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This thread is dedicated to what sort of sexual things you'd do with a dead girl or woman if there were no consequences and you had no restraints about it whatsoever.

To start, you're at the park and you come across these two cute lolis sitting on a bench slumped against each other dead and there's no one around. What do you do with them?


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If Lolicon isn't your thing, then I'll give you a dead woman as an alternative.....

You're walking in the woods when you find this lovely high school girl dead and sitting under a tree, what do you do with her?



Seeing the two girls lying helplessly on the bench I check to see they are alive first. Seeing no sign of life, not even a pulse I decided to let my wild side take over. I begin by moving all their stuff underneath the bench and laying the elder one on her back. Then I put the younger on railing next to the bench. Once I am ready and slide down both of their panties down onto their knees before I undress. I start by ramming my erect penis into the elder one and began to plow into her without mercy since she can’t feel pain. While I do these I’m leaning my upper body forward towards the younger one’s own pussy. I start to let my tongue explore her slit, licking back worth within it and making sure to pay attention to her special little button as well.

Her skin felt so smooth to my tongue and the taste she naturally had was wondering. I was losing myself in eating out while I kept plowing the elder one heard shoving my whole length into her womb. The best part about lolli’s is they usually virgins and I feel the blood flowing into my cock making easier to plow into her. After a half hour I had already launched a large amount of my seed into the elder one and had great sampling of the younger one. After moving around the bodies I place at the opposite positions. The elder girl now had cum soaked pussy exposed to me while sitting on the railing. While the younger one was underneath ready to take my penis. It was way better the second time around. Even if they were both virgins the younger one being smaller was tighter and feel pussy struggling not to give way to my cock. The elder had exotic taste to her cause the taste of my own cum was mixing with her natural taste.

For another half an hour I was in heaven till I came deeper into the younger girl. With that done, I decided to take the girls home with me to add my special collection. I put all their stuff the bag they had with them and carried it and the two bodies to my lair to enough for as long as I wish.


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I'm glad you enjoyed the two cute lolis and how you added them to your collection, it's what I fantasize about doing too.

Now then, you find this sexy dead woman in a bikini floating in your pool. You pull her out of the water and find that she's dead. What do you do with her?


I call the police and file a report



You DO realize that this isn't asking what you'd do in real life, just what sort of dark fantasy you have inside you head in these fictional scenarios?


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>>432 I may do these one later

After pulling out of the water I start my attempt a CPR. I give ten good minutes giving her compressions upon her soft supple chest and breathe deep into her mouth while pinching her nose shut hoping she would breathe. However after that ten minute mark my inner saint fades away from my vile nature to take its place. I acted as if I still giving CPR. However I was really just kissing her and grappling her chest enjoying the feeling of her wet breast beneath her hands.

I grin a bit then go back into the swallow end of the water I slide down both her panties and my swim trunks to her knees then insert myself into her. I take deep, long, and slow strokes out of canal. Not only feeling the soft inner folds of her pussy rubbing against my cock but also the luke warm water just touching my bare skin. It was a rush. After a while of thrusting into her I shoot out my seed. Whatever part of my seed not floating inside of her womb was now floating within the water.

I smirk and these as I pull out my still erect shaft letting more of m seed spill out her body. Then I force her underwater by shoving into the pool till the point her face was right in front of my shaft. I always wanted a underwater blow job and I began plowing cock deep into her skull with more quick and violent thrust compared to before. Once more I cum into her burring my seed into her throat. Once done I started my pre work to preserve the body. I figured if she loved my pool enough to die in it I can keep her their forever as my new pool toy.

You’re the last person in school and you notice one of your classmates is lying dead on her desk. It’s the weekend and no one was going to be coming to the school. What do you do with her?


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Heh heh, you've got some good fantasies going here.

Anyhow, with the girl in the gym uniform, I start by standing her up and proceed to french kiss her while rubbing her back and then groping her ass and crotch through her shorts. Then I unzip her red jacket and remove it before making out with her again while I slip my hand under her shirt and caress her bare back intimately.

Next, I lay her down on the floor and I proceed to lift up each of her lovely legs and caress, kiss and lick them up and down. Once I was finished, I'd strip her down to her bra and panties which are white coloured and caress, kiss and lick her belly and belly button which tastes sweet like cotton candy.

I'd then sit her up and caress her bare arms, shoulders, back and neck before kissing and licking all around her neck and nibble on her ears and whisper seductive things in them. Afterwards, I'd unfasten her bra and slide off her panties leaving the girl nude.

Now that she's nude, I caress, kiss and lick her breasts and suckle her tits like a baby before I turn her over onto her belly and caress and massage her back, shoulders and ass before I assfucked her until I cummed into her rectum. I'd then turn her over onto her back and then fuck her in the missionary position until once again, I cummed only this time, it's into her pussy and since she's a virgin, I broke her hymen causing her to bleed from her vagina.

After a few minutes of rest, I'd clean up the mess I made, gathered up her clothes in a bag and carry both it and the girl's nude body to the girls' showers where I'd wash her clean, dry her off and then redress her. I'd then shoulder carry her home, inject my trusty anti-decomposition serum into her and make her into my love doll that I dress up and "play" with.

Now then, here's a beautiful young woman lying dead in a kimono. What do you do with her?


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>>494 thank you

I have thing for Kimono’s especially those of the darker colors. I would look at the woman and smirk laying down on top of her then kissing her lips softly enjoying the taste of her flesh. With that done I would began unzipping my pants and exposing my slowly hardening cock to her. I then started force open her mouth and forced my semi erect penis into it. I would begin to stroke back and forth letting my hard on grow within her mouth feeling what little moisture and warmth was still within it. As I did my hands reached towards her breast.

One slide into her outfit and started to rub against soft bare breast rubbing her nipples between my digits. The other was rubbing upon her kimono. The soft outfit felt so good in my hand and started enjoy the feeling while also taking the firmness of her bust. Both sensations on my hand felt my magic. I didn’t even notice that I was forcing cock into so deeply that one could see a bulge slightly forming within her neck. I kept bucking back and forth wildly before I sprayed my seed deep into her belly. I keep going for at least two more loads before I finally stopped.

I took the time enjoy the sweet scent of her hair and rubbed the last of my dripping cum onto her lips. Then I began to pick the woman. I wanted to person blow job toy. So that I could enjoy her mouth and keep the kimono as cleans possible. I would rather not mess with it unless I needed to clean it.

You found a long woman lying dead out in the middle of the woods. What do you do with her.


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/smiles/ Ah yes, Megumi from "Shiki". Good choice.....

Anyhow, I start by taking pictures of Megumi from numerous angles and distances for later. I then gently caressing Megumi's bare arms and face before I pinch her cheeks and comment about how pretty she is. Next, I scoop her up and bridal carry Megumi's limp body to an abandoned cabin in the woods which I've made into my playhouse where I then lay her down on a metal table.

Next, I play morgue attendant and strip Megumi naked before I examine her corpse and poke around at her openings with metal instruments. I then play around with Megumi's nude body like a doll and even pretend that she's alive. Finally, I feel up, kiss and lick her various body parts before I assfucked her and then fucked her pussy hard and pumped my seed into her body.

Afterwards, I clean Megumi up, inject her corpse with an anti-decomposition serum and then shackle her wrists together before hanging the shackle and chain on the ceiling and leave her dangling after I promise to bring her some "friends" to keep her company before leaving.

Now then, here's Linaria from episode 15 of "Suisei no Gargantia". She's died and you can do whatever you want to her cute body, what do you do with her?


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I start by hoping in with her in the coffin with her. I lean in close to her before I start to kiss her deeply, moving her lip tongue against my own while our lips pushed together. After kissing for a few moments I make sure the place is secure before I decided to hold close to me laying her head deep in my chest before I fall asleep. Once I had enough rest I wake up and give a morning kiss.

After that I start by sliding down her outfit so it’s at waist level. I began rubbing cock all over her flat chest and also using her tiny fingers to jerk off my member. After a while I start cum on her covering her whole upper body and her arms with my seed. I grin a bit then grab the sides of her face stroking her cheeks softly before I start to use her mouth to suck my cock dry. I moan loudly as I used the lifeless body to take my cock balls deep into her throat.

Then finally I loaded my final seed into her body before I got ready to leave. Not wanting to risk getting caught I start pushing the whole coffin with her in it outside and prepare to transport her to my lair. I would explore the rest of her soft body once we were there with the rest of my collection.

You find a young woman near a shrine dead, what do you do with her?


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I'm going to assume that she's wearing blue jeans, socks and sneakers for my fantasy so here we go.....

I'd play the role of coroner and take pictures of the dead woman from various angles and distances. Then I'd place her in a bodybag, place her in the back of my vehicle and drive off to my place. Then I'd carry the bodybag inside and take her to a room with lights and a metal slab. I'd then take the dead woman out of the body bag and undress her. During the stripping, I'd take more pics of her in various states of undress.

Once she was naked, I'd give her body a full external examination. When I was finished, I'd have with her sexually /feeling, kissing and licking her body/ and screw her in the ass and then in her pussy. After my seed's been released into her body, I'd clean her up, inject my anti-decomposition serum into her and hang her by her wrists with shackles in my basement for future use as my love doll.

Now then, Kyouko from Madoka Magica is offering you Sayaka Miki's dead body for you to do with as you please, what do you do with Sayaka?


File: 1437442229196.jpg (111.88 KB, 1280x720, 1437285221038.jpg)

I would left her up from Kyouko’s arms and take her a little short distance towards a train car. Once there I would left up her dress and slide down her panties off her legs. I then started to spread open her soft legs then start to lick between her lower lips sampling her taste. While I had my tongue probe her pussy I unzip my panties and start to rub her panties against my member causing to start to throbe and grow.

I took my tongue sending my first load into the panties covering my dick before I inserted into her pussy. I made sure to first deep into her body while kissed her neck and lips softly over and over again. Eventually I shot my second load into her body. Once I’m done I take her cum soaked panties and put them back on before I started to dress up in her magic girl form. As much as I love school uniform her battle outfit is so much more suiting to her.

After that I pick her up and leave the train station head back to add her my collection in the lair.

You find Saya dead on the ground after falling to exhaustion what do you do with her?


File: 1437443897708.jpg (148.09 KB, 800x600, 1402424024949.jpg)


You've certainly got good taste in necro fantasies.

Anyhow, I'd bridal carry Saya's body to my place and lay her down on the floor. I'd then play with her corpse like a doll before I went sexual on Saya. Once I did, I'd start by untying her long black hair and let it flow freely before I caressed and brushed it intimately. I'd then lift up each of her lovely legs and do my usual routine to them.

Next, I'd gradually strip Saya nude and when I was done with that, I'd pose her in sexual explicit poses and take pictures. I'd then fuck her in the ass and then her pussy /I'd find out that she was a virgin/ and shoot my seed into her. Afterwards, I'd bathe her and sprinkle red rose petals in the tub for dramatic effect and then I would make her nails look nice. I'd then clothe Saya in a sleeveless white sundress, white slingback high heels, a necklace, a bracelet and a white sunhat before laying her in a casket which has an inside carpeted with flowers and place her in a funeral pose. Basically, she'd be the centrepiece of a shrine I'd make in her honour and I'd have light shine on Saya's beautiful body to make her look angelic.

Now then, here's a young girl who died in her sleep and you can do whatever you want to her dead body, what do you do to her?


File: 1437489996005.jpg (56.78 KB, 1440x810, rbLID4c.jpg)


[You as well]

As for the forever sleeping beauty I start off by slide down the blanket to the edge of the bed and undoing her pajamas buttons exposing her whole body to me expect for her underwear. I then start by opening her mouth and inserting my cock into it while get into a 69 position. I then spread open her legs and rip off her panties. With them off I start to sample her while thrusting my cock deep into her mouth until I eventually came within it.

I get shortly afterwards and go for round to. I take my still erect member and start to alternate between bounding her anus and her pussy back and forth with long, powerful, yet slow strokes till I eventually came with one massive explosion. My cum with cover her ass, pussy and her stomach region all in my seed. Before I knew it I’m covering her stomach and her lower chest in even more cum from my third and final orgasm.

