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We haven't had one of these sincethis new site. Kill the girl(s) posted earlier.

First post sets the tone so starting with someone traditional. You've defeated Cammy White. Finish her!


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Nice! I've been a fan of this thread, but always didn't quite get myself to revive it.
Cammy lays in front of me, begging to be spared. I pick her up by the neck, get out my knife and fiddle with her nipples, but I don't do anything yet. I throw her away into the dirt and undress us both, then I proceed to satisfy my lust with her. Once done, I snap her neck, rendering her paralyzed but still awake and able to feel everything. I wait with a maddening anticipation for a few moments then I plunge ahead with my knife, stabbing her uterus until it's a bloody mess. Then I bite off her tits and disembowel her, and just before she goes unconscios from bloodloss, I kiss her then bash her head on the ground until it's a pink mush.
You find this night elf in your apartment, telling you she's your new slave. What do you do?


File: 1434493775742.jpg (291.8 KB, 750x1050, 998394 - 3dbabes Final_Fan….jpg)

I thrust into her open face, and start throating her while she masturbates. After I cum into her throat, I pull out and grab her head, quickly twisting it around and breaking her neck. The elf dies as she orgasms, and her body is preserved with magic to be used as a fuck doll.

Here's Yuna. When she realised she couldn't beat you, she surrendered and you told her to strip. Now she's on the ground in front of you, hoping that you let her go once you are done. FINISH HER!


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I would have her suck me off, then take her doggystyle. When we're both close to cumming, I'd pull her head back and place a knife at her neck. When she orgasms, her throat is slit, and I let loose my load as she dies.

You managed to ambush Lunamaria Hawke while she was taking a shower. While a decent Mobile Suit Pilot, she isn't that skilled at Hand-to-Hand, and is soon at your mercy.



File: 1434500415916.jpg (118.09 KB, 1181x1603, 1400450798003.jpg)


I grope her body parts and suck her tits while massaging her lush breasts before caressing, kissing and licking her legs up and down as I hold each of them in the air. Next, I sit her up and massage her back and shoulders while kissing up and down her neck before whispering seductive things into her ear and nibbling on the tip of it.

I then lay her down and fuck her brains out while feeling her up and french kissing her. Once we both orgasm till we're bone tired, I wash her clean and then dry her off before strangling her to death with my bare hands. She struggles as she dies but it's in vain and she soon goes limp. I hold Yuna's limp body and shoulder carry her back to my place and through magic, keep her from decomposing and make her into my love doll.

Now then, here's Haruhi Suzumiya. You've beaten her in a fight and gotten her to strip naked, finish her!!!


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I would fondle her from behind and rub at her clit to arouse her, make her pussy good and wet before taking her, thrusting my cock in and out of her even as I tied a noose around her neck and threw the other end over a ceiling beam. Once I'd shot my load in her, I'd hoist her into the air and then tie the noose off, then place myself underneath her, let her struggles give me a footjob as she choked to death at the end of the noose.

Now, >>421 is still available, but I will also provide another target.

This is Larcei. She thought she could handle you, but her skills with a sword were inadequate, and now she is naked, helpless, and at your mercy.



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I'd pin her down in the shower and violently rape her while feeling up her body parts and kiss up and down her neck and french kiss her. She struggles but I manage to break her will and make her submissive to my wishes. Once she's broken in and I've finished raping her, I escort her out of the shower, dry her off and have her dress in a long sleeved purple shirt, blue jeans that show off her ass and legs quite well and cowgirl boots.

I'd then take her out on a date to an amusement park and have fun with Lunamaria and win her some stuffed animals as it seems that she loves stuffed animals but hid it under her tsundere shell which I broke. We then eat out at a fast food joint, go to my place and then pleads with me to kill her so I can become a love doll that'll remain young looking forever for me to enjoy as I see fit.

I comply and while telling her how much I love her, strangle her to death with her smiling warmly at me as I've helped her reveal her true self at the end of her life. Once she's dead, I play with Lunamaria's limp body for a bit before carrying her to a metal slab in my basement and I gently strip Lunamaria nude and give her an external physical examination before bathing and drying her again and injecting an anti-decomposition serum into her to keep her from rotting away and then I dress her in a pretty dress that matches her hair colour along with cute undergarments and boots that match her dress colour, sit her on a chair, cross her legs, kiss her on the lips and tell her that I'll return to "play" with her some more before leaving.

Now then, here's Ayako from Fate Stay Night. You've fought and defeated her in combat and she's at your mercy. Finish her!


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I would have her strip, then suck me off as I set up a noose on a pulley system. Then I would slip the noose around her neck and have her mount me Cowgirl-Style, then proceed to pull on the rope, jerking her up and down on my cock as the rope slowly crushes her neck. As soon as I shoot my load in her, I would hoist her into the air and tie the noose off, letting her dangle in the air as she struggles futilely to breathe, slowly expending her strength as she kicks out for a foothold she won't be able to find, and I'd watch the life fade from her eyes as her struggles ended, and she slumped in the noose, finally dead...

OK, >>422 is still available, so I would like you to deal with her in addition to the next target, separate instances for each. :D

Marina Wulfstan is one of the best Snipers in the Gallian Militia, completely emotionless as she hits targets at ridiculous distances. But you managed to catch her unprepared in close quarters.



Sorry, meant >>424 is still available, not >>422


Also, I should mention I really liked what you did to Lunamaria in >>425

Part of me wants more details, though... think you might be able to expand that into a short fic, and post it to lit?



I'll see what I can do. Lunamaria is definitely good material for extreme sexual fantasies and would be hot looking in jeans...... lol.



Thanks. :)

Think you could try your hand at >>424 and >>426 while you're at it, or would you rather leave those for others?


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I'll be leaving those to others since neither appeals to me and because I want to save some for others.

As a bonus though, I'll give you this.....

Here's Berenkastel from Umineko. For entertainment purposes, she wishes for you to do whatever you want to her and then kill her. She'll come back in a new body so anything is fair game to do to her current body, finish her!



>>436 seems like she'd fit better in the Willing Victims thread I started, to be honest.



Yeah, I made a mistake and didn't realize it until it was too late.

Then here's the actual background to it. You've defeated Bernkastel in a magic duel and she's at your mercy, FINISH HER!


I'll give it another day or two for someone else to try their luck with Bernkastel before I give her a shot. Also, remember, people, Larcei ( >>424 ) and Marina ( >>426 ) are still available, as well. :D


Also, NeoByzantium, looking forward to the short fic version of what you'd do to Lunamaria. :D


File: 1435034730197.png (167.17 KB, 450x600, Myuria CG.png)


I would use a magic spell to strip Bernkastel of her clothes, then strip myself down the more conventional way. I would then proceed to take her, thrusting my cock violently in and out of her pussy as I roughly grope her breasts. When I'm about to cum, I use a wind spell to decapitate her, and shoot my load into her headless corpse.

Once that's done, I use a preservation spell on both the head and the body, and another spell to bind her soul to her head, keeping the body as a love doll and the head as a... conversation piece.

This is Myuria Tionysus, from Star Ocean. She is a powerful Symbologist, but you managed to outwit and overpower her, and now she's at your mercy. FINISH HER!


>>449 I'm going to give someone else a shot at Myuria and wait a day or two before I make my post on her.

Your post with Bernkastel was interesting but with love doll fantasies, I tend to keep the girl or woman's head attached to their body since I can make believe that they're alive easier.



Well, with magic involved, I had an idea to make a literal 'conversation piece' - I mentioned that I bound her soul to her disembodied head, but what I didn't mention (what I thought should have been obvious) is that said spell also reanimated the head - she can see out of her eyes, and talk with her mouth, and hear with her ears. She can't move around, but she can hold a conversation as well as the next person.


Umm, NeoByzantium, is it just me or are we the only two people contributing to this thread nowadays?


I can chip in every now and again if that would be something people would not mind. I am simply uncertain how well my writing style would fit in here.


Feel free to give it a shot, M.A.D. :)

You've got Larcei ( >>424 ), Marina ( >>426 ) and Myuria ( >>449 ) to choose from. Feel free to do whatever you want to them.


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>>424 I pin Larcei down and rape her. She struggles intensely but I wear her down with my charms and whisper sweet things into her ear while intimately kissing and licking her in select area of her body like her neck, ears and her armpits. Her struggles soon cease and she lays there empty eyed and takes it as she's emotionally confused and doesn't know what to make of the situation.

Once she's broken in, I caress, kiss and lick her breasts /and suckle her tits/, her belly and legs before lovebiting her inner thighs as a way of showing that Larcei is mine. Finally, I stick my cock into her warm pussy and hump her while we both cry out and eventually scream in ectasy as we both orgasm and cum at the same time.

Afterwards, I take her to my place and rather then kill her, clean her up, dress her in a sexy Arabian themed outfit that exposes her belly and legs while showing off her lush breasts and hot ass and make her into my sex slave. While alive, she's mentally broken and totally in love with me which is clearly a fate worse then death for a proud warrior like her.

Now then, here's Nodoka Miyazaki from Negima. You've ambushed her on Sakura Boulevard and after a brief mage duel, defeated her and is at your mercy. Finish her!!


File: 1435384597921.jpg (82.4 KB, 984x846, elf_2012_08_03_by_jollyjac….jpg)

I'm going to need a bit to prepare her demise, so I start with a simple sleep spell - something to knock her out for a few hours.

When she comes to, she'll find herself chained to the ground in what amounts to a dry well. The floor and walls are concrete, smooth and featureless except for a few embedded D-rings that her chains are connected to. I'll wait for her to regain just enough awareness that she knows she's caught, before I unleash her death. It would be too easy to drown her - and too quick. No, what I do is far slower. I gather several buckets of starving rats, and drop them down the well - and then I simply close the top by lowering a steel lid over it. And I wait. And I listen, as the rodents start to devour her. I imagine it will be a long and agonizing death, taking her hours to succumb to unconsciousness from shock and blood loss. When it finally occurs, I will open the lid and have the well filled with molten iron - and then I'll be on to the next target. Perhaps one I want to finish in a more hands on manner.

The elf before you was once a master duelist, renowned for her skill with a blade. You took her on in a duel - and proved that her skill was more hype than anything else. She stands stunned, unable to comprehend that you shut down her offense so easily - and now, you must FINISH HER.



There was a final flash of movement and then I was crouched low before the mage, my right hand pressing fingertips to the earth before me for balance, my spear held behind me along my arm, blood dripping from the very tip, though that cut had been made minutes ago. The long eared woman that I had been fighting toppled to the earth with a heavy groan of pain, her staff slipping from her fingers. I smiled and stood up straight, my tongue running softly over my blood stained, smiling lips as I moved nearer my opponent.

“I didn't think that I had hit you that hard.” I said, stepping over to Myuria and softly kicking her stomach where I had struck her with the butt of my spear, causing her to whimper and roll in an attempt to protect herself. I lifted my spear to kill her, she and her party had invaded the city that I was sworn to protect, I really should have killed her then. But my eyes were drawn to her body. She certainly made no effort to hide her attractiveness, not even to protect herself. My mind flashed back to that night. Cordelia. I licked my lips again, then casually kicked away her staff,

I slammed the head of my spear into the street just beside her head, cutting a shallow wound into her long right ear. She looked up then, seeming surprised to be alive, and more surprised to see me kneeling over her chest, one leg on either side of her head, knees pinning her arms to the ground. “I think...” I whispered to her softly, leaning close to her face, the fingertips of my now empty left hand drawing across her cheek. “That I shall take more than your life in revenge for attacking my city.” I chuckled more darkly than I had thought myself capable as I saw her expression turn from one of confusion to understanding, then to terror.

“But-but you are a-” I covered her mouth with my formerly gentle hand, roughly pressing her head back against the stones that paved the streets as I snarled playfully.

“If you think that I cannot rape you because I am a woman, I greatly underestimated Elvish upbringing.” I said through clenched teeth, anticipating the sensations and colours to follow. “Now, I need to be able to easily navigate your body without you fighting me every inch of the way. Unfortunately...” I sighed in mock distress. “We have no rope handy. Oh well, I can make do with this.” I said, drawing one of my side-knives and slamming it through her palm, pinning her to the ground beneath. She screamed into my hand, shaking her head against the pain, tears rolling from between her eyelids.

Once she was held properly in place, I pulled away from her. After a moments consideration I decided to begin with the clothes. Since I realized that she would not be requiring them anymore, I simply used my third knife to cut them away. All the while, Myuria whimpered and cried, begged and pleaded. I found that her begging for mercy was no less exciting than Cordellia's begging for death those months before. I smiled and continued cutting.

Once my prey was nude before me I looked upon her with lustful eyes that caused her to sob quietly, knowing that nothing could be done to make me stop. I smiled widely at a thought and began to remove my own lower clothing, just enough to give me access to my sex. Then, twirling the knife with one hand, and stimulating myself slowly with the other, I circled the girl.

“You are going to die here.” I uttered, not in a cruel or even Malicious manner. I simply spoke as in the stating of a fact, as though it were just dawning on me as well. “You are going to die here, for my pleasure.” This brought a smile to my face. What power to have. I had killed before, many, many times. But this was different, even different than Cordellia. She had given herself to me. This one though... This one I was Taking. I owned her.

A flutter moved through my body at the revelation and I moaned, arching my back and moving my fingers faster against myself. Suddenly, I knelt between her legs, stretching one of mine out beneath her so that we were in position for scissoring. But, instead of pressing my sex to hers, I pushed the handle of my remaining knife into my own body, moaning heavily at the sensation of the rough leather wrapped handle as it scraped against my inner walls. Then I moved forward, forcing the blade into her pussy, causing her to scream.

For the next... Fuck, I do not know how long I went at her. But I came again, and again, and again. By the time that I pulled the knife from the both of us, she was no longer screaming. Blood and juices were pooled below us. She was still bucking in pain, her pussy mutilated horribly.

I smiled, sliding the knife back into its sheath before leaning forth and licking the shredded folds that twitched between her legs. The taste of her blood, the taste of her rent flesh, they exploded across my tongue and I licked again, then again before I bit into her, drawing a whimpering cry as I tore away her most intimate parts with my teeth, devouring her.

Finally, I wiped my mouth of blood and crawled up her body to look her again in the eyes. I smiled down at her, she knew it was time. I kissed her softly, passionately, as a lover would. Then I lifted my spear from where it yet rested beside her head. She looked upon me with fear and began pleading once more to be spared, making promises, threats, rationality that made no sense but to her fear addled mind. It was exhilarating. I slowly pushed the head of my spear through her stomach, my eyes never far from hers as the metal blade moved up her body, into her chest until it shredded her lungs and pierced her heart. Her body seized and she let out a gurgling cry. Then fell still, her eyes slowly shifting from fear, to death, a familiar grey film covering them as they stared at me, but not at me.

This time I took the entire body. She would be well preserved with my magics, and make an interesting toy until I could find a new one to replace her.


I am going to be leaving the story alone as there are still several girls left yet to die here, and I would hate for them to be deprived of it for longer still



That's fine. Still, very nice way to deal with Myuria, and a nice tie in to your Cordelia post on Willing Victims. :D


File: 1435524820236.jpeg (441.73 KB, 706x1000, 96dbf066476dcb478aa3d008d….jpeg)

Linda from Fire Emblem. Linda is taking a bath. This scenario takes place in a fantasy world where decapitated female heads are indicators of the many times guys have had sex. You are desperate for some action and with your machete in hand stumble upon Linda bathing in a pond. How will you ambush her. How will you have sex with her? How will you behead her? After covering her in cum as well as her holes, you must snuff her at the height of sexual ectasy. What will you do with the remains?


File: 1435611185920.jpg (302.25 KB, 700x486, 55635.jpg)

From behind a bush,naked and with my machete in hand, I watch Linda as she bathes in the fresh waters of a spring. She's in deep jungle territory and nobody will interfere with my plans. I wait with baited breath for an oportunity to arise. She finally goes under the water stream, closing her eyes.

I admire her shapely body for a few more moments then with a surge of adrenaline jump from the bushes and tackle her head on. Now I'm on top of her, in the middle of the shallow pond near the spring source. surprisingly, Linda doesn't fight back or even try to break free. She only stares back at me and understands the lust that posesses me. She seems to understand that these will be her last moments, so she gives me a devilishly sweet stare and asks me to go ahead. I put my machete aside for the moment and embrace her, feeling he enormous tits against my chest. As I begin fucking her, I kiss her neck slowly and work my way up to her lips. After a long french kiss, I begin pounding her with all I've got. Her moans of pleasure only strengthen my lust, until I can't hold it anymore - I pound her sweet ass one last time and erupt, filling her tight pussy.

She looks at me, and knows that the end is nigh, but still she smiles, pleased and in a state of extasy. I look her in the eyes for one last time and caress her forehead with my left hand, then give her a long kiss as I reach for my machete with the right hand. I pin her head down with my left arm, then slit her throat with the machete with my first move. She seems surprised, but only for a second, probably from the sudden pain. After that, I saw at her neck, back and forth with my machete, while looking in her ever dimmer eyes. I finish cutting her head before she loses conscience and dies, so I give her severed head one last kiss then use its mouth to clean my cock of drenching cum. The last look on her face is one of relief, she passed away and the pain had stopped. I take her head to my backpack, which I left behind the tall bush, and place it in a big jar with preservation fluid-after all, she's one of my best so far. After that I return to her body which awaits butchering.

With my machete in hand, I begin hacking her body. First, I cut her in half at the waistline, then I take her torso and cut off the arms, as I will use it as a target for my archery range. I also cut her feet at the lower knees as I will use her cunt for a few more weeks, before the preservation fluids no longer have effect. I cook her arms and feet and serve them to my flock of drahirs (an intelligent bird that helps me survey the stretches of the forest for victims). After I arrive at my establishment, I mount her head on the highest position on my trophy wall and go to rest.

*This is my first post, opinions on my writing style? :D*
As you're hunting during the night in the deep, corrupted forests of Felwood, you stumble upon this moon garden with 3 young ladies: a night elf, a human and a blood elf. They seem to be drunk and engaged in satisfying eachother and they don't notice you. What do you do? *you are whoever you want to be and have acces to all weapon and magic you can imagine* Will you slaughter them mercilessly or will you fuck them and leave, but that's just a few options :)


Pretty good writing for a first timer. Definetely better tyan mine 2hich is why you will only see me post scenarios. You could put some dialougue between the two characters.


File: 1435703542256.jpg (112.6 KB, 850x493, image.jpg)

Anyone care to do Rain Mikamura from G Gundam? Without Domon to save her worthless ass, she's toast and she knows it.


File: 1437086570083.jpg (1.06 MB, 3510x945, MLP13039226033.jpg)


Her talents as a mechanic are quite impressive but I kn ow she'll never side with me... luckily all I need is her brain and a computer

I first remove her suit as it would get in the way plus it would make a nice keep sake and nicer if undamaged

I wo uld then pull out my trusty headsman axe and put it blade up then knock her down, she'd try to hold herself above it but one cock and on ass would weaken her resolve as I put more and more weight on her as I hump. I'd of course hold her head up to preserve her brain as after a few minutes her strength would run out and she'd be split in half from stomach and pussy to neck.

I'd then remove her head and carefully remove her brain and hook it up to a computer so I can preserve her talent.

You managed to challenge the Rainbooms and defeat them all, all are now helpless before you.

So what shall you do?

Spare them?




File: 1437167480853.jpg (1.06 MB, 1700x2217, f472084b6cf4a17548784959eb….jpg)


First I'll tie their hands behind their back, and lashed onto a fence. The girls were tied face down, ass up in the air and legs spread wide apart, they were bent forward across the fence and their wrists secured to the fence posts.

I would then proceed to fuck them senselessly, their ear-splitting screams of pain only makes me lustier. It is evident that the girls are not used to being manhandled so such a rough manner, they slumped on the ground as trickles of blood seeped out of their violated womenhood.

After I had my fun with them, it is time for the girls to experience a real stallion. A great stallion horse was brought in, the girls' eyes widen as its huge erect penis dangled between its legs.

Carefully, I led the horse to the nearest girl, guiding its massive cock into her bleeding cunt. The poor girl screeched like a banshee as her soft internal organs were ripped apart by its massive member, she died from the internal damage and bleeding soon after. Then I moved onto the next one in line...

The Rainbooms have met their end at the hands of a sadist killer, and the cock of his horse.


You have ambushed Ahiru( The girl in white) and Rue ( black ) when they are most vulnerable.



File: 1437420828765.jpg (253.34 KB, 999x1209, 1369921666665.jpg)

I promise them that they can live - if they each take a hit of a drug I've been developing. I need more test subjects, after all. Assuming they say yes (and they will), I'll pull each one in and inject them with the syringe full of the material, then sit back to watch them react. It's an aphrodisiac, of course - within twenty seconds, they'll be pawing at themselves, moaning, and within a minute they'll be begging to be fucked. I'll remain impassive, though - so they'll have to turn to each other. The fucking will start off awkward as they try to ignore whatever feelings they have for each other and whatever relationship they have already, but that won't last long. By the end of a few minutes, they'll both be moaning and whimpering and screaming for the other to fuck them harder...

Of course, that won't last long. Maybe twenty minutes, maybe thirty. When the first one finally orgasms, she'll realize that something is wrong - the orgasm won't end. It just crashes on, and on, from pleasurable to gut-wrenching to agonizing - and the other one, oblivious, will bring herself off seconds later, to the same reaction... their bodies will writhe, twisting and spasming uncontrollably as the orgasm refuses to subside. The squirting will turn to dry spasming, and then a release of their bladders, and then - then the fun part. With nothing else to expel, the girls will start to cum blood, as vessels inside their vaginal walls rupture and tear open. At first, this will be merely painful and terrifying - but an hour in, the tearing will grow worse, and worse, until the uncontrollable and savage muscle spasms will literally start to tear their bodies apart.

By the two hour mark, I assume both will be dead - if not from bleeding out, then from heart failure. Or shock.

The legendarily leggy Raven of the Teen Titans kneels before you, unable to move in her bindings, exhausted from the extended duel. FINISH HER!


File: 1437452114903.png (512.09 KB, 900x1309, Kof-xiii-yuri-sakazaki-off….png)

First, as a precaution. I'll activate the anti-magic field so Raven won't retaliate on me. Then i'll whip out my shotgun and blasted apart her legs so she won't run away. Then i'll tear off her clothes with a single strike. I'll decide to strip my own clothes to even the odds. after that, i'll punch out her body and her face so much that her body will be covered with bruises and her head is basically unrecognizable. then i'll sever both her arms with a sword. then i'll finally decapitate her with said sword. i'll jerk off and cum on her mutilated corpse before taking the head as trophy and preserve it with some Preservatives.

Hey man, i hope somebody make a "What would you do with this zombie girl" thread here!

Your turn!

You have dealt the final blow and now Yuri Sakazaki lays down unconscious. How will you fnish her off???


File: 1437526193195.jpg (144.66 KB, 792x1080, hmnpny_daring_do_by_anbx-d….jpg)


Since she is unconcious I'd put a noose around her neck then put her up on a shelf that is barely big enough to hold her then I'd strip her nude and start exploring her form with my tongue licking those delicious soles and vagina especially.

then as soon as she wakes up she'd probably roll to the side and end up hanging. I'd watch her kick and writhe on the noose as I jerked off and came on her struggling form again and again as she slowly died.

You managed to defeat Human Daring Do and she is now completely helpless before you.



sorry, OOT but maybe we should make a thread about zombie girls. titled "What would you do with this zombie girl?" Using the same format as this thread but with zombie girls and thing you would do with them.


File: 1437963777192.jpeg (60.1 KB, 600x650, 09c4c380a7a9819520c767991….jpeg)


A soft chuckle rose from my lips as I leaned my head back against the tree I hid behind. I held a notched arrow in my right hand, my long bow in my left, though the weapon was not drawn. I could hardly believe my fortune, I was not even hunting bandits this evening, just food. And yet, here these three were, out in the middle of the forest, drunk, helpless. Almost like a meal of a different kind set out specifically for me.

I turned slowly around the trunk of the tree, looking into the natural spring. There were three women, one human, two elvish, though of differing races. I felt another involuntary smile stretching over my lips. I needn't have been so cautious, they were far too preoccupied with each other to notice me even if I had simply been standing in the open.

The Night Elf stood behind the white haired human, a long toy strapped to her crotch, most of the thing shoved into the human. I almost shot the Night Elf then and there, imagining the sight of her purple tinged body with the long shaft of my arrow protruding from the chest, blood dripping from the steel head that stuck from her back as she fell tot he clear water, staining it red.

But no. No, I needed something else from these three as well, and from the state they were in I rather felt that a friendlier approach would fare better than killing them immediately. And so I unstrung my bow and replaced my arrow in its quiver, leaving the two on the earth beside the tree before undressing most of the way. I left my undergarments on, wanting to see what these three would do about the obstruction, then I slipped quietly into the spring hardly causing even a ripple as I waded toward them.

It took them until I was upon the trio to notice me. The blonde Blood Elf saw me first, just as I reached out and touched her shoulder. She jumped at first, startled, but when she saw my sensual expression and half dressed body she gave me an adorably drunk smile. I had never thought that I would see a drunk grin as adorable, I had worked too many taverns and pubs to consider them attractive. But now, this smile was innocent, no Malice, no ill-intent or selfishness. I could not help but return it. I wanted this one.

I continued smiling at her, disregarding the other two for now. I pushed slender fingers into her hair, gently at first until I took a grip of the strands on the back of her head, just at the roots, pulling her head back and causing her to gasp as I pulled her against my body, pressing my lips against hers roughly. I could taste the ale on her tongue as she kissed me sloppily in return, her hands rested lightly on my breasts as I kissed her, one hand holder firmly to her hair, the other on the small of her back, pulling her against me.

I smiled against the young Elf's lips as I felt another set of fingers at my back, clumsily removing my undergarments one piece at a time until I was as fully nude as the rest of them. I reacted by turning as kissing the one who had undressed me, the human, being fingered by the Night Elf. I pulled the Blood Elf tighter against my body as the human responded enthusiastically to my kiss. I brushed my fingers through the Blood Elf's hair, then took a gentle, but firm grasp of her neck. For the next several hours, the four of us fucked, gently, sensually, roughly, lewdly. I never released the Blood Elf's neck.

Finally, it was time. The human was panting after her latest orgasm, still coming down, leaning against my Blood Elf for support. “One more.” I said to the human. She laughed and spread her legs, expecting me to push one of the toys we had used into her opening. I shook my head. “It'll be better my way.”I said. The other three looked curiously at me.

I turned to my Blood Elf. “Push her under the water.” the Elf giggled and grabbed the human by the head and knocked her into the water. “Now straddle her head.” I whispered softly, my grip tightening slightly around the Elf's neck. The Night Elf watched on with a lustful expression, but she did not interfere yet. The human struggled as she was held under the water, her face pressed into my Elf's sex, causing the young blonde thing to buck and moan.

I turned to the Night Elf, who had begun fingering herself. “Give her a nice send-off.” I said softly. The Night Elf smiled with slight trepidation. She understood what was happening. That it was murder for our own pleasure. And the human's. She then moved forward and lifted the human's hips out of the water so that she begin eating her out, she used much more energy in this than I had seen her use yet this night.

The human girl struggled for minutes, cumming even though she was being killed. I simply watched, my grip on the Blood Elf's neck tightening and loosening slowly as I watched until finally, the human fell still. The two Elves took a few more minutes to realize that she was no longer moving, and perhaps another to care. My Blood Elf moved away first, stepping away from the corpse and looking upon the gaping mouth and wide eyes with a vaguely frightened expression that brought a smile to my lips, pulling her in for another kiss. She responded passionately, much to my glee.

The two of us fucked until the Night Elf had had her share of the corpse, riding the human's face for quite some time before turning to us and attacking, using her fingers on me and her strapped on toy for my Elf. While she was distracted, her mouth against mine, I searched the flood of the spring with my hand, eventually finding a rock that felt somewhat sharp. I held it out behind the Night Elf, toward the Blood Elf that I still held by the neck.

My eyes were closed, and I had no idea if the Elf would use my gift, even as I felt it taken from my hand. Perhaps she would not use it, perhaps she would use it on me instead of her friend. I grinned and harshly bit the tongue of the Night Elf, causing her to cry out softly into my mouth and her fingers to spasm slightly inside of me. I came then, biting harder just as I felt the impact of the rock. Not on my own head, but on the Night Elf's. She gave another cry and attempted to pull away from me, but I held her fast as the rock fell again, and again, and again. Finally the woman fell limp and I allowed her to drop to the pool with a soft splash, her blood and brains staining the clear water even as her body twitched.

I smiled at my Blood Elf, who held the rock with a terrified expression on her face, but I could see that she was cumming as she watched her lover die. ''Look” I whispered, lifting the Night Elf's head fro the water so that my Elf could see the ragged hole that she had created in the back. “Isn't it beautiful?” She did not respond, but she surprised me by reaching out and pushing her fingers into the already mashed brains, pulling them out of her friend's head and the putting them into her mouth, sucking on them with an orgasmic moan.

Then she looked at me. I dropped then Night Elf's corpse beside that of the human's, and the hand still about the Blood Elf's neck squeezed tight. “Do you want me to kill you?” I asked, no smile this time. She nodded, but still fought to take the breath that I would not give her. “Don't worry. I will.” I promised, kissing her gently. “But not tonight.” I finally released her neck, revealing the bruise that had slowly been forming there all night. “Now go, get your clothes on. We're going home.” She nodded again and left the pool, dropping her rock.

I smiled again as I looked at the carnage I had asked her to create. Two corpses in one night. I could have made it three, but that seemed greedy, and I wanted to share my collection with someone. I already had one corpse and a head. Now I had three corpses and four heads, and another that I could add any time I wanted.


This is X-23 from the X-men comics. Don't ask me how, but you've managed to defeat her. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I for one would like to see the creative ways you can come up with to Finish Her.


File: 1438187195109.jpg (183.9 KB, 515x727, Futaba.Anzu.full.1327226.jpg)

Time for a loli

You work for the mafia, and this little girl's father has really pissed off your boss. On behalf of your boss you have infiltrated their condominium and found this little princess to be all alone. In order to send a message to her father you must FINISH HER!!


File: 1438219052164.jpg (121.46 KB, 1002x762, Akakill-aria.jpg)

>>530 IF I were the sort of kill cute lolis which I'm not, this is how I'd proceed.

She'd be afraid of me and cower in a corner while saying fearfully "S... stay away!". I'd calm her down by engaging in casual conversation with the cute loli. I'd earn her trust and make her smile before I gently caressed her hair and face and told her how soft they felt which would make her smile before I deeply kissed her and felt her up. I'd even grope her cute bum and legs before I stripped her nude and caressed, kissed and licked her various body parts while I'd finger her small pussy and pop her cherry with it.

She'd cutely moan at the pleasure she'd feel and once I fingered her enough times, she'd orgasm /but not cum since she's just a little kid/. Once I was done, I'd sedate her so she'd fall asleep and then I'd smother her to death with a pillow. When she was dead, I'd take photos of her nude body in different positions and leave them along with a note for her dad to find saying that she's dead because he pissed off my boss.

As for the cute loli, I'd clean her up, dress her in a pretty outfit which would be a cute dress, take her favourite stuffed animal /which she showed to me when she was alive/ and take her with me. I'd inform my boss that the job's done and explain how I did it and he'd let me keep the cute loli's body as a prize. I'd then drive to my place, take the cute loli's body inside and inject her with a "restore life" chemical that brings her back to life with no memory of her previous life.

She'd then regard me as her "daddy" and I'd love her as my adopted daughter who I "play" with whenever we want.

Now then, here's Aria from Akame ga Kill. For her brutal torture of a number of innocent people, Night Raid has ordered you to kill her after you do whatever you want to her. FINISH HER!

/OOC: You've got an interesting username Lolicide. Obviously, you're into snuffing lolis. That sort of fantasy appeals to me too (though I tend to use deaths that aren't bloody and I've got necro fantasies for the snuffed loli afterwards). Feel free to contact me.


File: 1438278420764.png (383.96 KB, 488x594, 1400808021Riven_lolhentai-….png)

X-23 lays down at my feet, defeated and her claws broken after trying to break my superior adamantium armor. She looks frightned, but she doesn't show any sign of pleading for mercy, perhaps because she doesn't know what I'm going to do with her yet.
"Now, now, my little sabrecat...don't be afraid, your end won't come so abruptly." I say to her in a comforting voice.
"What...what are you going to do with me?" she asks in a still scared tone.
"Pleasuring ourselves doesn't need describing, we'll just do it." I then extend my hand to her to get her up. She reluctantly accepts my offer and I lead her to my "den" in the vicinity. Once there I bring her to my bed. "Doing it on that rooftop would have been..."
"A terrible idea" she completes my sentence as she gives me an alluring smile, as if her lust had awakened. "So the cat does want to play after all..." I say as we both undress eachother rapidly. I take her in my arms and hug her while we kiss eachother passionately. I then throw her on the bed and climb on top of her, looking her in the eyes as I lower myself over her. By that time, I wasn't sure wether my cock was or not harder than my armor, but her moaning as I penetrated her sweet meat sure felt satisfying. I fuck her with slow, ample moves as I fondle her breasts and play with her perky nipples. As my craving for an orgasm intensifies, I go faster and faster until I can't hold it anymore and we both come, in a flurry of moans and screams of pure carnal satisfaction. I then kiss her on the belly and slowly make my way to her left breast, that I lick sensually. I then gaze upon her whole body, as she lays relaxed, with her feet spread and cheeks blushing.
"Fighting you was one of the worst ideas I've ever had, but it lead me to one of my best nights" she said to me, exhausted.
"Oh, but it's just the beggining, I won't tease you anymore, but tomorrow's a great day. For now, let's sleep." We cuddle together and as soon as she falls asleep, I extend my hand to the drower and grab a vial of gas. I unplug it and hold it near her nose. The fumes cause her to fall into a deep sleep and I then get up, put my gear on and pick her up, carrying her to my basement. There I shackle her in a 10x10 meter steel enclousure until she'll wake up. The next morning she wakes up with a headache and all she feels is confusion and fear. "Now it's time to fight for your life, little warrior." I yell at her from the other side as I throw a katana at her feet and push a button that unchains her. Then I let a black panther into the enclousure. The animal hasn't been fed for several days and is now as vicious as death itself.
"Please free me, this can't be the way things end between us." She yells in desperation as she dodges the panther's first dash, while also managing to stab the animal in the back leg. The beast roars and then rushes to it's left and claws X-23 across the stomach and bites her leg. She falls down, dropping her sword. The beast seizes the oportunity to further maim her by biting a chunk of meat from her left breast and clawing her face and neck. The cuts to her neck are only skin deep but the pain is atrocious. Suddenly the beast collapses, struck by a bullet to the head, that I fired. "You're not gonna go this way, I feel too... uninvolved." I say as I come closer to her and take the beast away. Her stomach is torn apart and she's bleeding heavily and the look on her face is a mix of betrayal, anger and fear.
As she lays there, dying in a mess of her own blood I get excited again and go down on her, licking the blood off of her tits while slowly massaging her clit. She's in shock as her system gets overwhelmed by both pain and pleasure. But as she opens her mouth to say something, I yank out my fingers from her pussy, grab a knife and stab her uterus, while muffling her scream with my other hand. Tears of pain roll down her eyes as I stab her sex repeatedly. After that, I make a deep cut in her left breast that I fuck till I come. I then get up and gaze upon her. She's stunned from the bloodloss and pain but still conscious. I rush to get a gasoline tank before she passes out and as I come back I hear her dying voice. "At least...end it quickly, not like this." Not being dissuaded by her request, I douse her in gasoline and lit her up. Her screams are music to my ears, as she rolls on the floor in shear agony. But then I pull out my pistol and put a cap in her head, probly because of some splinter of remorse for causing her to suffer so much. Nevertheless, I grab an extinguisher and put out the fire, then I take X-23's charred body and feed her remains to the rest of my wild animals.

You've managed to defeat Riven and separate her from her sword, rendering her little more than a cute little girl. She's now in your "den". What will you do with the little ratchet?


File: 1438310649946.jpg (375.79 KB, 648x1125, 2064679.jpg)


I stood outside of Aria’s household, her it was burned to the ground leaving nothing but a glorious fire in its place that caused the girl shake in fear, however nothing could compare the terror she felt seeing my little pets. Anyone still alive could smell the sweet scent urine staining her cotton white teas as she started at the large metal worm like creatures swarming around my sides. Their mouths gapping wide showing spinning blades which could grin up even some of the strongest of metal’s into nothing.

I’m not a good man, but I honestly hate people like who torture the weak and defenseless I always found it boring to do it. The girl was trying back away from me not sure to where to go with only me, monsters, and a great fire behind her. However I wouldn’t give her a chance to run. From out the earth in burst dust and smashed rocks one of my worms appeared holding up by the neck with a thick tongue. Choking the life out of her as its spinning gears started to grind through the air.

The girl was crying begging me for her freedom, but mercy is not something I give her kind. I snap my fingers and the worm. Slowly started to squeeze upon her throat. She cried more and more, but all the game out were pitiful gasp for breath. It was a slow process, her face went red, to blue, to a dark beat purple. Her body trembling wildly most of the time, but as she reached her end those became weak twitches. Sweet and drool dripped down her chin. Even more urine started full stain her underwear.

One could see her sweet pussy through the stained now see through white panties. The girl was hanging on by a thread. Then with a snap of my fingers the creature dragged her body in. The sounds of gears ripping apart flesh filled the air as the worm tore her body apart, however it let out a sharp sound of air before out of it’s maw came out a burst blood and her head. I decided to take it as trophy. The worm’s started to carry me back to my lair.

While on my way I take her sweet skull and poke my erect penis against her eyes ball. I slam it deep into her skull, destroying her eye ball and allow me plow my erect penis into her brain matter without fear. She was going to make a great toy for me to play with while I was on my trips to kill more corrupt people such as her.


You helped defeat a Wo - class ship and offered her as a reward. What do you do with her?


