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You have died, and because you’re the kind of sick fuck who gets off on torture and gore, you are now in Hell.

Lucky for you, sick fucks who get off on torture and gore are exactly the kind of people that the Devil is looking to recruit. So instead of being tortured along with the rest of the sinners, you get to spend eternity doing the torturing. Transformed into a demon, you now have your choice of victims from all of human history, and the only limit is your fucked-up imagination.

Who do you torture, and how?


Sauce please?
And shit, my choice of victims is "everyone I hate" and I'll torture them with the crystallized/self-spawning/infinitely-expanding Omniverse machines I imagined when I wrote "Torture of Tracy"

Essentially, there's an infinite number of someone, except more. HOow? Well, every moment of their being is taken from across time, and each moment is cloned an infinite number of times, so there's an endless army of each moment of their lives. If time can be cut infinitely smaller, that's an infinite number of "moments" that are each cloned infinite times.
Each clone is then going to feel an infinite number of dimensions- each dimension being infinitely long in each dimension- that are made of pain-receptors, and also spawn an infinite number of similar crystallized realms that instantly spawn other identically, and also cause pain to their captive.

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