Tried and feeling my cock go limb. I decide to wrap her up in her blanket like I found her before however I left her undressed and covered in my cum. I figured it would nice to leave for someone else to have and play with. So after I collect her panties as a remembrance I take a note card and write please fuck on it and put beside her face on the side of the pillow before heading off.

Kisaragi’s body washes up on shower, what do you do with her?


File: 1437516887827.png (1.22 MB, 1021x1251, Alleria in eternal slumber.png)


I scoop up Kisaragi's lifeless body and carry her off to my beach house. Once there, I strip her down to her bra and panties and place her body in a series of poses and take pictures. I then strip off her bra and panties and take more pictures of her nude body before I bathe and dry her.

I then lovingly brush and stroke her lovely hair before I caress, kiss and lick her various body parts /especially her butt and legs/. I then pump my seed into her butt and pussy which causes Kisaragi's limp corpse to spasm with what I'm doing. I then clean her up again and place her nude body in a water tank with a tentacle creature that feels her up intently and sticks its tentacles into her body openings and I masturbate at the sight of it.

Finally, I take Kisaragi's nude body out of the water tank, dry her off and slip her in a white bikini before laying her on a lawn chair in my basement and making it look like she dozed off so I can play with her later on.

Now then, here's Alleria from Suisei no Gargantia episode 15. She's died and her body is yours to do whatever you want to it, what do you do with her?


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I begin by uncrossing her arms from over and chest exposing her barely covered breast to me. I then unzip my jeans and start to rub my cock in between her jugs while I sat on top of her face. Feeling soft lips softly rub against my bottom. I then thrust into her and start to run down each leg slowly as I kept up my thrust. Before I below my load. I get off her and lean her against a nearby wall. I then spread open and tear off the lower half of her dress.

Insert my cock deep into her while starting rub my body against her chest. My face close to hers I start to take a hand full of her hair and start to take in her scent while thrusting madly into her. As I did you not only see her body spasm but also hearing the sounds of her jewelry shaking through the air until I came deep into her.

Once done I pull out my cock and just start to stroke it aiming at her stomach while still enjoying her scent. Eventually I force m tongue deep into her mouth and give her a rough kiss before a hot wave of cum shots out my cock and covers her stomach and her lower breast in my side. Once done I just do the usually and take her away with me.

Erza Scarlet dies of exhaustion at a battle in the middle of nowhere. What do you do with her?”


File: 1437962218037.png (1.05 MB, 900x1250, cb422f5f276cb44afc6c77961a….png)


First off, I feel her up and play with her corpse like a doll before I fuck her in the ass and pussy.

Here's where things get interesting. I open her eyes, lay her down and place bugs on her dead body and through mental control, I dictate their actions and have them move on Ezra's body and poke around in her orfices. One of them even gets inside her pussy and goes into her womb and crawls around inside of it.

Once I get bored, I withdraw the bugs and let a bunch of cats caress, rub and lick her body intently and use her dead body as a plaything. This somehow causes her to stir and awaken but she's mentally broken and spends her time with the cats and allows them to fondle her and suck her tits for milk which I find arousing.

Now then, here's Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica. She's been killed in battle and is laying there lifelessly with no one else around. What do you do with her?


File: 1438047418570.png (224.51 KB, 500x283, dead mira.png)


Seeing her lifeless on the ground the first thing I do is grab one of her rifles and started to slide her panties down her legs. Once I do I take the rifle and start to force it into her sex. Her small body started to convulse madly as I kept forcing her weapon into her body. I smirked a bit shoving far as I could get it, hopefully to the point it was within her neck and if I moved correctly one could see a bulge forming within her throat.

Once I am done. I pull the rifle out showing a batch of blood covering it. Then I started to make love to her bleeding opening while I do I start bring her back into the world of the living. However these time, she would come back as witch. I always wanted someone to be at my side and also I need help keeping check of my growing collections so. I turned into a twisted witch form. Almost like her human form but her hair straight and she typical enhance you could expect from me.

Tentacles, high levels of sexual stamina, Ya-da ya-da. She would be a very valuable tool.

Mirajane, was found dead from where Erza was dying of the same method. What do you do with her.


File: 1438642365091.jpg (192.86 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

What are you going to do if you see bulma's dead body lying in the morgue table? Her sexy corpse is cold. She needs something to get warm, so what would you do to her body


File: 1438667933032.jpg (136.17 KB, 768x768, image.jpg)

If you swa mikasa's beautiful corpse, what would you do to her sexy corpse? Her abs are dead and cold but she still yummy, she died too young and virgin. So what would you really going to do to her dead sexy body?



Get the hell out of there in case whoever managed to kill her is still around.

(I'm not doing this one, just making a quick joke. It's still up for grabs. I'm too tired to write atm.)


You come in to find the bottom half of a woman(pretend the top half is missing) laying on your floor. She was recently cleared, and still warm.


File: 1438712557089.jpg (223.06 KB, 900x697, 1426354704953 (1).jpg)


Forgot the image.


File: 1438726825558.png (1015.45 KB, 600x909, 1436275854596.png)


I would start by looking around cause honestly I would be a little afraid of whoever killed her to. I then after make sure the area was safe I begin by grabbing her scarf. I would loosen it so it still on her neck but I could bring it up to my nose and take in the sweet scent. With that done I would begin by ripping her top opening and stare at wonderful breast and abs. I then strip and lay my bare ass against her abs rubbing against them slowly up and down with my bottom while my cock was inserted between her breast. I stroke my member between both tits and made sure to squeeze them tightly as I rocked back and forth over her body eventually coming all over her face and scarf.

Now came the main act. I would take away her virginity. It felt so tight, from both being a virgin and working out so much. I started pumping made into her body licking across her abs and sucking upon both her nipples. Hours went by before I stopped fucking her. Her pussy was now worn out and dripping with my seed, her whole body mainly her abs and face bathed in it as well. I picked her up in my arms and then left a little bit evidence of me taking away her dead body. I wanted to add her to my collection, but she would need A Eren to go with her. So using that bait should draw him out hopefully.

A old scientist friend of yours left you a body he contained. Have at her in anyway you want.


I'd fuck her and then take pictures of her dead body in its abused state


File: 1466153903447.jpg (39.62 KB, 500x283, tumblr_inline_nsumvpSAnE1r….jpg)

You found Mamina's lovingly dressed body fell out of the coffin that has fallen from the sky, what would you do to her body?


File: 1466157890053.jpg (121.6 KB, 1024x768, 58b3bcc6c934c2dd038a0af7d8….jpg)


I'd take various pics of Mamina's lovely body from different angles. Then I'd caress her sweet face and kiss her on the lips which becomes a french kiss. I then bridal carry her corpse back to my place and once there, I'd play around with Mamina like she was a doll and even dance with her.

I'd then slide strip her nude while being careful not to damage her burial dress and other clothing as I like her in them. Once she was nude, I'd take more pics of her nude and then take her lifeless right hand and use it to stroke and move around my dick. It soon gets aroused and I end up squirting cum onto her lush virgin body. I then proceed to have my way with her lifeless body. I'd open her lifeless eyes and fuck her in her virgin pussy and her ass. During the fucking process, I'd be constantly groping and feeling up her various body parts /especially her ass and legs/.

I then wash her clean and dry her off before dressing her in a lovely blue sundress and matching flatshoes /and matching undergarments/ before I injected her with a "restore life" serum that brings her back to life BUT with no memory of her past life or even her name. She even has a new personality, one which is shy and mousey but kind and caring. I name her Angelina and we move far away together /after establishing a romantic relationship/, get married, have kids and live happily ever after.

Now then, this dead school girl's boat has landed on the shore and you come across the boat and her body, what do you do with her body?


File: 1468823344514.jpg (52.78 KB, 698x524, prisoner-2.jpg)


(Ok I try to do something that can be read, and nice, to give visibility to the section!)

I was exploring lands unknown along with another traveler, when we come across two beautiful women stretched out on the ground.

death after a grueling battle that should not have happened too far away, but that does not matter for the moment.

My partner throws hirself on the red, I let him do, is a beatiful woman but I've always had a weakness for white hair, I approach her leaning by putting it into a sitting position. monitoring vital signs right for security, nothing.

a shame but i can remedy, while my partner begins to be worked the red, I personally prefer a bit of praivacy and perhaps himself.

So I use my teleport spell to bring me and Mirajane in my den, I will return later to continue the exploration maybe.

The first thing I do and strip it of its clothes now dirty and damaged, then continuing with its intimate caressing breasts and private parts. I clean her body carefully and then dressed with a nice red dress suitable for dance. then checking his movements through magical wires like a puppet. I start to dance with her to the music, in the last act. the port in the "casche position" (I'm not sure that you write so) and lay my head between her breasts, cut the wires by returning Mirajane the motionless body it should be, she goes limp and relaxed, just my hands impede the head and her body hit the floor.

The hill gently to the ground and began to have sex with her, kissing her and licking her lips and breasts, it takes me a while before i get tired, even I clean once in the body and this time launching several protective spells to prevent it from decomposing.

Without this, the elegantly settle with an evening dress and hill on my bed, later I'll try to bring it back to life as my faithful subject, but until then my new "assistant" will have to wait for my return


after having broken up a gang of dangerous bandits in their den . find a girl tied and still, after a quick check you notice that it's too late for her. you do not know how she died and maybe you do not care ( be creative if you want XD ) . perhaps find her it was your mission , or maybe just a pleasant distraction .
What will you do with her?

(Being a character made ​​by the artist, I wanted to give a plot a little wide and full of ideas I hope you like it ^^ )


File: 1468836238788.jpg (599.76 KB, 1601x901, Sayaka's cute like this!.jpg)


I free the dead woman from her restraints and shoulder carry her body out of the hideout and once I'm safely outside, sit her against a tree and cast an anti-decomposition spell on her. I then grope her body parts, french kiss her, dance with her limp body and do various fun activities with her body while pretending that she's alive.

That night, I strip her naked and have sex with her body both in her pussy and in her ass. During the feeling her up stage, I put heavy emphasis on caressing, kissing and licking her breasts, ass and legs. All the while, her dull eyes are lifelessly staring off into space not caring that she's being raped. I then clean her up and dress her in her old outfit as she looks good in it and keep her a love doll for me to use.

Now then, here's Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica laid out on her side very much dead and lifeless. What do you do with her cute body?


File: 1468924134986.jpg (111.11 KB, 800x600, __coola_kourin_tenshi_en_c….jpg)


/ Thank you very much, I love your action! the girl I proposed * W * /

I find the girl lying on the ground, I lean over her by grabbing one of her little hands, weight lift as if it were a doll holding it only by the hand, the weight of the body sways slightly and fixed his eyes devoid of life but a deep blue.

The load on one of my shoulders reaching the nearby car by opening the door of the transient, when there no one in the street so I can act calmly. hill the girl on the seat and close my eyes, move her head a little to her to allow me to fasten his seat belt. Then the hill his hands on his lap, perfect i take a picture, it seems that he is peacefully sleep, kiss her forehead and close the door and then get in the car and go.

On the way I have to stop sometimes red light cameras are a little nervous, she is in plain view them but no one notices anything, I begin to talk to her conscious to be talking alone, I guess for her it's a really bad day, he probably did not believe that it would end like this, when her woke up.

O well life is not made up of just living, arriving at the gate of my house, I open the garage door smoothly and within along with my guest.

I open the machine and unfasten the seat belt. I begin to touch his body looking for some document, at the end I find the school card that tells me at least his name. Sayaka Miki, nice name. I'll take it in holding arm with a shoulders of her hand and the other leg and then go into the cellar, and from there to step my secret playroom.

Currently empty and did not expect to have a host so quickly. Bare girl to take off for the time being only above the uniform, leaving it in the white shirt. I inject my trusty anti decomposition, and I open his eyes. this time the kiss on the lips and then began to take pictures in various poses, then take off the other pieces of her clothing making her stay only in underwear and stockings.