File: 1438313091559.png (328.24 KB, 731x1023, eda8ff200dfd7fd6e861c19956….png)

I promise to do a story next time I post.

Also, to the person who asked, I do love lolis and young teens. The innocent the better. I do prefer a bloody, brutal death. However, I prefer for the story's sex to be somewhat romantic.

Here's another defenseless loli as the victim of a mob hit.


A young man working for the FBI is responsible for the arrest of some of the best men and women your boss had working for him. He doesn't want to kill him, but make him suffer by killing his precious children.

You infiltrate the young man's home while him and his wife are on a date. You quickly kill the babysitter (an ugly-ass guy) and then enter the bedroom of these two little lovelies.

You may kill the girls in any manner you choose, and do what you like. The only thing that the boss wants is for you to bring back their heads intact, you may keep the bodies.

He also wants you to take pictures with the disposable phone he gave you and send them to their father 10 minutes after you leave.


I want to do the little lolli's but I'll let someone else take them to be nice. Also....sorry for the many spelling mistakes. My phone hates me.



I would first flood their room with knockout gas then tie them to the bed, I would then wait for them to wake up after stripping them both nude.

the shy one wou ld be forced to watch as I wrap razer wire around the other one's neck and pull back as I inserted into her anus, fucking as I pull hard and enjoy her bloody gurggling noises as I thrust and hammer relentlessly.

After I orgasm and her head falls off I would then turn the razer wire into a noose and force the shy one's head into it then hoist her up...

I wou ld then pull down on the shy one's feet forcing the head to be removed and take the picture with the disposable phone and take the corpses and heads away then send it, of course the boss would get the heads... and the bodies would make for a delicious dinner for me.


File: 1438480742013.jpg (457.59 KB, 850x596, Satoko3.jpg)

DOH I forgot to post one to finish, my apologies.

Satoko Hojo, the trap master of the gaming club of Hinamizawa, thought she co uld overcome you with her clever tricks and traps but you manageed to dodge and avoid them and now she is at your mercy... or lack there of.

FINISH HER! (A special treat for Lolicide =D but others can finish also *winky wink* )


File: 1438500068318.jpg (59.26 KB, 640x360, db250d8581a15c939028cecbaf….jpg)


First off, she'd be fully clothed as it's part of my fantasy. Anyhow, I rip her clothes off while she struggles in vain. Once she's nude, I force myself on her and feel her up and kiss and lick her body intently.

Next, I'd assfuck her and then ram her small pussy with my dick causing tears and bleeding inside of it and all the while, she'd break down and cry for her big brother to come and save her.

Once I was done, I'd place her in front of a mirror and strangle her to death from behind with her own top. Once she went limp, I'd let her drop to the ground and then I'd clean her up in a bathtub before I clothed her in a pretty dress and made her look all feminine and keep her body as a love doll for me to have fun with. I'd keep the shoes and panties she wore when I assaulted her as trophies to remind me of my kill.

Now then, here's Linaria from episode 15 of Suisei no Gargantia. Her three power hungry older half-sisters have ordered you to kill her and in exchange, they'll give you a foursome once you're done AND you get to anything you want to Linaria before and after you kill her. FINISH HER!


File: 1438615589668.jpg (241.4 KB, 464x800, 06ba599aef0756732692314110….jpg)


First I pin her down and start softly kissing and licking her face and neck. After a few minutes I lock my lips onto hers and start passionately kissing her, slipping my tongue into her little mouth. She momentarily forgets why I'm doing this, and kisses back. I spend nearly fifteen minutes enjoying her little mouth, and caressing her beautiful face and body while doing so.

After I finish our kiss I slowly remove her top. Then I begin softly massaging her breasts, and playing with her nipples until she moans. Then I start kissing and licking her stomach and breasts, for another five minutes. Then I spend twenty more sucking on her little nipples, ten minutes for each one. All the while she's moaning, and enjoying, me pleasuring her body.

Next I remove her pants: she protests at first, but gives in. I then caressing her legs and feel her wet crotch through her panties. Once again I kiss her lips while doing this, but then move to kissing and licking her long legs and feet. I spend at least five minutes licking the area between her legs and torso. I stop after she has her first orgasm.

Then I finally remove her panties, with no resistance. Like before I start kissing and licking her crotch area, mostly pussy lips, occasionally I lift her or flip her to lick and kiss her ass. After fifteen minutes of that I lock my lips onto her pussy lips and start eating her pussy, occasionally to lick her asshole. I do this for nearly forty-five minutes. Before I finish she has at least fifteen orgasms, and my face is covered in pussy juice.

After tasting her sweet pussy and ass I quickly pull out my dick, which is as hard as steel. I waste no time pinning her down again and plunging my dick into her pussy. She lets out a sharp gasp as I start fucking her tight pussy. Once again I lock my mouth onto hers and kiss her passionately while fucking her. We fuck for nearly an hour, with at least another fifteen orgasms a piece. I only stop when her pussy looks like a milk factory.

When I pull out my dick is still hard, but I decide to save it for her corpse.

I quickly help/force her to stand up. Then I use a spell to conjure a sword. I quickly use the blade to slice her into two halves, separating her where upper body from her ass, crotch, and legs. I watch as her two halves hit the ground, and she starts screaming in pain as her guts fall out of her stomach. I quickly grab her, and start passionately kissing her mouth again for a minute.

After the kiss I stand there letting her suffer, while fondling her little ass.

After a few minutes I grab my sword again, and give her a goodbye kiss. I use a wind spell to move her hair out of the way, and then use my sword to decapitate her.

I pick up her up her decapitated head, and one kiss her dead lips passionately. After five minutes I stop and drop her head. Then I walk over to her torso and fuck her severed neck. I do this until I had my fill, which was another hour, until she had more cum flowing out of her neck than blood.

Before going for my foursome I clean up her three parts and have them preserved as trophies/sex toys.


Your victim of the day is Kasumi/Misty from Pokémon. Team Rocket hired you to kill the twerps and steal their Pokémon. You have killed Ash and Brock, and have all of their Pokémon along with Misty's secured.

Now you are free to do what you want with Misty before and after you kill her.

You personally own a Scyther, Ivysaur, and Raichu. You don't have to use them if you're not familiar with Pokémon, or simply don't want to use them.


File: 1438645021095.png (207.29 KB, 680x864, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuruki_petich….png)


That ambush worked very well, in middle of the night I managed to slash the throats of Ash and Brock and now I see Misty (Sorry that is easier to type ) coming back from behind a bush.

I use a blow dart to knock her out and drag her to where the corpses of Ash and Brock are so she can awake and find her friends dead and herself nude

Once she screams out in panic I smack her face and proceed to fuck that ass, ramming hard and rapidly until I orgasm

Then I would open up Ask's stomach with my knife and hold her face in his insides, she would struggle for breath as I pull out some of Ash's intestines and use them to strangle her while she drowns in blood...

Afterward I would take everything of value off of them and take their bodies for a nice cook out.

You managed to either beat or bypass Renamon and now Ruki has been beaten down and at your mercy... FINISH HER


File: 1438665467118.jpg (91.42 KB, 850x601, IMG_20150804_002203.JPG)


First I pin her down and start softly kissing and licking her face and neck. After a few minutes I lock my lips onto hers and start passionately kissing her, slipping my tongue into her little mouth. She momentarily forgets why I'm doing this, and kisses back. I spend nearly fifteen minutes enjoying her little mouth, and caressing her beautiful face and body while doing so.

After I finish our kiss I slowly remove her top. Then I begin softly massaging her breasts, and playing with her nipples until she moans. Then I start kissing and licking her stomach and breasts, for another five minutes. Then I spend twenty more sucking on her little nipples, ten minutes for each one. All the while she's moaning, and enjoying, me pleasuring her body.

Next I remove her pants: she protests at first, but gives in. I then caressing her legs and feel her wet crotch through her panties. Once again I kiss her lips while doing this, but then move to kissing and licking her long legs and feet. I spend at least five minutes licking the area between her legs and torso. I stop after she has her first orgasm.

Then I finally remove her panties, with no resistance. Like before I start kissing and licking her crotch area, mostly pussy lips, occasionally I lift her or flip her to lick and kiss her ass. After fifteen minutes of that I lock my lips onto her pussy lips and start eating her pussy, occasionally to lick her asshole. I do this for nearly forty-five minutes. Before I finish she has at least fifteen orgasms, and my face is covered in pussy juice.

After tasting her sweet pussy and ass I quickly pull out my dick, which is as hard as steel. I waste no time pinning her down again and plunging my dick into her pussy. She lets out a sharp gasp as I start fucking her tight pussy. Once again I lock my mouth onto hers and kiss her passionately while fucking her. We fuck for nearly an hour, with at least another fifteen orgasms a piece. I only stop when her pussy looks like a milk factory.

When I pull out my dick is still hard, but I decide to save it for her corpse.

I quickly help/force her to stand up. Then I use a spell to conjure a sword. I quickly use the blade to slice her into two halves, separating her where upper body from her ass, crotch, and legs. I watch as her two halves hit the ground, and she starts screaming in pain as her guts fall out of her stomach. I quickly grab her, and start passionately kissing her mouth again for a minute.

After the kiss I stand there letting her suffer, while fondling her little ass.

After a few minutes I grab my sword again, and give her a goodbye kiss. I use a wind spell to move her hair out of the way, and then use my sword to decapitate her.

I pick up her up her decapitated head, and one kiss her dead lips passionately. After five minutes I stop and drop her head. Then I walk over to her torso and fuck her severed neck. I do this until I had my fill, which was another hour, until she had more cum flowing out of her neck than blood.

Before going for my foursome I clean up her three parts and have them preserved as trophies/sex toys.


Our plan was successful. By launching a surprise attack MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon completely obliterated Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. MetalSeadramon then vaporizes Takato and Henry in one shot.

Now I have Rika defenseless and alone. I immediately order my two Digimon to continue their assault on the city. I then turn to my prey.

I quickly pin Rika down and rip off her clothes until she is naked. I spit in her scowling face before french kissing her. I stop a few times to spit on her face some more.

After I finish tasting her mouth I go down between her legs and start licking her pussy. I lick for about twenty minutes and make her cum twice.

Then I pull out my cock and put it in her pussy. I fuck her tight cunt for about an hour, leaving her cunt full of semen. Then I turn her over and fuck her ass for about fifteen minutes.

After fucking her ass I turn her over and pull out my knife. I slowly poke it into her stomach just below her belly button. She let out a sharp gasp when I did that. I slowly cut around the her belly button, and carefully use the knife to cut it off, all with Rika screaming. Then I eat the piece of meat.

After I eat her belly button I use my knife to create a deeper hole into where her belly button use to be. I go deep enough to expose her organs, but not to damage them.

After my initial knife work is done I plunge my dick into the hole in her stomach. I spend another half hour fucking her new hole where her stomach was, with her screaming loudly. I keep going until her belly is filled with semen.

Finishing with her stomach, I kiss her one more time. Then I take my knife and plunge it deep into her stomach, and she lets out a scream much louder than even the destruction going on around us. I hold the knife in for a good minute before taking it. Then I use the blade to carve her nipples off and eat them.

Finally I take my knife and start stabbing her rapidly, on her torso, arms, legs, hands, and feet. I tend to spare vital organs at first to keep her alive as long as possible. Half way through I turn her over and begin doing the same to her back and ass.

Finally I turn her back over and plunge the knife deep into her pussy. Then I use the blade to merge her pussy hole with her asshole.

I stand back to watch her suffer from her wounds, listening to the sounds of her still-intense screams and crying. Then at last I take my knife and make deep stabs to her heart and lungs. I then watch as she grasps for air while trying to scream.

After she dies(or loses consciousness I kiss her bloody mouth one last time, and then go to work cutting off her head to be stuffed.

A year later when the world becomes mine her stuffed head hangs over the throne in my palace, as my favorite trophy and decoration.


You have been ordered to brutally murder an entire family. You have killed everyone else, and you have this little girl in the tub to do whatever you want before and after you kill her.


File: 1438728664539.jpg (76.44 KB, 490x600, qubrwwxfcy_cardart_.jpg)

>>462 This one has been up for some time. Maybe she thought she was going to live through it? Time to fix it!

I pulled at the cloth she called her outfit, and it's easily torn away from her.

"You call this a dress, slut? It's a miracle you could even fight in it, let alone win duels! I could kill you now you know." Fear appeared in her huge blue eyes, and I laughed. "Convince me not to." I told her while undoing my belt.

When I was done, the bitch was already at her knees, obviously knowing how to pleasure a man. She started working on my cock with her hands, before taking it in her mouth. As she was working on my cock, I picked up her sword that she laid down and examined it. It was a fine blade, far too good for such a slut as she was.

Soon I was done, and I pulled out a moment before, covering her face and breasts with cum as I came.

"Did I do good... Master?" She looked up at me, adding the last word after a few seconds when she noticed my cold face, her eyes full of hope.

"You weren't that bad, slut." I could see her eyes glow brighter as more hope rose in her. "But it didn't mean you were good enough." Before she could react I cut sideways with her own sword, cutting through her neck and ending the beautiful fighter's life. I grabbed her head before it fell all ghe way down and wiped my dick clean with her beautiful hair, then stabbed her headless body through the chest, leaving the sword in it as I walked away, carrying her head as a trophy and grabbing my discarded weapon before leaving the room.

>>426 >>532 >>523 >>533 >>553
All of these are still able for taking, but I will yet another girl to the mix.

This is Nissa. She's an planeswalker and a green mage, but you managed to defeat her and lock her in a prison that through some means stops all magic, meaning she is at your mercy. How do you FINISH HER?


File: 1438733763367.jpg (453.86 KB, 612x859, Tayuya.full.1831270.jpg)


I lay upon the ground letting out a light chuckle which flowed through my lips. It was something the young woman wasn’t expecting. My little helper had snuck up on her close up and now her gun and right arm were tossed to the side far away from her. The heartless killer although not showing emotion let out a small growl seemed her foe laugh at her. I named her Nu after one favorite women in the world. Nu was cybernetic killer young woman with many weapons and secrets. One of which were her legs, chain saw blades which used to disarm her play.

Marina even though seeing Nu was some kind of robotic monster didn’t give in she pulled out her spare fire arm ready to fire, but Nu was fast. With swing of her hair Marina was caught totally of guard once more by the blade tying her hair together in a ponytail as it severed her legs from her body. Marina dropped her pistol out sheer pain, but she was strong and held her tears to save her honor. Nu however only cracked a grin at these as I walked over. She decided to show off her favorite weapon.

You see Nu is a Futa. A horny one at that. Marina was helpless having no legs and one arm, while bleeding on the ground. With both grabbed her head and brought out erect members out for her to stare once last time before thrusting them through her eye balls. Marina fine let out a sharp screaming pain that became inaudible words as we both literally started to fuck her brains out. With were both crying pleasure our cocks rubbing against one another while ripping through her brain matter.

By the time we were done Marina was long dead, a mix of brain matter and cum spilling out both her eye sockets. Her mouth wide open showing only a look of pain droll dripping down the sides of her lips. With her finished I left the body there to riot after stripping her naked. Nu would love to fix and wear the close of such a cute foe.

Tayuya stands before accepting her fate after you beat her monsters and destroyed her flute. What do you do with her?


File: 1438831221626.jpg (161.27 KB, 508x762, Rukia22645313.jpg)


To me it isnt nearly as much fun if they just accept their fate so I think I'd rather recruit her... (In future posts she will be with me but for the rest of this one we can assume she turned me down)

should she turn me down though things would end badly, although like I said them just giving up like that doesnt make it as amuzing but I can still have fun with that booty she got by fucking it.

After I orgasm I would pull out a noose and tie it off then put her neck in it and bind her hands... her feet would be touching the floor but that would be pointless once I shatter her shins and knees with a sledgehammer so they can support no weight.

then I wou ld watch and enjoy her struggle against the noose, at least I hope she would struggle.

as soon as the struggling stops I would pull out a kitana and behead her below the noose and proceed to cook up the remains except for the head.

You manage to defeat Rukia Kuchiki and now she is at your mercy... FINISH HER



I can understand that.

I wouldn't mind recruiting someone if I like them a lot.


File: 1439087505211.jpg (140.42 KB, 950x1188, Videl...jpg)

I guess no one wanted to finish Rukia... she is still available but now I will add a bonus target

Videl of Dragonball Z, you managed to beat her now you can FINISH HER


Well I was going let someone else do her Rukia, but seeing she is one of my favorite bleach characters I’ll make one for her.

I would ask Rukia to join her my team. After all with her new bankai and my experiments I should be able to make powerful servant out of her. However like all my servants I must welcome her to the fold. I decided I do it in style. I take her back to my fortress and lay her down in bed, before I show my upgrades. Large tentacles made of both shadow and various metals I been developing spurt out my back as I lift her up into the air. I spread open her legs letting on of the tentacles rub against her sex before I plug it in.

She let out a loud moan feeling the object start to pulse push through her body. Her whole body rocked back and forth through the air as she moaned and pure pleasure. I then brought her ass close to my crotch while I unzip my jeans. I then slam my cock deep into her anus while my other tentacles roam around her body. Going into her mouth, rubbing against her legs, arm pits, all sorts of places.

I keep her in there with me for hours till she has been broken. I smirk at her as she lust for my cock and get her ready for my new experiments.

You managed to defeat Lancer in a fight. What do you do with her?


File: 1439102180364.jpg (943.75 KB, 2227x2925, 50452041_p0.jpg)


I forgot the pic ....


File: 1439217756384.jpg (286.05 KB, 504x784, 51013969_p1_master1200.jpg)

I wrapped my muscular arms around her soft but toned arms, with one foot placed on her chest, I brutally pulled her trapped arm away from her torso until a loud popping sound was heard from her shoulder. An uncharacteristic howl of agony escaped Videl’s lips as I dropped her ruined arm on the ground, I took a moment to admire my handiwork before working on to dislocating her other arm. Despite her attempted resistance, both of her arms were pulled out of their shoulder sockets effortlessly.

Knowing that she’s completely unable to defend herself, I decided to humiliate her even further before granting her an undignified death by stripping her completely bare, oh how she screamed as I ripped her T-shirt to tatters, and slipped her tights off her shapely legs. She clenched her legs tightly, as one final and futile act of defiance to protect her modesty.

With one hand on each leg, I forcefully pried her legs apart, revealing a cleanly waxed womanhood. Tears rolled down her face as she begged me not to rape her, little did she know that it will not be my penis that’ll be violating her body.

Clenching my right hand into a fist, I rammed my entire forearm into her genital. At first she gasped in surprise, followed by an ear piercing screech that soon turned into wails of terror as I worked my way deeper into her body, tearing and shredding the lining of her sex organ with every movement.

My arm entered and exited her ruined womanhood like the piston on an engine, blood gushed out between her legs with every motion, Videl spasmed uncontrollably as her body was effectively used as a hand puppet. It wasn’t long before she expired from the amount of internal damage caused by the rough manhandling of her delicate sex organ.

You are hired to silence a nosy journalist girl that asked too many questions, you managed to corner her in an isolated place with no witnesses around. FINISH HER!


File: 1439258559527.jpg (179.25 KB, 1920x1080, Homura's SO cool!.jpg)


I'd push her to the ground and then pin her down before I deeply kissed her on the lips and french kissed her to charm her and keep her from resisting. Then I'd kiss and lick her neck while I tore open her blouse and then her skirt revealing her bra and panties. Next, I'd lovingly slide off her shoes and then seductively caress her stocking covered legs and feet before peeling her stockings off and proceed to caresses, massage and kiss her lovely feet before doing the same to her legs.

Next, I'd remove her lingerie and then feel up, kiss and lick her various body parts and then I'd fuck her in the ass and then in her warm pussy and cum in her womb. Then as ordered, I'd strangle her to death and then redress her in her lingerie, stockings and high heeled shoes /but I'd burn her torn blouse and skirt/ and shoulder carry her to my hideout and make her into my love doll /after I show my boss that I killed her/.

Now then, here's Homura from Madoka Magica. You've defeated her in a fierce battle and she's reverted back to her normal form, FINISH HER!!


File: 1439390881902.png (257.98 KB, 470x784, VC_Alicia_Melchiott.png)

Lancer remained still on the ground, still weak from her injuries and unable to fight resist in any way. I brandished a sharp sword in my hand, with a skill that could only have come from years of practice, I sliced open the front of her skin-tight attire and flipping the materials to the side, exposing her nakedness underneath before forcing myself onto her defeated body - to the accompaniment of her tears.

After I had my ways with her, I rolled her onto her stomach with my foot. With her spear in one hand, and spreading her legs apart with the other hand, I rested the tip of her spear on the opening of her anus. With a deep thrust, the spear was driven deep into the her bowels, she let out a single bloodcurdling screech before falling silent.

Once it is deeply secured inside her, I grabbed her ankles in each hand, and pulled her sodomized body deeper into the spear, until the gore-covered spear tip erupted from her mouth. She soon died an excruciating death from having her intestines and internal organs ripped to shreds.

Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles, she was once a brave soldier, now a prisoner of war held in an underground dungeon. You are ordered to execute her in a cruel and excruciating manner. FINISH HER!


File: 1439421101162.jpg (188.7 KB, 827x1260, 19.jpg)


“Rukia…time to shine.” The woman came out from the shadows in her bankai form. I spent days upgrading Rukia after capturing her and breaking her spirit. Now she my beautiful icy killer. Once she got close to Homura her right leg froze solid, duo Rukia’s already amazing bankai powers and my upgrades, making control it as easy for her to control as her breathing.

Homura would cry in pain feeling all her nerves being frozen solid. Her leg looked like it had become part of an ice sculpture. She then noticed me taking out my cock and putting close to her mouth as other leg started to freeze. She quickly figured out it was a race. Make me cum or be frozen to death. The poor girl’s mouth wrapped tightly around my dick. She bucked her head back and forth while letting her tongue lick across my length praying she could get me to bust my load.

While she sucked on my dick, the moans of pure pain filled the air as her body slowly began to turn into ice. Already her lower body was completely transformed. She started to deep my cock knowing time would run out soon. I was caught off guard by these and nearly shot my load by the time the ice had reached her neck. She grabs my ass and pulls my dick all the way into her throat causing me to cum into her. However it was too late.

Rukia’s attack froze her whole body and now Homura was just frozen art piece. Cause she was no crystal clear you could see my cum sliding down her mouth, through her throat, and into her stomach. Literally every orange, bone, and her skin had turned into ice so you could see the complete inner workings of her body.

Once I was done cuming I would careful pick up Homura and carried her home with Rukia at my side. I was going turn her into the perfect fountain piece for visitors to my lair to see.

You beat Liltotto Lamperd from Bleach and her Quincy allies have left her. What do you do with her?


File: 1439443369346.png (162.54 KB, 307x804, Ilya.png)


One shot, one kill. I heard a casing shell fell on the ground as the silent killer quickly reloaded to prepare another shot, adding one more kill to the tally.

I've heard rumors of an extremely skilled sniper among the Gallian dogs from some of my men, and they weren't kidding. When the first shot ran through my brother's head, we all quickly took cover behind buildings and sandbags entrenched across our perimeters. Yet I feel that even then it wouldn't be enough to stop their advance, now that their tank lies looming before us.

But if we're going down, then we may as well take one of their own down with us. Imagine what I found when I scouted ahead, hiding behind craters and ruins?

The eponymous sniper herself, atop of a building entrenched under a sandbag. And she's all alone, barely noticing us. I smiled.

What luck.

I motioned for one of my troopers that had followed me to scout the area, just in case if there actually is someone around us. With the precaution now sufficiently prepared, I take another fine look at the sniper.

For a mere uncivilized dog, she's quite a treat to the eyes. With her short, black hair and pretty face, she could give anyone I know a run for their money. Add to that her stoic expression and perfect postures and she gave off the bearings of a quiet beauty. Such a sight...

Would be a shame if she were to simply be killed just like that, oh no. Not after I'm through with her, after everything she's done.

Within my uniform, I took out my grenade, the ragnaid core shining in the epicenter glass container. Pulling out the pin, I threw it overhead, towards her entrenched position. Perhaps it was because I was too eager to have my way with her or maybe it was because of her honed instinct to detect danger, but she managed to turn and saw the grenade landed near her. With a quick and surprised gasp, she tried to move away from the impending explosion but too late!

Though her uniform managed to prevent her from being mostly scorched by the blast, the impact hit her like a sledgehammer as I heard the sounds of bone cracking and her body lying on the ground, her bare back now exposed for all to see, much to me and my fellow soldiers' satisfactions.

"My rifle... where's... my...," I could hear her soft voice as my boner stiffened at just the thought of what I am about to do to her. The fact that her succulent flesh now lay bare before us only stimulates me further. I could see her reaching out her hands towards her weapon just a few feet from her as she almost drifted off to unconsciousness.

I wouldn't let her.

I approached her and stomp on her back. Hard. She gasped, her pained expression now apparent. Somehow, this turns me on as I stepped on her harder, her pained moaning music to my ears.

"Woman. You have no idea what a thorn you have been to our sides. You should've learned your place and surrender when you had the chance. Now, you will die like a dog you truly are."

At this, I removed my feet from her back, crouched down, took off my helmet and proceed to lick her back lustily. Perhaps aware of the dreadful premonition of what I'm about to do to her, she struggled helplessly; her body squirming as she tried to move to no avail due to the recent blast. The motion arouses me.

Once I had my share of licking, I flipped her to the side. With her body so close to me, I could see that she was truly a gorgeous woman. With her uniform now almost in tatters, I could now see her front and rear. Unable to resist my urge, I forcefully removed her clothing, revealing a white singlet outlining the curve of her busts and skin-tight shorts emphasizing her rear. Who ever knew that underneath such clothing lied an unknown secret? I licked my lips in anticipation.

Somehow, I could feel her glaring at me; her face flushed due to her state. I looked up and flickered the strands of hair covering her face, enjoying the view of her defiant stare. If only she knew that it only serves to make me want to ravish her more, right here, right now...

But I won't, of course. Not now, at least. I always prefer to save the best for last and enjoy it while it last. And with a woman as headstrong as her, I'l intend to savor every single last moment. I caressed her smooth face, liking what I see. Too enraptured by her features, I failed to anticipate what she did next.

She spit on me. At my face. While smirking in satisfaction and closing her eyes, sealing her fate with that last act of defiance; only wishing for a quick death.

I wiped it off with a neutral expression and stomped on her barely exposed chest. Another 'creak' was sounded, the sniper struggling to not howl in pain.

"You liked that, huh?" I snarl, moving my foot around her chest and, after removing her undershirt, nipples, feeling them up. A low inaudible moan came out of her mouth, mixed with pain and arousement as I play around with her naked top. Remembering her last word spoken however, I darted my eyes across her firing arm reaching out for her weapon.... and smiled a cruel smile.

My smile didn't escape Marina's sight and when she knew what I was looking at, she despaired. "N-no...," she whimpered. "Please don't...," That alone convinced me what I had to do.

I motioned for my squad to hold her down for what I have in mind while caressing her arm. I also told that they are free to feel her up and gladly took it up, completely tearing up her clothes and reveal her fully naked body. My penis erected and was about to cum but I held it down, saving it for what comes next.

I caressed her hand, from her shoulder, slowly and gently till I reach her fingers, by which I nibbled every one of them as the sniper's protest was drowned by her lustful moans as my men played with her nipples and nethers. When I reached the index finger, I placed it deep into my mouth and slurped it before brutally tore it out with my teeth.

She screamed and jerked her body in response to the pain. Even so, she was no match for my men as they held her down. Afterwards, I proceed to repeat my routine to her middle finger before standing up and grabbed my rifle; aiming it on her slender arm. By now, she looks at me, her voice quivering as she begged me to stop what I'm doing.

I shot.

Her hand, which she has depended on throughout her entire life whilst hunting with his father and serving her time in the militia, was torn off messily from her elbow joints as she finally give in, howling in extreme pain and quivering her mostly intact body. Surprisingly, she's still conscious, much to my delight as I told all my men to release their grips on her.

I couldn't hold myself in anymore, dropping my rifle and stripped myself bare, exposing my erect penis to her face. I also spitted something that I had chewed up in my mouth for a while now to her face.

It was her index finger.

And to completely repay her back for spitting me in the face, I cummed on her face before ramming my penis into her mouth.

She didn't even struggle as I forced myself into her, the lights in her eyes dimming. I knew that by then, I broke the once emotionless killer into submission. And so, I ravishly played with her body, forcing my penis into her vagina and roughly feel up her chest, among other things. Once I was done having my fill, I let my men have theirs before brandishing my knife and cut off her head. Her body spasm one last time as her spine was disconnected to her brain. Aroused once again, I cum on her body and exposed neck wound. After all is said and done, I then instructed the rest of my men to give one last parting gift to the Gallian resistance.

After the battle was done, the rest of squad 7 were on a lookout for their ace sniper, since she haven't been seen since. It was only when they arrived at the site that they saw something horrifying. Marina's head was impaled upon a spike, white liquid coming out of her empty right eye socket. And beside that, was a makeshift cross with her naked body tied to it, the same liquid covering her entire body, her mangled right arm exposed and her stomach carved with the word 'CUNT' on it.


This is Ilyasviel Von Einzbern. In one way or another, you managed to defeat her Servant Berserker during the Holy Grail War. She now lies before you, completely helpless. FINISH HER!!!


File: 1439492079638.png (421.35 KB, 853x480, 7e35131d03e86086cd73ed7389….png)


Illya's crying at Berserker's death so I hug her to comfort her and caress her hair and back while whispering soothing words into her ear about how beautiful she is.

Once Illya's calmed down, I intimately caress her face and hair before I deeply kiss Illya on the lips and it become a french kiss. She then tells me that she wants to enjoy her last moments on Earth and agrees to make love to me.

Smiling, I then strip Illya nude and caress, massage, kiss and lick the various parts of her body before I screw her in her cute little ass and then go for the gold, her hairless virgin pussy. Once I've cummed into Illya's loli pussy, I opt to finish her off and I strangle her to death.

Once Illya's dead, I gather up her clothes and shoulder carry her nude body to a bath where I clean her up and then I wash and dry her clothes and redress her and make her into my love doll to 'play' with whenever I want.

Now then, here's Rebecca Miyamato, the child genius teacher from Pani Poni Dash. You're managed to corner her despite her best efforts to evade capture, FINISH HER!!



(Since I only have a vague memory of Poni Poni Dash I'll save rebecca for someone else)

She thought she could win but I ambushed her and easily overpowered her. I of course strip her.

Now I tie a noose like rope around her ankles and lift her upward, her toes wiggling as I lick them for my own amusement.

with her mobile suit so close and yet so far I enjoy the look of dispare in her eyes as I put a ring gag and forcively face fuck her wh ile playing with her feet. as soon as I orgasm I slash her throat and put a bucket under her... I then field strip her so I can have some nice food later...


File: 1440032957397.jpg (156.59 KB, 800x685, Pan2.jpg)

You defeated Pan, the quarter Saiyan is now helpless in front of you... FINISH HER


File: 1440204665325.jpg (23.66 KB, 300x450, Talim-sc2fix.jpg)


“You….you a sayian? I’m actually rather disappointed.” I crack my neck glaring pan as she shook their in her torn outfit in fear. She honestly didn’t expect to use the fight like that however it too late for her. Rather end her in some amazing way I decided to make it simple. I raised my hand up and the earth trembled at the waving of my hand before a large vine ripped out the ground and started to wrap around pans neck. It pulled and twisted around her neck causing the young girl to cry out for whoever could save her.

With a twisted smirk I get on top of her and started rape her. It felt good having such a young girl underneath me struggling to breath as I rip away her cherry. I went on for ten minutes watching struggle, her face turning first from red, to purple, to a pale blue. Each time her face changed her body grew weaker, the random spasms and struggles from freedom faded. The only thing near the end of the ten minutes still struggling was her pussy I was smashing my cock into.

As the last of the life faded from her. I looked into Pan’s eyes and started to kiss her deeply in order to get a taste of her last stale breath. Then I let the vine go back into the earth admiring the mark no formed on her throat. I would then spend the next few hours with the small body on the ground having sex. Even if it was a poor battle. I did have some amazing sex. Once done I took her back to the base figuring maybe I could her corpse for some experiments both sexual and non sexual kinds

Talim is here, you know the drill. Bring her down.


File: 1440902357633.jpg (239.6 KB, 682x832, Konata7980.jpg)


Talim did fight well but I got the upper hand and now I take her weapons since they are interesting and I would like to take them. however I use my own katana to remove her clothing then put a broad sword (Yes I have lots of weapons) under her, buring the handle in the ground, and start to press down on her.

her tight pussy over the blade of the broad sword and her exhaustion ment that the blade would pierce through her intimate zone and out of her stomach with a spetacular gush of blood and screams of pain.

I would then cut off her arms and fuck her mouth savagely, the blood that came from ehr mouth turning me on more as I cum into her throat...

then an idea. I put Tayuya in charge of a booth where people can pay 5 dollars for blow jobs from the dying Talim, Tayuya using chakra to keep her alive as many many use her for that purpose.

when the night falls and her throat is filled with semen Tayuya finally beheads Talim and removes her body from my broad sword before leaving her there for the wild animals to feast on.

You defeated Konata Izumi and managed to bypass her game inspired move set, now FINISH HER


File: 1440903789997.jpeg (39.69 KB, 800x1200, 57a171d83ad83efa2247dac6f….jpeg)


Since she's nude, I say sweet things to her and gently caress her face and long blue hair.I then lovingly feel her up and french kiss her on the lips. Next, I do my caressing, kissing and licking routine on her body parts especially her flat chest, butt and legs. I also massage, kiss and tickle her cute feet to make her laugh happily.

I then have buttsex with her followed by pussy sex and pump into her vagina while I scream out her name and she does the same thing. I then smother her to death with a pillow, cast a preservation spell on Konata's body and bathe/dry her cute body before I clothed her in a pretty outfit which includes an elegant looking blue dress, white stockings and black mary jane shoes with a blue ribbon tied in her hair and make her my love doll.

Now then, here's Ponzu from Hunter x Hunter. You've ambushed and defeated her in combat and she's at your mercy, finish her!!


File: 1442169014676.jpg (360.27 KB, 706x1000, 2173602.jpg)


I let out a sigh of disappointment at the young girl as she gasped for breath upon the ground after losing so easily to me. She tried to get up fight however I turned towards her with my gun in hand and fire a specialty slug into her skull.

She collapsed upon the ground in a instant a small hole in between her eyes, but large opening tearing out through the back of her skull exposing her brains to me. I walk over to her unzipping my pants and push my cock deep into the damage grey matter.

I moan as I thrust my cock in and out of her skull for about half a hour before cumming into her skull. I smirk then leave to my henchmen. They spend days rapping her body any possible, between her legs, rubbing their cocks along various body parts, her mouth. However most of them told me the large opening her brains was the best one to fuck.

I smirk and let them keep her until she is no longer usable and we use her as fed for my worms.

You managed to beat Tenryuu, what do you do with her?


File: 1442254695427.jpg (1.05 MB, 1100x1556, 2013_01_10_milf_korra.jpg)

*I don't exactly know who she is, and from what anime/manga/game she is, so i'll treat her like a human*
I grab Tenryuu by her hair and drag her semi naked body to the nearest wall. She is dizzy and has minor cuts and bruises all over her body from our fight. I strip her from the rest of her clothes while she moans in pain. After that I pick her up by the neck and use a nailgun to pin her to the wall, arms in the air and legs spread wide, each with 3-4 nails at the end.
"Nooo, don't let it end like this..." she gasps.
"Ofcourse I won't let you in this state, to rot away, there's so much damage to do still."
As I say that I leave her for a few minutes to agonize, while I grab my gear. Before she passes out, I arrive with my bow, daggers, an axe and a shotgun. I give her a few slaps and a punch in the uterus then I take 15 meters distance from her.

I draw my bow and let loose the first arrow. It misses on purpose, right under her pussy. The second arrow is loose, and there's a sudden scream, a direct hit in her upper left thigh, close to her sex. I fire 3 more arrows, one hitting her right breast right above her nipple, and piercing it's way through her lung, another hits her in the bellybutton and the third misses, and plants itself right beside her left cheek, mildly cutting it.
Getting bored of the bow, I switch to knives. The first knife I throw hits her under her left clavicula and causes quite some damage, hence Tenryuu screeches in utter pain.
"Arrgh, please, have some damn mercy and kill me quicker at least..." she tries to say to me, but I'm too far to hear her.
Seeing her move her lips though, I take my shotgun and axe and walk slowly towards her mutilated body, grinning in anticipation.

I get near her and kneel. I take out the arrow from beneath her pussy, and start licking her clit. She is obviously in pain, but she seems to also be moaning in pleasure as I play with my tongue in her sex. After that I slowly lick up from there, go around the arrow in her belly and up to her left breast. I bite her nipple slowly while squeezing her other breast around the arrow, letting blood drip from the wound. As my cock gets hard, I begin fucking her, while fondling with both her breasts, but now my mouth moves upwards, to her neck. As I climax, I bite her neck, just enough for blood to begin pouring out. She barely screams, maybe her senses being numbed down by now.
Without giving her respite, I take the shotgun, an m37 Ithaca, and put it's barrel under her right tit. I don't seem to get a good angle for what I want, so I pull the knife out of from under her collar bone and make an incision under her tit. I then shove the shotgun in her fat mammary tissue and shoot so that the pellets go upwards. Her tit explodes with gore and I get sprayed all over my face, delicious. I take the knife back and look at her lower body. I then make a quick, ferocious stab in her womb, aiming for her ovary. After that, I make a cut across her to the other ovary, and pull out the knife, in satisfaction. She passed out from the pain, but as soon as I place my hand on her chest, I feel a pulse.

In a crisis of identity, I look at what I've done, and regrets pop up in my mind like dandelions on a field. I feel remorse, guilt for torturing Tenryuu and soon I take a 180* turn.

