of Julia's appearance and personality – if you're okay with it.

How about you two are out shopping when terrorists hold the store hostage? They decide to kill you and Julia to prove a point.

However, the story will be a few days, as I'm already on another story at the moment, but I won't take long.


Julie is a bit taller than me (but about as busty, maybe slightly bigger) and totally more athletic and a bit tan. She has blonde hair, usually in a ponytail, brown eyes and a cute face.

Idk about the scenario tho. I think I´d prefer something kinda more 'personal' if you know what I mean. Maybe the killer breaks into my house while we´re the only ones there, just hanging out watching movies or whatever. Or he (or she, if you´re into that, I´m fine with either) catches us while we´re out camping in the forest for a weekend. Something like that.

And I´d love for at least one of us to be hanged/strangled or so, as well as knowing what the killer does to our bodies afterwards <3 (And no worries if it takes a few days, I can be patient^^)



I like the camping scenario. A guy catches you two sitting around the campfire at midnight and accuses you of being on your property. He escorts you at gunpoint to a homemade gallows where he likes to dispose of trespassers. Perhaps, as you hang, he can use you as target practice. Sound okay?

Also, what would you two normally wear? Or do you want to be exhibitionists? Of course, if you do wear something, he will remove be it after you're dead anyways.


Or he could hang one and make the other watch before shooting her, I think I´d like that.

Julie always wears more practical, sporty clothes, and for camping I probly would too. Like, solid shoes, pants (or shorts for Julie) and t-shirts, nothing fancy; I prefer dark colors,like blue or grey, while Julie likes to be as bright and colorful as possible. And ya, of course we´d end up stripped at some point^^



Alright, I think I'll hang you and shoot her. I figured my character can strip one of you down and fuck one, and give the spare to his son. The son would probably be a tween or teen, but he can be grown if you don't like younger boys. Each one can sleep with your bodies after having their fun, then toss you in the woods the next morning.


Sounds good^^ I think it´d be weird if the son was too young, like still a boy, so have him be around 16-18 at least, kay?



Will do.

Final questions;

I know you don't care where you (or Julia) get shot, but do you care how much? I am debating between a shot to the head, or multiple shots (breasts, pussy, stomach, and heart), or just a spray of bullets to the chest.

And, any preference for underwear and bras?

Anyways, I am almost done with my present story and will start on yours tomorrow.


Hm a clean headshot, execution style, sounds nice but so does just a whole lot of bullets into my chest... Idk, you choose. Or flip a coin if you can´t decide^^

And underwear, a simple bra and panties I guess (Julie probly a sports bra, I just wear a plain regular one), mine are mostly dark blue or black, Julie´s usually white.



I have started on the story. I hope you don't mind me referring to you as "Val" in the story, as Valkryia would feel out of place in the setting.


Ya it´s not rlly a 'proper' name lol You can call me 'Val' or 'Valerie', either works (not my irl name ofc, but it´s a nice name^^)



Wow, that was fast^^ I liked it a lot <3 Thanks a bunch.



I'd turn the whole thing into a scenario where you would be killed in the manner you suggest, on video as a statement to others. I'd make you an investigative journalist who got to wise and too much into our gangs business. Then, I'd kidnap you and put your demise on the net, as a warning to others.

You'd slowly be stripped naked by having your clothes cut off; everyone you knew would finally get to see what kind of woman you were. I wouldn't rape you violently as much as I'd make love to you, forcing from you a total orgasm, as though we were on a third date. Finally I'd use a bow and arrows, shooting you in your breasts and vagina, until I finally finished you with a neck shot and you'd bleed out before the world.

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