I begin to touch much intmamente his body massaging breasts and the sniffing her hair, soon I finish undressing her and began to have sex with her, watching several times those deep blue eyes devoid of life that eventually shut when I'm done with you as if it was only sleeping.

I clean her body, and then dress her up like a sailor girl, white socks, blue short skirt, white blouse and hat.
knoll Miki on a rocking chair and I imagine on a maritime background, I still do some pictures before to promise we'll bring home some interesting toy, and maybe soon a few friends.

along a secondary road , that would bring you quickly at home . you can find this young girl you ruined clothes lifeless . there no one around her agrssore must be escaped , perhaps because of you , who can tell? what to do with her?


File: 1468984352875.jpg (239.58 KB, 1429x1033, Haruhi is sexy on a cross.JPG)


/OOC: I like what you did with Sayaka. She does indeed have lovely deep blue eyes even in death./

I bridal carry her home to my basement which I've made into a playhouse where I keep other dead girls as love dolls. I lay her down on a mattress and inject her with my anti-decomposition serum before I lustfully kiss and grope her while tearing off her clothes like I'm a mad sexual predator since her clothes are already damaged. Once she's down to her undergarments and stockings, I calm down and gently strip them off of her before I make love to her corpse.

Once I'm done making love to her dead body, I bathe and dry her off and put her in her undergarments, stockings and bonnet but I also dress her in a new long sleeved black and white dress with black high heeled shoes with straps and dance with my new love doll. In death, she moves limply but elegantly and once I finish dancing with her body, I sit her next to my other love dolls.

Now then, here's Haruhi Suzumiya from MOHS. She's dead and is strapped to a cross. What do you do with her body?


File: 1468996193480.jpg (190.41 KB, 850x950, __silva_granblue_fantasy_d….jpg)


/ You have so many really beautiful pictures , congratulations ^^ /

I am a bit shocked when I see the crucified girl I approach quickly untying one arm, then the other by dropping her weight on my shoulder.

then also free his legs, made this the pofffio gently in a sitting position, checking vital signs, nothing, sigh, her face relaxed, which gives me comfort but this will not prevent the vent my fantasy about her.

The turmoil hair gently, as if to make her understand that in good hands, luckily I have with me my trusty anti decomposition serum that inject without hesitation.

I do not do nothing else for the moment if you do not take her in his arms and lift it in the pose of marriage coming to my car fortunately with tinted windows.

I open the door rear making her lie down on the back seat by putting her hands on her belly, kiss your lips in a long kiss, then I put myself behind the wheel.

quickly get home, where I bring my new friend, in my secret room where my other dolls waiting for my return to get some attention.

lie Haruhi gently on a bed and then undress her, then fixed for a while, I can not stop myself so bare and I slide down her body by covering it almost entirely, I begin to have sex with her before slowly stroking and covering of attentions as if alive , I hips open her eyes to keep this my illusion, then increase the pace coming several times.

Satisfied my appetites, wash and wipe the girl but not the vsto suffered, I have nothing like that in my den so I have to build it a snap.

A one of the free sides begin to improvise a small santuaria like that for the ancient gods, then I go back to her to put the roofs lean against, and although I can smell not very practical with the tricks to put some color on the lips, cheek and her eyes , which I had previously closed.
A light makeup nothing flashy, then dressed with a long silk cloth wrapping the body purposefully leaving her left breast uncovered and also the shoulder and arm, then the hill on the chair placed in the center of the sanctuary making cross her legs as if waiting his faithful. What I found in time, the rest I'm lucky to have so much space

you hear a scream in the forest , several minutes after you find a young woman sitting near a tree with drooping skirt and her underwear dirty urine .

Next to her a snake that you know to be deadly poisonous , most likely to bite the girl while she was doing her needs .

after arranging the snake , you see that for her it is too late , what will you do in her body ?

/obviously free to interpret the story as favorite ^^/


File: 1469072272423.gif (974.5 KB, 425x239, tumblr_nhkdbhVSYM1tjigx7o2….gif)


/OOC: Thanks. Love what you did with Haruhi, she's truly an angel asleep and would probably smirk at you and say /if she could talk/ "So, you think I'm lovely dead, eh? How kinky of you......"./

After I kill the snake who killed the beauty before me, I clean up the woman's crotch and panties as best I can before I pull her panties and skirt up. I then bridal carry her to a secluded cabin and lay her down before I passionately strip her nude and make love to her dead body.

Afterwards, I clean up her body via a bath and then have some beetles crawl around on different parts of her body. Some poke around in on her face and go into her mouth, nostrils and ears. A couple poke and prod her lovely eyes while others crawl around on her other body parts and explore every part of her body. One goes into her pussy and causes her ovaries to release some of her egg cells which get fertilized by the beetle and when they hatch minutes later, they produce new beetles which leave her body.

The original beetle however fuses itself to the dead woman's uterus and spreads itself throughout her nervous system and when it reaches her brain, it reactivates it and the woman awakens as a clean slate with the beetle's mind fused with hers. She knows how to speak, read and all the other societal functions but doesn't remember who she is. She also now has a meek and shy but kind personality plus she's in love with me. Smiling, I name her Angelica and dress her in her original fancy white undergarments, a nice white dress and matching white boots and we leave together and live happily ever after.

Now then, here's a cute loli whose died and whose hands are tied behind her back, what do you do with her?


File: 1469078031365.jpg (196.21 KB, 800x601, __saigusa_haruka_little_bu….jpg)


I am surprised to find a creature so lovely in the alley, I approach her leaning and then put it in position by sitting, her head is afflosia to his chest, which makes me understand that now is dead

The melt wrists, so as to free them arms, are a little sad to note that the rope ruined a bit the skin, removing them settle the hair from her face and kissed her forehead. and adorable davero a shame that she died so young.

The lift easily as if it were a little princess and I his rider, known her shoe she lacks, I look around without sucess, well we gonna find a couple more nice for her.

They are not away from home, but I put my coat roofs lean to cover it as if he were sleeping.

Come to my house delicaamente lay it on the bed taking away the other shoe, pants and shirt. remains only panties and stockings, caress her belly while I open my eyes to estimate how long it may be deceased, the pupil still some reaction then you can do.

I take the phone and make a call, in between, hill my head on her belly coe if it were a pillow playing with her hair with her free hand.

After the call I sit on the bed and I sat her on me, is a bit small to have a relationship with her but easily find a solution.

hill my young guest on the bed, leaving his legs dangling over the edge, then cable my pants and my cock resting on her vagina and making them shake their legs begin to rub.

Meanwhile lick several times abdomen and chest as my hands are engaged, when I would come, I cover the cast with his hands thus preventing the small loly to get dirty, and then I'm going to wash and also wash for Safety her.

Meanwhile, the thing I expected has arrived my friend apologizes giving because of traffic, makes me promise to give him constant developments, I say yes and I run it.

I gave a preparation which regenerates the cells died recently awakening the subject, but the colaterale effect of totally erase the memories. perfect for this occasion.

Opening the can I find out the dough and hard then you should eat, how does a dead eating only he knows, repenting sigh of simply not having used my trusty serum.

O well, I dress my little princess with a dress similar to that of white snow and then begin to chew for her the dough and We add a bit of water, with a full mouth kiss by passing the dough in his body then down, holding it in a sitting position.

I get scared a moment when her body began to be convulsed, continues to incirca so for 20 seconds then sits loosely, it worked.

The girl tries to get up and come at me but her legs would not hold up so I am compelled to take to her to keep her from falling, she smiles at me.

I discover that his mind like that of a newborn must begin to understand how to do everything, not a big problem, Serena, so I called her, is sweet and obedient as a character and faithful.

my plan is to make it grow and then seize it when his body will be more mature, but who knows I might even get attached to his presence. I leave you any imagination about the future

or where a particular thing I hope you enjoy it.

You are in your home , you're back with a slight advance, when you discover the body of a girl lying in your dining room.

Beside her your own family , even with pillow in hand , the weapon with which the unknown and was suffocated .

after calming the person in question or to have resolved in some way , and now take provedimenti toward the girl's body .

That from what you understood was before sleeping with a little doped ciocolato , then killed in a moment of jealousy because he was attracted to you .

/ I know how to plot and very special , if you are feeling a little familiar with some elements feel free to arrange /


File: 1469578895295.jpg (20.5 KB, 700x393, Mia in eternal slumber.jpg)


After licking the chocolate off of her sweet face, I caress her face and hair before I deeply kiss her on the lips. I then get to work taking pics of her beautiful body before I slide off her jacket, take off her shoes and socks and then grope her crotch and ass through her jeans since I have a fetish for women and girls in tight jeans. I then unfasten her belt and pants before I gently slide them down and off her legs exposing them. I then intimately caress, kiss and lick her lovely set of legs up and down and love bite her inner thighs.

Next, I slide off her shirt and now she's exposed in just her white bra and panties. Aroused, I take more pics of her lush body and then remove her lingerie leaving her nude. By now, I'm REALLY aroused and I proceed to have my way with her body and focus on her breasts, belly, ass and legs but I take the time to sit her up on her cute ass and massage her back, shoulders, neck, arms and breasts from behind while kissing and licking her neck and whispering into her ear how sexy she is.

I then make love to her corpse and pump my semen into her still warm pussy and after I rest on her breasts for a bit, I bathe and dry her off before I redress her and pour a "restore life" potion down her throat and she comes back to life and smiles at me as she loves me and as a ghost saw how I was kind and loving to her body. We then hook up and have all sorts of "fun" together.

Now then, here's Mia Fey from the "Phoenix Wright" series dead and slumped against a wall in eternal slumber. What do you do with her lush body?

/OOC: I've got a fetish for women and girls in tight jeans just so you know./


File: 1469651534353.jpg (112.83 KB, 700x525, __elize_lutus_and_teepo_ta….jpg)


/ I apologize in advance , I liked the image so much that I wanted to experiment with something complex . I have documented a while to do that , so I hope it will be for those who will read an interesting story /

/ As mentioned the subject I liked it so much that I had to answer right away , for others 'll wait a few days to see if others want to answer ^^ /

They call me to recover a body, I'm guarding the morgue, the bodies that come to me, not the other, but the shortage of staff forces me to leave my work den.

The victim's name is Mia Fey and I am truly amazed. There is the police yet so I have to hide to avoid them to see that I have become hard. I in my work I've seen breasts. but as large as those of Mia? I doubt it, although at the time my mind and unreliable. a policewoman who fortunately did not notice anything tells me that I can take the body away.

I nod and put the body on the bed and then upload it to the ambulance and get sent to the morgue, once a safe haven the body of the woman on the table to begin to examine it.

Sigh heavily, glad to be alone while touch my cock to ease the pressure a bit, while I approach Mey, the first thing I noticed is the breast but now I can look even better known quite charming face and nice legs . A woman from 10 plus. I wear gloves start doing complement to women, in life he was to be well aware of how beautiful she was to proudly display the breast cleavage and her legs. I smile knowing that soon I will be able fully to aim his body.

Then follow the procedure first touch her legs, I would take off my gloves but for now I can not, Mei is already in rigor mortis. then taking her leg I can bend and then massage it to soften the limb, same thing I do with the other leg smelling the fragrance of the skin. the smell and still good, I could only be described as a smell of woman. Step at her arms before bending the elbows, wrists, and finally tapering fingers. once I relaxed the limb I do the same with each other and then take in my hands to her head. I whisper sweet things while I rotate her neck gently to soften the muscles, but without breaking the bone.

Done this at last begin to take some pictures, some will be kept secretly for me. I begin to put seat Mei to rob it of its stylish clothing, starting with the necklace, and then move on to the dress. the underwear of the woman and black, embroidered, very elegant hilltop my hand on her belly, imagining contact with our skins, but Permanent or making new photographs before removing the last clothing and shoes.

I do other photographs, and then finally started the inspection first thing I open her mouth and then with a pair of pliers to pull out his tongue and take samples of the inner mouth and then put his tongue in his place. The spread her legs in seeing her pussy feel it hard again but I resist and I get distracted with the sound of my voice. My telling to Mia what excites me. then I close her legs and around the side.