I rush and get a first aid kit, cauterize her tit wound and give her womb some stitches in a hurry and then apply a bandage. She's still unconsious as I pull the nails out from her limbs. Her hands are surprinsingly intact as the nails slid between her bones, but her feet are damaged badly, yet nothing irrecuperable. I apply a few more patches to stop further bloodloss and then rush her to my car and drive us to one of my friends with better surgical skills. Though her chances slim, she manages to survive and soon wakes up in a hospital bed. I was sitting on a chair, right next to her.
"Why?" she asks in utter confusion, yet with tears of relief going down her cheeks.
"Call it.... splinter of remorse, in a very damaged mind. My friend did operation on you, and saved all your vital organs, including your womb. You'll still probably need plastic surgery for your right breast, but hey, you're alive."
She coughs, still weakened, and utters but a few words: "May our paths...never cross again..."
"Rest a few days, give your wounds time to heal, then you're free to go." I say to her and leave the room.

You have defeated Korra, the avatar, and suppresed her powers. She's naked, powerless and at your feet-like a ripe fruit, ready to be harvested. Will you bring her demise or salvation?


Riven also hasn't been done yet, but she may die of starvation or from being ignored for so long xD.


File: 1442306663766.jpeg (608.85 KB, 1280x1813, 818aeb3054c4331295e9698e2….jpeg)

“Come now, Avatar.” I said in a gently mocking tone as I danced around the defeated, naked woman. “Surely you can't be done already.” I let loose two more jabs as she attempted get up, striking pressure points along her spine and sending her toppling to the ground. “I guess not.” I said with amusement, striking her at the base of her neck to ensure that her bending will not return any time soon.

She lay on the ground, glaring at me and groaning in effort as she attempted to move, to struggle, to bend, or even to go into the Avatar state. My only response was to laugh softly and crouch beside her, my non-gloved hand stroking her cheek, pushing hair from her face. I placed my gloved hand on her arm and she clenched her eyes shut, knowing what was coming. This was not the first time that we'd played this little game.

Korra's back arched, her eyes and mouth opening wide as electricity coursed through her body. I squirmed a little myself at the sight of her like that, the warmth between my legs growing with each passing second. After a few moments of this, I let go of her and she fell limply to the floor, gasping and panting, wide eyes staring at me.

I smiled softly and leaned down, kissing her lips tenderly. She responded weakly with the same kiss that she always did, and I moved to straddle her, my long, thick black hair covering both of our faces as we kissed for nearly a minute. I pulled back, grinning at the helpless woman beneath me. “I want more.” I said quietly, stroking her face as I went on. “I want to leave you as nothing.”

It was a desire that we had discussed before, but one that I knew she would never go through with, not with the responsibilities that she had to the world. But now, she was at my mercy. And I could do whatever I wanted. “Asami...” Korra whispered in a slightly worried tone, but I silenced her with another kiss, quickly followed by another shock, this time my hand placed on her breast.

“No.” I sad decisively. “You don't get to decide this time, I know that you want me to as much as I do, and another Avatar will be born soon enough anyway. There isn't anything to stop me.” I kissed her again, once more followed by a shock, this time with my glove between her legs. Korra knew that I was right, but she still struggled. I couldn't tell if this was to further the experience, or because she still didn't want to go through with it. It did not matter anyway.

I pulled away, placing my glove in her throat and shocking her for over a minute straight, knocking her out before I moved away. I was not about to let her turn the tables on me. When she came to, Korra was tied to one of the pillars of out home, wrists together above her head, ankles chained to the floor. I smiled and punched her three times, blocking her Chi again. She struggled and opened her mouth to speak, allowing me to shove the over sized ball gag into her mouth.

“Now, I want this to be an enjoyable for you, as it is for me.” I said, lifting a long, curved knife. I had never really liked blades, but the dozens of scars on the insides of my thighs spoke to Korra's enjoiment of them. This was for her as much as me though. So I needed not to be selfish. I moved over to my lover and slammed the knife into her stomach, looking into her eyes. Primal fear and pain came into her expression. But over our years together, I had come to recognize that it was almost overshadowed by her lust. She would never have admitted it, even to herself. But she wanted this more than she wanted to protect the world. She had done that already, far more than her predecessor. She deserved her time off.

I pulled the knife upward, gutting my lover then twisting the blade sharply before yanking it out of her. She let out groaning screams as I did this, unable to actually scream due to the gag in her mouth. But I knew what she wanted me to hear, and that was enough. I stabbed the blade into her right side and left it there. My lover would not last much longer, and I wanted to get something for myself into our last night together.

When I returned to Korra, she was panting heavily, shallow breaths causing her body to heave as she struggled to breathe with a blade in her right lung, and half of her intestines hanging out of her belly. I smiled softly at her and pulled away the gag, letting it fall to the floor. She smiled almost deliriously at me, prompting me to lean forward for a kiss. We shared the moment for a long time, then I pulled away, pressing my gloved hand to her throat one final time.

I had made this glove specifically for this, it was made to hold a much larger charge than any of the ones that my father had created, made to kill, rather than incapacitate. Korra could not even scream as I electrocuted her, her body shaking and struggling as the electricity rant through her, slowly cooking her alive. I held my hand there until the glove ran out of energy and Korra fell limp, her eyes grey and blank, steam rising from them as well at her mouth, sex, and several other parts of her body.

I smiled almost sadly and kissed the corpse of my lover.


This should probably go into the Willing victims category. But, fuck it.

This is Asami Sato, she's killed her lover and now has need to be put down as well. Take her out as you see fit.


File: 1442359968594.jpg (13.58 KB, 236x333, a4fe9cb4fffe0caf8226b01d7e….jpg)


I just lost a ranked game to her, so I want some revenge!

Riven stood there, completely naked trying to move after I captured her with a stun spell. She was unable to move, her clothing ripped apart by the force of her blast. Her hands trembling in place trying to swing her blade forward to use the power of her legendary Wind Slash. I smirked at the woman before I leaned in and started licking across her neck. My hands wondered around her breast softly gripping them between my fingers. The only thing around me and riven was open space and the large brush which most would know famously within the summoners rift.

I decided to ambush her here, after I lost bet because of her. I couldn’t help, but start to growing hard on which was pop a small tent in my pants. I started to rub it against her bare ass through my clothing. After some quick teasing I strip and force my member into her anus. The poor girl let out a painful scream even if she couldn’t move. She hadn’t been with a man for long time after leaving Noxian lands and these was also her first time anal.

I enjoyed the female’s warm tight hole. It squeezed upon my member with each thirst while I started to giggle and grab both of her tits playfully. I groaned and pulled out her ass before finishing. I wanted to save it for the end of the show. From out the bush a good friend and my favorite champion came out.” Miserable human!” Her eyes went wide in utter terror seeing the beast.” Nomnomnom!”

It was the Terror of the Void himself. I managed to get him out of his cell and into the rift to help play with me. The creature was hungry and once I was safe distance away the ground shock furiously. Suddenly out the dirt wave of spike appeared stabbing through Riven’s body. Cho’gath managed to hit her with four spears. Two stabbing through her ankles spreading open her sex wide, after forcing her legs far apart and nearly snapping them in two.

The third one came out at a weird angle. These angle allowed for her womb to be stabbed and literally the tip of the spike tore out her sex. Her pussy was spread wide and her womb was exposed for all who would come by to see. The final one tore through her left breast leaving on a wave meat fling through the air. Riven was gasping for breath since the spike managed to damage her lungs. Blood escape her lips as I moved towards her again. I stroked my cock for dear life before spraying cum into her dying face, leaving it colored in a mix of a semi white and bright crimson.

Riven could only stare at me with tears in her eyes before I turned and walked away. As I left the area to prepare Cho’gath’s journey back in his cell, I could hear Riven scream. Who wouldn’t after being left alone with a giant monster? It was beautiful wave of music, a mix of screaming and the sounds of tear flesh in the air. Truly a lovely ending.

Tatsuta from Kancolle, got in overhead while trying to find sister Tenryuu who disappeared. What do you do with her?


File: 1442961053453.png (740.54 KB, 765x1080, PVgaR3S.png)

Finally, Miss Tatsuta saw the torpedoes, but it was too late. Two torpedoes hit her on the right, blew up her right leg, leaving only a bloody mess at the hip socket.
Tatsuta crawled amongst the reddish sea water for a long while, until her aged equipment stopped functioning and she began to sink. Fearing to become the next victim, other ship-girls flee from the sea area, leaving tatsuta alone in cold sea water.
The smell of blood proved to be good fish attract. Soon fish began to tear small pieces of flesh off Tatsuta, while she was still barely awake.
Weeks later, a girl's body was found at the beach of Hachijō-jima island. Judging form her equipment she should once be a light-cruiser girl, but the body was too damaged and rotten to be identified.


You see Yandere-chan from the game Yandere Simulator, the mystery serial murderer at a local school. She looks cute. You guess it would be a thrill to make her your next victim....


File: 1443135394913.jpg (325.89 KB, 2202x1600, S6hYOT6.jpg)


“Kill Yandere-chan?” No way in hell! To be honest it would be a dream come true to be able to be friends with Yandere-chan! [Totally doesn’t have yandere and shotacon fetish] Of course Yandere’s aren’t exactly open to friendship unless you force them into it. So I had her after school with the body of a girl she was about to dump into the thrash again after slitting her throat. She growled at me for few moments able to deal with my strength without her weapons.

She tried kick and herself free, but all I did in return was start nailing her hard over and over again in the gut. The harsh pounding had caused her shirt to raise up showing her bruiser up stomach and loud coughing escaped her mouth as she tried to catch her breath. I crack a twisted grin at her then started taking out my cock rubbing against her silk white panties. She crying in both fury and terror not wanting to lose her beloved virginity to anyone, but her dear senpai. So I offered her a deal.

“Eat out the dead girl and I’ll spare your little cherry. “ In pure reluctance she did as told. She spread open wide the girls legs. You could see a large yellow stain upon the dead bodies light pink panties before Yandere pulled them down. Her tongue went to work on slit taking in the taste of both her natural sex and urine which stained them during her death. The girl giving it her all to remain pure for her Senpai’s cock. I grinned a bit then went over to the dead girl’s throat and forced open her mouth.

I called Yandere over and head take over her panties. I’d keep my promise, but I wanted a taste of Yandere-class pussy. So I knelt down on the ground forcing my cock deep into the corpse feeling warm and moisture still in her mouth and throat as I started to madly make love to her body. My tongue was licking her furiously enough every inch it touched. She was losing control of herself never having been pleasured by anyone but her own fingers.

I grinned a bit and watched she came. The taste of her sweet nectar caused me to cum deep into the dead girl’s throat. Once I was done I picked the dead girl and started walking with Yandere towards her house. She was still bitter at me for beating her stomach to the point I was now bright purple, but I promised her something which made her forgive me and the act I did to her. Stick with me and Senpai will be yours by Friday.

Sakura Haruno, lost to you in battle. End her as you see fit!


File: 1443150878013.jpg (94.14 KB, 480x508, Lina24674609.jpg)


((I missed Yandere-Chan and my chance to recruit her, oh well I can always say I cloned her =D ))

As for Suckera I never really was a fan of hers so as she lays there, defeated and expecting sexuality to somehow get her free I proceed to stab her in her nipples with kunai knives causing blood to spurt from them and her to scream out in agony.

I then put one into her vagina, surprisingly untouched... until the kunai broke her cherry causing me to laugh.

I would then use a hacksaw to slowly saw off her legs and arms, laughing with sick glee as her screams echo throughout the battlefield

now that she is a limbless stump of a slut I will take her torso back to my headquarters and hook her up to a machine.

afterall rumor has it that she is good with Chakra control so I decide to keep her alive while my machines shock her and probe her breaking her spirit as they reveal all the secrets of chakra AND enable me to implant any jutsu I want into myself (As long as it isnt a family trait style)

now she is no longer of any use to me so I bring in my Yandere-chan clone. having copied the mannorisms of the original she is indistenguishable.

She proceeds to slash the throat of Sakura and laugh as the life slowly leaves her body.

Now you managed to defeat the infamous Lina Inverse, FINISH HER!


File: 1443293507752.jpg (459.97 KB, 800x1005, 35492080_p0_master1200.jpg)

Asami lays on the bed, her eyes filled with lust. She looks at me as if she was asking "what are you waiting for?". I find her despicable, but I act mutually and approach her, with my dagger concealed. I give her a surprised look and say: "My oh my, who have I stumbled upon?"
"Are you here to stare at me all night.... or do something that would make us both happy?" she says, hardly controlling her wish for sex.

I get undressed lean over her and begin to feel her soft skin with my hands. I drag my hands across her belly and massage her abdomen, working my way down to her thighs rather quickly. I glance at her sex, then begin to lick her clit and outer labias. She begins to moan as I delight her genitalia with my tongue, but just at the peak of her excitement, I bite hard on her pussy, reaping her clitoris and the meat around it. Her moan turns into sudden scream of pure excruciating torment. It delights me. I spit her sweet meat on the side of the bed and restrain her arms with mine as she begins to struggle. I stare into her eyes and say: "The fun has just begun, though that's true only for me".
Her screaming only intensifies and she struggles more to break free, but her strength pales in comparison to mine. I begin pounding her mutilated genitalia while watching her in the eyes, observing her desperation. The screams die down after a while and turn to sobbing.
"What have I done to you? Why are you doing this? PLEASE spare me!" she cries.
"Someone paid me to put you down, it's as simple as that."
"I'll pay you all the money my family owns, just PLEASE *sobs* let me go*
"All the money in this world ain't worth seeing you suffer and die"
As I say this, I break her arms with a swift move and ejaculate inside her.
I get up and grab my army knife from my trousers. She is still in shock, in disbelief that this is really happening, but I already got bored of her and her crying, so I grab her head with one hand and say: "I'll see you in hell soon, cunt." I stab her through the back of her head, my blade severing her nervous system from her body and the tip exiting through her mouth. As she's still conscious I give her a goodbye kiss and fiddle with my tongue in the blood that gurgles in her mouth.I proceed to get my clothes back on and leave her to die alone.

You are sent to a interloper hideout to eliminate some high ranking mobsters. After finding them naked you quickly eliminate them and find their toy, what do you do with her?


File: 1443755006766.jpg (1.79 MB, 3507x2550, 112527 - Bleach Yoruichi_S….jpg)


I'm sorry my yandere fetish is strong!!


It been some time since my old family, the ones who raised me and taught the basics of being a criminal master mind had called me. Asked me to use my talents to take out some rivals of theirs. I decided why not since they were my family and I always loved going back to the basics once in a while. I strolled into over the bodies filed with holes of dead mobsters littering the floor. All them the higher ranking guys I shot up with an assault rifle while I had my new demented poison all their scrubs by acting as lost little girl they could addict.

The twisted look on Yandere was priceless, but was even more priceless was the girl laying naked on the couch of the room I shot he thugs in with just a collar and some white stockings on. I didn’t truly notice the cute little thing until now because I was busy taking out targets who were trying to gun me down before I got them. She stood there shocked and crying as I walked over to her unzipping my pants for a few moments. “ You know what to do.”

The girl nodded as wrapped both of her breast around my member started to stroke them up and down my shaft while licking the tip of my head. She moaning in mix of pervert pleasure and a way to pray I spare her skin. I decided to reward her. She felt an object probing against her slit. She moaned feeling the object push deeper into her sex spreading lips apart. She could barely holding it back and took her cock deep into her throat. The pleasure of object flowing through her felt amazing.

I was nearly ready to cum with the way her mouth and breast felt around my shaft. As I announced these Yandere came in behind me with twisted smile then made the throat cut sign to the woman who just noticed her making the signs. Her eyes went wide as I shot my load in more ways than one. Not only was I cumming into her mouth. The object that was probing her sex my gun. I pulled the trigger and wave of bullets were firing full out into her body.

The woman’s whole body seemed to spasm and blood came out her sex as I filled her with a mix of cum and lead. Eventually she fell down upon the ground slowly dying. The bullets had destroy almost all her internal organs by blasting holes through them, even breaking some bone. Blood was leaking out her sex, as well as her mouth which was leaking out a bit of my seamen onto the floor. Yandere could only laugh before I told to pack up and we left the woman to die upon the ground like the good little toy she was, along with her fallen owners.


Next up Yoruichi from Bleach


File: 1443998005856.jpg (446.57 KB, 711x981, Asuka20205306.jpg)


((It is okay, afterall cloning is a thing))

As for Yoruichi I think I'd recruit her but first I would lock her in a cell with no outside contact for several months.

the only food or water I would give her would be laced with heavy catnip and after every meal when she is heavily stoned I would proceed to fuck her and fuck her hard.

after a while she becomes addicted to both catnip and my cock, not only that but realizes that she needs to stay with me to get the "Special" catnip that feeds her addiction.

(Sorry for the short post)

You managed to defeat Asuka, somehow bypassing or defeating her Eva unit and taking her down...

recruit or FINISH HER!


File: 1444225742377.jpg (51.66 KB, 218x300, Bismarck_Drei.jpg)

Lina Inverse lied helpless in a back alley. As a most powerful sorceress in the world she was too proud and careless for a most wanted person by the underworld. Having stalked her for a long while and of course, drunk a gallon of various potions, I placed my dagger in her back. She tried to fight back with her sword, but the aeropleura soon put her down.
"Girl. You got no chance." I said.
The redhead said, "Why you attack me? I don't recall ... cough...that we met before. Flame!...." Just before she completed her black spell, I pinched at her nipple. The spell was disturbed and lost.
" Many wants you dead. Your head now at millions of gold coins." I search through her body and throw all her weapon, spell book, material pouch aside. "A pity. You got a nice body. Though no boobs."
"I can give you Lots of...cough... magical items...and gems...I can give you far more than that..." She begs with humiliation and tears.
"Those have been my loot." I shake my head. Well, this kid is cute. "Deal. I get one thing and will not kill you today."
"Sure. What do you wan...damn what are you doing?"
I striped her, flipped her over, held her pelvis and then rammed into her hairless genital from behind. A warm feel came out of her, that was blood. The young girl cried in pain and strained up, making her tight vagina even tighter.
"Your virginity. A fair price for life, uhuh? " The sorceress wept and coughed while I pumped inside her. As the two small breasts dangled, blood drops sprinkled from the nipples. Finally I shot my load inside her. Then I destroyed her anal as well. With everything done, I packed up the tonnes of magical items I looted, and lit up a cigar.
" will spare me...right?" Lina sobbed, prone on the bloody soil beneath.
"Ah...yes, and I'll take you to a doctor..."
I met my promise to Lina, I did not kill her, and I did take her to a cleric. I wrapped up the young child in her cloak, and carry her to a local cleric... the local thieves guild. The gangsters, now released from the terror of the Bandit Killer, treated her wounds, only to queue up to make love with her. Lina didn't even make it through the first night. No one knows when the screaming and cursing became quiet. When the delicate body was noticed to have gone cold, they just continued thrusting in her cum-filled cunt, asshole and mouth.
The second day, they cast magic spell on the corpse so that the Lina will not rot until many years later. I heard that the gang have thus earnt a lot, far more than the bounty they gave me, from necrophies and her enemies pay to violate her remains. There were, some loyal or ambitious people who tried to raise the poor soul from dead, but the sex toy proved too violated to be resurrectable.


Back in May of 1941. As a teitoku(admiral) of the Royal Navy, you have been shocked that Bismarck, the most powerful battleship-girl in Europe and third in the world, has cowardly murdered your beloved Hood-chan and escaped into the vast Atlantic Ocean. Though knowing that Bismarck is even 47% tougher than the dreadful Yamato, much less to say your RN ship-girls, you are determined to find the monster and have the vengeance done. So, how....


File: 1444245813604.jpg (66.29 KB, 868x893, 0f03b30b79d01081e6ffefa532….jpg)

She's hardly worth my time. An insane egotist, a minor talent in the cockpit... no, I won't be raping her. Although I'll certainly make her think so. Get her hopped up on increasingly large doses of aphrodisiac while she's tied down, unable to touch herself. By the third she'll be screaming for release. By the sixth, any touch will be downright orgasmic.

I'll start cutting her. Along her breasts, her thighs - just shallow cuts with a scalpel. Let her start to acclimate to pain being pleasurable. I'll then ask her if she really wants it - if she wants me to hurt her enough to cum. No matter what the answer, the reciprocating saw will come out. I'll shove three feet of jagged steel into her sex, and turn it on - and watch as it pulps her insides. If she doesn't orgasm while she dies, it'll be a shock.

You aren't sure what this savage's name is, but her tribe is gone. She's all that's left, and she's helpless, throwing her spear down before you. FINISH HER.


File: 1444258130241.jpg (220.54 KB, 500x477, 1082839.jpg)

Bismarck, to think she would do such a thing. A burning desire for revenge was sworn into my heart. I wanted revenge for what she look for me, my beloved one. However during my search for her a terrible storm hit me. I sunk along those few brave ship girls who wishes to stand beside me. I woke now only remember Bismarck took something from me, I had obsession with her. I forgot all about former life and around where abyssal ships all of them standing at the ready to help me. Two Wo-class, Battle ship princess, and one Re-class.

I started to head off into sea again with them where we found Bismarck. The girl looked at me with shock barely even noticing who I was. I however couldn’t help, but give her a wicked smile. The Wo-class ships both used their tentacles to pull apart her arms and legs as far as possible. They were holding her still as RE and Battle ship princess prepared to fire. The poor girl only cried out in terror as waves of ammunition and two torpedoes later. The ship girl was taken down rather quickly since she so caught off guard.

She knew who was and that I had fallen into the sea with some of her former comrades and soon, so would she. She torn apart, her right arm tossed off to the side, bullets ripped through both her breast. Her eye was totally gone, and finally her legs were twisted at bent angles spreading her legs out to show her sex. As she drifted into a death like state I had the girls drag her back with me to our hidden base.

I enjoyed the body of the fallen ship girl who had passed away while we dragged her back. Even in death her pussy was tight and squeezed around my cock while I came deep into her. I smirk giving broken and bloody a kiss before her recreation would be completed. I will have reborn as perfect fighter and sex slave to make pay for her crimes. Then I will reclaim everything I had lost in my last life, even if by force.

A neko challenges you to a battle and loses. What do you do with her?


File: 1444274465545.jpg (270.23 KB, 1133x1130, __the_slave_market___name_….jpg)


I look to the spear and proceed to have Tayuya dig a small circular hole where I would then put the base of the spear into it a short length in then both her and Yandere start securing it so it would not move from that spot.

meanwhile as for the target I proceed to fuck her, pussy, anus, throat... I tell her that if she is good at this I will not kill her.

her muscles are quite tone and thus her pussy and anus muscles work VERY VERY well to maximize my pleasure.

"So I will not kill you" I then signal for Yandere and Tayuya to seize the exhausted target and put her anus first on the spear. As she screams curses I shrug "I just said I wouldnt kill you my dear" I reply with a sick smile as they slowly slide her onto her own spear, the spear causing blood to gush from her mouth and anus hole as well as pussy.

the muscles were worn out from the mad sex so the spear makes short work of her internal organs... however Tayuya did do a jutsu to give her a small regeneritive factor to keep her alive on the spear.

as she squerms it shoots through her mouth but she is still alive. at least for the time being.

Yandere and Tayuya then pull out a knife and kunai respectively and start gutting her alive. Yandere being the one to find and remove her heart.

We would then leave her there.

You managed to corner and defeat the two ladies of the Straw Hats, FINISH THEM!


File: 1444274617023.jpg (557.11 KB, 699x855, K38930_p1.jpg)


Nevermind that is Makoto and Nami... so finish THEM

As an apologenic bonus you get Konata Izumi to play with.


File: 1444387605027.jpg (194.46 KB, 850x1185, sample-a685b3c5d2acd4b1137….jpg)


I'd pin Konata down and caress, kiss and lick her various body parts /especially her chest and legs before I raped her in the ass and then in her virgin pussy. She'd scream in pain and ectasy as I rammed my cock into her two lower orfices and once she orgasmed and cummed to the point of exhaustion, I'd smother her to death with a pillow.

Once she was dead and I removed the pillow, her normally life filled eyes would be dull and lifeless. I'd then carry her to the bathtub and wash Konata's corpse in it after I sprinkled red rose petals into it for a romantic feel. I'd then dry her off and clothe her in a fancy blue camisole, matching panties, white tights, a long sleeved blue and white victorian dress and black mary jane shoes. I'd also tie a cute white ribbon onto the back of her hair, slip a gold heart shaped locked around her neck and then I'd place her on a chair, inject her with an anti-decomposition serum and have Konata Izumi as my love doll to love and cherish forever.

Now then, here's Fubuki from Kantai Collection. She's helpless and at your mercy, finish her!


File: 1446385880458.jpg (826.8 KB, 1300x1422, 50351248_p0.jpg)

Makoto and Nami lay defeated, on their knees before me, with their hands tied behind their back. First I approach Makoto who looks at me in defiance. I unzip and signal her to blow me, but she replies blatantly. "Just you try to put that filth in my mouth, I'll bite it off!" Not wanting to risk anything, but enjoying her defiance, I grab her neck with both my hands and plunge us both to the ground. She struggles and screams as I rape her. After I'm done, I go get a knife from my gear. I revel in the sight of her face turning from aggressive to that of a doomed soul as I grab her head with my left hand. "Please, no! I don't want it to end like this!!" she pleads as I take my knife closer and closer to her neck. As I press my blade against her skin, tears begin rolling down her eyes. I slit her throat as deep as my strength allows, feeling the knife grate against one of her vertebrae. Her jugular vein sprouts blood like a fountain. I put away my knife and put my hands over her wound, slowing her demise. For the next few minutes I stare into her eyes as she struggles, the light of her eyes ever dimmer.
After finishing with Makoto, I remember that I also had to deal with Nami, was was now sitting in a fetal position, crying over her friend. Growing tired of all her crying, I give her a cold stare then proceed to curb stomping her head on the ground till it turns into a bone'n'brain stew. I then carve out her genitals, put em in my backpack and leave their bodies to rot.

You've bought these 2 from a human traffic auction. What do you do with them in your castle's dungeon?


File: 1446407311667.jpg (107.38 KB, 737x463, 373528dfd5ac876fbea7ead2d2….jpg)


"Release the Kraken! " I scream out point the last of enemy fleet girls upon the battle field. Fukubai screamed out as the water below her shook violent. Rising out he ocean a large twisted abyssal monster I created recently. She tried move through the water away from, but with it's size and speed cut her off opening mouth for her to fly into. She screams fall deep into the dark hole which lead into it's stomach.

The moment she hit the stomach. She started to scream in pain feeling acid eating away her soft flesh. Soon more acid began to rise, she struggled to find a way out , but she now just food. The poor girl's skin, then muscles started to pile away as acid erode every part of her being. The cloths on her body were nothing more then ashe, while flesh turned a nasty liquid like state.

As it reached her neck she gasped one final dying cry before she was swallowed by the deadly liquid. A few days later, the ship fleet that was forced retreat got nasty little treat. Outside of their docks they found the bones and torn apart weapons being to a destroyer class ship

You managed to beat Rachnera from monster musume. What do you do with her?


File: 1447236263930.jpg (632.24 KB, 718x1109, f3a3da27e85699c81359f7ac14….jpg)

This creature is hardly my usual fare. Most of the time I am chasing out bandit orcs, gangs of humans and dwarves or the occasional rowdy elf. Today however, this decided to attack my city. It a strange creature, seeming to follow the general concept of a centaur, except with the body of a spider beneath the waist, rather than a horse. I am not certain, looking at her now, which I find more appealing.

She managed to put up quite the fight until I drove her out of the city and away from the walls. She used her many legs to lift herself between buildings and attack me from above, from the sides, anywhere she could get herself. Eventually though I managed to push her out into more open areas where trees were all she could climb, severely limiting her mobility.

Now she lays before me, my spear sticking up from her thorax, the barbed head pinning her to the earth. I wipe a gauntletted hand across my brow and smirk as I lean on the haft of my weapon, causing the creature to cry out as it shifts inside of her. “I've never seen anyhitng like you.” I say conversationally now that the fight is over, giving myself time to decide whether to entertain myself with her, or to simply finish her off. “There's not a lot of things that can say that.” I almost want to just kill her quickly, she put a good fight and that was entertaining and tiring enough. But she's looking up at me with such fear in those six eyes... It seems a shame to disappoint such a beautiful and unique beast, doesn't it?

I give my spear another rough shove, making certain that it's good and lodged in the ground before letting it go to move in front of her human half, crouching before her. “Now what would such a tantilizing creature want with my city?” I ask, my hand lifting to brush fingers softly over her cheek, pushing her short-ish hair from her face. I can't help but smile wider when her eyes grow larger at my blatantly sensual touch, her realization that I wasn't just going to kill her causing the creature to thrash about until the spear lodged in the lower part of her body reminded her to stay still.

“I suppose that it doesn't really matter.” I say, pulling my side-knife from its sheathe and cutting away her sparse clothing. “If you were an isolated incident then I'll just have my fun and live on. If there are more of you, or you're hunting something dangerous to my city. Well, I have more fun in my future now don't I?” I grin at her wide, fearful eyes, tossing the rest of her shirt away, it being the only article of clothing she really needs. To my surprise, her human body goes down a bit farther past the waist than I had thought, the removal of her clothing revealing a segment of humanoid ass that soon joined with her lower half's exoskeleton. And, more interestingly to me (I never was much of ass girl.) A rather normal woman's cunt.

My grin widens as my eyes wander her entire body. Even the twitching arachnid bits are strangely erotic when combined with the humanoid woman, this will be satisfying. “I hope that you're harder the kill than you were to pin down. If not, this might take a lot less time than I'd like.” I say this more quietly than I had meant to, and it comes out sounding much more threatening than cheerfully sadistic. Oh well, can't stay in character for the victims all the time I suppose.

I look at her in silence for a few moments, twirling the blade of my knife between my fingers as I consider where to start. Initially I had been planning on cutting a slit for her where I felt it ought to be, but it was already there, so I have to find something else. I smile at her once more, as it comes to me. “You know what? I think that you have entirely too many eyes, you're liable to scare the children.”

I leave her to squirm with that on her mind as I remove my armor after slapping her with a weakness charm. I had been trying to get one onto her at the beginning of our fight, but she was too quick and mobile for me to manage to hit her with the sheet of paper that help my spell. Now however she is left with hardly the streangth to move, let alone harm me with or without my armor. Once I stand as naked as she is, I move forward with my threat, lifting my knife with a single steady and practice hand. I push the point slowly into the scarlet orb of her main left eye. Strangely enough, it would not have physically hurt had she not fought the maiming as there are no nerves inside of the eye itself. But she struggled weakly as my knife pierced her, then screamed at the pain as her lids shut around the deflating orb and the blade that had pierced it, the sight and sound justifying the hand that I had slipped between my own thighs.

“Is five too many?” I ask, slipping a finger into myself even as I slip my knife out of her face. “Or should I take one more?” She whimpered, shaking her head, not even possesing of enough strength to cover what was lef tof her eye with her hands, leaving the deflated orb to hang slightly from between its tightly clenched lids. “I think that four is a better number.” I finally say, and quickly bring down the number with a quick jab to her primary right eye, leaving her only the four smaller eyes farther up her face. Another finger enters my body as she wails in anguish, fueling my pleasure.

As she screams, I move between her fore-legs, the thighs now unmistakable humanoid, though lower down they shift to more spider-like appendages. I push these apart, leaning forth to lick softly at her exposed sex, the touch hardly registering to her for several moments, and by the time it does, my tongue is buried beneath the hood that hides her clitoris. She is clearly in too much pain and fear to feel much of the pleasure, but her body reacts to the stimuli anyway, her clit pushing forth to meet my tongue, even as I bring my blade up to push into the slit of her cunt.

Her screams fill the air for the next several minutes as my knife pushes in and out of her body and my tongue continues to lick at the sensitive nub of her clitoris, finally however the screams quiet and she simply lays still as I continue my ministrations. I frown, pulling away to look at her tear, blood and vitreous humor streaked face. There is pain there, but too much shock and weakness to scream any longer. I twist the blade inside of her sharply, causing her to wince and whimper quietly, but nothing more.

“Well, you're no fun. You'll make a good decoration anyway.” I say, resigned that there will be no more screams without much more effort in drawing them out. However useful she is now though, she will make a fine and attractive trophy to bring back to my home. I've never had an enemy that was enough animal that I thought it would be acceptable for me to mount them in my house. But this would merit a display in my living room, especially considering how many she had killed before I got to her.

I sigh as I receive no response from this, it is my own fault, binding her with the weakness charm likely sapped her screams. Still, I may as well enjoy her demise as much as possible. I lift myself upward and pull one of her fore-legs with me. The ends are slender enough to fit inside of my body with a bit of lubrication that her blood readily provides from between the front legs. I let out a heavy moan and begin moving myself up and down the last few inches of the appendage despite the slightly awkward angle.

I lean forward a bit and look into her remaining eyes. She looks at me with a bland expression on her face, she thinks that she is finished, ready for the end. I moan more loudly as I press my knife to her throat and carve a deep crescent, proving her wrong. Her eyes widen as she quickly bleeds away out of her neck, her weakened body thrashing softly, the appendage inside of me pushing just a bit deeper and twitching violently along with the rest of her body, causing me to cry out softly in pleasure. It does not take me as long to reach climax as it does for her to die, allowing me to feel the rushes of deep-held pleasure even as I watch the life fade from her eyes, and then her body.

I stand up straight after several moments, panting heavily as I look over the large corpse, her leg slipping from me with a soft wet sound and plopping to the the ground. It takes me minutes to compose myself and get dressed, my hands finding a will of their own and playing with my breasts and cunt throughout the aftershocks of my orgasm, even as I get dressed. Finally I pull my spear from the creature's body and head back to the city, I will have some of my subordinate guards come and retrieve her, then have her stuffed and mounted in my home. Ostensibly for the right to brag of my conquest. Though I know that it will provide much more entertainment than that, particularly if I can mange to perfect the commands on that marionette spell...


This is a huntress from Bloodborne, I'm certain that someone can find some use for her other than being a badass.


File: 1447382177564.jpg (355.69 KB, 640x575, blackrock-porn-513035.jpg)

“Hello good hunter. It’s always a pleasure to see you. “A smirk formed on my twisted cracked face. My bright red eyes stared at the beautiful figure standing before me covered in armor and robes wearing an old European styled head gear. After I came to Yharnam I became infected by the illness which plagues these land. Turning me into powerful blood thirsty nightmare of myself which was already bad. The hunter ever doing her duty has come to try and stop me. She started off our little dance by rushing at me drawing out her saw cleaver and extending the weapon to reach my head which I easily blocked.

Her eyes showed coldness and fury as she tried to draw her side arm. The moment she held it her eyes went wide in shock to see blades forming in a sudden storm cloud raining down upon her. The blades moved through the air and the hunter did a quick roll away. At the end of her roll a sharp cry of pain filled the air. Her body shock painfully as a wave blood hit the ground before her arm crashed into the ground with a nasty splash sound. Her armor then started to fall along with her robes leaving the front half her body exposed. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the sight.

The well-toned body she possessed. Breast shaking slightly with every heavy breath she took. Shapely legs quiver to regain strength, and lovely belly exposed completely for me. The hunter after gathering her stamina rushed at me shooting her pistol with her weapon laying in her other hand. Each bullet I blocked before shooting many blades. Her once smooth body became covered in small cuts, blood dripping off her stomach, sliding down her legs, even breast were cut open slightly exposing the fat and flesh it was composed off. Besides those cuts and the fact she was bleeding still heavily from her stump arm she appeared fine.

She looked at me with cocky look as if to taunt me. I have to say in such bad situation a true hunter never backs down. I smirk as she rushed at me with one final burst of energy a trail of blood from the many wounds on her body forming behind her with every step she took. She shoot at me with every ounce of ammo she had only to have it blocked. As she got close to me out of the large storm iron chains soared out. Each one of them twisting and turning into a spider web based design until all three of the hunters limbs were tied up and being used to lift her up in the air.

“Those who stand before me will be executed! I am the soon to be king of these world!” I screamed out through the madness brought about me by my illness before out of the ground a large spear appeared. The hunt growled and struggled painful as I moved the spear close to her spread open legs. Soon it hit into her slit. She bite her lips in pain feeling the tip tear through her pussy. It pushed and pushed until it hit her stomach. Anyone could see the wide metal had pushing against her stomach. They could hear the sounds oranges and bones being broken down into piece of thrash by entering spear.

I expected a cry for help, tears, but instead all I got was a cocky smile and foaming blood flowing between the hunter’s lips. Tough girl it was why I fell in love with her. I ended it by pushing the spear fully through her body, her chest gave a heavy buck, followed by her head turning upward instinctively. The hunter’s mouth spread open letting end come out between her soft lips. I released the chains holding up her limbs. Out of her hand the gun finally hit the ground after she had so long held it in defying death grip to keep it within her grasp. The beautiful female hunter was dead, nothing more then a corpse impaled upon a spear.

I took my time, slowly feeling up her body. Licking her shapely legs, feeling up ample breast in between my fingertips. The softly of fresh and the taste of blood which leaked out her body was amazing to me. I started to reach in through own armor and robes to free my member. I didn’t have much time. I started to rub my cock with fury I didn’t take me long to cum all over her belly making it almost whitish with my seed. I smirked a t the display before the hunters body started to fall apart.

Each part of her was slowly shifting into a dust like state. It happened every time, she dies in battle with me I play with corpse until it turns into dust. It was always such fun to play with her while I tried to make way to being the king of these world. I hope next them my dear hunter comes to face me I can play with body longer. One nut isn’t enough. I’m already rub my hands up and down member day dreaming about our next about, hoping one day to make her my toy forever.

Who is willing to face against Black Rock shooter?


File: 1449545645537.jpg (392.12 KB, 1280x1024, Chun-Li.jpg)

I hadn't heard of that anime before but it looks interesting, maybe I'll watch it sometime.

