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searching for a rp partner!! i be active for long rp i want creative people so we can understand each other i want you to have a anime style character not realistic or it turn me off i love rp where there magic so where you can use special power like reading minds having superpower etc i also love to do vore and unbirth as the predator or prey as long as it good!! dick and anal vore are also accepted with me non consensuel vore unbirth dick vore or anal vore are the that turn me on the most or cannibalism non consensuel too im a girl and im searchong for other girls or boys to rp with me i play different character so dont expect me to rp with the same character alot i might change enough often but i can do exeptions with people! belly fetish are what turn me on too so as i said vore anal vore unbirth or dick vore interrest me inflation too scate is no thx dont be too with my asshole cause it not really my thing but i can live with it for 3 rp max before we change so feel free to contact me

Discord = Cupcake#0001

Email = (aka add me on hangout)

i hope to see you soon in a amazing and tasty rp! to fill my womb and stomach ;3 (here a character i can play as i love to play as neko too and normal girls) (i might play as her so be aware of that ^^) see you on discord!!!

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