The ample bosom of her crushes against each other and after photographs of I finish rite of turn on your stomach. on her breasts and crushed on the table, I bite the hand I have a mad desire to make them more things dirty but I refrain, touch and massage the cilo Mia and then put them inside a thermometer. the internal temperature removes any doubt about whether it is alive or dead. Finally they inspected the wound eg the relationship. collapse ul floor glad it's finally affinity. I compile with decision documents and I make sure to have the rest of the day off.

In less than a minute I was naked next to her and first coa allow the hand to Mia loosen the pressure of my cock I can no longer resietere while I do my head bent over her huge breasts, which covers almost the entire my face. I wonder de Mia as in most demented anime could choke a man between her breasts. Massage in a more intimate his body finally kissing her passionately, the taste of her lips remind me of the freshly caught salmon. soon began to make sex with her, her breasts move in the act do almost hypnotic.

Unfortunately or little freedom here then immediately I wipe the body and inject it and I put my trust restore serum that should regenerate its cells bringing her body an active state in the next 48 hours. in this time obsequiesi are celebrated and I can finally recover the body and bring it to my house.

MIa wearing a great outfit with elegant black lace stockings, very nice but decided anyway to take it away to wrap his body in a kimono, smell her skin and touch his body serum is having spring return body is recovering life, was my going to impieantare some artificial personalities in the beautiful woman while the massage when the improviso just the body and active again she wakes up wincing.

I end up beneath her in the act, the woman looks around confused, noticing my love doll, but forgetting that underneath her there ono me and her boobs a bit of time are sofocando touch I fight on his shoulder to let me note finally gets breast from my face. I'm all red and happy, but even more pleased to be able to breathe.

the ofer the tea and talk, i lists an endless number of crimes, but in the end Mia kisses me, and happy to be alive, so will do a blind eye. soon I'll find a fake identity for her and we'll get married and live happy although occasionally the spirit of Mei will leave his body to go do important things, it does not bother me because I can always have a way to keep his body safe and cuddle her until her return.


ok people now I propose a character in a game that I love.

here for you Elize Lutus, Teles of Xillia 1.

Conoscndo the story well I will give you a fairly detailed plot I hope you will like>. <

You are in the village of Hamil several days as a researcher, the subject and a young girl named Elize have spoken little, the girl and very closed. notice along with others that the young man a few days in a little fever, but thinking it is nothing serious experiments continue.

Quest now seems a day like any other, but when you come to the house where it is obliged Elize, you find out that she died in her sleep, no one touched the body, come in charge to take care of her body, pretty sure that the head intends to get rid of it in some way.

You then complete freedom of action apparently, what will you do to the silent and timid Elize? and the terrible doll that unlike the girl was not shut up for a second? the only positive aspect of the story for now is that the Elize death has made even the limp doll


File: 1469678288432.png (763.79 KB, 631x1305, tumblr_mkwji3Qb2m1s2zz8so1….png)


/OOC: I'm deeply aroused by Mia Fey too. She's beautiful and has attractive legs that I want to intimately caress. She's a necrophiliac's dream woman and in my version of the fantasy, I'd pose her with her sexy legs crossed./

Regarding Elize, I'd gently caress her hair and sweet face before I'd do the same to her delicate hands and massage them. I'd then caress her boots and look up her skirt to see her pink panties. Next, I'd stand her up and dance with her. Even in death, she moves elegantly and it turns me on immensely. Once we finish dancing, I cusp her sweet face in my hands and kiss her on the lips. Her lips taste like strawberries and soon, it becomes a french kiss while I hug her limp body tightly.

Afterwards, I bridal carry her around with her arms and head hanging limply while swaying as I move which turns me on. I then lay her down and open her eyes which are dull and lifeless which I find to be arousing. I then flip her skirt, pull down her panties and make love to her. My penis pierces her hymen and I then pump into her still warm body which shakes limply as I pump into her. Finally, I cum into her pussy and after I rest for a few minutes, I pull out of her body, pull up her panties and plan to make her into a love doll but just then, she stirs and groggily wakes up like she woke up from a nap.

It seems that my love for her and my kind gestures brought Elize back to life. Grateful, she falls in love with me and vice versa and we become travelling companions and have a number of adventures together and live happily ever after.

Now then, here's Michiru/Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon floating lifelessly in the water in a swimming pool, what do you do with her body?


File: 1469810035840.jpg (116.25 KB, 850x614, __ba_gamnan_and_fran_final….jpg)


/ I left free interpretation at the end, I figured that Uranus had left the body of his partner in a place fammiliare to her after she was killed by a monster. Then I try to unravel the mystery after giving vent to my fantasy /

the views several times when the pool opened she was there, came together with those who work in the facility like me is an hour at most two and goes away.

Today I find his body floating in the water I dive to help her, instinctively'm not a great swimmer but to bring a motionless body at least where the pool water allows me to rest your feet is not complicated.

His body is pale eg the lack of heat, I can only think what the heck happened. even a little stiff, rigor mortis must be already started. I always thought it was kind of a siren for swimming as it is very difficult to think that it is drowned yet, it is them.

Do to bring it on the tank Bodo when I block, the I always want very badly. but such a classy woman. I would never have been able to attend it, in my mind it forms the thought now or never.

I do not go out from the water so the handful of her copr while I am immersed up to his chest, beginning on her delicate neck softening movements and then move on to the arms, finally my hand caressing her pussy through the custom and then the long legs attletiche freeing her from the rigid embrace of death. the fact that I take her hand and the other on the hill of his back, the inert head she rests on my shoulder and began to dance. Probably she was a good dancer, fortunately in the water where even I can boast some dexterity.

The whispering in the ear what I wanted to do this thing with her and also much more. In fact, after a while I undo the abbasandol pants with my boxer
Then I grab her shoulder immersing. her knees touch the bottom of piscinaquindi help the beautiful woman to open her mouth to give myself a bit of pleasure. not having to breathe the action is very simple.

I come in the mouth, feeling a strong sense of contentment, while the riemmergere do I clean my mouth and then I understand to be in the shit. It is true when we are alone but this will not be forever. I end up dragging Michiru laying her out of the pool on one side and then I go out in my turn I'll take it in my arms and port in the female locker room know his locker therefore inject my trusty anti decomposition From around to prevent the body from deteriorating. and then I close it in his locker. I apologize to you for the uncomfortable position, but we must of necessity, virtue.

I'm tense all day, but fortunately, fate, or maybe that I hid it well my tracks by cleaning and cambiandomi clothes no one notices anything. repro larmadietto when her body is still as good as I remembered it to load into my car without hesitation taking his things.

Once home I carry in my basement furnished for my needs, and bare not expect oltrea to have sex with her and kissing her while accarezandola penetrate in her. once this is done I clean his body and prepare the best to become one of my dolls while I put the very sexy black underwear I fall asleep with her head on her belly.

Dream intensely that she talks to me and kisses me, a little arrabiata he used his body as a toy but forgive me then I seveglio.

I slept well and kiss her, but the dream does not give me peace tomorrow beacon of research on what I do not know, but I like the feeling that Michiru call me to do something important something in return for his taccito love.


In your exploration tour , you can find Fran , he died in the arms of Gamnan . after having had the better of the lizard man , or driving them off you turn on the body of the brave warrior . what to do with the rabbit woman's body ?


File: 1472860612716.jpg (37.64 KB, 719x398, 6664.jpg)

Sorry but I'm not into the bunny girl in the last pic so I'll offer someone else.

Here's Madam Red from Black Butler laid out lifeless in her casket. What do you do with her lush body?


File: 1473084414347.jpg (74.05 KB, 640x480, __sakura_chika_sorauta_dra….jpg)

/sono un po arruginito ma spero di non aver perso il mio tocco, per la coniglietta non ce problema del resto se non piace, non piace^^/

I was a patient of Madam, I did feel bad on purpose to be visited by the woman, always had roofs lean smells good. the body has been prepared with care, his hair carefully combed, a bit of makeup and a beautiful white dress. I convinced the men of the morgue to make a qundi around are alone with her. Well there are also other women too ready for their funerals, but I only have eyes for Madam. I put my hand on her breast squeezing strongly feeling the volume, I remembered it bigger, but the volume of it makes me a boner, I emphatically massage and then get her up into a sitting position and then helping her to get out of his coffin and I dance with her.
It seems more ready for its matrmonio that for her funeral her head lying on my shoulder as we dance and then kiss her passionately. I can sit alzandone the skirt caressing the leg to its full length, then remove the shield and see her beautiful leg licking from Cosia both wine fingers, which have a red enamel. it is strange to see her dressed in white, but I can not do anything to undress carefully and weight lift to place them back against the wall, while my cock enters into her, his body is shaken several times, his legs and arms swing softly as her breasts dancing up or down. whisper so doci to her ear while finally come. after I finished I can sit back. and I do drink a red potion. then I call the other two because I help to fix and make new Madam presentable for her ceremony.

The ceremony and beautiful with an unexpected plot twist, but nothing more the body is seppelito, tears and everything else and I expect to be alone. once alone I digging again. a big job I open the coffin and found Madam on one side, a pair of horns are popping up on the head, the potion is working. He kisses her passionately, binding with a deal. It is heavily assonata ta take it in my arms and the load on the horse carriage and settle his grave.
Then they'll let the same day with her to go to London for fun in France. after all they can do a sorcerer and his private succubus if not fun together.


find this girl with tied wrists , not breathing , what do you do with her?


File: 1473145695212.jpg (164.39 KB, 850x614, sample_ebbd0c7e7f7760f0ece….jpg)


I take various pics of the dead girl from various angles and distances and even focus on select body parts in some of them. I then untie her wrists and bridal carry her to a secluded location.

Once there, I dance with her body and do other things to play around with her. I then fondle her lush body through her clothing and caress her face and deeply kiss her on the lips.

I then take more pics of the dead girl in various poses before I proceed to gradually strip her nude while taking great pleasure in peeling off her stockings after I intimately caress her stocking covered legs. Once she's nude, I do my usual fondling, kissing and licking routine to the various parts of her body especially her butt and legs.

Next, I make love to her corpse and learn that she's a virgin as I have to pierce her hymen to make love to her. As I make love to her, she shakes and convulses as I pump my seed into her body. Once I'm done, I bathe and dry her off in the school bath and then I redress her before I inject her with a serum that causes her body to return to life and blindly obey my every command so I can make her into my interactive love doll. She has empty eyes and talks in a monotone voice like she's hypnotized which I find to be arousing.

Now then, here's Reimu from the Touhou series laid out in eternal slumber. What do you do with her beautiful body?


File: 1473190560782.jpg (413.71 KB, 675x932, __konpaku_youmu_and_konpak….jpg)

Reimu, lying in the back, a flower placed on your stomach repaired his clothes and wounds healed but life left his body. now it is that the priestess rest, according to the contract I have to take care of her and find a replacement is my duty. I get close to her body, and touch blacks long hair so soft and cared for. Stroke her long lashes up to caress her lips with my thumb.
One of the nicest I've ever seen priestesses sin, the result could be a less bitter. but that's okay.
hill my hands under her legs and co laltra I take her back raising it, one second after going to disappear in my den.

There are many other beautiful priestesses who lie in their beautiful dresses waiting saddles only my attention but Reimu is promising things whisper sweet to ear, I say that is special and then I start to undress her, caress her body intently putting particular emphasis on her pussy and her beautiful legs to small feet. hill my dick on her, but I do not take her virginity I just rub it vigorously by moving devolmente her body then I take the hands of her and allow her hands to help me to reach the pinnacle of pleasure, come above her some sketches ragging the face that I clean promptly. her body is already protected by spells that prevent the normal decomposition so I just have to clean up her body and now the real fun begins.