I think I could take take the Black Rock Shooter in one on one combat though. I'd let her shoot at me first, but I would use the "time alter square accel" technique from Fate Zero to dodge, get in close and tie her up so she would be helpless.

That girl never gives up...she would act all tough at first. But I think I could Break Her. I'd get a big medical power source with some electrodes and vibrators and hook her up. Eventually, with increasing bursts of electricity, she would give in. She would blush and cry and get all horny and she would be helpless. She would even be willing to betray her precious friend. But I wouldn't stop there. I would make her beg for pleasure, and then beg for death.

When she was really Broken I would turn the power on the vibrators and electrodes up to the maximum and she would die brutally as she orgasmed. I would record her final death scream of mixed pain and pleasure and use it as my ring-tone.

Then I would feed her still warm body to my pet anaconda and watch it slowly swallow her whole.

Since we started the thread with Cammy, how about Chun-Li? Finish her!


File: 1455293752212.jpg (226.79 KB, 600x841, d7649c25ded3da278612e6366d….jpg)

I wrapping thin metallic wire around her neck and tying her hands behind back, then attached another end of wire to the ceiling making it stretches like a string. Then I taking her by thighs and spread her legs.

Penetrating her pussy in this position I'm start to moving my hands up and down spreading her on my dick harder and harder. She moaning loud, trying to kiss me.

Her pussy is soaking wet, and her juices flowing over my dick. Her spread legs now make splits.

When we both reached apogee of pleasure, I penetrated her on full depth, grabbed her for ass and jumped landing on the knees, so her head tied with wire on neck just ripped away. Her face drools with fucked silly expression, and her twitching body still cumming and pissing over me. Fountain of blood splashing from her throat. After few minutes she gets limp, blood and urine now just flowing form her body. After that I fucked several times her still warm headless body.

Using necromantic spells I turned her head and body into mindless obedient and undead sex toy, so I can pleasuring her body, while her head gives me blowjob.


Tsunade had argued with you putting at stake her life. And with her unique talent she of course lost. Now her life is in your hands… SO FINISH HER!!!


File: 1456009834376.jpg (491.82 KB, 673x1024, 58792.jpg)

Tsunade doesn't think I'll actually kill her so she comes moaning towards me. She grabs my dick and rubs it while she presses her tits against my face, trying to seduce me. She turns me on and her efforts buy the worthless cunt a few more minutes of life. I begin licking her left tit as she places my cock inside her warm vagina. It feels nice, moist and her moans only turn me on more. She's up against a wall, in a corner, with no place to run. I give her a few more thrusts then look into her eyes. She's orgasming and I didn't even begin my number.

"Hold on, this is just the beggining" I say to her as I pull out of her and grab her neck sofly. After she gives me a confused look, I throw her to the ground, forcefully, yet she still doesn't understand my intentions and is excited, wanting more meat inside her. I quickly cast a restraining jutsu that pins her by the arms and legs. Her confusion begins turning into fear as I take out a kunai from my backpack and kneel besides her.
"What are you going to do with that? I didn't really bet my life. Come on... don't harm me please" she pleads as I examine her genitals with interest. She gives out a ear bursting shriek as I plunge my knife into her uterus, from above. I then carve it out over the course of a few minutes, while enjoying a serenade of cries and screams. I then proceed to masturbate myself with her uterus over my dick while watching her cry.

After I'm done cumming inside her destroyed genitals, I grab her funbags and play with them a little, until I get a second wind and my dick gets hard again. Those bags of fat feel nice to the touch, but ultimately get in my way, so I slowly cut each of them with my kinda dull kunai. I lube myself with some tit fat by fucking one of her mammaries a little then proceed to opening her chest, this time with a precision chackra blade, not to damage her heart. She almost feints from the pain and I can see foam around her mouth, but somehow she's still staring right into my eyes. I make a small incision in one of her heart's ventricles and proceed to fucking her bleeding heart untill she dies.

You enter Gundrak and find these adventuring travelers. They seem to be needing some help so you fight and kill Slad'Ran, but he already kills the two humans from that party. You manage to save the night elf and the draenei, but are they really saved or just in a bigger mess? What will you do with them?


File: 1464779688299.jpeg (555.77 KB, 600x800, d42b58400c37365cc23c5b0fa….jpeg)


I have just shot four people and as I search the house I hear water running behind one of the doors. I open it to find none other than my final target, sitting there in the bath tub scrubbing her right leg. I immediately point my gun at her head and, before she can say a single word, fire two rounds into her forehead.

I can't help but look at the now-dead little girl and take in her features. Somehow the sight of blood running down her face and onto her right breast like a small crimson river fascinated me, but it wasn't until I notice her clit that I realize that I am being turned on by this.

I had never thought of a girl this young as attractive before, but I also usually try to get one good fuck while on the job. Since the others I killed were either much too old or dudes, this little one would have to do.

Immediately I lift her limp body and laid her out on the sink, legs spread wide. I pull out my cock and thrust it into her virgin pussy and fuck her hard. I grab her tightly around the waist and start kissing and licking her dead lips while caressing her hair. I rape her for a good thirty minutes and fill her pussy with semen.

I give her throat a fuck before cleaning up her body as much as possible. When I leave I tell myself that I hope there will be little girls involved in my next assignment.


Misty has hired you to eliminate Serena. Misty will pay you extra if you make sure that Serena suffers and her body is mutilated before she dies.


File: 1464910695372.jpg (45.51 KB, 369x640, Sakuragi Yukari.jpg)

Sorry, I'm not a fan of mutilating people in snuff fantasies, I prefer their bodies to be intact so I'll let someone else do away with Serena.

Here's Yukari Sakuragi from "Another". You've kidnapped her on her way home from school and she's at your mercy, finish her!!



You don't technically have to mutilate her, it's just a bonus request. If you can make her suffer without mutilation that will be just as great.


I'd pay triple Misty's price to watch Serena hang or get strangled, personally haha



I'd love to see her in some death/guro scenarios, there doesn't seem to be very much Serena guro out there.


OK then. In that case, I chase Serena down in the woods, throw her to the ground and rape her while I kiss and lick her beasts since raping her is a good way to make her suffer. Once I'm done, I strangle her to death, put her clothes back onto her body and shoulder carry her body to show Misty that the job is done. I then make Serena ' s body into a love doll.


File: 1465177481367.png (867.5 KB, 467x1046, hvizvS9.png)


This one's been ignored, so I guess I'll take it up. Sorry :P


The two girls had thought themselves lucky to be saved from Slad'Ran, but several days of being rented out as sex slaves had shown them how foolish they were. They looked gorgeous tonight, wearing the finest dresses money could buy; they had to look perfect for her big event, after all. They was unbound for the time being; she didn't know this was her final act, and by the time they did it would be too late.

Led out of their cages in into a clearing, the girls froze when they saw a huge bonfire, with a paying audience gathered around On the other was a pulley system, with a rope leading to a pink harness.

I took up my seat in the back as the field fell silent, everyone's attention on the former travelers. Their dresses were stripped off, their tits popping out as the fabric was ripped away. Their ample breasts stuck out as they were fastened, back-to-back in the harness, and soon they were naked and dangling several feet above the ground. The pulley operator slowly moved the girl towards the fire. “Please don’t do this,” the night elf cried, struggling and staring terrified at the flames. “Someone, please help us…...please….” She started crying.
Their muscular bodies glistened from the sweat as the heat became more and more intense. “OH GOD NOOOOOO PLEAAAASSSSEEEE,” the girls screamed. “HELLLLLLPPP SOMEONNNNNNE.” As the flames began kissing their bodes the cries for help and mercy turned to agonized screams of agony. Their tits bounce as the flames caress her silky thighs, heart-shaped asses, and taut stomachs. Their bodies spun as rheir legs kicked until their muscles were destroyed, rendering such movement impossible. More fuel was thrown on the fire and it played at the tips of her nipples. It isn't long after the draeni's flowing hair ignites that their suffering ends.


Shih-na manages to escape the police, only to fall into the grasp of mafia hitmen out for revenge. Finish her!


File: 1465846552317.jpeg (132.79 KB, 423x700, 5f5f5a6b99ccd3c1070d6c504….jpeg)

I don't usually take contracts from children, but Misty is a friend and I have to admit that I've always wanted to see how Serena tastes. I put together a bag of supplies, uncertain what to do to her when I got the chance I simply put everything I'd need for anything in there, lugging the whole thing to my victim's house. She was out at school, and the house would be empty aside from myself and her until the next day, so I had no need to kidnap her which I'd considered anyway, just for fun, but decided against it.

When she came in I was standing right behind the door, having more than a little trouble containing the occasional giggle as I let her walk past me and into the house. I had locked all the other doors and windows over an hour ago, and made her jump by slamming the front door and enjoyed the look of sudden fear as she saw me lock it.

Her eyes darted around looking for some weapon or way out as I practically danced toward her, the swing of my hips and smile spreading over my face distinctly frightening. She noticed the array of knives I'd laid out on the small table in her living room and rushed over grabbing a small one and standing with a pathetically flimsy stance. When I continued moving toward her, soon within easy arms reach she screamed and stabbed forward with the knife.

I turned just slightly so that the knife slid into my side without cutting more than skin and a few muscles, drawing a pained moan coupled by a wider smile. Serena let go of the bloodied knife, leaving it sticking a couple of inches into my abdomen. She was shaking and crying now as I backed up against a corner, never changing my slow pace forward until she was pressed between the wall and my body.

She whimpered pathetically as I leaned down and took a deep breath of her hair and flesh, my face nuzzling the crook of her neck. “This is going to be so much fun.” I purred, licking her ear and pushing her up against the wall with my body for a moment before taking a step back and pulling the knife from my body with a practised disconcern. She looked at me with wide eyes as I raised the knife and I knew she was about to scream.

I really had no reason not to let her scream, the walls were thick and no one was in the house. But before she could let the breath out in a shrill shriek, I slammed the knife up beneath her jaw, sticking the steel up through her mouth, piercing her tongue and even nicking the top of her mouth with the point of the small blade, holding her mouth shut. Her eyes bulged and she tried to make a sound but could only whimper sadly at my grinning face, blood streaming from a corner of her mouth.

I used the knife in her head to pull her down to the flood, her hands scrabbling feebly at my wrist to try to pull the knife out of her mouth. I kept her sat up against a couch so that she wouldn't drown in blood too quickly and twisted the knife before yanking it out causing her to grasp at her mouth and the hole beneath it, sobbing while trying at the same time to keep herself choking on the blood spilling into her mouth.

I took the time this gave me to cut the clothes from her writhing body. The teen was a little younger than I generally prefer, but that didn't stop me from admiring her body as it was bared before me. Her breasts were larger than I was expecting, and her stomach still had a childishly round quality to it. Her cunt drew my gaze quickly though, it was a smooth mound between her writhing legs, just a hint of hair touching it.

I licked my perpetually smiling lips as she recovered enough from the shock to realise what I was doing, my long tongue soon finding a quivering nipple and and pulling it between my teeth to be abruptly crushed. A gargling peel of a scream came from her as she grasped my hair, trying to pull me away from her breast but I just held on and swayed my hips back and forth happily at the taste of blood on my tongue and the sharp pain of her desperately pulling at my long hair.

(Not going to post the whole scene I wrote here because it isn't polished even as well as the rest of this, and if I did it might go on for way too long for the RP section.)

I pulled my knife from what remained of her left breast, kissing her little lips and tasting what was left of the other on her shredded tongue. She of course hardly responded, a choking breath being pulled from my mouth. I rubbed my knee against her ruined snatch in a vain attempt to get a final reaction, but she just breathed, tears slowly managing to leak from the corners of her slowly blinking eyes. There was little point in mutilating her further, she was already well and properly shredded anyway.

With a loving sigh I brought the knife up to her eye and pushed it slowly inside. I was happily surprised to catch a hint of fear in the other eye as the left was popped and impaled on my knife. I twisted the blade slowly when the point met the thin bone behind the eye, then I shoved it down quickly, enjoying how her body twitched and jerked beneath me as I tore into her brain, tilting the knife and stirring until she fell utterly still.

After cleaning my blade and replacing my clothes I snapped several pictures of the scene before packing up all of my equipment, a little sad that I had ended up only using the single knife, though the twinge in my side at the thought of how I'd decided upon it washed that regret away. I left the door of the house open, knowing that her parents would be hone in the morning, and finding their daughter like that... I almost came again just at the thought.


I rather enjoyed the Spider Lady, so I think that I'm going to give someone this beautiful little creature to fight and kill creatively. Do me proud.


File: 1466324257963.jpg (407 KB, 900x600, 752803 - Bloodfart Jade Ki….jpg)

I see this hasn't been done yet and the two look so innocent, so tender.

After getting back with the two from the slave market I welcome them to my castle. I get them settled in, get them bathed and give them dresses to put over those delicious looking garments they already have. I then order my servants to prepare a welcome meal, while they get settled in their quarters.
At the dining table they seem to have accustomed well to my castle and only trace amounts of fear remain in their gazes.
Before we begin feasting. The fair haired one opens her delicate mouth

"Ttthank you, your majesty for being so kind to us. What....what's going to become of us now that you bought us? " she asks with a shivering voice;
"There's no need to thank me. I couldn't bear the thought of such beauties like you two enduring a life as slavery and abuse at the hands of some miscreant. Rest assured, you will be treated well within my walls. Now then, I feel farmished, let us enjoy the savory food, while it's still hot."
"Of course..." said the chestnut haired one reluctantly.

After the meal, we went out for a stroll through my castle's gardens.
"Now then, I did have more personal reasons why I bought you two. I needed a truly beautiful handmaiden which to attend to my most esteemed guests during parties. For that purpose I will test each of you personally. Also, I'm sorry for being so distracted..but what are your names? I ought to have known this earlier but..."
"I am Melissa, sire. I've been captured a few years ago when I was out doing laundry by my family's house." said the blonde gal
"Oh, that's terrible... for such a young soul to experience those kind of hardships." I reply with faked empathy.
"I don't remember the name my parents gave me....since they died when I was young and the lord I was given to soon sold me to slavers. I call myself Andraste." followed the chestnut haired one.
"Very well then, Andraste, you'll be the first to be tested. Head over to the main hall and find Letho, my butler - he'll teach you the basics of what you'll have to do if you are to become my handmaiden. Melissa, come with me, there is another important thing that needs to be done."

As Andraste takes her leave, I escort Melissa to backroom in my stables, where we can be alone. The room only has a table, a couple of chairs and a cabinet with tools. She doesn't seem to understand what'll follow and I read clear confusion on her face.
"Since I first set my gaze upon your naked body, I was stunned by your beauty Melissa. Since then I've felt this terrible urge to be with you..."
"Oh, my king. You flatter me too much, I only ..." I put my fingers across her lips, silencing her. "No words are necessary, if you feel the same, look in my eyes." She gives me a candid smile while her green eyes meet mine. I lean forward towards her, take her head in my arms and give her a long kiss, our tongues playing together. I then take off my tunic and trousers to reveal my kingly instrument, but leave my boots on (they hide a pair of concealed little knives) She looks a bit shocked, but that soon goes away and I see her cheeks blushing, her nipples hardening through her dress and her eyes burning with lust. She kneels down, unsure whether she should begin the act. I caress her fair hair with both my hands while whispering "The beauty of your eyes is only overshadowed by the softness of your skin and hair, you truly are a treasure worth for a king." As I whisper this I unzip her dress and take it down, to reveal once again her naked body in full glory. I take a step back to admire her from top to bottom one more time, then I embrace her in my arms and we begin making out. Ah, her sweet lips and tender skin is a delight to the touch. I lay her over on the table. Her arms are wrapped around my neck(over my neck, not in a choking position), while mine play with her fragile, small breasts. My phallus penetrates her young orifice. "Ohhhh" she lets out a moan of both pleasure and pain. I then fuck her with increasing intensity. Her moans and bouncing tits arouse me beyond imagination, but I control myself and continue until she reaches orgasm. Her face is now utter bliss, pure pleasure...and she looks into my eyes, then closes hers. I stop the pounding and lean forward and kiss her, holding her head with my left arm, while with the right I reach for the knife. As I finish kissing her I whisper "Adieus, my beautiful little angel". Before she can react I take the knife and plunge it in her heart, turning her white canvas-like skin red. Total shock takes control of her as I restrain her hands with mine and begin fucking her with all my might. She is in disbelief over what's happening and her screams echo through the chamber, but no one comes to her aid. As she takes her last breath and her face is riddled with utmost disgust at this betrayal I cum inside her...her vaginal muscles clamped around my cock pretty hard when I stabbed her. What a good fuck. I then take her body to one of my servants (who was well aware of what I did to young maidens) and he takes care of her disposal.

I put my clothes back on and rush back to my castle to see what Andraste's been doing. I find Letho teaching her how to properly bow before royalties. On the table there lies a pair of glasses filled with my finest red wine. "Oh my, a bit drunk and still acing the pirouettes and bows, I might have found my handmaiden already."
"You're too kind, sire. Letho thought me the basics already, and he tells me you probably have a surprise for me"
"He's right, you know. Why don't you accompany me to my quarters while the last preparations for tonight's banquet are made."
"It would be my pleasure."

I take her nimble hand and lead her to my dormitory. Once there I give her a glass of red wine "why don't you make yourself comfortable while I go next room and get dressed for the occasion?" She gives me a devilish look and takes the glass. She doesn't know it yet but the wine contains some spices that'll put her to sleep. I go to the other room and grab a bag then open my uppermost locker. I take a few throwing knives and a hatchet and put em in the bag. I then change clothes and meet with her again. The herbs seem to already be taking effect and before I get the chance to exchange a few words she falls over, but I catch her before she hits the floor, wouldn't want my goods spoiled before consumption. I undress her and carry her through a secret passage to my dungeon, where I straddle her up on a large table made of white birch planks and tie her arms and legs spread apart, forming a human X. I then turn on some cranks and lift the table vertically. I set my gear on the nearby tables and get off my trousers. The sight of her body fills me with unholy desire. I get close to her and begin fingering her pussy. The excitation of her sex begins waking her up, and as she does, I stop, grab her head and kiss her feverishly. She doesn't understand in what situation she's in but she goes along and kisses me back, although she's restrained. I make my way down, kissing her flesh, until I reach her right teat. I lick her hardened nipple a few times, then unexpectedly bite down hard and remove her nipple from the breast. She let's out a blood curdling scream and then begins crying from the pain.
"It almost pains me to waste such a beautiful creature. Almost." I say, with a sadistic grin on my face.
"But, but...we were supposed to... You said you needed me..."
"Darling, it's true you two are one of a kind, but then again so are many more others. If I were you I'd rejoice knowing I pleased Alkan, the Mad Monarch."

I take my throwing knives and hatchet and take a few feet distance. I throw the first knife. It flies true to my aim and plants itself a few inches from her slender young neck. The look of panic and disbelief on her face are priceless and my dick begins hardening. I now throw the axe, and plant it right under her wet cunt. Somehow she seems to be exited and very afraid at the same time. My second and last dagger finds its in the area where her right nipple once used to be, penetrating her soft mammary tissue and piercing her lung. I come close to her and notice her wet cunt.
"This gives me an idea, a damn good idea" I say to her almost cackling with excitement. I grab the hatchet from under her sex and slide it's edge across her face, teasing her. I then, with a quick move, move my hand down and slice horizontally across her uterus, letting out a waterfall of blood. I throw the axe away and insert all of my cock inside her pussy, but I don't begin fucking her yet. I take out the knife from her right breast so It doesn't bother me, but causing her to bleed out even more. Now I grab her head by the hair with my left hand, and begin kissing her neck and bosoms. As I do this I slowly insert my other hand through the opening I made in her uterus and begin to masturbate with her vagina as a cock sleeve. The feeling, coupled with Andraste's sobs of pain and perhaps moans of pleasure is indescribable - so much pain, suffering and beauty. I soon reach orgasm and cum all over inside her ruined cunt. I look in her bloodshot eyes, probably fro all the crying, one last time... then I grab the knife that was next to her neck and stab her beautiful head from under the chin, observing as life quickly leaves her.

I don't get to even wash myself that a bloody mist surrounds me, and I hear haunting screams of women. The ground begins to shake and a brick hits me in the head. I then open my eyes and find myself in bed with the two young damsels naked, with only their undergarments on, sleeping by my side. "So it was all just another of my degenerate dreams..." I think to myself. I wake them up by kissing them on the cheeks then we grab something quick to eat and then I say to them
"You're not safe here...take these pouches of gold and leave" I say coldly to them while giving them the money.
They don't seem to understand why I send them away, but they look grateful for what I've done nonetheless. I watch them as their figures fade into the distance. "Don't know what I'd regret more....denying myself the pleasure of their demise or wasting such pristine looking young flesh. Guess I'll never know"


Offtopic: Opinions on my writing style? I don't write much in general, and I read even less (at least fantasy, I'm always reading stuff about tech).


You are the mighty Shao'Khan, emperor of the Underworld. It seems you can't get some decent sleep in your own palace because you hear moaning across your halls and your good for nothing guards can't handle it themselves. You start patrolling and find these two pleasuring themselves. What do you do to Jade and Kitana?



Would write something, but I just went and want to leave people for the rest of you.


I believe this one has already been done, but I felt like doing a different version, I hope nobody minds that.

Most of the time I deal in high-profile jobs. Corporate defectors, overzealous cops, political rivals, that sort of thing. Petty teenage jealousy usually doesn't get anyone on my list, so this alone made me curious already, and combined with the redhead's tenacity in tracking and hiring me, and the generous advance payment, was enough to get me to accept the job.

So now I've been stalking my target for almost the whole day, waiting for an opportunity, and I think I just got one. That side street over there will be perfect.

I probably could simply jump her or sic a Pokémon on her and just go from there, but if there's one thing experience taught me, it's that surprise attacks never work out. It's almost as if Trainers have like a sixth sense against this sort of thing, and she only needs to get a hand onto one of her Pokéballs and the whole thing is gonna turn into a big, fat mess. And I wasn't paid nearly enough to deal with a big, fat mess. And besides, that's unprofessional.

Instead, a bit of subterfuge will be the way to go. “Come out, Purrloin.” I send out the small purple kitten and point towards my mark. “That girl over there. You know what to do.”

“Nyaaa.” Purrloin nods and rolls around in the dirt a bit to smudge its fur, then puts on a limp as it runs towards Serena, stopping right in front of her.

“Oh, hello, little one. You look pretty bad, is something wrong?” And of course she falls for it. As Purrloin takes off into the side street, Serena runs right after it, and a handful of seconds later, so do I.

As expected, the alleyway is empty, and Serena is walking slowly, looking for Purrloin. “Purrloin! Where are you? Come out, I'm not gonna hurt you.” She hasn't noticed me yet, just shows that a bit of subterfuge can go a long way.

Which is the way to the point where you can go for a more direct approach. “Magnemite, go! Thunder Wave!”

Serena turns around and notices me, and does the smart thing in trying to run, but she is way too slow and after barely two steps Magnemite's electric pulse hits her and she lets out a scream before stumbling and falling to the ground, unable to brake her fall with her hands and landing right on her face. Ouch.

“Oow.” As I walk up to her Serena is already trying to get up, but I just sweep her hands away under her with a foot, then grab her arm and pull her up. She looks at me with an angry expression, and I can see there's a large bloody scrape on her chin.

“You have two options.” I say. “You can either come along quietly, or try something stupid like screaming.” ...Of course she takes a deep breath, but before she can get out a sound I slap her across the face with the back of my hand, then follow up with a knee right to her solar plexus, which is enough to knock her out cold. I recall Purrloin and Magnemite, then lift the unconscious girl over my shoulder and start moving.
The lingering paralysis of the Thunder Wave is enough to keep Serena out all the way to the abandoned warehouse, as well as several minutes longer, and I'm just about to get impatient when she finally wakes up.

Given the fact that she's lying on the ground with her hands and feet tied with duct tape, the girl is almost calm as she looks around the warehouse before glaring at me. “Let me go, what do you want from me?”

“Take a guess.”

“I'm not gonna let you have my Pokémon!”

“For one, I could easily take them if I wanted, and two, who do you take me for? I'm no lowly thief.”

“I don't have any money. Or is it about the Pokédex?” You mean the Pokédex that is equipped with an ID-lock and GPS tracker? Who would be stupid enough to try and take that thing?

“Once more, I'm not a thief.”

“Th-then what do you want?” Serena looks a little confused and slowly seems to start panicking.

“It's simple. Your life.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is it really that hard? I mean I am going to kill you.”

“What?! That's not funny!”

“Do I look like I'm joking?”

“B-but-” And there's the moment of realization, she's about to start screaming or begging in about 3... 2... 1...

“No, please, let me go! I swear I won't tell anyone.” Called it.

“Sorry, but this is non-negotiable.

“Please! I'll do whatever you want, just don't kill me!” Serena starts crying, but I couldn't really call myself a professional if I let something like that change my mind.

“Venusaur, come out!” “Saauur!” “Let's get this over with. Use Vine Whip.”

Venusaur searches for a moment, then sends out a long vine over a beam and back down again, but I notice another vine discreetly slithering towards the underside of Serena's skirt and lifting it, and I slap the vine. “We've talked about this. Not inside a city.” With a grumble Venusaur withdraws the vine as the other loops around Serena's neck, then slowly lifts, forcing her to get up and stand on her tiptoes.

At this point she's just sobbing incoherently, so after a short deliberation I cut her hands and feet free again, it's gonna make for a much better show that way.

“You know, I really take no joy in this.” That's a lie. “But my client was very specific.” She actually wasn't, but I believe this qualifies as 'make the slut suffer'. “A job is a job.” That part is completely true. “So no hard feelings.” Well, she's not gonna be feeling much of anything anymore in a few minutes.

“Farewell. Up you go.” On my cue Venusaur pulls up the vine, lifting Serena off the ground completely, her sobs quickly turning to choking sounds. She starts kicking and gripping at the vine around her neck, but of course it's pointless. I've seen Venusaur move around cars before, there's no way a 50-kilo girl like her is even gonna make it budge.

In fact Venusaur is looking rather disinterested at the whole thing while I relax at least slighty and enjoy the show Serena is giving, her desperate struggling and flailing occasionally lifting her skirt just enough to flash some white panties. I'm not one of these 'rape and messily cut into bits' type of hitmen, no need to leave even more evidence, but I do appreciate the beauty in a pretty girl's air dance. Even if Serena is actually rather young for my tastes, not like my previous job, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader. It was almost impressive how many people wanted that girl dead, a shame she died so quickly.

However what Serena may be lacking in the tits department, she makes up for in spirit. It's been more than five minutes now, and even though Serena's face is turning blue, with her tongue hanging out and dripping saliva, she's still fighting at full strength, and with no sign of giving in any time soon. Admirable determination, sure, but it's not gonna change anything.

As Serena's struggles continue I slowly find myself getting hard, which is not really a surprise, especially with a show like this, but I suppress the urge best as I can, right now is not the time. That's what the video recording is for after all.

After well over ten minutes Serena's movements finally start to slow down, her eyes bloodshot and her face contorted into a grimace of utter pain. I think that's about enough all we're gonna get out of her. “Venusaur, finish it.” “Saur.” Venusaur nods and further tightens the vine around Serena's neck, eliciting a few final choked gasps and futilely clawing at the vine before her neck snaps with an audible crack and the girl goes completely limp as a large wet spot stains the front of her skirt and urine starts dripping down her legs.

As I let out my Grimer to clean up all evidence, I notice once more it's almost funny how the VS. Recorder can just as well tape brutal murders for my clients as Pokémon battles. Of course I had to rip out all tracking, ID and broadcasting electronics, but it still records videos, and that's what counts. I'm sure my client will be satisfied.

Pay up, anon^^ Next up is the Celestial Tenshi Hinanai. After losing a Danmaku playfight (though you suspect she threw the last spellcard), she took you to her room and 'surrendered herself fully' to you to 'do as you wish' with her. Clearly she was not expecting what you're about to do to her. (For those not in the know, Danmaku are basically energy bullets. Used for duels they deal no lasting damage, but they can very easily be powered up to lethal levels. Mostly they consist of heat or kinetic energy, but can take almost all forms imaginable, including lasers, freezing, cutting or electrocution. Read: You have a super-versatile energy weapon at your disposal. Be creative.)



Forgot the pic, my bad.



Ffs. Apparently the pic won't upload. Find it here:


File: 1467800554576.jpg (95.35 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_o19tepBDfs1ux531wo1….jpg)

Finish her?


File: 1467877702333.jpg (63.76 KB, 894x893, cosplay_mileena_alternate_….jpg)

You face Mileena but she hasn't seen you.




You're not getting it. The point is to first post a story of your own (at least 1 or 2 paragraphs, though some take it the the level of whole minifics) before putting out another victim.

And even then, >>1307 is pretty unhelpful 'cause it gives no context whatsoever for any potential writer to work off; it's not even clear if she's from a game or an OC, or what she's supposed to be. Try again.


File: 1467881693695.png (141.27 KB, 292x350, 8c8b434c43469ac0e3373ee1cf….png)

Okay sorry was not aware.

Tenshi Hinanai lays before me like the whore she is "Not this time, You lose." I claim as I draw my weapon supercharging it to a far too lethal charge, She attempts to sit up but it is too late for this bitch as I unleash a cryo round into her left eye freezing it over.

I run forward kneeing her in the face and shattering her eye, she screams and begs but it was time to end this as i slam my cock into her new warm hole, her right eye went off to the side clearly unusable again. "This is what your better for." I say to the dying failure upon my cock as wet sickening smacking sounds emanate from her one use mind, She slowly stops her spasming reduced to a twitch here and there as piss dribbles from between her legs pooling on the bed I explode inside her mind groaning.

I find a nearby dumpster to leave this waste in.

You face Mileena but she does not see you. FINISH HER!




File: 1478983625003.jpg (115.66 KB, 1280x1097, Widowmaker-ByChange.jpg)

That's some brutal shit m8.


I stalk Mileena from the shadows, as she's walking through the forest. The tarkanian bitch hardly has any armor. My samurai blade will make short work of her. I take a few moments to admire her well toned warrior body. She's a wicked killing machine, but today she'll be the one to die.

An opportunity arises. She stops for a moment in the middle of the road, blinded by a ray of light. I jump from behind the bushes and before she realizez what happened... a shower of crimson sprays from between her breasts. I have impaled her heart from behind with my deadly steel blade. Mileena gives out a loud shriek in pain and begins to squirm around, panicked. Her screams are music to my ears. I retract my blade after a few mere moments and give her a swift kick in the back, projecting her to the ground. Her strength has already left her and she only has a few more seconds to live. I kick her powerless body to face upwards and see her grizzled face, sullied by blood and dirt.

"Princess my ass..." I say as I stomp on her womanhood, causing her to cough up blood.
"You're just another soon to be dead cunt, who has a bounty on her head." are my last words to Mileena as I prepare to cut her head off to collect the bounty.
I leave her body to be eaten by animals, they'll enjoy her fine meat.


Widowmaker seems to have lost her sniper riffle along with the game she played against you and now she's at your mercy - the victor. She's trying to use her sexy body to seduce you and escape her fate. What will you do?




File: 1479766085834.png (415.75 KB, 700x583, ccb2bd66b8f693fec48158e86b….png)

((I don't know who widow maker is, but I'll try))

*I walk up, a silenced handgun in my hand. I see her laying there in such a vulnerable position. I aim my gun at her pussy, andthe moment she notices me, I fire a 9mm incendiary round into her pussy, causing her to jump. She screams as her hands dive to clutch her ruined pussy.* "Not so tough now, bitch~" *I say with a smirk as she lays there, shuddering in pain and clutching her burned and bleeding cunt. I unzip my pants and kneel behind her, spreading her ass cheeks. I smile and push my cock into her unused ass.

She moans out as I begin to thrust roughly in and out. I fuck her ass for about and hour, then leave her to bleed out.*

Well now, that was find. You move to rob a home who's family is on vacation, only to find a futa-loli masturbating in her room just as she cums.


File: 1479818295165.jpg (197.24 KB, 883x1300, 13340080655.jpg)

I started on this one before noticing there already was an answer (but to be frank, that one was pretty low-effort), so here you go:


“Looks like the tables have turned, 'chérie'.” Without the element of surprise or that obnoxious rifle of hers, all of a sudden Widowmaker isn't all that dangerous anymore – and we both know it.

“Please, I'll do anything, just let me leave.”

“We'll see about that. Show me what you got.” Widowmaker doesn't even try to resist when I pull open the sides of her cleavage to reveal a pair of firm, kinda small, breasts with dark purple areolae. As I squeeze one with my right I notice her skin is indeed a few degrees cooler than it should, and her heart beats only once every handful seconds.

The thought alone what I could do with her is enough to make me hard, a fact Widowmaker picks up on, as she takes the bulky glove off her left hand and kneels down in front of me, opening my zipper and reaching into my pants to pull out my dick, then starts sucking it. Her lips are cool just like her skin, but the inside of her mouth is as soft and warm as any other.

After a few minutes I gesture Widowmaker to stop. “Stand up, turn around.” She obeys with a bit of hesitation; was she really expecting to get away with just a blowjob? As she presents her sexy ass to me, I give it a brief squeeze before gripping her costume and tearing it open down from the back, the fabric clearly designed to be skintight and breathable, resilient not so much, so it easily gives way to reveal her pussy – and suspicious lack of underwear. Even better.

I drip some spit on two fingers and smear it all over Widowmaker's asshole before pushing them inside, making her let out a surprised noise, then pull out and instead enter her with my dick, easily pushing all the way into her ass as she audibly winces. “I don't have all day, get to it.” She starts moving her hips, first gingerly, then slowly picking up speed, fucking me with her ass, and she even starts moaning after a little while, one hand rubbing her pussy.

Widowmaker is quite... occupied, so she doesn't even notice me picking up her discarded glove and activating her grappling hook to pull out a length of the thin, strong rope, taking it into both hands and then looping it around her neck and suddenly pulling taut, cutting off her moans into a gasp as her hands reflexively – and pointlessly – reach for the rope. “Here's how this goes:” I say as I pull tight and make her gasp “You'll continue fucking me, and if you manage to get me off before you pass out, I may let you go. Better hurry.”

As expected Widowmaker immediately speeds up her movements, silent save for a few short choked sounds, but before long I notice her getting a little shaky and unsteady and I'm starting to wonder if she'll make it, when suddenly her asshole clenches tight in her convulsions and makes me groan, before I come only moments later, shooting my load into her ass.

A little later I pull out, some cum dripping out of Widowmaker's ass over her pussy and to the ground, and let go of the rope around her neck, and she falls to the ground, panting for air and grasping at her neck. This in turn gives me ample time for the finale, throwing the rope of the grappling hook over some nearby fixture jutting from the side of the wall, fashioning the end into a halfway decent noose, and fastening the glove to the ground with some improvisation.

Then I swiftly place the noose around Widowmaker's neck, giving her just enough time to look up with a shocked expression. “But you said you'd-”

“Guess what?” I activated the winch in the gauntlet and the rope pulls back, forcing Widowmaker to stand up before lifting her off the ground entirely. “I lied.”

Her terrified face betrays Widowmaker's alleged lack of emotion as I stop the winch, leaving the ground but a couple centimeters outside her reach, then wait for the show to start.

Of course she quickly tries to undo the noose, to no avail, before giving up, but it actually takes quite a while before Widowmaker really starts struggling, kicking, clawing at her neck and letting out desperate choking sounds; maybe a result of her lowered metabolism or something. Well, it means a longer show, so I won't complain.

Her movements are only ramping up slowly, and in fact she takes long enough that I find my dick getting hard again, so I start stroking it, and by the time I'm about to come again, there are tears streaming down Widowmaker's face, and bits of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth, as her frantic struggles reach their peak before slowly dying down again.

I come, shooting a load all over Widowmaker's pussy and belly, then stepping back to watch her final struggles, waiting until with one last rattling sigh she goes limp and a bit of pee drips down her legs. After making sure she's dead I let down the body, taking it with me; even like this someone is bound to pay a nice bounty for her.


You were just planning on breaking into that empty house to steal some stuff, but instead you found this opportunity. 'Occupied' as she is, Hinata didn't notice you coming at all; and from the sound of it, she's just about to orgasm too.


File: 1479835803196.jpeg (92.83 KB, 1280x1222, e665386e05896649eafc6e27a….jpeg)

*I smile as I slip up on Hinata, producing a medium sized kunai. I watch for a moment before plunging the kunai into her exposed cunt, at the exact moment she cums. She screams in pain and orgasm as I twist the blade. Shredding her poor pussy.

In shock, she holds the rope she's hanging by as piss and blood run down her legs. I take the rope as she watches me and tie it to a hook I place in the ceiling, preventing her from getting down. I also cuff her hands being her back.

I slip the kunai outbof her pussy and cut off the rest of her clothes, as she looks at me trying to beg. For what I can't tell. I begin to rub her clit, causing her to get wet again. I begin to use two finger inside her bleeding pussy, and she shudders. Trying to moan.

I smile and cut her clit off as she cums. Somehow, this causes her to have a bigger orgasm. I guess that this must be her ultimate fantasy. I cast a jutsu to keep her from passing out as I begin to slice off her breasts. Most women would be in utter terror now, but as she lost her tits, she had another orgasm.

I smile at her and crouch, pushing the kunai into the flesh between Hinata's pussy and her inner thigh. Her eyes widen in shock and pleasure as she realizes what I'm doing. I angle the blade to come out just inside her pussy. I slowly slice around it, cutting her pussy out and causing her the ultimate orgasm. The last thing she sees is me using her severed cunt as a clock sleeve.*


You find Lois Griffin all tied up and vulnerable.


