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Expecially girls are welcome im myself a girl so dont be shy! im searching for someone up with Unbirth Vore Guro Anal Vore Dick Vore pee (no scat plz) mental break snuff with loli i play most of the times lolis Rape consensuel or not cannibal rp necrophilia i let my partner decide the rp we gonna first so dont shy

what turn me off? snuff at the extreme scat male predator in vore or anal vore bodyswap dont put too much guro or it get boring furry a partner that is way too picky

im fully open for alot of kinds of rp too i love to show my body i wont show my body unless you shown it already and we rp if you want to see my body

i dont use kik and i will never

add me on Discord or contact me with email

Discord = Cupcake#0001

Email =

hope to see you soon to gill my womb and belly ;3 or to eat ya or maybe yu will eat meh wateverr i hope to see you on discord!

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