I take a centipede and I approach Reimu laying it on the forehead of her paw on the creature closed her eyes looking for Opening Bid Meets trying first from the nose then the mouth, none of the colon seems to please him, in his agitation the insect continues to move on its dinche face does not enter into her ear. Some convulsion Reimu and then opens her eyes, but the heart does not beat the centipede controls his brain functions. expressionless eyes of her excite me awkwardly gets up and kiss her passionately, and then help her to get up in my power I can dance and pose for me and then cover it by reactivating her heart. and then his life. Reimu despite being again in life is now in my power a doll that will obey my commands. bring it in its sanctuary does not remember anything before in his wooing her life and eventually become mates, Reimu not never will understand that his actions are partially controlled by me which allows her to live a happy and carefree life while I enjoy my life with my obliging companion.


always the Touhou series Youmu found lying on its side in an eternal sleep. what to do with the small samurai


File: 1473528329977.jpg (102.25 KB, 1280x720, Kyoko's sexy unconscious.jpg)


I kneel down and gently caress Youmu's face and hair before I lay her on her back and fiddle with her hands and fingers and even kiss and suckle her cute fingers. I then use her delicate hands to masturbate with while imagining her smiling shyly at me and saying how she wants to make me happy. When my dick gets hard and big, I turn around and squirt out love juice away from Youmu's sleeping body as not to soil it.

Next, I gently caress her stocking covered legs and feet before I proceed to gently peel off her stockings and caress her bare legs and feet. I massage and kiss her bare feet and then I do the same to her lovely set of legs. I then peel off her underwear, sniff it and then pull up her skirt and ease my cock into her tender pussy. I find that she's a virgin as I have to pop her cheery before I proceed to hump her lifeless body and as I thrust into her body, she shakes limply as I pump into her and unload my seed into her pussy.

Once I'm done, I strip her naked and fondle her other body parts including her cute ass which I grope, spank and pinch intently. I then bathe and dry her off and dress her in a sleeveless blue and white sundress with matching sandals and lay her on a mat next to a window with the sun shining down on her beautiful form in eternal slumber. Her hands are clasped together with her eyes closed like she's sleeping beauty.

I then have a few beetles crawl around on her body. One crawls around on her lovely feet and plays with her toes while another goes up her skirt and slips into her pussy, goes into her uterus and fertilizes some of her egg cells to produce more of its kind. Another fiddles with her fingers while a couple other beetles go to her face. One slips into her mouth and fiddles with her tongue while another opens her eyes and sips fluid from the surface of her eyes. One even goes up her nose and reaches her brain. It then fuses with it and takes over Youmu's body and while her body's been restored to life, she's now just a living love doll that obeys my commands and looks, talks and acts like she's hypnotized. I make her into my soulmate and we live happily together while she produces more beetle offspring and even undead children with underworld type powers as they're born of a mother whose technically dead already.

Now then, here's Kyoko from "Shiki" laid out dead on a sofa. What do you do with her sexy body?


File: 1473637376512.jpg (252.75 KB, 850x1202, __weiss_schnee_rwby_drawn_….jpg)


I approach the enchanting defunct accarezandole lips and seeing her mature body, everything about her also makes me mad that pained expression that I promise to turn as soon as possible. but before playing with the lovely Kyoko the take off my earrings because they are never statoun fan of these objects.

He caresses her right arm with emphasis on focusing completely hairless armpit, licking and then up with the tongue towards the ample bosom of her that I just move aside a little dress to expose her nipple Kyoko I suck with passion. I imagine the wailing woman at my doing and thinking that I just started, so with only one breast exposed, relax face of beautiful woman putting her in various erotic poses and different photo. She moves her hands so that signs do misunderstandings towards her breasts and then to her pussy.

I do not pray oltrem and after taking yet another photo of me togo pants while Kyoko in a sitting position with your legs apart waiting for me. her hands are resting next to her skirt as if he did it on purpose. I approach the prendeno delicatemani her and then put her nose on her panties, sniffing intently. then my hands caress her long legs to her while I take them to him and then rimmuovere her panties.

Without this desire to penetrate hotly and over and over again he venedno several times in her, while the seductive whisper things to the ear. Once satisfied, I finish undressing to wash it thoroughly and dry it and then put a nightgown sensuale.per then inietarle a serum that bring her back to life, but let his mind completely subjugated to my commands. Kyoko behaves as if it were under the grip of a strong hypnosis acting with Obedience. then the they marry and live happily ever after.

Find Weiss in her bed hugging a pillow , devoid of life , what to do with her adorable body?


File: 1473864504011.jpg (267.97 KB, 1600x902, asuna sleep.jpg)


I'm new so, I hope these works out for me

I begin by walking up to the sleeping princess and wrapping my arms tightly around her waist. I hug her and lay head closet to hers on the pillow taking in the scent of her body wash. With a light smile on my face, I lean close to kiss her lips after tiling her head towards my own. Our lips lock and I kiss with a deep passion for serval minutes. Despite being the snow princess, I can still feel a faint bit of warmth off Weiss’s body. Once I’m done lay her upper body down into her pillow and mattress, in an angle that her ass it tilted upward and easily accessed by me.

Unzipping myself, I rub my erection up and down against her combat skirt with just pure joy on my face. Happy to be able to touch my beloved princess. My hands touched her thigh, taking in every inch of her tender flesh. Losing myself in feeling her body up, my first load burst out and lands on the back of her head into her hair. I curse myself for losing control, but then let me fingers flow her now sticky yet wonderful soft locks of hair. She must have taken great of it in life.

I then get to the main event. First by pulling down her panties and raising up her skirt. The next step was to sit her up and let her exposed sex rub against my member. My hands in the meantime were exploring her soft bare stomach and small chest underneath. “Weiss…” I moan out the name of my princess, no my Queen and start to bounce her body up and down my cock while feeling up her body. Eventually I would lose track of time and cum inside of her an unknown amount of time.

After what seemed like hours, I pick up Weiss can carry with me back to my base. I have one of my Queens with me in my arms. Once I am done rebuilding her in my base she will become my perfect lover and maybe lead me to my second Queen, her sister.

You find Asuna, motionless on the ground. What do you do with her?


File: 1474034880203.jpg (180.34 KB, 850x1198, __tomoe_queen_s_blade_draw….jpg)


/ Thanks Carnivore, I piaceto're very well come to join us ^^ (if you want to do more along like you do something my meil: /

I find the beautiful warrior lying on the ground, I get close to her giving that his HP is 0 despite that his body does not disappear should be protected by some special object.

I decide to reclaim Asuna body as my property as I would for an object incustudito any of this world. Inginochiandomi beside her I put in a sitting position with the head and flowing hair swaying. I stroke her hair so well cared for long and straight, or always loved the girls who had the patience to wear your hair that way. The snow-white neck Asuna invites me to bite him gently, I do not leave the seng of teeth but the kiss and lick until it becomes red and then move on to the sweet lips of her.

The hill back gently to the ground holding his shoulders and head poggiandola with his back on the grass. and then caresses her long legs taking away his shoes and socks so long to see perfetamenete her bare legs to massagiarle and kiss before turning to the torso of her taking away the armor.

I continue to strip her up to be explored every part of his body and then make love to her, the sensation and practically the same does not feel any difernza even despite Asuna is technically dead is still worm. once this is done I take tuttoil his Dusche then pick her up and bring her to my hut using a crystal of teleportation.

Come to my hill Asuna lair on the table by putting a red dress that left uncovered apalle and thighs putting much emphasis on the butt, combining it with stockings heels. I find that object maintains physical fitness intact preventing it actually even die in the real world.
They will use this to my advantage reviving the Avatar Asuna as if under hypnosis, ubbedendo my orders also I will use this fantastic object to capture other beautiful girls and take them in my den.

found this ronin , in fresta , he died after an arduous fight. despite this , there are no wounds on her body . what to do with her body ?


File: 1474102464026.jpg (31.73 KB, 300x442, Hitomi dead.jpg)


I scoop up the dead woman, shoulder carry her to an abandoned house and then drop her on the floor like a sack of potatoes and tear her tattered outfit off before I started to caress, kiss, lick and lovebite the dead woman's lush body. I especially focus on her breasts, belly, ass and legs.

I then ram her pussy with my dick and thrust in and out which causes her to shake and convulse as I rob her of her virginity before I spew my cum into her pussy and it spreads all across her uterus and leaks all the way to her ovaries.

Afterwards, I rest on top of her still warm corpse while groping her breasts intently and when I'm done resting, I carry her body to a river and wash and dry her off before I dress her in a sexy outfit that shows off her figure quite well /especially her legs/ and then I pour a potion down her throat that brings her back to life but without memories of her past and is shy and meek plus she blindly obeys my ever command and loves me.

Pleased, I name her Yura and we settle down and start a family while I fuck her brains out a few times a week.

Now then, here's Hitomi from Esacflowne dead inside a stone temple as she's been electrocuted to death and her heart stopped and no one could revive her. What do you do with her lush body?


File: 1474317982668.jpg (248.56 KB, 850x1133, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_draw….jpg)


I hear distinctly the cry, a cry of pain a woman's scream. you can not work more in peace now, I'm going to check the upper parts of the temple hoping to get lucky and find quickly the intruder.
The wait is worth it in the end stumbled into a trap eletrica there a young man with strange clothes, her silly unfocused gaze excites me, I now approach the trap is turned off so no danger. Touch her face and her skin so soft and fluffy, I do not know what he was doing in my house this nosy, but now, is my guest.
I do not waste time I take the legs and shoulders and lift, the head she dangles, along with legs a and the left bravvio mind right rests on his own body.

I return to my studio there are books everywhere and now I put my host and using magic wires I can dance with me and then take her on a tour of his new home, there are candles everywhere only source of light then the port to my bachca of trophies and I present to her new friends. A group of women posing with sensual clothes and lying in a lifeless like a harem room, all the silly that entered into the temple capestando traps placed by me.

But enough to waste time. I can lie down on the table beginning to examine her body, smell and I take care of her very sweet and delicate fragrance while my hands percorrrono her stroking shapes and then tighten them in my hands. I put emphasis on that delicate mouth and ass, then undress leaving her naked as a newborn. I spooglio me in my turn to kick start with a small job in the mouth, which makes me a boner at the right point. His eyes versdi unfocused make me crazy enough to lick and kiss them. did this begin to slip it into her. and pump firmly. her body moving rhythmically until I do not come into her several times when I met detachment and wash through a spell and then preserve his body magically. Done that now clothe the girl but not with her clothes but with a wedding dancer pink belly, then it dance and move on command like a puppet to the room of ocpiti making her sit down together with my dolls. Soon it will be able to reactivate their minds making them obbidienti that serves diffenderanno my house and help me a big family. but until then they will have to wait patiently.


Touhou Yuuka here , lying lifeless on a deck , apparently killed by a powerful poison plants. what to make of this flower ?


File: 1482369948669.jpg (107.26 KB, 720x540, sailor_moon_supers_episode….jpg)


I'd caress Touhou's green hair and lovely face before I cusped her face in my hands and deeply kissed her on the lips. I'd note that the inside of her mouth tastes like peppermint which pleases me.

Next, I'd intimately caress her lovely set of legs and note how soft and smooth her skin was before I unbuttoned and slid off her shirt which reveals that she's wearing a silky white camisole with matching silky panties. Aroused, I'd then bridal carry her inside with her head, hair, arms and hands hanging limply while swaying as I move which turns me on even more.

Once inside, I lay her down on a bed and take a series of pics of her in different body positions, different angles and different distances. Next, I'd passionately make out with Touhou's body and strip her undergarments off while getting myself nude. I'd then do another round of pics and the most noteworthy body pose I'd do with Touhou is that I'd place a large pinecone in her hands which would be together on her lap to make her look pure and innocent. I'd then caress, kiss and lick her various body parts before going for the gold and taking away her virginity.

Once I was done having sex with Touhou's nude body, I'd take her to the bathroom and wash her body clean before drying her off, slipping her in nice white lingerie, a short sleeved white dress and white slingback high heeled shoes along with some jewelery on select parts of her body, some light makeup on her face, well manicured fingernails and a white summer hat before I sat her down onto a comfy chair, crossed her legs, opened her lovely eyes, placed her hands on her lap and admired her beauty.

Now then, here's Usagi from Sailor Moon whose been killed by a Lemure, what do you do with her lovely body?


grave robbery!