File: 1480776259961.png (88.62 KB, 703x498, f444a662763bf28b5ee7dfb6a9….png)

"Huh. So it's you..." I glance around. "I thought Meg would be here." She mumbles something into the gag, shaking her head. "Well. Pity that. I have this erection that won't go down, and... heh... yeah, I was going to literally rape her to death. Like, just - fuck her until she keeled over from exhaustion, then plow right through one of her eyes, screwing her brains out." Lois looks shocked. Also wet. Her hips rock, and she presents her rear to me, mumbling something that might have been 'what about me'? I laugh. "Miz Griffin, I don't think you understand... I'd want to do that to Meg, because... well, I think she deserves a good fucking, some real pleasure before she goes down. You, though..." I pull the six pound sledge out of my bag. "You can go down the easy way."

I wind up with a huge underhand stroke, smashing the hammer into her cunt from behind; she topples like a ragdoll, screaming. I can't tell if she came from the impact, or if the spattering of nectar is from how wet she was earlier. Doesn't matter. As soon as she rolls over onto her back, writhing in pain, I bring the hammer down again - shattering one leg. Then the other. Both her kneecaps destroyed, I move to her shoulders. Then I start to bash her breasts in - both a pleasing target visually, and because the feel of the ribs cracking and caving behind them is wonderful. By the fifth stroke, she's spitting blood out around the gag - bits of bone are already puncturing her vitals. By the seventh stroke, her ribs are ruined, her organs perforated. And by stroke ten, I plow past and crush her heart.

I don't bother to use the corpse. I just leave it. Let the idiots figure out how to deal with this scene.

Well, well, well. Looks like Roxy Lalonde isn't as good with her powers as she thinks - funny what happens when you're relieving tension and your void-invisibility stops working. She's too stunned and humiliated to move. Take advantage of it. FINISH HER!


File: 1490279319956.jpg (159.28 KB, 1175x1110, 1934139 - Aogami Jackie_Ch….jpg)


"Please-please make it quick!" Roxy cried out, kneeling with her head down, clearly hoping for a quick death.

"Very well, but quick isn't necessarily instant or painless."

I draw a small dagger and ram it through her right breast, spearing her nipple, and plunging it into her lungs. Cries of pain echo, then get louder when I yank the knife out and slam it into her other tit.

I pull out the knife and watch her clutching at her bleeding chest and gasping for air with her destroyed lungs. Then I pull her head back, place the knife underneath her chin, and cut a huge gash in her throat. Blood sprays as I keep sawing, going deeper and deeper. Soon I cut through her spinal cord and finish slicing until her head comes off in my hand.

I hold her severed head with both hands and deeply kiss her dead mouth while watching her eyes twitch rapidly. Her body falls to the ground, twitching and squirting out piss.

I toss the head aside and pull out my cock, before mounting her headless corpse. I plunge my cock into the dead cunt and start fucking. After a few minutes I cum, squirting my load into her deceased womb. I lay there for a few minutes breathing heavily and kissing Roxy's dead body, including her ruined tits, before getting back on my feet.

After pulling my pants up I grab her severed head for a trophy and leave.


You broke into Sector 13 and stole the twelve talismans. On your way out you encounter these two making out. They see you and, as soon as they realize what you stole, try to fight you. But, they are no match for you. Now it's time to finish them.


File: 1491174049803.jpg (76.47 KB, 750x1049, Nice tits 1.jpg)

With All 12 Talismans on my belt, I swiftly began to escape the government vault. Jade and Viper spot me while they were in a naked make-out session, unfortunate for them, as the boss said no living witnesses.

I activate the Rabbit and Ox talismans and practically vanish, reappearing in front of the females and punch Jade in the gut, sending her through a metal wall. Viper attempts to swipe my belt, only to be punched into the ground. Since the girls are the only ones here, the alarm fails to activate and I may enjoy them.

First is Jade, who is now bleeding for her mouth. She’s only able to watch as I approach and lift her by the hair. I open my fly with my other hand and guide my enhanced cock into her exposed pussy. The Ox talisman gives me more than enough strength to Fuck the little bitch with one hand. I pound her rough and hard before snapping her neck full 360 and cumming.

I then turn to Viper, who is now standing, but only barely, and rush her. I clothesline the cunt into the ground and remove my pants, as the talismans won’t be necessary for the next couple minutes. I position my dick as Viper’s entrance and thrust full force into her pussy. I savagely pound her cunt, each thrust like a jackhammer until I cum. I lift the weakened ex-thief and toss her onto Jade’s corpse. She can barely register the dead girl below her as grab the dragon Talisman.

“Burn.” I say and unleash a torrent of flame upon the useless females until naught but ash remain.

This little lady asked you to be her first. Wish to make it her last as well?


File: 1491349368121.png (453.13 KB, 620x876, 2010025 - Anne_Takamaki Me….png)

I look at the girl on the bed in front of me. I've known her for some time, and today she can eto me and asked me to take her virginity. I would never turn down an offer like that, since the girl was pretty hot.

Now's she spreading her pussy for me, her huge tits uncovered as she's holding them together, and she's looking at me impatiently, as if encouraging me. I see she's eyeing my huge dick now, so I ask her the final question:

"Are you absolutely sure you wan to do it?" She nods in answer, and her fate is sealed. I push inside her right away, and break through her hymen. She screams, but I don't care. I start roughly pounding her, and she's soon moaning with pleasure at my every thrust. I move my hands to her breasts, squeezing them for more squeaks of pleasure from her.

The stimulation is quickly proven to be too much for her, and she has the only orgasm in her life soon after. As I feel the pussy clenching on my dick, I also come inside her.

After she recovers from her orgasm, she softly says: "Thank you. It was incredible." I only smile at her while replying: "I did what you wanted, and now it's time for your payment, girl." Hee eyes widen as she thinks what I might be willing to do, but before she can think of anything, I pull out a knife. She still doesn't seem to be afraid, so I grab one of her breasts and cut it off.

Only then she react with fear, though it is mostly shock that I'd do such a thing. She'd never think I'd hurt her like that, and it shows. Before her shock wears out, I cut her other breast off too. She starts to sob then, but I walk around and stuff my dick inside her mouth to shut her up.

As I'm making her choke on my dick, I stab the knife in her belly and start cutting her open. I pull the knife towards her ribcage, and with a successful cut I open her chest cavity. Her heart is beating like mad now, so I grab it in one hand. As I'm about to come a second time, I pull her heart out. She dies while I'm blowing my load down her throat.

I keep her breasts and head, but the rest of the body goes into the incinerator.

You've captured Ann Takamaki while she's sneaking into your house. What will you do to punish her?


File: 1491453727404.jpg (207.93 KB, 1600x1600, OL.jpg)

I’m sure Ann regrets not noticing me coming home. She certainly doesn’t seem happy now that she’s come to, tied upright to a wooden frame with a gag muffling her angry shouts.
“Looks like I caught something pretty.” I gloat, as I hold up a knife. “Time to see what’s underneath those clothes.”
The panther reacts furiously to the idea of being stripped, wrenching uselessly at her bonds and glaring.
“Come on, that’s the least of your worries.” I chuckle, as I begin to cut her costume off. The sharp knife makes short work of it, but since her costume is skintight it’s hard to cut it without cutting her as well. Not that I try. I can tell by her muffled screams and the blood pouring down her body that the knife is going into her too. When I get the suit off I can see the long, deep wounds running all over her. She’s sobbing softly, long past screaming.

Putting thick gloves on, I go and fetch a tray. “Recognise the jewellery you tried to steal?”
Her eyes widen in horror and she starts to plead through the gag as she looks at them, fresh out of the oven. I sling a gold locket over her head, the chain hanging down her body and off her neck, the locket itself sliding between her breasts. I can hear it her skin sizzling as so much hot metal touches her. Ann lets out the most unholy scream, her body arching as she tries desperately to escape the pain.

The next piece is a ring, and I have to nearly break her finger just to get her to open her hand. The moment I slide the ring on her hand automatically clenches in pain, which only serves to shove the burning metal against her palm and other fingers.

At this point I can’t hold myself back, and I lift her limp moaning body up onto my cock.
“Learning your lesson?” I ask as I slowly pull her tight body up and down. I can feel the heat from the locket from a foot away. I take my time to cum inside her, then we get back to her punishment. She tried to take quite a lot of jewellery.

By the end I’m convinced she’s suitably sorry. I take her whip and wrap it round her neck, garrotting her, watching her face as her last breath of air slowly dwindles out. She’s long past struggling for most of it, only kicking a bit out of reflex as she chest burns. Then she’s gone.

You're the CEO of a large company, and one of your client company's has had to ask you to delay a bill. They send you one of their workers as an apology gift. Finish her!


File: 1499664348715.png (391.95 KB, 717x958, Screenshot_2017-01-30-20-4….png)

Well, if they are sending me this bitch as an apology for needing an extension, I should see how sorry they are. First, I have her strip so I can see all of her. Once she stands naked in front of my desk, I move to behind her and feel her body. Caressing every inch, I order her not to cry out as I move to her nether regions and actively force her to do so..

I busy one hand with her exploration while my other undoes my pants in preparation for my prize’s failure. As soon as she cries out, I push her onto my desk and thrust inside her pussy. I fuck her long and hard until I cum inside.

I pull out and turn her around so she faces me, before thrusting back inside. This time I go slow as I scan my desk for one of my letter openers. Once I find it, I slash her throat while speeding up my thrusts, using her now panicking death throes to bring me to another climax.

Once I finish, I quickly move to her face for one final fuck, allowing her to taste my cock before she leaves this world. I only fuck her face until I see the light leave her eyes. When she finally expires, I remove my cock from her throat and properly decapitate her so I can preserve her later. For now, I accept this apology.

You just found this chick trespassing on your private beach. Finish Her!


File: 1499787825849.jpg (100.15 KB, 850x602, __alice_elliot_shadow_hear….jpg)


I hear my voice to the girl, actually I noticed it immediately but I wanted to take it easy by allowing her to get to the heart of the beach.

I tell her that she is in serious trouble unless she wants to forgive her, she seems quite willing to avoid legal action.

With the manila I take my ass by raising her to understand exactly what I mean, surprised at the beginning trying to reject me but I kiss her apically, after a while she gets more accustomed. Since I'm just kidding and kissing her for now.

I put it on the sand and caress her hips until she reaches her breasts sliding under the bikini tightening. Some groan of protest and some other kiss. Finally I get up to her telling her she can go.

She gets up and looks happy to have come out so little. While she and behind I pull out my "teser" gun and shoot it on my back.

The girl makes a small scream that can only be heard by me, while writhing in a bizarre dance just a few steps before falling unconscious. Some spasm of the electric current, and all that moves the girl at the moment.

Her ass contracts more than once, I do not dare to turn her back. Her young shapes are now fully exposed, the observed stretch tending her a shiver to make her come here.

I sit on her face and then start playing with her tits by slapping her several times, eventually she begins to feel her legs kicking back and moving her arms hitting my legs.

It does not bother me, his strokes are weak, and the scene of his contortions lends me more and more to the end his struggle becomes more pathetic and weak until he becomes completely immobile. I get up and notice the tongue out of her and her eyes closed. The girl is dead.

The load on my shoulder to return to my villa I enjoyed my award and then added it to my collection.

You have managed to get closer to the campsite by finding your "goal" do what you want


File: 1503232629887.jpg (105.71 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

I slowly got closer to her. I slowly got my dagger out. I was moving so slowly. I've checked around. I got sure that nobody is around. If someone see me, I would die. They knew who I am.

After I got sure there is nobody around, I've stabbed her from above her cheekbone, the soft part of her head while holding other side of her head with my right hand.
The knife easily entered to her head. She made a soft noise. She didn't find out that she was dying. When I made sure that she is dead, I took out my dagger. It was bloody. The smell of the blood made me hard. That was a clear and nice death. That girl was really lucky.
Then I slowly severed her head to give it my employer.

Here is Ahsoka Tano. You are a sith lord and you beat her in a battle while they were landing your ship. The rebels fell back when they heard their leader was captured.


File: 1505675417580.jpg (117.64 KB, 1302x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I realize this is not following the rules of this thread, but, at the same time, I don't know if I will remember this idea. Plus, Mt. Lady is quite the looker and has given me quite a few ideas of what could happen to her.

Finish Her: Mt. Lady from Boku no Hero Academia

1. Water pump- Have industrial sized water pumps running into her mouth to flush out her system with sea water. Could also have more pumps at her ears or nostrils for further stress and pain.

2. Steaming- Force her over underwater volcano and allow a part of her body to begin cooking over the extreme heat.
2 B. Another option for this is her doing a blow job or boob job over an active volcano. If the heat is not enough, the eruption would melt her flesh.

3. Turbine treatment- Similar to shock therapy, only using turbines. Position her head in a large stream, ensure water is running through her head from one ear to the other, build turbines in place, and allow the water to shock her.

4. Drilling- Place oil drilling machines over the nipples of her breasts, or other sensitive or fatal spots, and turn them on. Ideally, if she's pregnant, one could drill for milk; also an idea inspired by a Family Guy cut-away using an oil pump as a sex toy.

1. Hideout- A taxidermy project in which her body, giant-sized, is turned into a hideout. Womb is a night club and ovaries are sex rooms, stomach is a restruant, intestines are removed for a trolley-subway system, heart is for medical purposes, brain is a hotel complex with the eyes as sky lights, and the lungs are storage for visiting ships.

2. Slow cooking- Inside an artic environment, begin letting her flesh and outside chill to be preserved while cutting off slabs of her insides to feed otherwise starving people and animals.


File: 1509322754202.jpg (61.33 KB, 500x647, Whitney_is_a_ded_waifu.jpg)

>>837 >>1261 I hope y'all don't mind if I do them together... Enjoy!

After a tiring struggle, a fawn and a neko both lie defeated in front of me. They had attacked me while I was bathing in a forest lake, raving about "collecting my seed." Luckily, I was wise enough to keep my weapon, a specially-made circular shield, nearby to protect myself. As the girls are still alive with only light bruising and the wind knocked out of them, an idea comes to mind. After all, they wanted my seed...

With my Shield now properly equipped to my arm, I look them over and command them to stand so I may properly "inspect" them. I tell them that if they follow my directions, they will be able to return home with what they seek. Of course, I have no intention of letting them go anywhere. They slowly stand, though the fawn can't and falls over due to our fight earlier. I command the neko to come closer and strip. She shivers in fear as she follows the order.

"It this good?" She asks, fear in her voice.

I smile and circle around her. "It's good," I say and she lets out a sigh. "But not good enough."

With my offhand, I grab the neko's tail,and with the other, I slice the neko's tail off with a blade hidden in the shield. Smirking as the neko collapses in pain, I grab the other end of her tail and loop it around her neck. With a mighty heave, I quickly begin to choke her with her own tail. Somewhere in her fruitless struggles, she impales herself on my dick. The feeling loosens my grip on her neck just enough for her to get a lungful of air. Sadly, it's for naught as my new leverage allows me to lose air even faster as pound her cunt with beastly ferociously. With one powerful jerk, I cum and close her windpipe at the same time,killing her by the time my load empties.

The fawn, now paralyzed with fear, can only whimper as I drop the dead neko at my feet and approach. I point my dick at her and command her to suck it. She obeys without question, taking my member into her mouth. She unable to take me deeply due to gag reflex, but her antlers provide an easy solution. I grab them like handlebars and pound her face deeper and deeper, shifting more and more of my weight onto her, until a Crack echoes through the forest, killing her on my cock as well.

Sated with my exercise for the day, I drag both bodies into the lake and clean them and myself before heading home to preserve the bodies.

After getting numerous hit contacts on Whitney begging for her to be humiliated and killed horribly, the bounty on her become huge. What will do to her to claim it?


File: 1512279446400.jpg (167.53 KB, 1280x720, it's tiring being so kawai….jpg)


Taking the contract on the condition that I get to keep her body /which I intend to preserve with an anti-decomposition serum/, I grab Whitney from behind one night when she's on her way home from work and knock her out before bridal carrying her to my house where I take her into my basement and while she drifts on the border between being awake and asleep, I gradually strip her nude while filming it.

Once she's naked, I wake her up after restraining her. She pleads for me to let her go but I refuse and fondle her body parts while she cries and to further break her, I say sweet seductive things to her. I then examine and probe her warm pussy and while the camera is zoomed in on it, I poke into it with objects and make her moan in pleasure before she cums.

Ashamed that she cummed and begged, she's mentally broken and so I unrestrain Whitney and have her have all out sex with me. I even make her give me a blow job and then I fuck her in her cute little ass which is tight but it shows that she's a virgin which turns me on. I pump into her and eventually, I cum hard into her rectum.

Now that I'm finished with Whitney, I proceed to hang her and instinctively, she tries to break free and does a nice little hanging dance which I film. She puts up one hell of a dance before she runs out of energy and dies of lack of oxygen. She even pisses and shits herself as she dies which adds to the humiliation factor.

Once I'm sure that she's dead, I take Whitney down, inject her with the anti-decomposition chemical to preserve her body and then I bathe her from head to toe before drying her off and dressing her in a nice pink and white dress with matching boots and make her into my love doll. I send a copy of the humiliate/kill Whitney video to my employer and in return, I get a large sum of cash for my efforts.

Now then, here's Taiga from Toradora. You've fought and defeated her in a fight, finish her!!


File: 1520327473231.jpg (518.18 KB, 1600x900, chataya_by_personalami-daa….jpg)


I am the mighty Shao Khan, emperor of the Outworld and konqueror of mortals...and yet I can't sleep in my own palace. I'm hearing echoing moans from the halls. They arouse and annoy me in equal measure so I get up and try to find the source. It doesn't take me more than a few minutes of stumbling through the dark corridors to find the source of the moanings. In a corner of my armory lay Kitana and Jade, fucking each other with a long dildo. Jade is gripping the instrument with her delicate hands and oscillating it between her wet and tight cunt and Kitana's nubile ass. I stare at them and they notice me too, but they don't react much to my presence and continue pleasuring themselves.

'Such insolence, even from my own daughter Kitana. Well then...' I angrily think to myself as I go to the back of the armory and grab my war hammer. As I come towards them, dragging the enormous hammer across the floor, they notice...then they stop...then Kitana says in a very sorry tone:
"No, father, please...we were only having a bit of fun. Don't harm us pleeeaase."
"Silence. You have failed me so many times and now I can't even sleep because you're humping your childhood friend? I won't stand for this." I reply and lift my hammer above my head. I strike towards them, but they both roll away from each other and dodge. I leave the hammer planted in the ground for now, as it is a hindrance. I then quickly grab Jade by her leg. She squirms around like a worm but I drag her to me and grab her from around the waist with my arms. Kitana tries to stop me but I giver her a massive kick in the gut, sending her flying and hitting a column. She collapses, unconscious. Jade is trying to free herself, bucking and kicking, but my grip around her young and weak flesh is adamant. I press her against a wall and begin choking her with my left hand, causing her to stop any action and try to free herself with her hands. My grip around her neck barely allows her to breathe, but she's not in any real danger...yet. I reach with the other hand and feel her voluptuous breasts jiggling around as she struggles in fear. I play with them a bit and get myself fully hard down bellow. Jade is however very annoying in her struggle so I place my hand across her chest and look her in the eyes.
"It's time to die, whore." I say in a menacing tone.
"Pleeeaseeeee, I just wanted to...." she starts saying, but her words are replaced by screams as I push with all my strength my right arm through her chest, crushing her heart and spine. While she's still screaming, I hold her body down with my right hand, through the new orifice I've made in her body and snap her neck with my left hand. Her cries are silenced, yet she still has a few more moments of consciousness so I tear her head from her body and throw it against a wall, smashing it and splattering her brains all over. Her headless body lays naked at my feet and her legs are spread in an inviting manner so I lean over and begin to fuck her young and tender cunt. It's really wet and nice after she pleasured herself along with Kitana so it feels heavenly as I force my massive member in and out of her limp body, my member tearing her tight sex. As I come I squeeze and then rip off her slender massive jugs with my hands.

I then get up and grab my hammer. Kitana is still unconscious as I make my way to her. She lays on the ground, half naked with her tits and pussy exposed. I drag her to the middle of the room and spread her legs to the sides. Her cunt is fully exposed and I lift up my mighty hammer, preparing to strike. As I'm almost ready to strike she comes around and sees her impending punishment. I cast down the hammer with mighty force and mash her bare helpless cunt. Viscera and innards spray out of her ruined uterus as it is destroyed by my mighty strike. Her shrieks of agony echo the halls of my castle - serving as a dire reminder that I am not to be disturbed from my sleep. As I retract my hammer, Kitana is crippled by pain as she reaches with her hands down to feel her pussy, but only finding a mush of flesh and innards. I revel in her suffering for a while, then I decide it's time to end her. I place my foot on her neck, crushing it and making her suffocate...but that won't kill her that fast so I've got time to improvise. I raise my hammer up and prepare to strike from the side of her head - this way I will throw it away like it were a golf ball.
3...2...1... SWING. I hit the side of her head with my mace as hard as I can, smashing her skull and probably killing her with the initial hit, but her head goes on and flies into the same column that I threw Jade's head towards. Now they are together.... a soup of mushed brains on the stone floor of my castle.
At least I'll be able to get some shut eye now.


As you make your way through the Uldum deserts, in search of treasure, you look for a spot to call in the day. There's some ruins ahead. As you make your way towards them, you hear moans of intense pleasure. You go in and find this draenei touching herself. What do you do?


File: 1521817387837.jpg (78.77 KB, 736x736, 5ab358562c03ff1305dcf69408….jpg)

I slowly join her. I start kissing and licking her body. We start pleasuring each other. Then we'd fuck intensively and passionately. Once I'd cum inside of her, I would start strangling her until she dies, and snap her neck just to be sure before collecting treasures.


Here is Lola. She's your best friend's daughter. You're a child killer and you've decided this cutie will be your next victim. You catch her doing homework in the court. You have to bring her out of sight before snuffing her. How will you proceed ?


File: 1521850684936.jpg (105.66 KB, 799x1000, Higurashi_Mion_Sonozaki_by….jpg)


I'd use sweets to lure Lola into a cabin and lock the door. Once inside, I'd feed her sweets which make her tired and groggy /from chemicals in them/.

Once she was in this state, I'd feel Lola up /especially her cute pair of legs/, kiss her on her cheeks and gradually strip her nude. Once she was nude, I'd caress, kiss and lick her body parts and have her rub my dick with her small hands and even kiss and lick it but before I cummed, I'd ease my dick into her small pussy and cum hard into her causing the little girl to quietly moan in ectasy.

After I was done with Lola, I'd opt to poison her to death and once I carried out the murder, I'd bath her clean and re-dress her before putting her small body in a sac and sneak away to my place where I make Lola's cute corpse into a love doll for me to cherish forever.

Quick note, I'd been taking pics of her throughout the entire rape/murder incident involving her.

Now then, here's Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi in a two piece swimsuit. You caught her by surprise at the beach and she's at your mercy. FINISH HER!


File: 1521854649806.jpg (19.35 KB, 223x310, unnamed.jpg)

I'd discreetly swim to her under water without being noticed. When she got distracted, I'd grab her from behind and force her head under water. She would try to struggle but I would keep her under water. I'd drown her. It would be long and painful. Once I'm done, I'd just let her corpse there.


Here is Aoi. She's a cute classmate. You've been following her for a few days to snuff her for your personnal enjoyment. When she got back from school she went through a small isolate street. You managed to get behind her discreetly. She has no clue you're behind her. She's at your mercy. You have a knife, a piano cord, a syringe full of drugs, chloroform and a tissue, and of course, your bare hands. There are some interesting stuff in this street, as a hammer, a sack (that could be used to asphyxiate her to death and God knows what in the trash. The choice is yours. FINISH HER.


File: 1521858975273.jpg (274.52 KB, 1280x1024, 56dc3b9f8525dabcecaee1e5a3….jpg)


I'd use the syringe on Aoi's neck which knocks her out without her realizing what's going on. I then stand her up and bridal carry Aoi away with her arms and hands hanging limply while swaying as I carry her away to my place. Once there, I lay her on a mat on the floor and intimately feel her up especially her cute pair of legs.

I then gradually strip her clothes off until she's nude and take numerous pics of Aoi in different body poses. I then proceed to have my way with her lush body while she softly moans in her sleep with her crying out loudly in ectasy as I cum into her warm throbbing pussy and tight little ass. Once I'm done having sex with her, I tie her wrists together and aspyhxiate her with a plastic bag. After she's dead, I untie her wrists and bathe her corpse before dressing her in a cute white sundress and matching flat shoes and make her into a love doll. I keep her school uniform as an alternate outfit.

Now then, here's Konoka Konoe from Negima clad in a sexy swimsuit at the beach alone, FINISH HER!


File: 1521887176696.jpg (34.06 KB, 500x713, 70a896f91e6f48fcee8cfd79bd….jpg)

I'd drown her in the sea then fuck her body before bringing her to my house to keep her with me for ever.

This cute Neko is entirely at your mercy. She's begging you not to take her life. FINISH HER.


I'd grab her from behind and would apply pression on her throat. She'd try to break free but she'd just exhaust herself. She'd lose consciousness. Only then, I'll twist her fragile neck and snap it. And just for fun and humiliating her, I'd undress her and will post pictures of her naked corpse all over the Internet. And finally, I'd decapitate her and keep her head as a souvenir.


You've beaten Renamon easily. She's on her knees, completely at your mercy. Finish her !


File: 1522183379269.jpg (59.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'd grab Renamon's throat with one hand and would slowly apply pressure on her neck until it snaps. Then I'll fuck her corpse before throwing it in a lake.


You've defeated Videl in a Mortal Kombat. Now end this fight the way a Death Match must always end. Finish her.


File: 1522278350174.jpg (412.73 KB, 2671x1538, 63017442_p1.jpg)

Videl's looking at me with hatred in her eyes. The bruises on up face and her broken nose are signs of the beating she already received at my hands. I hold her by her black short hair, and she looks up at me. Even if she doesn't speak, it's obvious she knows she had lost - and she's hoping for me to spare her. That won't happen though. I slam my other fist into her stomach, and as she bends over in pain, bring a knee to her face. Her head snaps forwards, the girl almost knocked out. She can still feel what's happening to her when I let her drop to the ground and start ripping her clothes off. After a quick rub at both of her small tits, I remove her panties and free my cock. She stares up at me with resignation, only to receive another punch to the face. After slamming her head to the ground, I close both of my hands over her throat. She tries to move, to break free, her cunt spasming on my cock while I strangle her to death. When I release my load inside her, she's already gone.

Celica's laid out on the ground, her sword out of her hands as she lies defeated. Finish her!


File: 1522359059273.jpg (161.83 KB, 734x684, 9ce584be43d9a01f64005ad5e7….jpg)

I grabbed by her skinny neck and lifted her up with one hand. She struggles for air but doesn't find any. I have fun seeing he squirm uselessly, smirking as I choke the life out of her. Then before she dies, I shove my arm through her chest, grabbing her heart. She gasps silently, and she suddenly went limp. I pull her heart out and let her fall on the ground. I squeeze her heart and make it explode. I look at her. She's still moving. Somehow she's still alive. So I finish by smashing my foot on her throat, snapping her neck. Then I admide my work. She's beautiful when dead.


Here comes Herman. You've followed him this kid to the an isolate alley. You have for mission to kill him. You've beaten him up, now he's on all four, completely at your mercy. Finish this cutie.


File: 1528961380153.jpg (1.06 MB, 2756x3367, 139dac3e80d0778e7f194f17ca….jpg)

Pretty sure this thread is for female victims only, it's right in the title. (plus, shota/loli may be a bit dubious for some people regardless).

So to get things rolling again: You find Moon/Mizuki taking a nude stroll on some secluded beach, and she doesn't have any Pokémon with her (just ignore the Rowlet in the picture), finish her. (Picture artist is Logan Cure, if anyone was wondering)


I will not ignore it. I make it faint with a single attack. Typhlosion uses Ember. She's shocked to see me, having thought she was alone. Surely some guard would've alerted her. My pokemon army has already slept them.

Now she has none and I summon several giant snakes at once. Rayquaza, Arbok, Onix (not you Onix), and Gyrados, all stand in front of her. I like snakes. Which should get to eat her? I drench her. Gyrados has fun tossing her around and using water torture. Of course, Arbok has his place... in her vagina. And ass. But he leaves her body.

So that Dugtrio can enter every orifice as Onix holds her over each head poppnig from the ground. Her spin is close to breaking, giving head, tails, and pussy to each part of the same pokemon. Dugtrio starts popping up and down rapidly like moles like your opponents in wack-a-mole. She's curved down and held tightly. Arbok keeps her legs spread, being a live spradbar. Rayuaza electrifies her, coursing pain through her body.

Her pleas fall on deaf or uncaring ears. Her feet burn from Typhlosion more and more. But oh her scrumptious ass. Left side, fire. Right, lightning. Her mouth is held open and water courses in. Dugtrio leaves so that her sweet pussy can be shot with poison sting.

Rayquaza uses confusion on her, and she runs wildly, screaming into the ocean. Gyrados is the snake that gets to her this time, first dragging her down so she drowns, grabbing her ass and trying to breathe. Don't pout, Arbok, you've been spoiled and usually eat them. Let the others have a go now and then.


You forgot to post the next target, so unless you do, I guess the previous one is still up. (I may get to her some time today/tomorrow if no one else has in the meantime)


File: 1529065199590.jpg (186.08 KB, 600x1000, 1427491_Ben_10_Gwen_Tennys….jpg)

Just gonna help out and throw out three versions of Gwen from Ben Ten. You managed to be her three times, have fun.


"Your Omniwhatever won't save you now..!" I growl the last words, then laugh. Her brother is dead three times, heaped in a pile. The nexus is still warm from the battle that raged, but their energy attacks were negated entirety here, and I'm a superior combatant next to lucky fools who won the lotto.

As a semishapeshifter, I've several snakes from my warp-mutated upper right arm grappling the three naked girls.
"You really gave it your all. But it just made it easier for me, having your powers negated and your clothes shredded. All here. Hahahhahahaha" Some long wormy tentacles slither up Gwen's 3 assholes. Others, more leathery, whip and sting her asses. Their struggling only appetizes my minions.

I have fun toying with them over the next week as I corrupt the nexus into my personal dominion. Her Hell. Bugs hatch and crawl from their cute butts.

Utilising super ancient alien technologies, I trap Gwen's mind from each of her 3 bodies, then kill them. First, I slice one belly open and the same body's neck immediately next. The tallest body struggles in my limbs as she bleeds to death. The next body is drizzling in acid vomit, and my upper left arm ejects a plasma spewer. After days of maggots and other vermin devouring living meat, the middle height Gwen is eliminated by strangulation. My vines choke her as plasma lines run up and down her body and worms crawl out of it.

The youngest is held by her thighs, upside down midair. Kerosene is drizzled on her hands, feet, and ass. Her flying dance is beautiful. I make sure the other 2, already trapped in the mind-machine, get a great perception of every dimension of their youngest's suffering as she joins them.


File: 1529442519049.jpg (43.88 KB, 736x588, 08394bd1574babea52468e9f13….jpg)


File: 1533404504706.jpg (119.07 KB, 800x800, a5319c06afac3a7372d22b72fe….jpg)

I tie the cat girl down to a table, then take a knife and cut a long vertical slice down, from her clavicle to her pubic mound. I nail the two flaps of skin and flesh to the table, and methodically strip her of every organ in her chest cavity. I cut off the head to take to a taxidermist later, and discard the rest.

Here's Gazelle, now that you've successfully defeated her, she's at your mercy. How will you finish her?


She's tied spread-eagle to the ceiling, swaying midair with her arms and legs angled away from her.

I slice a semicircle under the skin of her pubes, then slice 2 long lines from it to just below her boobs. I tie it to a bar above her face so she must look at it.
Next, just above her belly button, I cut 2 more lines across her ribs, except these are angled. I slowly yank the skin-ribbon away and let it dangle off her side. I do the same for her other side, and she he 2 wings, like a bird trapped.

Next, I pour kerosene over some old fallen branches I've placed below her.

Before I ignite her final demise, I interview her. I ask her about her sex life and her family and where she grew up. Did her parents hit her? Was she ever raped? What size cock did she most prefer? What was her most demented fetish?
I hurt her the whole while, prodding her both verbally and with a rusty pitchfork. Especially in her ass.

I shove a large funnel in her mouth, binding it to her with a mound of tape on her lips around it. I pour endless jars of my urine, feces and cum that I've saved in jars just for her. I can her hear gargling. Puking it back up and eating it again.

Finally I tell her I'll light her when I finish my smoke. She watches me, trying to speak but only regurgitating her next meal. I tickle her pussy and her sides just above her hips with the lit end when I'm not puffing. I can tell she wonders when this might end, dreading what's next even more than she's hoping to die already.

I check to make sure the fire is going to be larger at her ass end. Don't want it to finish too quickly. She panics more and more as she sees my cigar crawl shorter. I disappear from her sight, maybe she can see me in her peripheral. I stand at her ass and say "well my smoke break is finished. Are you ready for Hell?" and drop the ember on the pooling firesauce below her.


File: 1533767617946.jpg (1.01 MB, 2268x6236, 188408 mikado_ryo….jpg)

Since last poster didn't leave a follow up girl, I'll leave one.

Mikado sensei was walking around the empty school, naked at night... At least she thought the school was empty...

Finish Her


File: 1533956535954.png (404.71 KB, 500x1086, 896ceabefad364722a35f2f80c….png)

Mikado slid to a stop as she rounded a corner. It was a dead end, in more ways than one. I unsheath my katana. She holds up her trembling hands, and pleads with me in Japanese. I simply walk up to the terrified woman. I unleash the sword on her with a zigzag motion, cutting off her upraised hands and separating her head from her torso. I feel a shower of hot blood spray my face as her rapidly beating heart pumps in panic. Her headless corpse crumples to the ground surrounded by a rapidly speading pool of blood. I pick up her head and gently close her wide open eyes, then place her head on her pert breasts.

You've defeated Kino and disarmed her of her persuaders. Finish her!


File: 1534512580992.png (472.8 KB, 671x1024, 153596df-1ea1-47d9-9040-d3….png)


Kino looks around in awe, seemingly unable to come to terms with her own situation. But that wasn't my problem, not at all. A sinister grin spreads on my face as I grab her neck and squeeze it, taking pleasure in watching her gasp and choke for air before I let up, but she let out a different cry of pain. Pinning her against the wall, I had already gotten my cock out of my pants while strangling her, and now I had forced myself deep inside of her.

"The small ones are the best, you know," I taunted as she whimpered and cried in pain with each thrust. I kept thrusting, harder and harder as I produced a knife from my belt, ramming it into her stomach, feeling the warm rush of blood wash over my hips, running down my legs. The only thing that matched her screams of agony were my moans of pleasure as I widened the gash, pulling out of her as I watched coils of intestine slide out of the gash, hitting the floor with a sickeningly satisfying wet slap.

As soon as she slumped to the ground, twitching and gasping, my seed was added to the mix as I sprayed on her exposed guts. Leaning down, I kissed her lips before ramming my knife into her heart.

Another day, another victim.

This is a young woman named Eli. She's 20 years old, lives alone and single. She's a little too trusting and you find her leaving a convenience store very late at night as you drive by. The timing couldn't be better! Finish her!



>>4234 (excuse my double posting I didn't mean to hit enter yet! Same for the other one blaggghhhhh)
I just found out today I have only a year to live. It's multiplying and there's no cure. The tumor will eat my brain. Facts are facts. Hope is stupid.

There she is. I've always been a good man. I've suffered so others can be OK. I gave so much... What does she do? She just opposes me on everything, though she's certainly sweet.
If I live, if I find a cure tomorrow, will I regret it? I'm a wealthy man I can get off. I'll bribe a judge. Fuck it.

I jumped out of my car and just started beating her. She was easy to take along. I didn't expect myself to do that. Such an impulsive decision. And she just accepted it? Didn't she knowwww? You're supposed to fight and run away. Does she think I'm an agent because of my suit and tie? Fuck it.

I didn't think that would be successful, but I didn't think it would fail. I just didn't think, at all. Well I came this far. Fuck it.

And now she's in my car. Not bound or anything, just crying and looking at the door. She glances at me, crying and bruised.
"Why? Waht idd I do waht will you do please don't hurt me please I don't wana d-" SMACK "shut up!" I scratch my forehead. "Just shut the fuck up." Maybe if she thinks I'll let her live... yes...
I have money!" "I have more money than you." "What do you want??"
"Are you a virgin?"
"... Y.. Yes.."
"you've never done anything...?"
"I've kissed... once. And I..." She was calm but wide eyed and humiliated more than scared now. "I sometimes. I mah.. st. ir. baate..." She cringed so hard at herself. She was a guilty person.
"You're going to lose your virginity to me. Take off your pants." She hesitated and just stared at me so I punched her. It took so much skin off. My knuckles really cut into her face. She was bleeding a small river.
She complied and crying, took off her pants and sat in her panties. "those too." "WAAHAAhG!"


I'm sorry that was just awful. I got hungry


File: 1534633701840.jpg (1.05 MB, 1380x2050, bbfa249c7ee4819bc0eb14ef85….jpg)

You defeated this trainer, and deemed the money she gave inadequate.


File: 1534924684119.png (4.13 MB, 2832x2004, 8a16e9c01fb57aa7348ddd58a4….png)

Putting the next one at the top so it's beside the picture: Sarah (left) and Lucy (right). (If whoever takes this one has an issue with loli, just ignore Sarah entirely and only do the mum) After breaking into this single mum's home and raping her and her daughter, you can't leave any witnesses. Finish them!



“Nice job, Hydreigon, return!”

“You gave your best, Lapras, take a rest.” We both recall out Pokémon and the green-haired girl walks over to me to shake my hand. “A shame I lost. But well fought.”

“You too.” However my smile quickly falls into a frown as she rummages through her bag for the prize money, only to hand me a handful of coins that total ₽300 at best. “Is that all? After the 5-Pokémon fight we just had?” That bit of pocket change doesn't even make up for the potions I'll have to use on my team if I don't want to make my trip right back to the last Pokémon Centre.

“Look, I'm sorry, but I'm seriously broke right now, I had a whole bunch of losses recently.”

