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Looking for rp partners. Am flexible: currently playing with different people using different scenarios and different rp set ups. Eg fantasising about specific lolis or fantasy characters. We can do turnbased with both of us steering the course of the rp, or you playing the loli and just reacting, etc.

My kinks: Mg, loli, age 7-13, non-consensual, abduction, slavery, rape, torture, amputation, mutilation, snuff

Contact me on Discord: souro12#9050 (souro with a small 's')


Xirix (Tom)

It was interesting reading your list of kinks because it aligned with so many of mine. Weird.

Loli / Age 7 - 13. Well, for me, only 10 - 13, as I need some or middle developed girls to be turned on. They have to have developed sexually so there are stakes for their humiliation. I love it when an 11 year old girl is stripped naked against her will and her school friends get to see her on displayed and terrified that she has been shown off to them.

Non-consensual. My wife came with a rape fetish and we have, before she was married, rp'd it with a guest star rapist. I did this as a birthday gift to her and she loved it. I also loved watching it, but for different reasons.

Rape. Nearly a requirement for my rp. LOL.

Torture. Yes. But must be entirely against her will, or against the couple's will, or against the family's will. No enjoyment.

Amputation and Mutilation. Totally into debreasting and castration.

If you want to include an 11 year old and my kink where my wife or my wife and I are the victims, in real life we have no children (we are in our early 30s) but we would invent an 11 year old girl for the RP story. If you're into a family of 3, where the daughter is one of the three victims.

Totally into humiliation, in that what ever happens, must be before the victims' adversaries who enjoy every moment of what happens to the family or woman victim. And my personal greatest fear is that something like this would happen to me or to my wife in front of those in her social circle, like at a dinner party where the bad guys force their way into the event. The bad guys can include women as part of the crew. If the crew includes boys who are about 15, their dealing with the 11 year old girl would be a total turn on.

Anyway, just writing to you.


sounds we have a match, could you contact me on Discord?

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