File: 1496901415265.jpg (82.1 KB, 720x480, Momoko has a nice butt and….jpg)


Grace robbery's actually one of my necro fantasies but the girl or woman in the grave has to have been buried there shortly beforehand. I'd bridal carry her away and take her to my safehouse to have my way with her instead of taking her right then and there.

Anyhow, here's Momoko from Sailor Moon laying dead on the ground. What do you do with her cute body which has a nice butt and legs?


File: 1497503552167.png (103.44 KB, 638x399, Screenshot_from_2013-07-13….png)

first, i'll make sure that there's absolutely nobody who will notice my actions. Then after making sure,i'll strip her body then inspect every curves of her body. The ass is the most notable feature so i have to do her in the ass. Then, after preparing my cock, i'll do so with vigor. Pumping in my cock into her dead anus. Doing it in such a passion that i can't stop it. Then the swelling passion becomes so unbearable that i'll blow my load into her anus, ejecting a lot of cum into way beyond her rectum. Then i'll stop pumping and pull my dick out of her anus. I'll then start inserting into her pussy next. I'm violating her twice in different holes. Then the inevitable happens, spewing a load of sperm into her dead pussy. After that, i decide to leave her body exposed to the elements.

Here's Sunako in eternal slumber in her coffin. wearing a white burial kimono with a ceremonial dagger clasped in her hands. The problem is, she's buried in her grave. how will you get the body and what will you do to her petite pale body?


File: 1497511247320.png (300.05 KB, 640x480, Nozomi in casket.png)


Ah yes, my sweet Sunako. She's so lovely even in death. Anyhow, I dig up her coffin with a shovel and once I reach it, I haul it up and pry it open. I note how lovely Sunako is in death and I gently caress her long purple hair and pale but lovely face. I then place her small body in a suitcase I brought with me and rebury her empty casket and leave the graveyard with my cargo.

Once at my residence, I place Sunako's lifeless body onto a metal slab and hold her limp hand in my hands and sweetly talk to her and say how much I loved her in life. I then gently unfasten her burial robe and slip it off of her along with her head band and underwear which leaves the young girl nude. I gaze upon her nude pale body and under the light, she looks quite angelic.

I then start to caress, kiss and lick her small body's various parts and take specific pleasure in doing it to her chest, belly, butt and legs. I also sit her up and brush her long purple hair and massage her neck, back and shoulders and imagine her cooing cutely at my warm touch.

I also place her in a series of body poses and take pictures of her as she makes for a good subject for photos. In one pic, I place her hands together and put a pinecone in them to make her look pure and innocent like how I regarded her in life while in another, I make it look like she's sleeping peacefully on her side with one of her arms hanging limply over the edge of the slab.

I then use her right hand to masturbate with and I picture her smiling shyly and saying how she wants to make me happy. As her limp delicate fingers rub against my dick, it grows in size as I remember how her warm smile and kind personality made me happy and brightened my day.

At this point, I feel quite horny so I ease my dick into her cold virgin pussy and pierce her hymen before I start to pump hard into it. Her small body shakes as I thrust into her and I cry out her name before I cum into her pussy. Still not quite satisfied, I repeated the same procedure to her virgin rectum which like her pussy is quite tight but snug and once I'm done, she awakens suddenly as it turns out that she's become a Shiki as she was killed by a visiting vampire from Europe.

Sunako looks around confused but recognizes me and asks what's going on. Blushing, I explain to her what happened and that I dug her up because I couldn't bear to see her beautiful form rot away in the cold ground and that I love her. Smiling, she says that she loves me too and she kisses me and we become a couple. I let her drink some of my blood as she's quite hungry being a Shiki and all. After a few more nights, I die but rise as a Shiki and spend eternity with her and along the way, she brings her younger sister into the mix as she misses her.

Now then, here's a high school girl named Nozomi in a casket in a blue gown, long skirt and matching blue boots. What plans do you have for this pure young maiden?


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File: 1515384204085.jpg (711.45 KB, 1600x1200, 76218528283cd776cef81a2956….jpg)

Gonna try and CPR this thread by offering up a girl.

Her name's Sachi. Situation is that her brain got melti-fied by that machine over there.


File: 1515462644764.jpg (372.69 KB, 1200x515, dead schoolgirl.jpg)


Seeing her sad looking makes ME sad so I gently wipe away her tears and blood before whispering into her ear and saying "Don't worry, I promise to take good care of you my love......".

I then throw off the blanket on top of her which reveals that she's wearing a sleeping robe and is barefoot. Smiling, I caress, massage and kiss her bare feet and toes to get myself aroused. I then unfasten her robe and discover that's she nude under her robe. Once her robs is off, I grope, kiss and lick her breasts and suckle her tits. Next, I do the same routine to her belly, legs and the rest of her body.

I also use her hands and fingers to masturbate with and imagine her smiling and saying how she worships my dick. I then have her kiss and gently suckle the helmet part of it and once it's big enough, I caress her breasts and belly with my dick and then ram it into her virgin pussy and pin her down to mimic that I'm having rough sex with her. I scream louder and louder until I cum so hard into her lovely body that she limply spasms from the sheer force of it.

After sleeping on her corpse for a bit, I clean her up, inject her with an anti-decomposition serum and dress her up in a white sundress, matching white sandals and some nice jewelery and make her into my necro bride.

Now then, here's a dead schoolgirl laid out on a morgue table waiting for you to have your way with her, what do you do with her lush body?


File: 1515516277561.jpg (176.09 KB, 1080x1920, 1404721803287_B.jpg)

This would be a normal autopsy procedural. I'd take off her shoes and socks, taking a toe-tag and putting it around her big toe while sneaking in a few feels of her soft feet. I even glanced up her skirt. Classic blue bow panties, from what I can see.

I get to work on taking off the rest of her clothes, stopping momentarily to observe how cute her underwear is. I take a few photos, even flipping her body to see her butt filling in the panties. I stroked my dick a bit before taking off her bra and panties. More pictures are taken, both for forensic and personal reasons. I even took the time to pose her a bit.

I do the obvious observations, such as swabbing her for semen samples, scraping her nails for evidence, and the like. Her cause of death was that she fell down the stairs, so no need to cut her open to look at her guts. After I was done doing the forensic crap, I then took off my pants.

I put my dick over her cold, soft feet, her soles rubbing against my dick. This is just foreplay. I bent her legs over and got onto the table, inserting my dick into her vagina. I pounded her pretty slowly, since I had been informed she was a virgin. Wanted to make her first and possibly last time memorable, after all. Eventually, I took my dick out and put it over her open mouth. Her lips causing my penis to erupt with cum. After cleaning her up, I cover her up.

She'll be given preparations for her funeral, using a top of the line embalming fluid that will ensure almost a year of her not decomposing, almost like a doll. Not sure how her funeral will be, if it will be a simple memorial followed by cremation or if she's gonna just get stolen and sold to the highest bidder in the black market.

Whatever the case may be, there's a high chance I'll never see this cutie again, so I kissed her goodbye.

Scenario: This girl is to be prepared for a funeral.


File: 1515546460903.jpg (762.94 KB, 2480x3507, 1512224283628.jpg)


/OOC: I liked what you did with the dead schoolgirl, it's what I'd have done too except of course for posing her body a lot more./

Ah yes, this girl. Her name's Miyata Yuuki just so you know.

Anyhow, I opt to take numerous pics of her in different poses, different distances and even focus on select body parts in some of them. I also place objects on her body to create artistic photos. In one of them, I place a pinecone on her belly and place her hands on it to make her look pure and innocent while in another, I place a copy of alice in wonderland on her lap to make it look like she's fallen asleep nude after reading it. Since she was into baseball in life, I even do place a baseball on her belly and her hands over it to symbolize her love of baseball.

Next, I feel this lovely girl up and after I caress her orange hair and sweet face as well as pinch her cute cheeks, I lovingly caress her smooth skin all over and grope her lush breasts. I then pinch her pale tits and gently suckle them like a newborn baby and place her limp hand on my head and imagine her singing gently to me.

I then caress, kiss and lick her lovely belly and raspberry kiss her belly button before intimately lifting up, caressing, kissing and licking her legs up and down. I also lay her on her side and grope her cute buttcheeks and caress her back. I also sit her up and massage her neck, back and shoulders from behind while whispering sweet things into her ear and how I'm going to ensure that she gets to become a woman in death.

After laying her down, I bring out my dick and then pierce her hymen with it before screwing her brains out. As I pump into her, she limply shakes with her shaking reaching its crescendo when I cum into her cold pussy. Afterwards, I gently wash her body off, lay her on her belly and inject my trusty anti-decomposition serum into her rectum with a tube and it pumps it into Miyata's lush body ensuring that she'll never decompose.

Once that's done, I slip her body into a short sleeved version of her school serafuku, undergarments, white socks and school shoes as well as slip a friendship locket around her neck. She's then placed at a special shrine where her preserved body will be kept to be viewed by the public forever.

Now then, here's a dead young woman in a casket. What do you do with her lovely form?


File: 1515865743775.png (2.83 MB, 1433x2048, e82e738e0e6c14999e8c394de5….png)

[I'm gonna do something a bit unorthodox here]

Taro had to do a double take. No way. There's no way his babysitter is dead. But he looked at the name on the casket: Nozomi Tojo. He cried, clinging onto the side of the casket. Nozomi Tojo, his babysitter, was dead.

Taro remembered all the fun times he had hanging out with Nozomi and how she would cuddle and snuggle with him, even playing with his penis. To see her, now lifeless in the casket, made him upset. However, something stirred in him.

He lowered the casket and climbed in. One last cuddle with her. He snoozed with her for a bit, his hand on her large breast. He remembered how much he played with them and the cute moans she made. His hands snuck onto her button and unfastened them. As he did, the breasts began to move a bit. Seemed the shirt was restricting her.

Come to think of it, her outfit seemed a bit too tight on her chubby body. Perhaps she'd be more comfortable if they were loose? Taro went to work on taking her blazer off. It was now a white dress. He was able to see her bra through it. He then unbuckled her boots and pulled them off, along with her socks. She had very pretty feet.

He continued stripping her. First it was to free her from her fabric prison, then, it turned into something of a nostalgia trip. It wasn't until he was pulling down her panties from her skirt did he realize what he was doing. However, when he saw the purple bush on her vagina, he couldn't take it anymore.

He took off his pants and undid her bra. Lifting up her shirt, he placed his penis in between her cold breasts. He moved it for a bit, enjoying her skin against his foreskin, rubbing together until he ejaculated all over her cleavage. He panted, then moved to her vagina. He merely poked it with his penis, rubbing and prodding it. When he finally pressed into it, it slipped into her vagina as he frotted against her insides. He licked and suckled onto Nozomi's nipples, moaning out how he loved her, before he came inside.

He got off and ran before anyone suspected it was him. However, before he ran, he kissed Nozomi on the cheek. He finally got to have sex with her, one last time...

So, we covered Morgue scenes and Funerals, now let's try a Crime Scene.


File: 1518816980491.jpg (147.63 KB, 1058x1200, 9c6493326fd96fddd2d59c5302….jpg)

I'd start by taking off her socks and shoes, feeling up her cold feet while bunching up her skirt to see her panties. I raised her petite butt up and pulled down her panties. I saw her vagina with some pubic hair over it.

I took out my penis and began to bone her body. I pounded her body as her body limply moved to the rhythm. I flop her over and lifted her shirt, spreading her jacket to show her cute bra. I squeezed her breasts and continually fucked her until I ejaculated inside her. I gently let her legs down and fixed her dress up, closing her eyes as I went away.

One morning, you noticed your friend hadn't woken up so you go to wake her, only to find that not only is she not responsive, but her body is cold.


File: 1519548538191.jpg (553.36 KB, 1889x722, I'm calmly staring off int….jpg)


I take a series of pics of the dead girl from various angles and distances plus in some of them, I focus on select body parts.

Deeply aroused, I opt to feel her up and I intimately caress her various body parts and lovingly caress, kiss and lick her legs up and down before doing the same to her belly and belly button. I also grope her breasts through her top.