“Sucks to be you, really.” I take a moment to look over her; black minishorts, a rather form-fitting white tank top, and a fancy red and yellow jacket. Looks just about my size too. “How's about your jacket, then? That would about make up for it.”

“What? No! That was way more expensive!”

“Too bad. You beat up half of my team, and while I'm always one for a good fight, there needs to be some compensation to the victor. Unless you wanna take that up with my Hydreigon.” What she doesn't need to know is that I raised that one from the day it hatched, so it's perfectly tame, and actually a little bit of a softie. ...Which is not to say that the huge three-headed dragon wouldn't tear her head clean off if I asked it to.

The other girl... what was her name again, she did introduce herself before the battle... Brooke, right. Brooke backs away from me a little, flinching as her back suddenly hits the wall of the cave. “W-well, if you were a boy there's something I could do with you, but you're a girl too, so...”

Ooh, this is gonna be even better than I thought. “Then you're in luck, because I'm only into other girls. So there's your opportunity to pay me.”

“R-really? Sorry, but I'm not...”

“Aw, don't be like that.” I step a little closer to Brooke, making her back into a corner even more. “It's no big deal if it's just two girls, and it's still better than having some guy stick his dick into you. And besides, this clearly beats the alternatives, doesn't it?”

“W-well, okay... What should I do?” Brooke concedes with a sigh after a few seconds. That jacket must be pretty expensive.

“Know what? Why should I be the only one who gets to enjoy herself. I'll even let you go first.” I move yet closer to Brooke, running my hand up her thigh and over her crotch, her shorts tight enough for me to vaguely feel the seams of her panties through it, then over her stomach before squeezing one of her breasts. They're nice and firm, big enough but not too big, and as I realise she isn't wearing a bra, I start playing with her nipple, as Brooke first shudders and tries to get away, but then lets out a gasp.

“N-no, I'm not... Stop it!”

“...I insist.” My faux sweet tone holds enough of a threat that Brooke gives in, probably thinking things would only get worse if she tries to fight, and just looks away, closing her eyes as I pull down her shorts a little to reveal plain dark red panties. I slide one hand up under her shirt to start playing with her breasts, her nipples quickly getting hard from the stimulation, and as my other reaches into the seam of her panties, Brooke starts silently sobbing, the tears quickly dripping down her cheeks and leaving small spots on her white top. Just lovely.

“Come on, just relax. Try to enjoy yourself.” I know she isn't, and she's not going to, but that just makes it better, really. I briefly push a finger into her pussy, eliciting another gasp and a shameful whimper from Brooke, before I start rubbing her clit, and within minutes she just can't stop her body's reaction, getting deliciously wet, her cheeks flush in both arousal and shame, and her breath growing faster.

I don't know if Brooke is just really bad at controlling herself, or if she's even trying and not just letting it happen as fast as possible so it will be over, but it takes only a few minutes more of my attention before she's shuddering and gasping with every other breath, biting her lips to not moan out loud, all the while still faintly crying. But regardless of the reason, it just takes me picking up my speed a little and pushing two fingers deep into her to make her cum just a little later, letting out a high-pitched moan before quickly covering her mouth with her hands, muffling the rest of her climax as her body shivers in orgasm and she squirts all over my hand and her panties.

After a good handful of seconds I pull my hands out of her clothes and Brooke sinks against the wall, panting heavily, but rather quickly catching herself, pulling up her shorts and adjusting her clothes as she still doesn't look at me, wiping the tears from her face. “N-now what? Should I do that to you too?”

I leisurely lick my fingers clean of Brooke's – admittedly rather sweet – juice before answering. “You're gonna do something a little different for me.” Opening my skirt to drop it around my ankles, I pull down my panties to show my, by this point clearly wet, pussy. “Get on your knees, you have to eat me out.”

“B-but that means...”

“Yeah, you're gonna lick my pussy, is that so hard? ...And besides, I showered just this morning, so it's not even gonna be as gross as some of the guys you probably sucked off before, right?”

Brooke doesn't protest, so it looks like my assumption was kind of right, and after a few moments she hesitantly kneels in front of me, taking several more seconds before slowly licking my pussy, making me gasp a little as her tongue brushes over my clit. However while that trepidation is kind of funny at first, she keeps only carefully licking the outside of my pussy, it's gonna take forever for me to cum like this. “Come on, show some effort. You had some guy do this for you before, right? Just do the same things he did that you enjoyed.”

It takes Brooke a few moments, but then she starts to speed up a little, pushing her tongue deeper into my pussy, and more directly licking and sucking my clit; that's better. Actually... “Hang on.” I pause her a little bit later, and Brooke looks up with a confused expression. “Take off that top, would you? I'd love to see your tits.”

“W-what? I-”

“Come on, now. It's just between us two girls. And besides, getting to see your sexy tits might just make me cum a bit faster too.”

Brooke doesn't really seem to buy that, but she complies, taking off her jacket and top to free her very nicely-shaped breasts, before putting her open jacket back on, which admittedly is in a way sexier than if she were completely bare. As Brooke resumes eating me out, I let out a long moan, starting to quietly rummage through my bag, and she doesn't even notice me taking out an Escape Rope and tying one of its ends into a simple loop before managing to throw it over an exposed girder in the ceiling, somehow without Brooke even noticing.

All the while she continues eating me out, and while it still doesn't feel like her heart is really in it, Brooke is doing a good enough job and, combined with the thought of what I'm gonna do to her afterwards, I cum in short order as well, not even bothering to try and hold in my moans as I briefly support myself on Brooke's shoulders, pressing her face against my pussy as I squirt all over her. While I'm still winding down, Brooke hastily gets up, wiping the mess of her slightly flush face, looking like she's about to leave; I need to be quick.

“Just... one more thing.” That's at least enough to make her pause, so with one hand I pull her closer to me by her shoulder, while the other suddenly pulls the noose over her head, completely blindsiding her.

“Huh? What is- No, don-” She realises just in time, but already far too late, as I grab the other end of the rope with both hands and lean into it with my full weight, lifting her several centimetres off the ground and cutting her panicked scream short. Brooke immediately starts struggling, kicking, twisting and trying to pull at the rope around her neck, and while this show is just lovely to watch, it's also making it really hard to keep holding her; I'm a little taller and stronger than her, but apparently it's not enough, no way my arms are gonna hold out long enough for her to die.

But it's not like I don't have something up my sleeve. Briefly wrapping the rope around one hand, I can free up the other long enough to pull out one of my Pokéballs. “Golem, come out!” With a cry the massive Rock Pokémon appears, and I nod my head towards the rope. “Be a dear and hold this, will you?” Golem nods and effortlessly holds the end of the rope in one, briefly looking at Brooke's half-naked struggling form before seeming to just shrug and turn to the wall, and poking at it with its other hand, looking for some interesting rocks to eat.

My arms now freed up, I rub my reddened palms and stinging upper arms for a moment before giving Brooke my undivided attention. She's still hanging on, desperately fighting, her pain and fear showing in her tear-stained face as her eyes are still pleading for mercy. But that's obviously not happening, instead I lean against and just watch her struggle as the life slowly drains from her.

Brooke's face is slowly turning first red, then bluish from her lack of oxygen as her struggles first ramp up in desperation before quickly starting to lose almost all their power until she's only weakly twitching and gasping, I don't think she's gonna last much longer. But in fact it takes a couple more minutes of delicious suffering for Brooke to die, her body only swaying lightly but otherwise motionless as a dark spot becomes faintly visible on the front of her shorts, the urine dripping down her legs and onto the floor, the sight almost enough to make me cum again already.

In the meantime Golem has found some chunk of ore or so it's leisurely chewing on, so after telling it to drop Brooke, I let it finish its meal while I play with Brooke's breasts for a little, if this were somewhere more private, I probably would be having my way with her body for a few hours, but while this cave is pretty empty, I don't wanna push my luck either. Going through her pockets and bag, Brooke really didn't have any more money other than some spare change, nor anything else worthwhile.

That jacket is still pretty neat, though, even if I'll probably have to wash it first. I lift Brooke's upper body to take off her jacket, then recall Golem and turn to go, just leaving the body there, someone or something is surely gonna make some kind of use out of it.


File: 1534938333655.jpg (75.55 KB, 612x408, victim.jpg)

You find Tilly, fallen asleep in front of her studies. She’s been quite active, in demonstrating in a large Cooperation’s business, and it’s time she shuts up. Finish her.


I’d been stalking the Malverick Summer House for quite a while now, and knew that it would be worth the risk. I am no penny-pocket thief, and knew Malverick’s rich tastes, had filled his Summer Vacation House up with several valuable items. I had even seen the movies put one of said items in. A 1940’ies painting, by some painter I didn’t know, but I knew the painting well enough, my fence having explained in quite detail. My fence would pay a little extra, if I managed to bag that picture.
Only problem was, that even after Malverick left the Vacation home, to return to work, his trophy wife seemed to stick around. I would have to silence her, or try to make off with the items, without her noticing.

Of course, this was going to be harder, than expected. After pulling up in my rented van, to the isolated, Beach House, and breaking the locks open, I found Lucy Malverick, asleep in the lounging room with the large painting hanging on the wall. I groaned softly, as I made my way into the room, crouching down with my eyes focusing on the young woman. I pouted lightly, contemplating the situation, as a stir grew in my underwear. A trophy wife, indeed, the woman lay asleep in her tight, nearly translucent pyjamas, barely able to contain those massive breasts of hers. I licked my lips, looking out the massive windows of the lounging room, over the beach, reminding him just how isolated this place was. I cracked my neck, and made my decision, to have himself a bit of fun, with the whole situation.

My black leather gloves cracked slightly, as I moved my strong body over Lucy’s, and tightened the hand over the woman’s lips. The tight press of my hand quite uncomfortable, woke the woman up fast, and her green eyes blinked open in a panic. I hushed her silently, my other hand pressing the cold steel of my switchblade against Lucy’s neck, as she dropped the book she’d been reaching, raising her hands defensively.
“Hush, now.. Fight back too much, and this might be your last night, in this beautiful house… And then you certainly wouldn’t inherit any of that dough of Malverick’s…” I grinned, Lucy raising her hands defensively, as she let out a muffled whimper, from below my glove. She raised her hands defensively, as tears started streaking down her face, and on to the soft pillow of the couch.
“Good girl…” I whispered in a hiss, as I moved the knife down the woman’s body, letting it’s sharp edge play over Lucy’s massive mounts, cutting the fabric between them. I didn’t stop, the knife making it’s way down her curved frame, a small cut even drawing a bit of blood, right next to her naval, making her cry out silently. The cry only made my chuckle, as I move the knife inside her gown, cutting it open from the inside, moving both my hands to my pants. The woman obediently remained quite, only a few low cries leaving her, as she watched me in horror.
“P.. Please.. J.. Just take what you want, d.. Don’t.. Do this.. I haven’t seen your face, a.. And I can say I slept through it..” Lucy pleaded, referring to the black mask I was wearing, still concealing my face. Little chance of that happening, at this point, I was far too aroused to ignore the calling of my crotch.

Releasing my throbbing member, I moved over Lucy’s body again, I positioned myself quickly, before burying my long member inside Lucy’s curvaceous frame. She was surprisingly tight, for a trophy wife, and I groaned with the first entry, having no interest in wasting time. Lucy whimpered, doing a surprisingly good job, of staying quite. I wondered just why, she decided to be that quite. I didn’t really care that much, considering the isolation of the house, but I didn’t complaint. Her sweet, pleading, silent whimpers, was still enough to keep me going. I started thrusting wildly into her, the claps of our bodies growing with intensity, as my adrenaline started pumping. I groaned silently, as her cries grew in intensity, my knife accidentally causing a tiny bit more bloodshed on Lucy’s neck. Lucy pinched her eyes shut, her tears streaming down her face at this point, as she bit her lips closed, keeping her shapely legs still, and spread around me on the couch. Her obedience was quite surprising, at this point.

Until, of course, I heard her. Behind me, a low voice called out for her mother, as a little girl walked out of the hallway, leading to the bedrooms inside. Lucy gasped loudly, looking towards the little girl, who was yawning behind her hand, when her eyes grew in horror at the scene in the lounging room.
“Hello there.. Stay.. Right there…” I said loudly, about to get up, out of the couch, pulling out of Lucy’s clenching hole.
“No! Run, Sarah, run!” Lucy screamed, reaching her arms up to grab on to my torso, starting to fight quite wildly to keep me down. Of course, my core body strength was far superior to hers, so I rather easily got to my feet, but accidentally pulled her right with me.
“Fucking… Let go!” I screamed angrily, trying to push Lucy off for a moment, before I got my left arm free, quickly socketing a fist to the side of Lucy’s face. The woman staggered, her arms still tightening a grip of my right arm, as her daughter seemed to rush off. I wriggled my right arm a bit, before smacking another fist to her face, Lucy crying out in pain, as her arms gave way enough for mine to get lose. Lucy fell over, but not before grabbing my leg as well, and I sneered loudly, as I kicked her off.
“Fucking.. Stop, woman!” I shout angrily, stepping to her side, kicking her harshly in the stomach, sending a scream of pain from her, as she curled together on the floor.

Now free to hunt the little girl, I did, and a short game of hide, and seek started. Luckily for me, the young girl wasn’t too creative, picking the kitchen as her hiding spot, and her hitched breath was even louder than the cries of her mother in the lounging room. Pulling open a cabinet, I found the screaming girl inside, and sneered as I grabbed her hair, pulling her out.
“Bad idea to run… You girls, are just getting me more, and more excited!” I growled at the girl, tossing her against the large middle table of the kitchen by her hair, plopping her up on it. I couldn’t quite see what age this girl was, but I was fairly sure she was underaged, and quite inexperienced, as she started trying to turn. My large hand on her spine easily kept her down, as only her legs could now help to try and stop me. I easily outpower her legs, positioning myself behind her, quickly finding my prey. I wasn’t gentle, as I pushed myself inside her unused body, groaning deeply as I stretch her widely around me, provoking even more painful screams, and whimpers, then that of her mother. Hot blood helped to warm my throbbing cock inside the young girl, as I started thrusting angrily inside of her. It didn’t take many thrusts, before the girl was hurt bad enough, to stop most of her fighting.
Luckily enough, because her mother had made it up from the floor, now rushing into the room.
“You monster!” She gasped, when she entered the room, quickly going for the largest kitchen knife I’d ever seen, and I quickly stepped away from the table, to defend myself. Lucy ran towards me aggressively, stabbing out for my body quite sloppily, making it easy enough for me to lead her attack out of the way. My right hand grabbed Lucy by the neck, and quite easily lifted her off the floor, as my left hand held on tight to the wrist with the knife in her hand. She choked for a moment in my grip, before I smashed her down on the hard wood table, the impact causing a cut in her scalp, and a moments daze. The daze was long enough for me to grab the knife from her hand, cutting my own in the process, tossing it aside.
“Bad.. Idea!” I shouted, as I brought out my own knife, and swung it downwards, to stab straight through the soft skin of her chest. A scream from Lucy’s longues were cut short, as she gasped, widening her eyes in shock, grabbing the hand I held the knife in. She started throwing hitched screams, as I easily freed my hand again, raising the knife for another stab, when her daughter reached out her arms to stop me. I easily powered through the young girls arms, and stabbed the knife into Lucy’s throat, causing a gurgle from the woman, as a spatter of blood left her mouth in a cough, covering the side of her daughter’s face. Sarah cried out, tears streaming down her face, as she tried to pull my arm away, and life started ebbing from Lucy’s eyes. I left my knife in Lucy’s throat, letting her body twitch, and convulse on the table, as I grabbed Sarah’s small body again, lifting her off the table, and preparing her for my cock again. I growled deeply, as I slammed my cock back inside the little girl, thrusting a few times, to the lament of her cries, and the wild wriggle of her arms.
My cock wouldn’t last much longer, and I reached my hands for the girls neck, tightening a grip around it, as I propped her on the table again. The girl gagged, and hitched for her breath, her hands frantically gripping for mine, to try and stop the hard grip of my hands. I underestimate my strength, soon hearing a low crack from her neck, as her eyes bulge, and the struggle turns to wild twitches of her body.
I thrust a few more times, before deciding I wanted some more, pulling my cock from the young girl, and moving her off the table. With a grip of her hair, and the back of her head, I position my cock for her lips, thrusting harsh, and deep inside of her. Her teeth clamped a bit down on my cock, prompting me to quickly retreat, and pull her back up. The young bones made it easy for my hand to reach in, and quickly crack her jaw, taking away that reflex form the twitching girl, only to lead her back down, and shove down her neck.
My semen was coming out the blanke eyed girl’s nose, before the batter of my balls had finished spraying into her, and I was completely satisfied, letting the girl’s body drop to her knees, leaning against the table.

Looking over my work, I decided to be in no more hurry that night. In between looking for valuable items, and bringing them to my van, I took time to please myself with the two beautiful bodies in the house, until their necks, and holes were filled quite neatly with a mix of my semen, and their own blood. It was interesting, how creative you could get, with a whole in a body’s neck.
I left the house that night, after emptying a few gallons of fuel around the kitchen, and setting a good fire to the place.

No witness’, and no evidence..


File: 1535209824171.jpeg (96.43 KB, 733x1090, IMG_1836.JPEG)

Tilly looked to have been drawing at the time, so I figured I'd have fun with this kill. I pick Tilly up from her equipment and decide to put my drawing skills to the test. It took a while until my masterpiece was complete.

I placed her back where she was and waited for her to wake up. In the mean time I admire the work I did on her computer and hope that she likes it too. By the time Tilly had woken up, she sees herself upon the computer, but instead of having her rest like she had it before, it showed of her being strangled as she stares into the computer. Before she could connect the dots, that's when I pull out the wire and start to strangle the confused girl.

"Do you like it?" I ask, "It took me a while but I knew you'd probably enjoy the inspiration I got from you." She couldn't answer as she was too busy struggling and gagging. Tilly's gags were very cute, and all she could do is just stare at my drawing of her. I wondered what were her last thoughts at the time, but it didn't matter at the end as she went limp. Just to make sure I snap her neck so she doesn't come back from that.

Before leaving I decide to take to Tilly's drawing equipment once more and draw her dead on her chair, exactly how she is at the moment in painstaking detail. After finishing I decide to give the poor girl a kiss as she seemed like a nice girl. After that I clean of her lips to avoid being caught from my DNA and wipe the scene off from any evidence that I was here.

You and Ela are the last operators standing, you've already completed the objective and it seems like Ela has surrendered and says to do with her whatever you want.

Finish Her


File: 1537337653768.png (358.16 KB, 525x690, 851aa6ec2528c1d681523210c7….png)

As I titty fucked Frost's bare breasts, my knife carved a deep gash through her throat. Blood gushed from her throat and her eyes fluttered shut one final time. Her body hung limply from the handcuffs binding her wrists and her torn clothes exposed countless cuts over her naked flesh. Next to her, the bodies of three other girls were stripped and mutilated in various other ways.

"You bastard!" My final remaining enemy cried. "We surrendered! You said you wouldn't hurt us!" Tears ran down her cheeks.

I gently took her face in my hand and looked her in the eyes. "Don't be naive Ela. We're warriors. There can only be victory or death." My knife came up and cut the entire front of her shirt open in one deft swipe, causing her to flinch back in surprise. My hands groped the soft flesh of her breasts and she struggled to get away, but the handcuffs binding her wrists to the chain above her head made her efforts futile.

My hands left her breasts only long enough to pull her pants and panties down to her ankles.

"No! No no no no! Please nnn-NNAAA!!" Ela's desperate please were cut off as my massive member roughly forced it's way into her tight pussy. THWACK! THWACK! THACK! Blood was already flowing freely from her sex. "Oh GOD! It hurts! Please stop!"

Tired of her cries, I lifted my blade to her throat. Her eyes widened in horror and she opened her mouth to beg, but before she could, I slashed her throat. Instead of words, blood spewed from her mouth and painted her tits a mesmerizing crimson. To prolong her death as long as possible, I intentionally missed her arteries and only cut her wind pipe. If her hands were free to stop the bleeding, she might have actually been able to survive this wound. Done with my knife, I plunge it into her muscular thigh.

Changing things up a bit, I move behind her and re-insert myself into her womanhood. Leaning close and licking her tears from her cheek, I whispered into her ear, "Brace yourself, this could sting a bit." Before the words could sink in, I shove her back forward until it is parallel with the ground. Two sickening crunchy pops sounded as her shoulders dislocate simultaneously as they wrenched in their sockets. Her sex tightens up on my cock and she tries to scream, but all that comes out is a spray of blood that paints Frost's placid face. In this position, my hard thrusts force her face into Frost's breasts again and again.

Digging my fingers into her ass, I pounded into her with as much force as I could muster. I was nearing my limit. "You've been a great slut, but I've got an extraction to catch." Her body convulsed. Even without her voice, it was clear she was crying. "Aw, don't worry baby, you won't get pregnant." The unmistakable sound rang out as I cocked my pistol. "I brought my protection."

Aiming my gun at her back, I slammed into her one last time, threw my head back and came hard. A spurt of my semen shot deep in her womb. BLAM! The firearm kicked back and a hollow-point pierced through her abdomen and created an exit wound large enough to allow her intestines to spill onto the floor. Spurt. BLAM! Another round pierced all the way through her right lung and came out the other side of her body. Spurt. BLAM! Another pierced her heart and left lung. Spurt. BLAM! The last round entered the back of her head and splattered her blood and brain chunks all over Frost's bare chest.

Panting heavily, I pulled my cock out of her limp form and spilled my semen down her leg. Spanking her ass and admiring her still-beautiful corpse, I declared, "GG."

Tess and Scarlet were busying themselves with fucking each other late at night. Their highschool was a perfect place for it because at this late hour, it was completely abandoned. Well, it normally was.... They were too distracted with each other to notice you approaching.


File: 1537351904301.jpg (113.71 KB, 880x1200, DZYFP80VoAAxmwR.jpg)

I come up from behind Tess and shove my cock in her pussy. In their confusion I draw a knife and hold it to her neck as I hold her in a headlock. I order Scarlet to lick my cock as I fuck her or her little girlfriend would get her throat sliced open.

After I cum inside Tess I'd cut off her head anyway. In her shock, Scarlet wouldn't be able to do anything as pinned her against the wall and had my way with her. She'd try to struggle but to no avail as I raped her young tight pussy. One of my hands would be choking her the whole time and when she falls unconscious I stop. I let her fall to the ground and carefully open up a hole in her skull with the knife. I finish her off by turning her brains into mush with my cock, using Tess's throat to clean up the brain matter before I pose their bodies in a way to welcome more cocks and have Tess's mouth taking the brains dripping from Scarlet's head.

This is Adri, she summons people from other worlds to fight for her. You get summoned by her but the spell preventing you from attacking her is malfunctioning.



I can feel it. Actually, I can't, I can feel its absence.
"Today... you're that unlucky one." I incinerate the heart of the Sasquatch attacking her, but she knows I'm talking to her. The blue-white beam last for a second, essentially slashing up as the yeti falls. Several scrawny goblins and a pair of trolls realize they bit off more than they can chew, but it's too late to run. I trap us all in a towering inferno. Several hundred feet into the air, the flames lick clouds. I know it can be seen for miles away, and though these are frequent sights where I live, I'm happy to give a unique view to so many.
The only spot that's not burning is within a light blue aura, an orb that flows like either slow electricity or water with special powders swaying through it. She eyes me.
"Please. I called you here for h-elp." She's so nervous. It's adorable.
"You shouldn't have summoned a demon. I can have your soul now, if I bring you with me."
"Please no! We can work soemthing-"
BZZT "Nothing personal." Her shield-o'-light or Sacred-Shield (I can't tell which but it's initially resistant to my Null, so it's either light or holy based, but nothing I cannot handle) flickers for a moment before vanishing completely. Every instance it disappears the flames jump on her before being slammed back. After her shield is vanquished, the ocean of fire above her collapses and she can only scream.
But she teleports away! She has a head start and a spell of Flight! No, it's her boots. No matter, I summon fire in them. They're burning and now she must descend to remove them. She's reluctant. She tries to concentrate on just moving away from me, foolish girl.
I see a light doming around me and dive away several meters. It was a cage spell, but nothing I couldn't escape. It's formed around empty air now.
She screams and I turn to look at her. She's falling. The stupid girl really kept her boots on until she couldn't take it anymore and flung them off. If she falls to death than will her soul be mine? I won't risk losing this one!
I fly as quick as I can, and swoop downward and catch her, then slow our descent.
"Thank you thank you thank you please don't hurt me!"
I stand on the ground. I jump into the air and tear her shirt off, taking it with me to the sky, my. She's topless on the ground and bewildered. In snatching her bra and gown, I've scratched her deeply, and some blood runs down her belly.
I cast a bolt of fire, shaped like lightening, into her face. It runs down her body, and covers her skin.
"Haha liar liar" She jumps out from her flaming pants and panties, casting handfuls of water spells at the resilient flames creeping across her skin. She has no more mana to heal and no more energy to run. Her body's reflexes are what keep her moving on the ground, squirming wildly. The fire inches deeper into her flesh and covers her skin. She's eventually immolated. And dead.
I see her soul rising but there's a thin line stringing from her body to me. As she rises from her fresh corpse, I see the line is connected to her as well, a giant drooping rope, from her, to her cadaver, to me. She ascends and looks hopeful but I dive to the earth, opening a giant fissure in the groun beneath me.
"EEAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH NO PLE-" KRKLPS. She screams when she's jerked by the soul-line that becomes a chain of eternal bondage. The sickening crack of her soul breaking and bloating as she's smacked into the portal gives me immense pleasure.
"Nice witch.Be a good girl for your owner... ha haha!!"


File: 1537556974946.jpg (219.74 KB, 686x1000, d2891cc651a6c51c5dd184f963….jpg)

The guy above forgot to leave a new target, so...

After invading the Real World, Myotismon makes offers several humans, including you, the chance to rule over the Japanese Islands after he conquers both worlds. You only need to find and kill the Eighth Child, and bring their body to him.

You somehow discover the identity, and find Kari home alone before the other Chosen Children have returned from camp. Will you kill her and deliver the corpse, or will you make use of her body first?


File: 1537576233293.jpg (109.23 KB, 850x637, sample-8b4664e6ade31143dfd….jpg)


Being a Earth-born Vampire, I gladly take Myotismon's offer and I track down and corner a scared Kari who cries out of fear of me. I gently wipe away Kari's tears and then hypnotize her before the two of us strip each other nude and do sexual things to each other. Once we're done, I bite into her cute neck and suck her dry of blood thus killing her.

I then clean Kari up by bathing her, drying her and dressing her in a pretty dress and proceed to show Myotismon that I've killed her. He lets me keep her body as a trophy but soon after, she arises as a vampire whose basically a dark but still loving and loyal version of her Human self who becomes my lover and a cute daughter figure to me. Myotismon doesn't object though as she's no longer a threat to him and even comes to regard her as a cute niece.

Now then, here's Shizuka from High School of the Dead, you've cornered her and can do whatever you want to her but you must kill her, FINISH HER!


File: 1537585200250.jpg (187.14 KB, 1024x1449, g048.jpg)

The young busty blonde looks up defiantly, clutching at the gunshot wound on her abdomen. I break open the shotgun, expelling the two empty shotgun hulls, and slam two fresh shells in. I swing it shut and point the two barrels at her face. She shuts her eyes and turns her head away, teeth clenched. I fire one barrel, then the other. Her pretty face and head is reduced to ground meat, blood splattering across the concrete wall she was sitting against. Her long, thick legs shudder as she dies.

Here's Rally Vincent, she's been disarmed, now finish her.


File: 1537674187936.jpg (345.1 KB, 1600x1131, 性感之矛nidalee英雄联盟.jpg)

/ Not going for a quick death, but she is finished. /

A bounty hunting contract turned sour, young Rally quickly found out why the wanted poster for this demon had said "Great Danger" after she had expended all of her ammunition and even tried to ram it with her beloved Cobra only for it to keep smiling and asking how she wanted it to prepare it for dinner.

To add to it, it had gave recommendations for how she could be prepared to mazimize the quality of meat and various dishes that would go well with it.

Now, resorting to using her guns as clubs, which were quickly taken from her and eaten by the demon.

"If you're finished, can we start? I'm really hungry, and you and your friend are the only edible things in miles for me to feed on. So, ready to dine or die?" It asked sweetly.

There was little time for her to answer as its arm stretched forward, grabbing her head and holding her mouth with great speed and strength. It dragged her to the ground, and then along it as its arm retracted back to its normal size.

For a three-foot creature, it was far more than it appeared, but Rally figured that as her bullets were eaten into her skin and her car was, in mere seconds, was eaten by its larger, body length maw.

Demon of the Banquet was far more than a title, and Rally was on the menu.

"I've got this recipe I've been wanting to try, and then there's this basting technique I think you'll really like! Oh! There're some new knives I want to break in too! Also-" it paused to turn to Rally, a large smile on its wide mouth; thankfully, not the much larger one that dominated its body.

It stared at it uncomfortably with an eye for quality. When it blinked, Rally felt her pulse stop until it looked away from her.

"Your Indian, or at least half. Hyderabadi biriyani or tunde ke kabab would be amazing! Hmm... perhaps the kabab. I'm still trying to get the right balance of spices down. 150 is a lot, after all." It said as it walked.

Within minutes, laying naked on a large stone table, Rally was being reduced to mince meat as the demon had already cut off both legs and was working on her arms.

"I can't taste, so I'll need to keep you alive until I get the number and mixture of spices of down, or until I cut out a vital organ. I'm very careful, so that'll be awhile, promise! On the plus side for you, you get to enjoy a great amount of rare and unique dishes without having to do anything yourself! It's that wonderful!" The creature had kept talking to her like cutting off her limbs ad preparing her for dishes was a common thing.

"Let me know if this hurts. I'm trying to remove the bones without cutting the limb off completely! I think I've gotten the nerves, so it should feel like a numb tickling."

Rally was becoming dull and hopeless as she was reduced to meat. The creature was tying her stumps and taking care of the bleeding, giving a scary knowledge of human antonomy. The scariest thing for Rally was that she did not feel it as her the bones of her arm was removed like the hardened model from its plaster.

It didn't hurt... but, now, she didn't feel her arm, despite seeing it still attatched.

"It'll take time to prepare the spices, but I want to try a stuffed arm. I hope you don't mind." The demon said as it held up the boneless arm and waved it. The hand still had bones in it, but there was no feeling in it. "What do you think? A juicy, stuffed arm with a crunchy hand at the end."

Rally said nothing and didn't react to the demon's talk.

Her eyes suddenly came back to life as a wonderful taste filled her mouth. Her tongue danced in her mouth as she began to chew, savoring the taste of what could only be described as deliciousness in physical form!

Her eyes adjusted to see the demon in front of her, a smile on her face and a foot with its balls removed.

Rally's expression went from excited to shock as she slowly realized what it was.

"How is it? Too sour? Too sweet? I don't cook human very often, even most monsters don't eat people, so I need your opinion." The demon said.

Rally's face slowly turned to one of horror... and then let out a scream as she came to understand what it was she was going to be.

"My record is twenty weeks." The demon grinned. "You'll taste better the longer you're alive, and, for as long as you live, you'll be treated to amazing food. I even take requests... when you're finished screaming, of course.

You're walking through the jungle when you hear a sound. You go to investigate and find a beautiful woman stuck in a rope trap, her legs bound and her head bleeding from a rough hit. She's out cold from a poacher's trap.

Nidalee from League of Legends is before you. FINISH HER!


File: 1537686228262.jpg (44.45 KB, 504x750, IMG_20180903_143133.jpg)

Spotting her unconscious in the middle of the forest I decide to take off my pants, it's not every day you see this sort of scenario after all. I cut her down and lone up my cock with her pussy, putting a hand around her neck to choke her while I pound her slit raw. Several minutes of savage fucking pass before I pull out, covering her chocolate stomach and tits with my cum.

Moving up I now grab her by the ponytail, forcing her mouth up and down my cock. She starts showing signs of waking up so I ram the back of her throat, leaving my cock there as she groggily opens her eyes and starts to realize she can't breathe. Her last moments of life are spent with me grinding on her face.

You isolated Liru and now successfully forced her to take off her clothes, her thinking that you wouldn't hurt her if she obeyed.



File: 1538040098500.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2018-09-04-05-4….png)

On the battlefield of two wagging factions, I stumble upon my last opponent. I was surprised to see a female. Her name is Miri, and her body is very slim and exposed to the point that her armor is very ineffective. I see every part of her body I can exploit. Her sexy body has me thinking about all the awful things I can do to her when I kill her.

I charge at Miri as she does at me. Miri engages with a flexible high kick and misses. I am able to see her exposed area between her legs, so I retaliate by grabbing her leg in the air and letting a devastating blow at her pussy. My fist stuns her - making Miri fall to the ground. I approach her as she groans in pain. I stomp on her stomach and use my sword to impale her hand to the ground to immobilize her. She screams in agony but that just make me hornier. I kneel down and shove my cock down her throat as she reluctantly sobs. I choke her with my cock and my hand as I fondle her fantastic firm breasts. After a while I allow her to breathe so I can load my cum on her pretty face. She breathes heavily as I cum all over her face and tits.

I have so many thoughts on how to violate her next. Her flexible slim body is very useful. I have a dagger, sword and a spear in my equipment. I can rip her stomach open and impale her to keep as a trophy; decapitate her and fill her skull with my cum; rip off all of her limbs and fuck her lifeless torso; slice off her tits and crush her face in; force her to splits and shove a spear down her throat; leave her for the orcs to rip her in pieces. There is an unlimited amount of ways to dominate her. Miri is fatigued and is waiting for her fate.



You completely missed the point of the thread


File: 1538206029686.png (304.81 KB, 415x420, Menace.png)

(I don't know this character, but let's have a go.)

It was always a shame to have to put down an obedient pig, or would this one be considered a cow? Few that she knew of in the area ate foxes or wolves, but this one, called Liru, seemed more lean than fat with room for improvement.

"I'm going to eat you now."

She squealed and blushed and smiled, wrapping her arms around her legs before shyly opening her legs to reveal her pink pussy between her dark-skinned thighs.

"Not what I meant, but okay."

She watched the small creature before her remove her armor to reveal her monstrous form, and only then did she realize that the 'eat you' part was meant in the very literal meaning... and so she tried to run, or rather crawl, away, but the length and strength of the creature's tongue matched her body-mouth.

A prehensile, serpentine tongue shot out from between the massive maw, wrapping around Liru's leg and putting her right back to the creature. Her leg disappeared into the maw, and, for a moment, she thought it was just illusion, but then that maw, the dagger-sized teeth, closed, taking her leg off completely and leaving behind a clean stump; save for the gushing blood.

"First the master gets a bite, and now I get my turn!" The creature said happily, its arms snatching Liru's at the elbow and shoulder before her teeth sank into the meat of her bicep. This mouth's bite was not as powerful as the larger one, but it tore flesh from bone just as easily.

Liru screamed and tried to crawl away once more, but the creature, focused on its meal and chewing with both mouths, had a painfully strong grip on the arm and would not let go.

"Next leg! Bite down on my hand so you don't swallow your tongue." It shoved its hand from her elbow into Liru's mouth, gripping her lower jaw from the inside as the large mouth shot its tongue out once more, wrapping around her other leg and pulling it.

This time, when it bit, the foot and part of the leg was missed.

"Master! You missed a bit." The creature said and reached around with its foot to shove the bit of Liru's leg into its great maw. "There you go. Do you like it raw? I can preserve the torso and cook it later." It asked, and then turned to Liru's wide, horror-filled eyes. "Fresh it is! Next are the insides!"

It moved its other hand from Liru's shoulder to her forehead and, with a practiced technique, dislocated her jaw one way and then the next before twisting and ripping it down her front until it broke off from the rest of her body. It then offered this grisly meal to its great maw, to which it accepted, before digging both hands into Liru's throat, widening the wound and feasting on her insides beyond the skin.

The creature tore out her breasts, a lung, veins, the stomach, kidneys, and intestines, takes turns feeding the mouth on its head and the one in its body. Liru, seconds into this gorey feasting, was dead, her eyes hollow and empty as the creature continued to speak.

Is anyone else hungry? No? Just me? Okay.

Her kingdom has fallen, again, and her 100 subjects have been freed from whatever spell she had them under. Now, within her private chambers of the palace, you find Menace, on her knees with her hands tied behind her back, waiting for your judgement. Outside, past the balcony, you hear the roar of the group awaiting to hear has been done to the desert queen.

This is Menace from Queen's Blade. She's a revived queen of a desert nation that can use Egyptian curse magic of some kind, but not anymore with you looming over her like a vulture waiting for its meal. FINISH HER!


File: 1544657115105.jpeg (139.54 KB, 426x327, EA9B281F-B631-41DF-B3F4-5….jpeg)

Exactly how the bird-like creature got into got into the queen’s private quarters is anyone’s guess. All it knew was the will to survive and feed. Yet, here it was. Standing in front of Menace. It looked at her from her head to her legs while making low chortling sounds. It was sizing her up. After a few seconds, the animal dove in. It stabbed its arm blades into her back, roughly tearing out chunks of flesh. It dug it’s beak into her mouth, removing most of her lower jaw. Screams were reduced to merely gurgles as the animal fed, tearing out and swallowing organs, flesh, and bone alike. As its feast drew to a close, it ripped out her uterus and ovaries, swallowing them whole. Its feast done, Menace’s body was unrecognizeable. Blood caked every surface, small chunks of flesh are flung everywhere, her skull was cracked open like an egg, and a damaged eye hung out of its socket. The few bones that remained aside from her skull were a few of her arm and leg bones, some vertebrae, and a lone rib.

Lethargic from its recent kill, it fails to notice the individual sneaking up on it. FINISH HER!

The drawing does not belong to me! It belongs to Ramul on deviantArt!


File: 1544764139440.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3508x4961, 2623200 - Dandon_Fuga Mil….jpeg)

Lethargic from its recent kill, it fails to notice the individual sneaking up on it. Another clone of Mileena!

Mileena grabs the bird-thing and deftly snaps its neck. She looks on it with hungry eyes before noticing the bird's cloaca and begins licking as one of her own hands sinks to her own crotch as she moves the material of her purple leotard aside. Mileena begins pleasuring herself as she licks the dead bird out. The aches of pleasure rises in Mileena as her back arches and she squirts all over the dead queen's remains as she orgasms. Pleasure washes over her as she removes her mask and devours the bird-creature whole. A little pleasant appetizer before a battle - and she had to admit it was finger licking good as she licked some of the bird thing's blood off her finger. The only way it might have been better would have been if it had been coated in a mixture of herbs and spices.

No matter though. She had a date with the arena as original opponent was now a bloody mess on the floor thanks to a bird of all things someone new would have to be substituted.

Mileena's hand went back to her crouch as she begin thinking of novel ways to kill her new opponent if he was male she could always kneel and start giving him a blow job before devouring his manhood - a classic that always got the crowding roaring with laughter and her soaking wet.

Or a woman warrior! - Milleena fantasized about biting to a tender pair of breasts and tearing them off while using her Sias to "Pleasure" her opponent's pussy.

Mileena once again felt waves of passion as she orgasmed again and basked the glow of passion.

*BLARM!!!*, a loud horn sounded. Startling her and she ripped away the bottom of her leotard that she had gripped in the throes of passion as she bolted alert.

"Oh well", She sighed, it was very wet and nearly ruined anyways. In any case it might raise her standing with the crowd and distract her opponent enough for an easy victory if she fought a match sans leotard and soaking wet.

Mileena watches a portal opened nearby as she tossed away the remnants of her purple leotard and strutted through the portal. She emerged into a large area filled with cheering spectators.

Mileena adopted as walk the empathized her curves and caressed her form as she walked to the center of the arena to meet her opponent. Mileena flexed her muscles and shaked herself a little so her decent sized breasts bounced pleasingly for the crowd.

/This is going to be too easy…/, Mileena thought as she bowed to her opponent then turned around to wave her round ass at them. Mileena then gave her ass a little smack which sent the crowd roaring with cheers and laughter.

/Yes, this will be all too easy…/, Mileena thought as she turned and the fight began.

The match however did not go as easy as she thought. Mileena fought harder than she ever fought before but her opponent was just too powerful.

Soon she found herself reeling back and forth in a woozy state. A call which sounded like it was a thousand miles away slowly pierced her ears as she struggled to make sense of anything going on:



File: 1544779224690.jpg (365.64 KB, 827x1169, 97eab9cf7ffd471f88d56c1ca8….jpg)

The dazed woman warrior stumbled about as the man calmly slipped two fresh 12 gauge slugs into his double barrel shotgun. He walked up to her and shoved the barrel up against her chin. Her golden eyes flashed open as she realized what was going on. The man fired both barrels at once, obliterating Mileena's head in a shower of blood, flesh chunks, skull fragments and brain matter. Her body shivered for a moment, then collapsed limply onto the dirt floor of the arena, blood squirting forth from the neck stump.

You've finally brought Makoto to her knees. Finish her!


File: 1544830948758.png (1.09 MB, 1684x1920, Ophelia_Dramatic_Heroine_B….png)

I slammed my fist hard into Makoto's well-toned abs, the woman doubling over in pain. Bringing my knee up, I slammed her in the face - breaking her nose, and making it so that it started bleeding. The girl was thrown backwards, taking a few steps back before landing on her knees.

In an instant, I was on to her. That orange scarf she wore would be the instrument of her demise. Grabbing on to the both long strips of cloth coming from it, I tugged hard on both - squeezing her neck shut. Before she could react, I crushed her windpipe, cutting off the flow of air to her lungs. Her face grew red as the girl began to struggle, but my hold was too strong for her to break out of. While struggling, pulling with both of her hands at the scarf around her neck, she ended up loosening her sports bra and the piece of clothing came off. My dick hardened at the sight of her boobies, the erect nubs of her nipples clearly visible to me. Still, I knew I couldn't get distracted by that - so I kept on holding to the scarf until her struggles died down. A patch of yellow appeared on the crotch of her white, baggy pants, signalling that the fighter had pissed herself in her final moments. I kept strangling her for a little longer, making sure that she was dead. Then, I let go of the scarf, and she collapsed to the ground. Getting my dick out, I dropped on top of her, pushing my cock in between her tits. Grabbing onto them with my hands, I used them to give myself a boob job, until I came, spilling long streaks of semen all over her purple, dead face.

Ophelia thought that being the chosen maiden would mean she'd have no troubles taking you on. Show her just how wrong she was and FINISH HER!


File: 1544925861230.png (50.22 KB, 1432x814, ACA5FF3B-9859-46C4-82BB-1E….png)

The Boarbird managed to defeat Ophelia by accident, sidestepping one of her attacks and thwacking her in the face with its tail. To keep her from getting up, the animal brought its foot down on her chest and started pressing down. Ribs cracked and bone fragments punctured organs as pressure increased, and the creature managed to bust right through her chest, spraying blood everywhere. One foot claw slashed a hole in her heart, so if the shock didn’t kill her first, blood loss certainly would.

Being an animal that would pick off weak or ailing young from a herd of animals, the scent of blood was a sugary sweet smell to the animal’s nostrils. Right then, it began to feed. Ripping out chunks of flesh and scraping bones clean of flesh with the sharp and pointed plates at the front of its tongue, the animal took its time with its feast. After fourty-five minutes of eating, the skeleton was completely devoid of flesh. But it sensed something in the head. Picking up the skull and dropping it on the floor, it split open, with a damaged brain falling out of the shattered skull. The animal would then pick up and eat the organ, with no other flesh left to pick off.

But now, it was at the mercy of anyone or anything that happened to enter the room. FINISH HER!

The drawing belongs to the Serina project, not me!


File: 1545182148237.jpg (616.63 KB, 850x1075, b5c43e9d7d5851f80969f6936f….jpg)


What entered the room was a torrent of flowing lava as the Cryocene era came to an abrupt and sudden end. The Boarbird had little time to react as as the once rocky floor below became hot lava. The Boarbird was almost instantly transformed into a fireball as its world became pain for a moment. Its once fine feathers became carbonized ashes and in instants its small brain boiled within its skull.

The carbonized remains of the Boarbird would dissolve and be incorporated into a piece of fine obsidian.

Far into the future that piece of obsidian would be fashioned into a Yoni Egg to be sold on a dodgy website and used by a middle aged woman experiencing a mid-life crisis to 'cleanse her root chakra' and 'get in touch with nature'.


A well toned Gladiatrix named Severina stands defeated before her opponent in the local arena. The leering local administrator gives a 'Thumbs Down' indicating that she deserves death and humiliation.


File: 1545189653178.jpeg (124.22 KB, 800x1000, AAE95C50-3C1B-48E1-9847-C….jpeg)

When the administrator gave the thumbs down, the gladiator that stood over Severina suddenly looked over towards the gate behind him. It was slowly opening, with odd noises coming from the other side. He muttered something under his breath before running off without his weapons, almost as if staying behind was a fate worse than death. The sounds (akin to those of a Taller and a Baby from Cry of Fear) became louder as slow, shambling footsteps could be heard.

And what came from the gate was enough for the most seasoned veterans to give pause.

Standing at almost twice the height of a man, the creature was surely intimidating to look at. No one really knows what the Shambling Flesh-seeking Nurses really are. Some rumors floating around insist that they are the very manifestations of guilt and anxiety, while others said that they were ejected into our world by an angry god. Perhaps the answer could never be found, and anyone that tried could succumb to a horrible fate at the hands of the monstrosities, or things more terrible than them. Regardless, the weakened gladiatrix was at the mercy of this abomination as it stumbled forwards with almost haphazard movements.

When it got close enough, it broke into a full blown sprint, stabbing Severina in the chest with one of its shorter legs and pinning her to the ground. Using its clawed right hand, it grabbed and raggedly tore off one of the gladiatrix’s breasts and devoured it on the spot. Then, the left body joined in, and things started getting real messy real fast. Handfuls of organs and flesh were pulled from her body cavity and shoved into one of three toothy maws, with their touch feeling like thousands of bullet and stings on contact, even worse than the pain from open wounds itself. Severina‘s agonized screams echoed throughout the arena for a good thirty minutes before finally dying down, signifying her death. Her corpse now lay defiled, bones thrown this way and that, with no bit of flesh left behind. Right then, the Shambling Flesh-seeking Nurse felt like it was the queen of the place.

But as with gladiatorial arenas, a new gladiator would have to come in and take the creature down. And it wouldn’t give up its throne without a fight. FINISH HER!

Sound references


Left & Right:

The art and concept belong to Pyramiddhead on deviantArt!


File: 1545298033157.jpg (825.13 KB, 883x1243, d829c398c9528a38a21c01a59a….jpg)

The creature lurched around, its orifices making clicking noises as it slowly digested the unfortunate gladiatrix. A squad of specialist exterminators dropped into the arena, rifles at the ready. They were equipped with the latest in beast-hunting tech. Select fire AR-15's chambered in .50 Beowulf, the beefy bullets themselves being tipped with fragmenting explosive charges. With a hand gesture, all 15 members spread out in a line and opened fire on the Shambling Flesh Seeking Nurses.

The creature barely had time to move before bearing the brunt of hundreds of rounds impacting its bodies. The fireteam slowly advanced, firing until empty, and quickly switching to fresh magazines. Within a minute, there wasn't much left of the freakish monstrosity besides twitching flesh and writhing feelers. The exterminators weren't done yet. Each member prepped a white phosphorus grenade and threw it on top of the remains. The creature burned under the bright white fury of the WP, and the men could hear its high pitched scream as it finally died.

You've cornered Shirase Sakuya in a dark alleyway, finish her!


File: 1547402934395.png (688.29 KB, 1033x1530, d80da05f96cf1e6b710a033cbe….png)

Sakuya panted as she ran from the monster. Something slimy wrapped around her legs and brought her crashing down. She looked back and screamed shrilly. The creature attacking her looked somewhat like a giant squid with the legs of a spider. On the end of each tentacle it had a razor sharp curved claw. The girl kicked at the monster, desperately trying to escape.

The thing stared at her with big blank eyes. One tentacle uncurled, then whipped out, slicing through Sakuya's pale neck. Her screams turned into horrified gurgles as blood flooded her mouth and lungs. Her hands clamped around the giant gash in her neck, but it was futile.

Her eyes rolled up and the teenager collapsed to the floor, blood squirting out of her mortal wound. The monster rolled the dying girl over on her back, then ripped open her chest. It began to feed on the contents of Sakuya's chest cavity, blood and gore covering its beak. In the span of 30 minutes, a young woman was reduced to a collection of bones and scraps of flesh.

After downing Lynette Bishop in a dogfight, you have the opportunity to finish her off.


File: 1550540096237.jpg (30.34 KB, 225x350, 316344.jpg)

I jump out of my burning plane and open up a parachute. "Fucking bitch"-I think while slowly gliding to the hill where an enemy plane has crashlanded."I got a bunch of bullets in my back part and what is the result?! That cunt on that plane I dogfought with is going to pay". I land right near the plane and instantly take out my old 38' to get it done fast if the pilot is fine. Inside of fiery storm of glass and metal I see something golden. Suddenly, the enemy helmet falls down from the cockpit of the plane. It instantly gets shot midair. I never miss my targets. Steadily, I climb inside of cockpit ready to send my bullet inside of theirs skull. I get up quick and the only thing I could notice that moment is a fainted golden haired girl. I was astonished for a second, but then I saw enemy markings on her small emblem that she was holding in het hands. I remembered all that has done her nation to me and my family and so I grabbed her violently and thrown out of a plane. After that I take out my war knife and grab her by the head. I am ready to cut her throat but in the last second I remember her. She is one of those heroes hanging on every poster in enemy cities. I found it interesting to send their hero back dead and messed up. I cut down the ropes of my chute and tie her up tightly by hands, legs and put a loop on her neck. I fully cut of her clothes and I see and beautiful young lady's body, which I can't resist to touch. Haven't seen a nice woman body since the war started. My hand slowly rubs her chest and the crawls to the genitals passing her belly. She starts shaking and finally wakes up. She sees me, my emblems, tries to reach out for her weapon and finds out she is tied. I touch her sensentive area and she starts screaming. "Ah! No! Why are you doing thus to me?!" - she staggers. "Cute! Haha. I haven't touched hero's vagina before. You will pay for what you've done to my country and people." I through the loop rope over the tree and start to pull her up. She askes for mercy and then moans as the rope tightens up on her neck. Her face turns red and veins start to stick up right from her childish collarbone. I get my boner out at push it up her warm and lively insides. She starts to breathe again as she lifts up from my thrust. She starts begging:"Please, put me down. I can be whatever you want, let me live, I am just a symbol… ". "Yeah, a symbol on a stick and now on a rope" I let her hang a little bit again. Her vagina titens up from the pressure. She moans. I cut down the rope. Her body falls on the ground numb. I lift her face up and throw a nice fountain of milk on her face. She pleads for not killing her. "Not enough fun I had with you!" I state. I grab my 38' and move it to her head. Her eyes start to show despair and fear. She closes them. I guess she understood that she is not getting out alive of here and this is the fastest way to end it. Not what I thought though. I get a nice punch on her belly and another one on her face. She falls down on the ground. I sit on her rendring her stuck and start playing with my knife near her white and soft skin. She feels the cold iron near her body and pleads: "No, no, not like this, ahaaaha, please, wahaaa" She starts crying as I make a cut on the back side of her arm. I see a nice fountain of blood going out of it and pink and pretty meat. She cries loudly. I can't stop and make another cut on her back. I turn her around and cut her leg and another one. I scratch my knife on her belly waiting for it to go up when she breathes in. I make another cut. At this point I don't see a hero animoany. Just a simple messed up pile of gore with tears and milk on it's lovely face. "Put your head up!" I yell at her. "Are… you going to end… this?…" She starts to smile weakly. I grab her by her hair and shout again. "Look up, stupid cunt" She slowly turns her head up, and I can see her tears passing by the smile, falling down on to my legs. I grab her by the long and beautiful hair. "Any last wishes?" I ask her as I move my knife with an edge right up to her throat. "Please, if you win the war, don't do what you did to me with out women" I saw a hero again in this messed up body. Aggressively I thrust my knife in her neck. A fountain of blood starts rising up from a wound. Judging by it I could tell that her heartrate was calm by the end. I fully cut her head off. I look at it again and see her smiling. I couldn't hold it and thrusted a punch in her head which fell near her dismembered body. I shot a bunch of bullets in her belly and left her there like that. Let that be a message to the cunts on the other side of the frontline…

You meet Sara in the dark alley. A nice opportunity to become an animal for a second. ;) Get her!


File: 1550540939615.jpg (30.34 KB, 225x350, 316344.jpg)

I jump out of my burning plane and open up a parachute. "Fucking bitch"-I think while slowly gliding to the hill where an enemy plane has crashlanded."I got a bunch of bullets in my back part and what is the result?! That cunt on that plane I dogfought with is going to pay". I land right near the plane and instantly take out my old 38' to get it done fast if the pilot is fine. Inside of fiery storm of glass and metal I see something golden. Suddenly, the enemy helmet falls down from the cockpit of the plane. It instantly gets shot midair. I never miss my targets. Steadily, I climb inside of cockpit ready to send my bullet inside of theirs skull. I get up quick and the only thing I could notice that moment is a fainted golden haired girl. I was astonished for a second, but then I saw enemy markings on her small emblem that she was holding in het hands. I remembered all that has done her nation to me and my family and so I grabbed her violently and thrown out of a plane. After that I take out my war knife and grab her by the head. I am ready to cut her throat but in the last second I remember her. She is one of those heroes hanging on every poster in enemy cities. I found it interesting to send their hero back dead and messed up. I cut down the ropes of my chute and tie her up tightly by hands, legs and put a loop on her neck. I fully cut of her clothes and I see and beautiful young lady's body, which I can't resist to touch. Haven't seen a nice woman body since the war started. My hand slowly rubs her chest and the crawls to the genitals passing her belly. She starts shaking and finally wakes up. She sees me, my emblems, tries to reach out for her weapon and finds out she is tied. I touch her sensentive area and she starts screaming. "Ah! No! Why are you doing thus to me?!" - she staggers. "Cute! Haha. I haven't touched hero's vagina before. You will pay for what you've done to my country and people." I through the loop rope over the tree and start to pull her up. She askes for mercy and then moans as the rope tightens up on her neck. Her face turns red and veins start to stick up right from her childish collarbone. I get my boner out at push it up her warm and lively insides. She starts to breathe again as she lifts up from my thrust. She starts begging:"Please, put me down. I can be whatever you want, let me live, I am just a symbol… ". "Yeah, a symbol on a stick and now on a rope" I let her hang a little bit again. Her vagina titens up from the pressure. She moans. I cut down the rope. Her body falls on the ground numb. I lift her face up and throw a nice fountain of milk on her face. She pleads for not killing her. "Not enough fun I had with you!" I state. I grab my 38' and move it to her head. Her eyes start to show despair and fear. She closes them. I guess she understood that she is not getting out alive of here and this is the fastest way to end it. Not what I thought though. I get a nice punch on her belly and another one on her face. She falls down on the ground. I sit on her rendring her stuck and start playing with my knife near her white and soft skin. She feels the cold iron near her body and pleads: "No, no, not like this, ahaaaha, please, wahaaa" She starts crying as I make a cut on the back side of her arm. I see a nice fountain of blood going out of it and pink and pretty meat. She cries loudly. I can't stop and make another cut on her back. I turn her around and cut her leg and another one. I scratch my knife on her belly waiting for it to go up when she breathes in. I make another cut. At this point I don't see a hero animoany. Just a simple messed up pile of gore with tears and milk on it's lovely face. "Put your head up!" I yell at her. "Are… you going to end… this?…" She starts to smile weakly. I grab her by her hair and shout again. "Look up, stupid cunt" She slowly turns her head up, and I can see her tears passing by the smile, falling down on to my legs. I grab her by the long and beautiful hair. "Any last wishes?" I ask her as I move my knife with an edge right up to her throat. "Please, if you win the war, don't do what you did to me with out women" I saw a hero again in this messed up body. Aggressively I thrust my knife in her neck. A fountain of blood starts rising up from a wound. Judging by it I could tell that her heartrate was calm by the end. I fully cut her head off. I look at it again and see her smiling. I couldn't hold it and thrusted a punch in her head which fell near her dismembered body. I shot a bunch of bullets in her belly and left her there like that. Let that be a message to the cunts on the other side of the frontline…

You meet Sara in the dark alley. A nice opportunity to become an animal for a second. ;) Get her!


File: 1550854381556.png (1.74 MB, 1725x2439, 4a1d544a71663eb0bb7376c65a….png)

Sara stumbled around in the dark in a drunken haze. She had just come from Club 647, a local dive bar and had now stumbled into an ominous dark alley as she sang drunkenly to herself. Deep in the alley two menacing yellow eyes spied her and an bellowing howl broke the night.

"Hello Puppy!", Sara said with a drunken smile, "You need someone to pet you?"

Out from the darkness came a well muscled half-man half-wolf creature and it fixed hungry eyes on Sara. Before Sara could process what was going on the werewolf pounced. And had her in its heavily muscled grip. The beast's drool dripped on to her blouse and it's stinking breath penetrated Sara's nostrils. Sara felt her pants wet as her bladder emptied as she felt fright.

"Well, you're a big puppy aren't you?", Sara said with a quivering voice as she tried to make sense of her perilous situation.

The beast then used its claws to rip off Sara's blouse and expose her breasts which it eyed for a moment before ripping off most of the rest of her clothes and inspecting at her pussy. The Beast then began roughly fingering Sara's maidenhood with its sharp claws.

Sara groaned with pleasure as the claws teased her. So, he wasn't interested in a meal it seemed. Sara then found herself getting wet as fantasies of living out a real life paranormal romance novel filled her drunken head and she found her hands unconsciously massaging her werewolf captor's muscled body.

The werewolf bellowed a howl and Sara found herself roughly turned about and positioned on all fours as she got more and more excited in her drunken state. Then the werewolf penetrated her with his rather large wolf cock. Sara felt her insides race as the werewolf thrust again and again into her. Sara felt herself go weak and her toes curl as she was taken to heights of passion by her monstrous partner. With a hard push she took the knot that was at the base of the werewolf's cock and Sara screamed in pleasure as she felt the werewolf's hot seed flow into her and warm her womb with fiery passion. Sara could barely contain herself as she quivered in orgasm and was reduced to moaning as she went nearly limp from all the pleasure cascading through her frame.

Sara was basking in divine pleasure when she felt the werewolf grab her tightly and then rake his razor sharp claws across her supple neck. Sara's world slowly went black as she faded into oblivion still cooing in pleasure.


"Marvella" has entered a deadly underground fighting tournament for the thrill and promise of riches. Finish Her!


File: 1550864798424.jpg (97.94 KB, 685x1000, sample-dc3ebe4d48ac12f2f05….jpg)

Marvella, the raven haired beauty of the underground death matches fell to her knees, shivering as she clutched at the gash ripped open across her firm abdomen. Thick red tubes slipped and slid through her fingers, dripping blood onto the rubber mats of the fighting ring. Her opponent, a large Amazon, smirked triumphantly, her dagger slick with Marvella's blood. Marvella glared at her, defiant even in the face of death. "Finish me already, cunt!", she yelled. The Amazon nodded, knelt down beside the girl and pointed the dagger at Marvella's chest. With a grunt, she slid the knife deep into Marvella's exposed chest, slicing deep into the girl's pounding heart. Marvella gasped, her eyes wide as she felt ice cold pain spread across her chest. The girl stiffened, then relaxed, blood dripping from her mouth and nose, her eyes rolling up as death came for her.

You've cornered Amane Suzuha, now finish her.


File: 1550966285205.jpg (1.97 MB, 1600x2100, Madelyn02.jpg)

The rope I stretched across the bike path in a park at about the level of the riders' chest proved useful as a brown-haired girl rode right into it on her bike. Usually so careful and focused, Suzuha's mind was more focused on her mission than usual - making the time-traveling girl pay no attention to the road she always took from her apartment to the tv shop she worked part-time in. The rope hit the woman right under her boobs, throwing her off the bike and making her flip over and bury her beautiful, if feisty, face into the rough asphalt of the bike track. The impact stunned her for a few precious moments, and in that time I was already on her. Quickly grabbing one of the girl's arms, I pulled on it strongly enough to dislocate it - giving me a leverage on the girl if she tried to struggle. Then, I grabbed the seam of her hot pants, and started to drag them down.

"Get off me, you dick!" Suzuha screamed at me as her head started working again, but I just smiled cruelly at her. She began to struggle below me, but a sharp tug of her arm that forced a pained cry out of her mouth helped with keeping her under control. I pulled her pants down her meaty thighs - well-trained because of the girl's biking habits - enough to expose the girl's neatly shaved cunt. I stabbed a finger right in there immediately, Suzuha jumping on the ground in surprise when I did that. Freeing my erection from my pants, I quickly rammed it into the girl's cunt - to an unhappy squeal coming from her mouth. "N-no! You bastard!" She screamed at me while trying to kick at me with her strong legs and punch me with her free arm. But once again, all it took was a strong tug at her dislocated arm and all her resistance melted away, shut down by her pain. I pumped straight into her for a while, enjoying the resistance she was trying to put up. As I felt my climax approaching, I grabbed Suzuha's head with both of my hands. "What are you doing? Leave me a-alone!" Even if she was trying to put up a tough face, her voice still cracked as she was saying that, showing that she was still scared. I let my fingers play with her pigtails for a few moments, before pressing my hands against the sides of her head. Then, with a powerful jerk, I twisted it to the right - real fear showing in her eyes for a moment before her spine broke with a satisfying crack. As her cunt started clenching in her dying spasms, the first strands of my cum began to shoot right into her pussy. I pulled her head back forward, enjoying her lifeless expression as I came deep inside her - her tongue slipping out of her open mouth and enhancing her dead look. With my hands, I pulled up her top and freed her sizeable tits - and fondled them as the last of my climax finished.

Once I was done, I pulled out - semen trickling out of her slit as I did - and then pulled her shorts back up. I also tugged her sports top back onto her big tits - and dragged her towards the spot where her bike had ended in. Laying her down near it, I twisted her head back into the broken position and then let it rest on a particularly huge rock. Then, I took my rope down and headed off - leaving the dead time traveler as if she was the victim of an accident while biking.

Madelyn came at you with her sword, even if you had the impression that she wasn't trying too hard. A kill on a sexy girl is still a kill on a sexy girl, though - so Finish Her!


File: 1551131991495.jpg (2.31 MB, 1240x1754, Elvaska.jpg)

Elvaska watched as meek girl with jade hair rushed at her with a sword raised. With expert skill she grabbed the attacking girl's arm holding it in place. Elvaska then leaned forward and kissed the young fighter causing her to drop her sword in surprise and blush heavily.

“I… I… I'm Madelyn.” The green haired girl stammered. “I… I.. I've come to arrest you for being part of conspiracy to dethrone our lord Baron Randolf Westmoor.”

Elvaska fondled her own raven hair, giggled, and stared into Madelyn's eyes.

“Well, Madelyn.”, Elvaska said in her most sultry voice, “I don't think you really want to do that. I also think like to spend time with other girls. And you know what? I do too.”

Elvaska reached around and caressed Madelyn's back as she turned bright red. Madelyn made a slight protest as Elvaska deftly stripped her and then quickly stripped herself. Elvaska pushed Madelyn sending her falling on her back before pouncing upon her. They cuddled in each other's arms as they passionately kissed and their bodies caressed each other.

After a while Elvaska flipped around and intertwined her legs with Madelyn and they rubbed their maidenhoods against each other. Passion and pleasure spread through their bodies as their wet pussies rubbed one another. Madelyn's back arched and her toes curled as the lithe girl experienced orgasm after orgasm. They parted panting and reviling in orgasm.

Elvaska got up and then fell back on top of Madelyn. Both women gigged as Elvaska started caressing Madelyn's face and hair.

“That, was incredible.” Elvaska said blushing and then looked at Madelyn with sad eyes, “Too bad you have to die now so you won't tell anyone about me.”

Elvaska quickly kissed the shocked Madelyn while her hands crushed the green haired girl's porcelain throat. Madelyn's face turned blue and the the girl went limp in Elvaska's hands. Her shocked expression eternally frozen on her face. Elvaska gave Madelyn a final passionate kiss and stood up. She had to get away and out of the Barony of Kaladon if she was going to keep her life.

You see Elvaska distracted and dressing herself next to the body of Madelyn. Finish Her!



File: 1553920732119.png (1.6 MB, 1000x1324, rosacosette.png)

I load a single M406 HE round into my M-79 grenade launcher, and raise it to my shoulder. The tall, raven haired beauty kneeling next to the corpse is about 150 meters away, and I adjust the ladder sight accordingly. I squeeze the trigger, sighing in contentment at the satisfying BLOOP and the sudden kick of the grenade being launched on its death inducing one way trip. A full second later, and the girl is thrown up in the air by the explosion, tumbling down all loose and limp, like a rag doll. By the time I get to her body, I can tell she's very dead, her broken corpse riddled with hundreds of pieces of shrapnel, her internals turned into jelly by the overpressure wave of the 40mm shell.

You've cornered Princess Rosa Cosette D'elise after shooting down her transport plane and massacring her guards. Finish her!


File: 1554093689317.png (3.03 MB, 2000x2600, file (43).png)

After the wave of adrenaline rush, I've begun to notice how pretty Rosa is.
Something deep inside awakened, my desire to ruin such a pretty figure surfaced.
I couldn't help but put on a grin and looked at her with predator eyes.
Rosa must have realized it too, as the fear in her eyes give it away.
Her knees gave away, she sat backwards, and slowly crawled back.
Like a fish in a barrel, her efforts are futile.
I pulled out my M9 Beretta, took careful aim at her right breast.
With a swift motion, pulled the trigger.
The bullet easily tore through her white suit, and passed through her right nipple.
Blood quickly staining her pristine suit, and pouring out onto the Earth.
Rosa screamed and moaned in immense agony, and I simply stared as she struggled.
Half a minute passed, no, maybe more, maybe even two minutes.
Rosa is still alive, the pain clear on her face.
I wanted to enjoy more but it's time for my departure, to end this encounter, I quickly unloaded the rest of the bullets in my magazine into Rosa.
This time, with no care of where I hit her.
Three bullets made it's way through her chest, piercing her lungs.
Five into her stomach, four through her uterus.
The last two, into her eye and and forehead.
Decimating her brain, which was the final shot that ended her young and prosperous life.

You're Christie's (A 26 y/o British assassin) new training partner, but little does she know, you have ulterior motives that she would never fathom.
After a heated training session in her gym, you pin her down onto the floor.
"Wow, you really bested me today~ That punch really hurt, it's your win, can you get off me now?" Christie said to you, and added in a seductive tone "As your reward, maybe you'd like to have some fun in my room hmm?"
But you're well aware how much of a tease she is, never letting anyone down under her pants.
That's besides the point you thought, your plan is to kill her, and there just happens to be her Dagger laying beside you.
You want to give her the most slow and brutal death ever, will you use your bare hands, her dagger, or a mixture of both?


File: 1555098778286.jpg (284.66 KB, 1200x1920, IMG_20190114_140338.jpg)

They'd been training for some time now, the assassin and her new partner. This had been his best win against her yet, and he had her pinned under him. With a roll of his hips, he dragged himself up along her torso, until he was straddling her middle. She was a lying cunt. A tease, they called her. She'd also pissed off one too many people, and he had a job. He could see her confusion, as she was pinned beneath him.

"I think I'd rather have my fun here," he told her, watching as her face scrunched up all the more. She'd offered him play in her room, but that had been a ploy to simply get out from under the man. Maybe she would give him a peep show, but that had been about it. Flash some nipple then send him on his way to jerk off to the memory. But he wasn't budging and she had to wonder if he'd planned to force himself on her here, in the training ring.

"Now wait just - " she started, but didn't finish. His fist smashed into her face, cutting her words off with a cry of pain as her head bounced off the mat. Then he did this again. And a third time. He felt her nose crunch under his blows, and a gush of blood splash over her face. Another punch. And another. Her cheek bone broke and she sobbed, thrashing under him. A seventh blow had her body arc up, and she wailed now, begging.

"Stop….please stop!" She implored of him, through a mouth that now missed a few teeth. She was shaking her head, shaking her body. Her legs had a tremble she couldn't actually control. He smacked her face now, open handed, smearing blood over her cheeks. "Anything…give you anything." Another punch, another wail. The tenth one fell on her right eye, and the orbit around it cracked under the blow.

But his hand was sore now, and he was panting. This hadn't been a fast beating, it had been slow and measured. But he was tiring. He needed to finish this. So he reached for the knife and gripped it in his hand, ignoring the pain in his knuckles.

She saw the blade gleam, with her one good eye, and screamed, trying to throw him off of her. IT didn't work. Oh, he bucked, but his weight was well spread and she couldn't toss him away. Especially not after the beating he'd delivered to Christie. He drew his tongue carefully across the blade, to keep it from nicking his skin. Then he reversed the grip in his left hand.

"Good bye, Christie. Maybe you shouldn't have been such a cunt," he told her, bringing the blade down. He pressed the tip against her right ear, seeing her confusion. "Oh, and such a shitty assassin." And then he slammed his right hand in against the hilt, driving the blade into her skull with a sickening crunch, through her ear, angled up just a bit, to ensure the long blade went into the brain.

This sudden severing of nerves sent her body jerking about, twitching, eyes going wide - or more accurately, eye, as the other one had been swollen shut from the beating. Her mouth popped open and her tongue shot out as she made strangled, choked words. He gave the knife a good solid twist, as blood pooled under her head and piss pooled between her legs. The body gave one more jerk, and then fell still.

Standing up, he wiped the handle of the blade off, but left the body there in the ring, for some poor sap to find the next day.


Sgt. Candice "Candy " Morgen, a hand to hand combat specialist in the Army. Many a soldier had lusted after her, and many had been turned down. But now you have a chance to take her out, for good.


File: 1555268069612.jpg (194.83 KB, 850x1202, sample_9c489232441c7795f28….jpg)

Sgt. Candice "Candy " Morgen grappled with the enemy soldier, grunting as her opponent struck her repeatedly in the abdomen. She kicked at the young soldier with her leg, and felt satisfaction as she heard the sickening crunch of bone breaking.

Her opponent cursed in agony and let go of the large blonde. She wrapped her arms around the boy's neck and began to squeeze, causing him to gasp. He felt Candice's large firm tits press against his back as she choked him. He batted his hands against Candice's face in a futile effort to escape. Candice smirked as she spotted a large bulge growing in her opponent's trousers.

She didn't even hear the sound of the bullet that punched through her skull and blew her brains out. The soldier inhaled a deep lungful of oxygen as her arms went limp and her body fell over him. He dragged himself out from under the corpse and stood up, dusting himself off. Candice's head had been obliterated by the bullet, leaving one good eye to stare up at the sun blankly as blood pooled around her.

You've fatally wounded Kai Schren, now end her!


File: 1555280238177.jpeg (340.97 KB, 900x850, B97489C2-E903-481F-8021-7….jpeg)

Kai Schren was terrified as the squad of enemy soldiers surrounded her. After a brutal fight with them, she was stabbed in her right thigh which made her collapse to the ground with a loud scream. She scooted back on her round ass until her back of pushed up against a fallen log on the wide grass land. “Dumb bitch” one of the male soldiers said to her as they closed in on her.

They were in total shock just a couple hours ago, watching her essentially assassinate Sgt. Candice "Candy " Morgen who was everyone’s favorite cock tease. With Candice dead, the squad was enraged and went on a hunt for the sniper, and now they had her with more then a few ideas in mind for the injured Kai Schren.

Selvaria Bles stood behind the soldiers with her hands on her hips. “Well boys. Go ahead. Have her. Teach this coward of a sniper a lesson” Selvaria said, with little care in her voice. The men happily obliged. “You made the wrong move, assassin” one of the men said as he approached her.

“Ah! No stay away from me!” Kai Schren pleaded but it was no use. The first man stood right over her as she sat up next to the log and unzipped his pants, revealing his full, stiff shaft. With a hard yank, he gripped her hair and pulled her head up to his tip. She tried to push him away and screamed but it was no use as his thighs simply pushed her hands back. “Oh god no please! Please sto- Uugghhh HmpH!!” Kai tried to beg but his cock penetrated her mouth and began to slide further and further inside and down her throat. Kai continued to scream around his cock as he forced her head to bob up and down his shaft.

After a few of face fucking the poor sniper, the man finally unleashed his load in Kai’s mouth, her eyes going wide as the cum overflowed and dripped down her chin. He slowly pulled his saliva and cum covered cock out of her mouth. She gasped and panted for air. The man delivered a couple hard slaps across her face, sending cum flying out of her mouth.

“Hey let’s hurry this up! I want a turn!” One of the other soldiers said. The groups swarmed around Kai. She screamed as they picked her up and slammed her stomach down on the log, putting her in a very comprising position. The soldiers in the back quickly pulled Kai’s incredibly tight pants down around her thighs, revealing her round ass. “Ahhh! Stop! No! Please!” Kai begged but the soldiers just laughed and after giving her ass a hard slap, one pounced on her, forcing his cock between her ass cheeks and driving it through her clenched asshole. Kai screamed at the top of her lungs but that only let the soldier standing in front of her to grip her hair and slam his cock into her mouth.

The soldiers continued their brutal gang bang on Kai, taking turned on every hole. After what seemed like forever, Selvaria Bles was getting impatient. “Ok boys finish it up and execute her already!” Kai’s muffled screams got noticeably louder after hearing Selvaria’s words. The soldiers only had a slight look of disappointment on their faces as they finally pulled out of the poor girls holes.

Kai was left on the log completely soaked in cum. One of the men gripped her by her hair and pulled her back to her knees. “Ok bitch time to die” he said. “…n-no please!” She begged but not changing anyone’s mind.

The man pulled a pistol out and pointed it at the back of Kai’s head, pulling the trigger with out a second thought, killing her instantly and blowing her brains all over the grass and log. Kai’s pleas were instantly cut off as the shot rang out, both oh her eyes blasted out of her skull. Kai’s corpse flew forward and lended on the ground, her destroyed ass sticking high in the air. With a laugh, the soldiers took a quick picture of their work before abandoning the snipers corpse.


Finally, you’ve captured Selvaria Bles after a brutal fight.
How do you kill her?


File: 1555540566012.jpg (108.44 KB, 565x850, 1517653623351.jpg)

The men that finally closed in on Kai Schren didn't care that she was one of the youngest generals of her time. They didn't care that she was a master tactician. Or that she was a high value target, that could have been ransomed off for some heavy price, pulling in much needed funds. Or that capturing her would be some sort of political coupe. No, they didn't care about that at all.

As they tied her hands high above her head, her mouth bound and stuffed with her own panties, all they cared about was fucking her. She was a hell of a looker, naked as she was, bound with her hands high on the pole, and her legs forced apart, each one lashed to a stake in the dirt. The men took their turns with Kai, each one taking her pussy, or ass, forcing her up and down the wooden rod, as they impaled her with their pricks.

Some chose to spill themselves on her stomach, or her gorgeous tits. A few enterprising soldiers stood up on an overturned cart, when they were about to cum, so that they could stain her hair and face. One bastard managed to get her square in the eye, earning a string of curses from the bound woman.

Most however, chose to loose their seed inside of her, be it her cunt, or her ass. She protested -of course she did - right to the end, screaming herself ragged into her own sodden panties, thrashing about. She was a General. This was not something one did to a person such as herself. But the men only saw a young, foolish girl, that had a uniform on and that made her a target. Plain and simple.