I then play around with her hands and fingers and then I use her right hand/fingers to masturbate with and once my dick is hard, I rub its helmet against her lips while imaging her kissing it. I then pull down her underwear, ram my cock into her pussy and pump until I cum into it which causes her body to convulse.

Afterwards, I pull up her underwear, kiss her deeply on the lips and decide to make her into my love doll. Once I inject her with an anti-decomposition serum, I take over her room and use her as a doll to love and cherish.

Now then, here's a dead schoolgirl at a crime scene. What do you do with her body?
/OOC: Just ignore the text on the side/


File: 1523201639354.png (188.54 KB, 708x315, Flutters.png)

Bumping this with a new prompt for writers to choose from.

You enter a sauna and see this lady. She's dead, though it looked as though she died with a smile on her face.


I enter the Shauna, wearing a towel around my middle, then jump a mile to see the pink haired girl lewdly lying on the bench. Initial surprise over, I'd let the towel fall away as my dick grew rock solid. Upon closer inspection, I'd fall to my knees by her side "awww poor Fluttershy, you where always my favourite waifu :(" Dying a bit inside, but still horny as fuck, I have a seat to process the emotional roller-coaster.

Once I've swallow my sadness, I'd take a closer look at Flutters, running the tips of my fingers down her belly and left leg...brushing my fingers her rock hard nipples and soaked cunt. "Looks like you died happy at least, given your back is still arched, wouldn't be surprised if you had such a good orgasm it caused a stroke... You're certainly not getting any less hot or wet in here, And women often want dick when they're hot and wet...Want my dick in you?" I'd then hold her head and move it up and down simulating a Nod. "You're too kind oh element of kindness...Glad to oblige!"

Little vaudeville act done, I'd get right down to fucking; penetrating her still warm and wet cunt with my throbbing uncut 7 inches, and rape her unresponsive corpse! 'Like a lovedoll.' I'd probably think after cumming, spewing my seed into her dead, barren womb... Then I'd prop her up for some doggy style anal; Spitting some for lube, ploughing her tight ass without resistance. Once I’ve cum a 2nd time, I'd be spent and plop down caressing the corpse... Enjoying the after glow, I'd eventually make plans; take her home and pursue means of preserving the body, turning it into a fuck doll.


File: 1526966464456.jpeg (789.54 KB, 1920x1080, outgoing.jpeg)

Heading to the gym, you find a dead girl whose been murdered and strung up on exercise equipment, What do?


File: 1527092378413.png (589.18 KB, 565x832, 67534910_p0.png)

At first i was like "Oh my god i was about to get swole" but then i got curious with the dead girl. I remove her clothing and position myself in front of her before penetrating her dead pussy with my thick dick. After i came i decided to leave her corpse in the open for anyone else to discover.

Exploring some ruins, you opened up a tomb and find this dead girl who might have some historical significance. What will you do?


File: 1527214592866.jpg (75.55 KB, 1200x1697, 005.jpg)

It was just a dare, I told myself while entering the old tomb. Nothing, more, just relax. I kept telling myself that after expecting the classic dare from good friends to stay the night in dark spooky tomb. Well I can at least say I have balls. So where was? I remember them saying it was the tomb of Nero the roman emperor. That’s all really, I look around and notice a tomb was slightly cracked open.

“Ha-ha, very funny guys!” I went towards it, expecting to have to punch either friend of mine’s face or that of a zombie. Instead, I saw a face. A still, cute one, laying there within some weird styled wedding outfit. “ Ne…Nero?” I paused seeing the former ruler of Rome’s corpse lying before me. I didn’t her to still be looking so good. Maybe old Romans were good at preserving bodies.

I lean in, and stare at her face. I kiss her cheek in moment of growing sexual tension. I haven’t been so close to cute girl like this, in while and no one was around. Didn’t help I had to stay in here all night, so why not make it fun. I start stripping my cloths while entering the ancient casket. It was more then enough to hold us both.

I grab the back of her head dress and pull her towards me, forcing her mouth open to slip my tongue between her dry yet still somehow soft lips. I lick the limp tongue and deep kiss her. My chest rubbing against her exposed breast, because of her lewd outfit. The same can be said about my dick against her pussy. I wonder did Romans always dress like this after death in old days or did they do cause lewd reasons.

What it was, I thank them. I kept kissing her and pushed my dick into her waiting sex. It was easy to slip in, I rub back and forth enjoy the texture of her smooth skin. My body could feel the cold flowing off her own body, as my own body heat transferred to her. I then pull part her hands and lock fingers with her. I rode her like a mad man, kissing and bucking my lips up and down over and over again.

I did this for hours, cumming into her lifeless corpses many times. Enjoy the taste of her lips, even got in a few blow jobs here and there, by sitting up her corpse. I lost track of time and passed out on her breast after kissing her neck.

I spend the morning after waking fuck her corpses before leaving the tomb. My friend were impressed with me. So not only did I get some cool points, ever couple of weeks I always go back.

Always to please my dear little ruler.

You find the corpse of alien girl with human anatomy. What do you do wit her?


File: 1527252764721.jpg (386.62 KB, 800x1123, 68556460_p0.jpg)

Okay, so I have to fuck a dead alien giantess. And I'm a giant monster...

I came across her corpse searching for cities to destroy. I take a good look and yes, that's an ultra girl and yes, she's dead. I was relieved that she was dead and decided to do something to humiliate her after death. I fondled her cold breasts and body. I rubbed it in into her dead body. Then i whipped out my monstrous cock, prop her body in a standing position, and thrust my dick deep inside her dead pussy. I continue fucking her deeply until i started to cum hard inside her dead womb. After i finish cumming i threw her body into the ground and was about to leave her corpse there when i can tell my monster friends about the dead ultra girl. We then gang-raped her corpse very hard.

You somehow managed to get three dead girls through some underhanded dealings and/or grave robbing along with their grave goods. You have some form of necromancy. What would you do to these cute dead girls?


File: 1527293913443.jpg (115.34 KB, 720x480, Sakaki's sexy unconscious.jpg)


After caressing the faces of these three cuties, I gradually strip each of them nude and once I'm done, I pose them individually and together in a variety of poses with different objects.

I then lovingly fondle and massage each of their lovely petite bodies and even kiss and lick their various body parts while I imagine them moaning softly. Next, I use their limp hands and fingers to masturbate with and I picture them smiling at me and saying how they want to make me happy. Once my dick gets hard, I pump into each of them and cum in their small hairless pussies while shouting how much I love them.

Finally, I bathe and dry the three lolis before I dress them in the outfits from each of their coffins. To top it off, I deeply kiss each of them which brings them back to life. They thank me for bringing them back to life and tell me that they remember everything I did to their bodies. I then adopt the three of them as my daughters and we constantly have loving sex with each other in private.

Now then, here's Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh laid out on the ground dead. What do you do to her sexy body?


omg im sooooooo happy to see im not the only person into this stuff lol!!


File: 1527551348045.jpg (176.3 KB, 831x1283, wayukd.jpg)

>>3927 A loud thud came from a room nearby. My eyes widened in surprise as I opened the door and came across the body of some brown-haired beauty spread out on the wooden floor. "Are you okay?" I called out as I got down, getting no response. Checking her pulse, I confirmed she was dead. I wondered how she died. Did she slip on that bottle and died because of the fall? That's so unlucky, I couldn't help but feel bad for her. Still, I couldn't leave her on the floor. I grabbed her body by the arms and tried to pull it away. One of the straps of her white shirt got caught between two of the floorboards, and as I jerked her body it snapped. Her huge breasts bounced as the front of her top came off, revealing her black bra that barely managed to contain them. Feeling the growing erection in my pants, I groped them for a moment, before lifting the bra and freeing them. Freeing my cock from my pants, I slid it in between them and used them to quickly get off, squeezing them around my cock.

As I came, my cum splashed onto her dead, peaceful face. She looked so adorable like that with the white streaks across her face and chin. I leaned in and kissed her a few times, going down on her body after a moment. After giving her huge tits more attention, I kissed a trail down her stomach until I arrived at her hips. I quickly pulled her short black skirt off, and did the same with her panties. Her pussy looked so inviting that I got hard again, and in no time I was plowing her. A post-mortem spasm shook her body when I tore through her hymen. Her pussy was still warm around my cock. Quickly, her pussy was filled my load. After withdrawing, I put her skirt back on, but left her topless since breasts so beautiful deserved to be uncovered. I started to drag her corpse out, leaving it at the pavement once I got it out of the building. Leaving her for another lucky passerby, I took her panties and bra with me and walked away.

Mia's corpse washes up in the nearby stream. What do you do to her?


File: 1529123320495.jpg (428.12 KB, 849x1200, 69239363_p1_master1200.jpg)

It happened so fast. My sister and I rode on a bike when we suddenly hit a rock and fell. I got off lucky, but my sister landed on a rock and rolled over. I ran over to her.

"Sis! Are you okay!" I cried out and tried to wake her up. She wasn't responding, instead just twitching. A few times that her leg jerked, her skirt lifted up. She continued for a bit before she dropped limp. It was at that moment that I knew she had died. I gave a brief cry. I loved her and now she was gone...

I noticed her skirt had given way to show her panties. My sadness drifted away as a new thought came. My fingers touched her cotton panties and began to rub. Once I knew she wasn't responding to that, I put my entire body onto her and smothered myself all over her. I lifted her shirt to show her belly as I licked the sweat off her. I began to mount her and pulled down my pants.

I had been thinking about this for a long time... And now? I'm going to have that dream come true.

I parted her panties and exposed her petite breasts. I entered her body, pressing against her and burying my head into her tits. She felt so good and warm, and her breasts tasted great. I began to give out a cry as I put everything I had into her. Every push, pound, and fuck I had was placed into giving her my farewell. I cried into her cooling chest as I ejaculated inside her.

She felt so nice though... I picked up her arms and laid them over me. I closed her eyes as I went for a small nap on top of her.

Scenario for this is odd. This is Silence Suzuka. A Horse Girl who is pretty fast. However, she ended up breaking her leg and had to be put down on the spot. The drug was administered through the arm and she went peacefully.


File: 1532117935549.png (1.02 MB, 1094x1280, dcd062c2e7576d1a10bd38accf….png)

CPR time.


You enter the bathroom to find that your sister/girlfriend/mom/wife/roommate/whatever relationship you want had slipped and cracked her neck.


Since have two on the table and Guro chan is working again. I'll give it a shot.


What a good girl, working on the farm I seen many horses like her put down by my boss. It was usually older ones, a younger one was new for me. The boss orders me to clean things up.

With glee I drag her into the barn. This job came with lot of perks for all hard work that came with it. Leaning down, I lick her neck tasting her soft flesh while rubbing down her body. When reach her legs I feel the one with the broken bone. I soft rub it, feeling the torn body part poking against her skin.

My cock rubs against her camel toe, feeling her pussy dripping wet due to the poison in her system. I then tear her pants open, thrusting my cock inside. A few wet slipping noises were the only indication we were having sex in the barn.

While I enjoy her pussy, my mouth and face brushed against her massive breast. Licking across their soft outer surface and over her nipples. I would do this for while, inserting my cum into over and over again till I pass out in her breast. When morning came, I woke up and put her in the freeze.

I make sure to have fun with her again after another hard day of work.


File: 1532190591565.jpg (181.32 KB, 826x1169, 48877634_p0_master1200.jpg)


I knew my girlfriend was dead the moment I heard the thud. This was bound to happen eventually, knowing how clumsy she can be. No reason to knock, I enter the bathroom and find her naked in the bath, having slipped on a bar of soap. Aroused by her twitching body, I unzip my pants and go to fetch the camera.

To begin, I take pictures of her from various angles, knowing this will be the last time I'll get a good look at her. Once I think I have enough, I climb on top of her and rub my cock between her strong thighs while my hands feel up the curves of her slender waist. I lick her breasts and neck, tasting the delicate fragrance of her body. Staring into her lifeless eyes, I use her limp hands to jerk off. Then I lift her on her knees and put my cock in her mouth, filling her throat with cum.

Satisfied, I grab my camera once again and take another picture of her with her eyes wide open, ass in the air, cum and drool leaking from her mouth. I then dry her off and toss her in bed, where I fall asleep with her corpse in my arms.


A sassy school girl made the mistake of getting on your bad side. After teaching her a quick lesson, you decide it would be a shame to waste her body.


File: 1545029617382.jpg (181.25 KB, 850x810, sample_6318b8e240f9a8d007a….jpg)


/OOC: In my revenge fantasy, I didn't rape and beat her up before killing her, I just strangled her to death./

After I strangled the cute but sassy schoolgirl to death for making my life a living hell with her constant teasing of me, I decide to make the most of her body. Even though I hated her personality, I always thought of her as cute and longed to make her into a love doll.

I keep her eyes open and bridal carry her to a secluded area. Once there, I drop her onto the ground and take pics of her in various poses. Next, I take off her shoes and after caressing her stocking covered legs and feet, peel them off and then I caress, massage and kiss her legs and feet. I then peel off her white panties and after bringing out my dick, fuck her brains out with her corpse limply shaking as I do my work. Her sexy little death stare as she mindlessly stares off into space while I rape her is arousing.

Afterwards, I redress her, inject my trusty anti-decomposition serum into her body, slip her into a large gym bag and take her home with me. Once there, I sit her on a chair and cross her legs with her eyes open. I go on to use her as my personal love doll.

Now then, here's a cutie in a swimsuit dead and laid out for your enjoyment. What do you do with her?


File: 1545065768199.png (477.7 KB, 405x901, c1eb593fe90d75f7e2a348a010….png)

I had no idea what my friend had in store when he invited me to the pool after school, so imagine my surprise when I entered and saw Lilly, one of the most popular girls in school, laid down on a bed roll.

"Got assigned to cleaning duty and found her floating. Seemed she went out pretty peacefully." My friend said. I moved closer and felt her cold skin.

"S-she's…" I muttered.

"Yeah, tried CPR, but didn't work. But hey," he squeezed one of her tits, "now we can touch up on the most beautiful girl in the school…" He pulled down one of the straps of her swimsuit and exposed one of her tits. He began to rub her erect nipple.

Already, I became hard, though I felt it to be difficult to just lay my hands on Lilly, especially since she's dead. However, once I saw her cameltoe, without any hesitation, I ran my finger along the center. She didn't react. In fact, all that remained was a smile on her face.

I thought of how she died… With the smile, it could be that she died on her own terms… Suicide? But… she's the most popular girl in school. How can she just decide to end it all there?

I thought more about it… And pretended she was happy knowing I'd be her first. It was no secret that she was a chaste girl despite hundreds of men wanting her, so there was a good chance she was a virgin.

I rubbed her vulva a few more times before I pulled away the crotch area. There, I saw a wet vagina and strands of pubic hair. I stuck my fingers inside her and imagined moans of pleasure from her.

As I did this, my fried took off his pants and placed his dick into her mouth. He thrust quite vigorously, causing her breasts to jiggle. It didn't ruin my immersion, as I focused fully on her vagina, softly kissing it and her thighs. I soon couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm ready…" I peeled away my pants and, with my dick in hand, pressed up against her vagina. It made a wet plop sound as I saw blood flow from her. I began to plunge deeper into her body and realized this will be the first and last chance I'll ever have.

So I took my time. While my friend finished and came in her mouth, I took about five minutes feeling up her smooth skin and playing with her tits. Once I felt like I was at a climax, I shoved my head into her breasts and yelled out as I came. When I pulled out, her vagina now had my seed pouring out of her, all while she kept that same, albeit cum filled, smile.

We took extra caution to clean up her body before reporting it to a teacher. Afterwards, we were excused. My last look at her was her smile before being placed in a body bag.


You, out of all the fans of famous pop idol Sayaka, had won a contest with a super secret prize.

When you came over, you were aware of her tragic passing and how the contest was to be held in memory of her. What you didn't factor in was the grand prize:

You got to attend her wake and by extension, her vigil. On top of that, you have gained the approval to do whatever you want with her before her funeral and subsequent cremation.


File: 1545113094978.jpg (121.68 KB, 1280x960, Sleeping cutie.jpg)


I remember how much I loved the lovely pop idol laid out before me and it saddens me to see her dead and lifeless.

I lovingly caress her sweet face and lovely long dark hair before I go down and caress, massage and kiss her bare feet and then slip a pair of white mary jane shoes on them.

Next, I stand her up and I dance with her limp body which moves elegantly even in death. Once we finish dancing, I sit her down and I get behind her and massage her shoulders while kissing and licking all around her neck before I lift up each of her arms and kiss and lick her cute armpits lustfully.

After that, I flip her skirt revealing her lovely pair of legs which I lustfully caress, kiss and lick while I lift each of them in the air. Being deeply aroused, I slip off her white panties and bring out my dick before I ease it into her tight but snug pussy and as I pierce her hymen and began pumping into her.

While I pump into her lush body, she spasms limply and in the meantime, I lovingly grope her lush breasts and cry out her name. Eventually, I cum into her pussy but just then, the sheer shock wakes her up and she gasps as she's brought back to life.

After some explaining as to what's going on, she smiles and thanks me for bringing her back to life and kisses me. Once she slips her panties back on, we get up and go tell everyone that she's alive again. We then hook up and have a long happy life together.

Now then, here's a cute little girl slumped on a bed in eternal slumber ready to have her small adorable body plundered, enjoy!


File: 1545194207047.jpg (1.41 MB, 2097x1184, shotinback.jpg)


My reply here; hxxps:// See the second story.


The worst school shooting has just occurred, as a team of sadists with automatic weapons and paramilitary training stormed the school. You emerge from the utility closet after the SWAT team swept the bad guys. Jessica — your crush, and one of the hottest girls in school — is laying there with a bullet in her back. What will you do with this opportunity?


File: 1545201747685.jpg (88.31 KB, 800x600, 137139097620.jpg)


After grieving for Jessica's death, I'd clean up the blood on her body and clothes while using special abilities of mine to seal up her gunshot wound.

Next, I'd turn her over onto her back after taking off her napsack and then I'd caress her face and french kiss her while she still had that shocked look on her face.

I'd then move my hands down and grope her breasts through her top before I reached her legs which I'd lovingly caress, kiss and lick.

I'd then stand her up and dance with her lifeless body which would move limply but elegantly as I moved and then I'd give Jessica a big hug and confess my feelings for her to her and vow to treat her like the goddess that she deserves to be treated as.

I'd then french kiss her while hugging her which would bring her back to life and I'd be pleased to see her return to the world of the living. Also, she'll smile at me and tell me that she could feel everything I did to her when she was dead and that she likes me too.

We then hook up and become a couple and live happily ever after.

Now then, this nude cutie lies dead and lifeless in her casket. What do you do to her lush body.


File: 1545242308579.jpeg (92.57 KB, 1280x990, 1910647__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Well, first I'd probably feel up her cold skin, notice how the flowers overpowered any scent the body could produce.

I then squeeze her breasts and finger her vagina, smooch her on the forehead. Climb into the casket and cuddle with her, frotting her vulva with my dick and rest in her arms.


You're walking on the beach and find two unresponsive girls washed up on shore, broken wands and sandles removed.



File: 1557500322495.jpg (350.54 KB, 659x911, 20190510_095238.jpg)

I look upon the two girls and check their pulse just to be sure they aren't just pretending to be dead. After a moment I do confirm they are indeed dead, so I start to prepare myself for a little fun. I turn over the blonde one and proceed to feel her corpse; her firm build and supple breasts make my urges uncontrollable and I proceed to undress her and have sex with the body. Afterwards I move on to the pink haired one, her body smells sweet almost like candy. Her body isn't as firm as the blonde one, but she is still a joy to fool around with. After what feels like hours I start to redress the girls and gather their belongings and move them to my vehicle. I have supplies that will make the girls a wonderful addition to my collection.


You see this woman out in the desert. After awhile she suddenly drops dead at your feet. What do you do with her?


File: 1557563055079.jpg (18.18 KB, 168x252, ©.jpg)


File: 1560876280077.jpg (86.82 KB, 800x621, 1556136607364.jpg)

The first thing I'd do is check her pulse. Once I realize she's dead, I noticed that I'm the only other person in the desert.

I expose her breasts and fondle them a bit before pulling down her panties and finger her. Once I got her nice and ready, I begin to screw the loving shit out of her corpse while motor boating her breasts.

Once I felt like coming onto a climax, I use her feet to jizz all over her body. After a minute to recover, I carried her body to see what could be done about preserving her.


You find that your childhood friend/sister/whatever you want her to be had died of a heart failure in her room. What do you do?




File: 1561953297884.png (731.63 KB, 1587x1119, I am dead in a casket, kho….png)


After taking her shirt off, I put the little girl's body in a series of body poses and pose her with objects like a pine cone, a cross, a copy of the book "Alice in Wonderland", etc.

I'd then lovingly caress, kiss and lick her various body parts and lovingly brush her blonde hair before I gave her hairless virgin pussy a blow job and then a full scale blitz with my penis and then I'd do the same with her cute butt. In both instances, she'd limply shake as I made love to her small body and all the while, her eyes would be open like she's alive but too traumatized to respond to being raped.

Of course, my love making causes her body to jolt back to life. She'd gasp awake and would ask me what happened. I'd tell her the truth and that I love her as more then just a little sister, I love her romantically. She'd smile and say that she loves me that way too and we'd kiss.

I'd then bridal carry her to the bathroom and bath her clean before drying her off, giving her a manicure and a pedicure and then dressing her in a cute dress and shoes before I took her to the amusement park for fun which makes her happy.

Now then, here's Hibiki from Kantai Collection dead in a casket with ligature marks around her neck, what do you do with this angel in eternal slumber.


File: 1569946766640.jpg (2.11 MB, 3508x2480, __anna_nishikinomiya_and_m….jpg)

Been about a few months so let's see if we can get the ball rolling.

Classic funeral scenario. What do?



File: 1570038743789.jpg (131.2 KB, 883x1230, IMG_20190930_075745.jpg)

Sorry in advance for this being a bit long.

I was invited to the funeral, but I didn't know why. I never really talked to the girl, sure we talked a lot in high school but that was over 3 years ago. Now she laid in the coffin with a smile almost as if she knew it was coming and welcomed death; her family was there for an hour or two arranging the funeral. I still found it strange, out of all the people that would cart her body away why me?

As people were clearing out of the room someone handed me a note addressed to me, it was from her. I opened it to see she her reasons for all this. "I know we haven't properly talked or anything, but I always kinda had a crush on you since junior year. I never talked since… I was a coward, and I regretted it after graduation. I just had to see you again even if I couldn't fully experience it. So I forced a heart attack as I set this idea into motion. My family will be burying a dummy, my body will be put in your car along with something that will help us start over. I'm sorry this is so sudden, but please see this through. -Hanna"

This was all so much to handle, but the person that handed me the note had told me that my 'gift' was in the back of my car. With some hesitation I drove off back to my home and carried the body bag in. I unzipped the bag and there she was, in all her natural beauty. Her dress clinging to her skin, her bracelets and choker sitting firmly around her, and a scent that was arousing me. My cock began to pulse and bulge with every second passing and soon enough I proceed to give my lips contact. I was going at her like a wild animal, soon enough I began undressing her and started to play with her supple breasts; I then began to give her what she wanted, each thrust jostled her breasts and gorgeous silver hair and soon enough I start to unload all of what I had into her.

Minutes later I start to clean her up and I look at the syringe and look at the body, I had to finish now otherwise I'd be more creepy than anything. I plunge the liquid into her neck and soon I noticed her chest rising slowly. It had worked. She hugged me the moment she had gotten up to full strength and promised me that everything would be different and that we could finally get to know each other. Now all I had to do was try and find her a new identity.

You find this woman in a office building, a hard ice queen that was respected in the community, and now you find her dead (reason as to why is up to you). What will you do with her now?

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