The last man to use her was the platoon's commander. And he chose her ass, fucking her hard and fast. She'd had a lot of cocks, but to his pride, his' was the thickest. He made her sequel and pant, to buck and scream. She came, much to her shame, from this cock, as she had from some of the others. He laughed at this, as he finally drained his nuts in her, feeling his heat pulse deep into her back channel, hearing her sob and whimper. He smirked, and pulled away, the last of his cum spurting onto her thigh. He didn't even bother to wipe himself off, just took a step back and looked her over.

"You're a dumb cunt, you know that?" he told her, tilting her head up a bit to force her to look him in the eye. He smirked, and held out his hand. One of the soldiers stepped forward and handed him a wicked looking Stiletto Knife. It was long, and thin, gleaming, with a dark lacquered wooden handle. It ended with a small end cap that bore his nations flag on it. His hand held her jaw tight as his eyes never wavered. He drove the blade into her chest with a fierce thrust, and watched her eyes as the tip bit into, and then speared through her chest. They went wide with shock and pain, and a new scream bubbled up behind her lingerie gag.

He held the blade there, as she sobbed and heaved, her heart trying to pump blood, but the organ too damaged to manage. Time seemed to drag out for her, as the chest thudded, but her vision grew darker and darker. The last thing she saw was his smiling face. Then the lights went out in her eyes, and he wrinkled his nose as she voided herself, leaving a puddle at her feet.

They left her there, knife in her chest, legs splayed wide for the next bunch of soldiers to find, and do with what they would, as a warning to the enemy. Don't be out alone.


Kara Zor El, of the house of El, captured and bound in a room full of kryptonite to subdue her powers. How do you finish her?


File: 1556137807497.jpeg (74.24 KB, 364x540, A20AD813-D5BB-440B-B3E7-1….jpeg)

An eerie silence came over the room Kara was trapped in as some of the lights in her chamber started to flicker. This pervasive silence was then broken as the sounds of gunshots, screams, inhuman groans, and the sound of metal bending as the lights flickered harder and harder. As the lights reached their limit, the sound of something being thrown against the door echoed through the room as the door to her chamber was sharply rattled. Right then, the lights seemed to go back to normal. The door them opened slowly, revealing a figure.

A woman with pallid skin, a somber expression, a shaved head, what looked like ceremonial garbs, and wholly yellow eyes that glowed in the dark stepped into view. She wasn’t beautiful, but far from ugly. She just seemed… Average. She slowly, yet methodically walked onto Kara’s kryptonite podium, which seemed threatening to the Kryptonian. The woman lightly touched Kara’s cheek, and held a finger to her lips.

Immediately, Kara felt something in her throat. After much gagging and coughing, the Kryptonian vomited blood all over the woman’s dress and coughed up her own vocal cords. Strangely, the woman’s garb stayed pristine, as if the blood had simply bounced right off it. Then, the woman slowly pried open one of Kara’s eyes, reached in, and effortlessly plucked an eye from its socket. What should’ve been screams were reduced to a gargling sound as the woman slowly did the same to first Kara’s other eye, her tongue, and her nose. All the while, the woman’s expression did not change. Didn’t even twitch.

The woman then traced her finger from the top of Kara’s septum to her navel and drew her hand back. A red line faded into view as Kara started to violently shake, struggling against her restraints. Without warning, the line gave way, spilling out more internal organs and blood than Kara could ever supply. After the show, the room was covered in three feet of blood and organs, with Kara’s body cavity empty. Yet still the woman’s clothes were clean.

Sending another presence in the room, the woman turns to face the new occupant and kneels down, as if ready to accept punishment. FINISH HER!

Virgil belongs to Akuma Kira, not me!


File: 1557623715023.jpg (372.23 KB, 1080x1920, Leifang_Beach_Babe_by_Delu….jpg)

After over 2 weeks it seems that no one wants to take on the previous post. So… start over?

If it was rude of me to ignore previous post, then I apologise and am fine with my post going ignored.

You pay the girl a huge amount to model for you. You'll take 4 sets of shots:
1. In the provocative beachwear you've provided
2. naked
3. having sex
4. Getting killed and after being killed (weather you want her aware of this beforehand in the story, or weather she didn't read the fine print is up to you)


File: 1557926160836.png (4.04 MB, 3508x2480, 548c35689b3ad0778e48af4a31….png)


My reply got a little longer, so it's over in my thread on /lit/: (Is there still a character limit for posts in /rp/ or did they fix that?)

Luca (left) has been trying to steal you from your girlfriend Miku (right) for a while now, and after too much alcohol and/or a lapse in judgement finally got into your pants (figuratively speaking). Too bad that Miku saw, confronting you the next day. She's willing to forgive you if you go and kill Luca to make sure it's not gonna happen again (and will assist you in any way she can if you need), or if you're not gonna do that, to kill her right now because she can't bear the thought of living without your love. Which one will you pick?



This a hot premise


File: 1558012812414.jpg (204.42 KB, 1280x1810, Felox08_000_74a022.jpg)

Luca has to die. I invite her over for a quickie, with Miku in the other room. Drinks are had. Hers is spiked with a sedative and dissociative. Once she's groggy and disconnected from reality, I take her to the bathroom, strip her down, and slit her throat. She doesn't struggle. Doesn't even seem to process that she's been cut until her frontside is soaked in blood. I watch, quietly, as she squirms in the tub, gasping for air, pawing at the thick sheet of gore, until her eyes dim. The body goes in the tub. I bring in Miku to see the body… and immediately slit her throat as well, dragging the blade slowly, drawing out the pain. I toss her on top of the corpse in the tub, occasionally kicking her to keep her in there as she loses strength. As she dies, I tell her that I really, really don't like emotional blackmail.

I let the blood drain out, then pack up the bodies to the disposal site to be burned. No fuss. No muss. No trace that they were there, once bleach goes down the drain.

Nothing but a few awkward memories.

You've accepted a contract for the life of a lounge singer named Jessica Rabbit, who evidently knows too much about something. Seems she was waiting for a lover when you entered. She's off balance, not quite realizing what's going on yet. Perfect.



File: 1558159438618.jpg (220.4 KB, 698x900, 74152396_p0.jpg)

The singer, Jessica Rabbit looks up as I enter her room. "Mark?", she slurrs, her cheeks rosy. Even from here I can smell the booze on her breath, and I note the empty bottles strewn around the bed. "Afraid not", I answer, my hand filled with the sizable heft of a Ruger Super Redhawk. Her eyes fixate on the revolver, a dull look of confusion crossing her face. "Issat a gun?" she mumbles. I raise it, the muzzle about an inch away from her forehead.
My answer is delivered in the form of a .454 Casull semi-wadcutter drilling a neat hole through her skull, twisting through her grey matter, then blowing out the back in a shower of blood and brains. She shuts off immediately, her curvaceous body dropping limply to the shag carpet. Piss seeps into her dress and courses down her thigh, while blood soaks into the carpet, creating a slowly unfolding flower of crimson upon the white surface. I grab ahold of her glossy, flowing tresses and pull her head up. There is a slack expression of mild confusion on her face, and I flip open the burner phone and take a snapshot, for proof.

A wealthy businessman has hired you to murder a female college student who has been molesting his daughter. The target is Hoshino Miyako, its up to you to end her.


File: 1558195431812.jpg (187.95 KB, 1158x1637, helena.jpg)


Hoshino Miyako never saw me coming. She was in her room, sliding off her pants, when my fingers wrapped around her throat. Before she'd have the chance to struggle, scream, or give me any more trouble than I already had, I twisted my hands, snapping her neck as easily as a twig. The familiar crack told me I had done it right. Her eyes went wide, life ending almost at once, as her stiff arms dropped back to her sides. Urine trickled down her thighs, staining her panties and the cushion beneath her. Her head fell to the side, hair splaying around her, eyes wide open and drool spilling from her dead mouth.

Killing her was the easy part. The rest was going to be a mess. My client wanted proof that the girl had been humiliated like the whore she was, the same way she had humiliated his daughter. As the corpse continued to twitch, I pulled down her panties and began to massage her slit, glad I wore gloves today. Her spasms suddenly grew more violent, her warm thighs squirming and clenching as if some part of her still knew how to feel pleasure. I withdrew my hand and watched her hips thrust, until finally, cum squirted. Damn, that was a lot of cum.

The last of the girl's twitching ceased, leaving her empty and sprawled. I took her hands and set it on her crotch, making it look like she was playing with herself. Next, I slid my fingers through the cum and smeared some of it on her tongue. Thinking this was enough to satisfy my client, I snapped a photo, then left the girl lying in a puddle of her own liquids.

Helena decided to stay late at the library to study. She was not expecting any visitors. Finish her.


File: 1558365824943.gif (46.82 KB, 372x540, Mihoshi.gif)

The college girl was alone in the library. The man didn't know why, exactly, she had been marked to die. She seemed ordinary enough. Her hair was a bit of an unnatural color, but that wasn't all out of the norm for college aged women, setting out on their own, pushing boundaries where ever they could. She wore a cute little sweater over a barely there skirt, he saw, when she had sat down, flashing a pair of dark panties underneath. That might have been fun to exploit, the shortness of the attire, but his orders were fairly precise and did not leave any room for such frivolities.

Besides, leaving behind DNA would be a bad move to say the very least, and he never liked to use a condom. Just didn't feel as good.

So he'd settle for doing his job. Just cause he didn't know this Hoshino Miyako didn't mean he wouldn't kill her. A contract was a contract, and this young woman had pissed off someone enough to forfeit her life. Or perhaps her parents had. He neither knew, nor cared.

His shoes were soft soled, so that they did not make any noise as they crossed the floor toward his target. She sat at a small table with a light at the end, tilted to ease the late night reading she was indulging in. A quick twist of his head confirmed no one was around. So much the better. He would keep checking right up until the moment he was upon her, and though it was a short distance, he took nearly 10 minutes to cross it. Care was his boon companion on this effort.

Between his hands he wove a cord of silk, knotted in the center. This too had been a special request, the fabric a royal purple. Some sort of message he assumed. He sucked in a slow, quiet breath, and then raised the silk, pouncing. He was on her in an instant, the garrote coming around her head and up, under her neck, the knot pressing in to cut off the flow of blood and air.

The assassin was a big man, and pulled the college student up hard against his chest, with a sharp, painful jerk by the neck. He could see her eyes go wide as the head tilted up at him, her face color already distorting. She tried to scream, but in vain. There was no air to fill her lungs, for the passageway was blocked. Crushed, in fact, by the brutal force of the jerk. The silk was biting into her flesh, and her face was turning swiftly red, then purple. He could hear her shoes kicking against the underside of the desk.

It was over shortly there after. The ferocity of the first strike had lessened the time it took. Her kicking died off. Hoshino Miyako's face was a nasty shade, her eyes bulging up, her tongue jutting to the side, swollen, with drool dripping down it. There was a silence for the moment, broken only by the mans heavy breathing. And then, there was a trickle and a stench. He let the body down as it voided itself all over the chair she had been sitting in, puddling and running down onto the floor. She must not have been to the bathroom in a while, he thought, of this final indignation. He tied the cord off, and rubbed his gloved hands together, pitching her face forward onto the table and retreating through the shadows.


Detective First Class Mihoshi Kuramitsu has been a thorn in the side of the Galactic Underworld for too long. You have managed to finally get your hands on the famed detective. FINISH HER!


File: 1558979870854.jpg (56.32 KB, 411x753, 411full.jpg)


After defeating Goetia, there was something evil that left over and infected me, compelled me, like a dark curse or vengeful spirit that possessed me. By the time I realized I'd been taken over by that darkness, I had already murdered da Vinci, snapping her neck and fucking that sinful body of hers, but I wanted more. I needed more.

Surely, Helena would sate me. And with her alone in the library, there was no better chance. I walk behind her with evil intent while she's buried in one of her books at a desk. Without hesitation, I use my left hand to cover her mouth to keep her silent. Indeed, she lets out a shocked gasp as her eyes widened in surprise, but it's muffled by my hand. All the while she's too surprised to act, my right hand, holding a knife, traces up her petite body before I bring it to her neck, slowly and painfully slitting her throat. She tries to scream and resist, her legs violently kicking at the air as blood trickles from her throat until she can't scream anymore.

Miraculously, or perhaps to be expected of a Servant, that wasn't the one that finished her off though. I needed to put her down quick or else she'd have a mind to resist, so with a swift movement, I bring the knife around and violently stab it into the back of her head, piercing through her brain and the tip of the blade coming out from her forehead. She instantly stops moving, and I push the knife forward, letting her body sink down as I stab the exposed tip into the table, pinning her lifeless body there as well.

My cock was hard as diamonds at the sight of Helena's cute corpse, ready to be ravaged and pillaged. Unzipping my pants, I waste no time in defiling her petite body. Her pussy was still warm of course, since the kill was so fresh, and surprisingly a bit tight. Either way, my hunger gets the best of me, and all things considered, just like with da Vinci, I had to get rid of the evidence. With that, I lean in and bite a large chunk of Helena's neck off, beginning to consume her body and let her energy be converted into mana for myself.

- - -

You've managed to capture the famous thief, Fujiko Mine, whom you caught trying to steal precious valuables from your estate. FINISH HER!


File: 1559101980304.png (154.86 KB, 850x850, 2baba08948fac420e708ff9dd2….png)

I fondle the remote control as I watch Fujiko struggle against her bonds. The busty thief is tied down to a plywood plank, and a large saw blade is buzzing furiously, slowly inching towards her torso. "One last time, where is the African Rose?", I shout above the din of the saw cutting through wood. "I swallowed it, you sack of shit!", she yells back, a defiant smirk plastered on her pretty face. I hold down the power button, and the sawblade begins to bite against her skin. She screams in pain and terror as the teeth of the saw grinds through her flesh at 1200rpm. Blood sprays against my face, and her screams trail off into a wet gurgle as the power tool finally severs her body in two. I grab her shapely feet and pull her lower torso away, a long smear of blood tracing back to her upper torso. Thick tubes of intestines droop out of the cut, and a twinkle amid the wet crimson of her insides catches my eye. I lean down and insert my hand into her warm corpse, feeling around her wetness, before dragging the two large precious stones out, covered in mucus and blood.

You've knocked Amanda O'Neill out, now kill her.


File: 1559146511024.jpg (210.68 KB, 800x1268, Ichth2R.jpg)

The woman had been taken down easily enough, a sharp blow to the back of the neck in the middle of her exercise routine. She'd been stretching and contorting herself into some odd shape, and he'd got in behind her, chopping down before she realized he was there. Easy. Too easy, almost, and not much fun. But he'd get his fun now, as he moved to strip the woman of her clothes.

The blow appeared to be sufficient enough to keep her out while he tore the sports bra from her chest, and allowed her bosom to heave free. The melons were groped and fondled, tits pulled this direction and that, eliciting a moan, but no signs of real consciousness. So much the better, he decided as he rid the girl of her pants and panties. Her mouth was hanging open, stupidly, and drool was collecting on her lips, so he took advantage, wetting his dickhead on her tongue, getting a few thrusts in. He was more than willing to deliver another savage blow if she woke up, but she stayed unconscious and he wondered at how much damage had already been done.

Satisfied that his dick was wet enough that he wouldn't feel any pain, he pulled her up by the hips and thrust in from behind. He was surprised to find that there was a moment of pressure, as if he was unable to push further, and then a pained grasp bubbled up. Not enough to wake, again, but enough to draw a whine that followed as he thrust deeper. The woman had been a virgin he discovered, as a trickle of blood accompanied his thrusts. So much the better for him, even if he could barley believe it. With a body like that, how the woman had avoided sex was inconceivable to the hired thug.

Putting it aside - truly it didn't matter to him that dumb bitch hand never gotten laid before now - he started rutting her. The young womans first time - and her last time - would give her no real pleasure. She was taken for his enjoyment only, and he didn't last terribly long before he blew a heavy load into her virgin cunt.There was another little squeal from the girl as he pumped her full of his spunk, and he could see she was starting to come too.

Chuckling to himself, he pulled out and stood, moving up to plant a foot on either side of her head. Two massive hands reached down, just as her eyes fluttered open. "Owwwwww," she whimpered in pain and confusion, aches flaring from the back of her head and between her legs, where a strange warmth pooled. "What hap - whuuu?" She managed to get out as her head was clamped down upon in a vice grip. A new scream of protest bubbled up, dying on her lips as her head was twisted violently to the left with a sickening crack, and again to the right, bones crunching and snapping as her head was spun completely around.

Dropping the head, the man stepped back and zipped himself up as the targets body flailed about. Neurons fired their last valiant effort, as the double break severed her spinal cord. Twisting her head about so that it stared up at the ceiling, the young woman died almost instantly, barely aware of her rape, and the indignity that followed of her body thrashing about and voiding itself, leaving a mess of piss and shit between her toned legs.

Elsa had grown into a competent queen after taking the throne on her 21st birthday. But now, you have her in your clutches and it is time to end her rule, once and for all.


File: 1559215949559.jpeg (81.24 KB, 364x540, 6C096EDF-1AEB-4141-9C7D-8….jpeg)

An eerie silence came over Elsa’s bedroom as a snowstorm raged outside. The normally vibrant town below was oddly silent at this time of night. This pervasive silence was then broken as the sounds of screams, inhuman groans, and the sound of glass breaking echoed up from the town and towards the castle. As the sounds of agonized terror reached their peak, the sound of something being thrown against the door echoed through the room as the door to her bedroom was sharply rattled and almost cracked down the middle. The door then opened slowly, revealing a figure.

A woman with pallid skin, a somber expression, a shaved head, what looked like ceremonial garbs, and wholly yellow eyes that glowed in the dark stepped into view. She wasn’t beautiful, but far from ugly. She just seemed… Average. She slowly, yet methodically walked up to Elsa’s bed, which seemed threatening to the ice queen. The woman lightly touched Elsa’s cheek, and held a finger to her lips.

Immediately, the young queen felt something in her throat. After much gagging and coughing, Elsa vomited blood all over the woman’s dress and coughed up her own vocal cords. Strangely, the woman’s garb stayed pristine, as if the blood had simply bounced right off it. Then, the woman slowly pried open one of Elsa’s eyes, reached in, and effortlessly plucked an eye from its socket. What should’ve been screams were reduced to a gargling sound as the woman slowly did the same to first the queen’s other eye, her tongue, and her nose. All the while, the woman’s expression did not change. Didn’t even twitch.

The woman then traced her finger from the top of Elsa’s septum to her navel and drew her hand back. A red line faded into view as Elsa started to violently shake, almost as if she was having a pain-induced seizure. Without warning, the line gave way, spilling out more internal organs and blood than Elsa herself could ever supply. After the show, the room was covered in three feet of blood and organs, with Elsa’s body cavity empty and laying on the bed. Yet still the woman’s clothes were clean.

Sending another presence in the room, the woman turns to face the new occupant and kneels down, as if ready to accept punishment. FINISH HER!

Sorry about the copy-paste…

Virgil belongs to Akuma Kira, not me!


File: 1559361067267.jpg (116.76 KB, 732x1024, 3d459f6111aebdc69112a297a5….jpg)

Normally, an assassin would flee when panic broke out where it's target was, but that was not how Nash the kobold assassin did things. After all, he was a shadow creature, a type of wraith, the shadows were his hideouts.

In this case, seeing his target dead and the queen killer seeming to accept its end, there was only one thing the assassin could do to ensure he got his reward and that no one said he failed.

There was a splash as he entered his ethereal form, discarding his physical equipment into the pond of gore below.

He then disappeared from view, slinking into the shadows and circling the room like a wolf on the hunt. He was watching, looking the best opening, before he took it.

The woman would feel a great pain in her chest as her lungs shrivel in the span of moments to little more than the size of bananas. Small hands, no larger than an infant human's, clutched the organs from above.

Slowly and surely, the rest of the woman's chest began to cave in, centering on the points of his hands.

Ribs and bones snapped and broke as they were crushed and mixed with muscles and flesh and tissues like some kind of implosion. The woman's chest was visibly changing, being drawn in around where her lungs would be. A messy plop was heard, followed by another, as one breast was sucked in and crushed and then the other.

After only a few seconds of this, it was over and the crushing ceased, but the damage was done as internal bleeding from the destruction of vital organs pooled inside the body.

The woman would not be left to die, however, as Nash assumed material form again, landing in the pool of gore and grabbing the woman by her head; a four-fingered hand to each side of her face.

"wux claxon sia meal, jaka wux re coi (You took my meal, now you are it)" He spoke in droconic.

A moment later, as the words sank in, there was a sharp sucking sound as the woman's eyes vanished from view and her skull was made empty. Following this, cracks were heard and her head collapsed in on its brief.

He let her go, the front of her face was sucked into itself slightly, and Nash turned to collect his gear and head back to inform his employer that the deed was done and the queen was dead.

Sticking to the monsters theme, let's go after the kobold Polt. You hired her as your personal trainer at her health spa for monsters, but, now that the contract is over, you are astonished to find out that she forgot to mention humans have to pay extra for her as a personal trainer. Finish her!
Also, don't forget to clean yourself off in the shower.


You know, we really should not be sticking to the monsters theme; it's just that one guy showing up in all these threads with weird prompts. There's a 'feral edition' of this one ( for everyone's monster/furry needs. (Yours actually seems workable at least, so leave it as-is, but just as a reference for everyone for the future)


File: 1559434874482.jpg (262.11 KB, 719x637, Steorraconcept.jpg)

After she told me that I had to pay extra just for being human I was revolted, though I didn't show it. To think such a seemingly nice girl could be so prejudiced! I would not stand for this, she needed to be taught a lesson.

With a fake sigh of resignation I told her to come with me so I could get my wallet and pay her. Fortunately, no one was around at this time of day. Going to a not very well known gym while everyone's at work would result in that. Because of there being no one around, she saw no harm in accompanying me to the male locker room where, with a quick swipe of the legs, I made her trip and fall face first into a bench, her skull cracking on its corner.

I took off my clothes normally as she tried to stop the blood coming out of her forehead with a hand, leaving her too distracted to stop me from grabbing her by the hair and dragging her off to the showers. There, I smacked her head against one of the showerheads, cracking her skull further and opening a hole in it much to her surprise, as she realized the earlier fall was no accident.

Turning on the shower, it slowly cleaned away the blood on her head, with her resigning herself to the realization that the concussion had made her too weak to fight back or struggle. With her wound clean, the fun part had arrived. I took off the clothes from her dazed body, might as well give me some eye candy while I'm doing it, right? My cock slowly hardens as I look at her now naked form and I considered what a shame it was that a slave was too difficult to keep without getting attention, and that hole in the skull would be a pain too. Oh well, I line my cock up with it anyway.

Her face twists and contorts into different expressions as I shove my cock into her brain, progressively reducing it too mush the deeper I thrust into it, over and over, her limbs twitching uncontrollably and her face going to more and more comical expressions. I lose track of the time I spend inside of her brain, but by the time I was done it was destroyed enough that there was no more twitching or change in her face. Simply put, there was no more brain, only a mix of blood, cum and the mush that it once was. I leaned her head down, watching the thick liquid mess come out of the hole on her skull and sinking down the drain, carried by the water.

That's where I left her corpse as I cleaned myself up, for one of her other clients to find out. I didn't care much for that, I had my ways to escape if I had to, and I managed to teach her a lesson in the end. All's well that ends well.

This is Steorra, she's a goddess who fought you as a trial to see if you were worthy of her power. Now that you have her power, enough of it to lay a goddess, you decide to show her exactly what you thought of her trial.



Not cool dude. People are out here trying and you just copy paste what you already did. Hell you even acknowledge and apologize for it. Why not, y'know, actually write something new if you're gonna be that self aware?


Agreed. Folks feel let down or taken advantage of when they put in effort, and then their requests are either outright skipped entirely, or get a copy paste of the /exact same death/ as for one of their other submissions.


So sorry you two. Writing takes time for me, and since mine is mostly taken up by a job, I was caught typing when I was nearly late for it. That’s why I had to copy and paste.


Not to mention that absolute boner killer shitty image…
Look at this shit
It's just plain bad.



If you don't have the time to write then wait until you do or just don't do it. Simple.


File: 1559935962900.png (3.28 MB, 2560x1440, 08b25f194c10204dd2c6958868….png)


From the old goddess to the new, seeing her gasping for breath in her new, defeated and powerless state feels wonderful. My own clothes are torn and shredded, much like her own as she looks up at me. I savor this as my hand slips over my curves.

She wasn't kind in her trial. The gashes from her stars that hit me left welts and gashes on my curves but I smile as she watches finally my first use of her powers, healing myself as I put my heel between her heavy chest. I can see in her eyes that she knows she can't dethrone the new goddess in her state like this.

Not that I would give her the chance. I know what must happen to a goddess who fails in her job. My fingers slip down to her head and I pull her up, off her feet. A few onlookers look at the seductive view of a blue haired beauty in the clutches of the redhead who got her.

In a moment of soft defiance, she puts her hand on my breast, still bare from the fight. I think for a moment that I might spare her but there is a hint of more in the way those nails rake along me, brushing a nipple. It feels amazing.

I shake my head as my hand tightens on her chin, her eyes locked on mine. I know now how I want to see her go.

The first star impacted her back and her cry said that the now mortal and powerless body felt that spike impale into her. The next couple only cemented that detail as she squirmed in my grasp. I am almost dripping with the pleasure of feeling her fingers grip my body tight.

I want her to beg, she does as the stars she had lacerated me with return the favor in kind. She promises secrets, power, anything… but I already have it. I just wanted to see that moment her mind broke in desperation.

Perhaps I wanted to see some pride or dignity but from one bitch to another, it was not going to happen. Bleeding, weakening, I can see the slashes draining the color from her.

With a snap of the fingers on my free hand, I can see those eyes lock onto mine one more time. She can feel the pressure building, the hint of magic that she knew well but was being used on her. A quick toss of her body away from me, that seductive look of her body in a heap on the stone, her hands over her lower stomach as she shook her head so.

Those little desperate pleads for mercy were the last words on her lips as the supernova spell ripped te former goddess to shreds. Despite the distance, some of the blood and bits splashed over my body and curves.

An onlooker, one of her former servants, purred a compliment that the gore complimented my hair. Running a finger to smear some of it over my still barely clothed body, I walked over to her.

"Go clean up your former mistress… after you clean me up."

"Yes my goddess…"


Seems you have a lazy door guard who failed her job one too many times. Hong Mei Lin is at your mercy to do with as you will.


File: 1560181082861.jpg (289.53 KB, 1363x789, Black-Cat.jpg)

>Hong Mei Lin

She was a beauty, to be sure. Then again, all of the personal guard were. They existed to serve, to defend, and to be easy on the eye. What was the point of being guarded all the time if one could not enjoy the sight of the guards. Sure, muscle bound men had their place, and the guard included plenty of them. But the inner circle were all of the type to dazzle the eye, distract an opponent with their stunning looks, not just their killer moves.

The problem at hand however, was that bond beauty, Hong Mei Lin, was a failure. True enough she could fight when called upon. And utterly fulfilled the requirements to be both beautiful, and compliant. Never had she protested her master's desires for her body. The leggy blonde had been taken in every fashion. Her mouth, her cunt, her ass, all had been used by the man she swore to protect. But that was the rub.

Swore to protect. In truth the bitch was lazy and negligent, and that would stop. She lay on the daybed, dozing, when she was supposed to be watching out the window for any intruder. A dull assignment, though the view was spectacular. Yet her training was supposed to ensure that she could temper herself, and withstand the base urges of boredom that led to sleep. As she could not, she was worthless to her master. To her calling. And thus…

She woke when the tip of her own knife pricked the skin between her breasts. Her eye shot open to see the face of the one who owned her service, her duty, and her diligence. The one would would met out the punishment. The pain of the little bite of steel on flesh was enough to drive the sleep from her with a start. Eyes went wide, a mix of fear and betrayal. But the voice she heard only said, "You have failed me for the last time, Hong Mei Lin. May you serve me better in death, than you did in life."

The blade sunk to the hilt, driven through her chest, and out of her back with a powerful thrust. The angle ensured the heart was pierced by the blow. The blonde let out a sharp cry of agony, that faded to a moan of loss. Her eyes were wide in terror as the blackness rushed in. Blood sputtered out out of her lips as she coughed once, but already the damaged organ had given up. A raspy, rattling gurgle bubbled at her lips as the light faded from her eyes, far longer a note that might be expected before it too faded. The body jerked, and a dark stain formed between her legs, drenching and soiling the beautiful dress she wore.

Once the corpse had voided itself, the next sound was that of a zipper being pulled down. Towering above her, the master of the house jerked himself to the sight of her pretty face left permanently looking up in stupid shock.It did not take long, and soon the sound of flesh smacking against flesh was joined by a few terse grunts, and then the splash of cum across her pretty features. Strands hit her mouth, and one great spurt lumped in against her eye, pooling against her nose. Some got in her hair as well. Satisfied as could be done, the cock head was wiped against the unstained cheek and then tucked back away safely.

"Feed her to the dogs," the order was given, as the rest of the beautiful guard rushed into the room to dispose of the woman that had failed their order.


The infamous bugler and some time super hero Black Cat though to steal the most precious jewel in your collection. Show her what happens to thieves when they get caught.


File: 1560372395021.jpg (62.19 KB, 810x1000, Myranda.jpg)

Okay, so this turned out to be *way* longer than I thought it would, but I hope you enjoy. And I hope this doesn't get cut off, heh.


>>5133 (Black Cat caught trying to steal a jewel from a vault)

I take my time walking down the corridor with an iPad in my hand and three armed security officers following a few steps behind me. Judging by the live video feed on my tablet's screen, the intruder was successfully immobilized by the automated proactive security system installed in the vault, but knowing who this woman was, it didn't hurt to be careful and opt for personal protection.

And I'd hate to stain this suit.

I press a few numbers on the keypad in quick succession, and the door in front of me slides open, letting me and the armed men behind me step into the vault. A dozen steps forward, turn left into an adjacent room, and there she is. Felicia Hardy. Tight black catsuit with that trademark white fur, a web-like carbon net pinning her body to the floor, secured by strong electromagnets, and a few taser prongs embedded in her, fired from the small holes in the walls. There's still current running through them, judging by how the woman has little to no reaction to our appearance and instead just twitches on the floor with whimpers.

I fiddle with the controls on my iPad, and the electricity turns off, letting Felicia slump lifelessly to the floor. A couple seconds later, though, she jolts awake again, focused and aware this time, but the net over her still keeps her confined to the same spot on the floor.

I chuckle, turn back to the security officers behind me and gesture them to point their rifles at the woman. Slowly, I walk towards her and crouch down in front of her.

"Do you know how they used to punish thieves back in the day?" I ask, staring into the eyes behind that recognizable mask of hers. Nothing but contempt and a grin in return. As expected, of course. I reach to the iPad again and turn on the electricity in the prongs again, for just a fraction of a second - enough to give her a powerful jolt and make her entire body twitch.

"This will be over fast if you behave," I wink at her before getting back up on my feet and gesture for two of the officers to come closer. With them standing by, I turn off the magnets and lift off the net constraining Felicia.

Of course, predictably, she yanks a couple prongs out of her and darts off to the side, to tear the remaining few out of herself.

Of course, my finger was already hovering over the control.

With a yelp, Felicia falls down to the floor, twitching, as the electricity runs through her body again. I turn it off only after the security guys wearing insulating gloves grab her by the arms and pull her up, then reach down to the floor to grab the prongs that she tore out of herself and walk over to her.

"We break your left arm and chop off your right one," I say. "Then you get to walk away and we can forget this little incident ever happened. I won't offer this again."

Nothing but contempt in those eyes, again. Electricity gets turned on once again, and her eyes roll to the back of her head as she slumps down to her knees, held by the two officers. When she comes back to her senses, my right leg swings back for a kick, and the tip of my shoe slams into her lower stomach, right above her mound. With a pathetic whimper, Felicia almost doubles over on the floor, crossing her legs, as the pain shoots through her crotch.

Oh, that felt good.

"You know, that was a good offer, all things considered. You should've taken it," I sigh and point at a nearby empty table. "Get her there."

A minute later, after some pretty intense resisting and a few more shocks to calm her down, the thief is secured to the tabletop, chained by her wrists and ankles with little wiggle room. I walk over to the table and lean over her, staring at her upside down, but then my gaze travels down her neck to her cleavage. I reach down to the zipper, and with a satisfying sound the dark fabric splits apart, revealing more and more of the pale skin underneath. Once the zipper can't go any lower, a knife comes in handy, and soon only underwear is all that's left. With a few more knife slashes, even that is gone, too.

It's almost like her confidence was kept in her clothes. Electricity couldn't break her, but a simple undressing did.

"Okay," she finally speaks and licks her lips. "I want to negotiate."

"Well, *I* don't." I'm not looking at her face. Instead, I reach and move my hand up and down her naked body, wiggling on the table. To think of it, she could *easily* be a supermodel if she wanted to. Chances are, she wouldn't have ended up like this, then.

"I have some stuff stashed… stuff that I think a collector like you would be very interested in," she continues.

"Well, of course," I shrug and take a moment to bring up an image on the tablet, then turn it so that she can see it. "I collect this, for example."

The image shows a few human arms, cut off just below the shoulder, preserved in ice. The woman wasn't particularly tanned to begin with, but all color disappears from her face when she sees it.

"No… no no no," she stammers and licks her lips again. "Look, name an item, anyone's private collection, *ANYONE'S*. I'll deliver. 48 hours if it's in the country. 96, worldwide. You know who I am, you know I *deliver*."

"*This* is already delivered to me, don't you think?" I smile and tap the knife's blade against her right arm. For a couple seconds, she hyperventilates, but then closes her eyes, trying to hold back tears to no avail. The salty liquid runs down the fabric of her mask and off her cheeks onto the tabletop.

I pat her on the cheek and take a step back, nodding to the third security officer who hadn't been involved until now. He steps forward, pulling out a bone saw from behind his back, and the thief on the table starts thrashing around helplessly, staring at him in terror. I move over a bit to hold her head with my both hands and keep her staring up at me upside down. Her lips tremble when the metal touches her arm, and when the saw starts moving back and forward, cutting through her flesh, Felicia's entire body springs up and she cries out in my face, saliva flying out and tears streaming down her cheeks. One of the other men joins us at the table to help hold her arm in place as the saw continues to cut through it. Half a minute of getting through her flesh, about a minute more of messing with the bone, with Felicia's screams reaching a new level in volume, and then, with a rather gross sound, the remaining strands of flesh are torn as her arm is yanked away from her.

The thief is shaking, her face pale as death, lips a thin line, goosebumps all over her naked skin, fingers of her *other* hand clawing at the restraints with fingernail marks in the leather. Blood spurts out rhythmically out of her fresh stump, but it's not really cause for concern. It would have been, had she taken the offer. But as it stands, she won't live long enough to die of blood loss.

"See, you've delivered," I smile in her face, still holding it between my hands and staring at her upside down.

"L-l-l-l-let me g-g-g-go…" she wheezes out, sobbing and whimpering, eyes wide open.

"Oh, I would have. You should have agreed to that right away," I sigh and walk over to the side of the table, staring at her naked body in full view in front of me again. I'd love to have her heart. Cut it out of her, put it in a vat. She's too beautiful to have her *head*; it would shrink and deform and wouldn't do her justice, but a heart? It would be poetic, in a way.

But first…

"Are you still with that Peter Parker guy?" I ask nonchalantly, as if I'm having a pleasant discussion over coffee.

"Wh… what?" she stammers, sobbing.

"It's a simple question."

"Oh, god…" Felicia inhales sharply, shivering. The blade of the knife in my hand is pressed between her breasts, and tears almost squirt from under her eyelids as she shuts her eyes.


"Good. I'll send him a present."

I gesture to two of the guards to hold the woman's legs in place, and my knife plunges into her lower stomach, deep, cutting through her flesh and around her womb. Two grown men can barely hold Felicia in place as she bucks and thrashes around on the table, bawling and losing her voice. The knife in my hand moves in inaccurate, jerky motions, and a minute later, I forcibly pull out her uterus and vagina out of the profusely bleeding cut, dropping it onto her stomach with a wet sound.

It's amazing, but Felicia is still there… or so it seems, at least. Lower lip bleeding hard with teeth-shaped indents in it, a thousand yard stare, shallow and fast breathing, muscles so tense that it looks like they could snap if you so much as touch them.

"You know what, you can have it. I think you kind of deserve it." I doubt that she can see it or process it, but as I'm saying this, I'm pointing at the jewel that she had almost gotten to. "I'll clean that up," I point at the gory mess lying on her stomach, "I'll put *that* inside," my finger points at the jewel again, "and I'll send it to Peter nicely wrapped. Something to remember you by."

I gesture to the guards to free her ankles, grab her by the shoulders and yank her up along the tabletop, so that her head hangs off the edge. "As for me, your heart will do. But I want to *see* you go first."

The knife runs across her neck, and blood sprays over my shirt as the thief gurgles, her wide open eyes still staring at me. I only look away for a couple seconds, to get an idea of how I'm going to cut into her chest, but then my eyes shoot back to lock with hers while she is still there. Once the initial spurt of blood in her neck dies down, I crouch down to level with her and keep looking into her eyes until they lose life.

"Well," I finally say quietly and get back up to my feet again. I sigh and circle the table to get better access to her ribcage. "How does one get to the heart, lads?"


<- pic on the left: Myranda (Game Of Thrones), the sadistic lover of Ramsay Bolton, is actually pretty damn good with a bow, but sucks at any kind of close quarters combat. How does one make good use of that?


File: 1561579876211.png (1.23 MB, 2200x1600, 53284104_p0.png)

I corner the woman with the bow in the courtyard of the fort. Her allies are all but defeated, and my comrades surround her with their swords drawn. She hisses and spits like an alley cat confronted by a guard dog, her eyes wild and hateful.

Myranda stared up defiantly at the enemy soldiers, her hands clasped around her dagger. She looked around, and all she could see were grinning gazes wandering across her athletic, curvy body.

She grimaced, and threw the dagger aside. Getting onto her knees, she held her hands up in surrender. Like all women, she knew that men on the war path were lustful bastards who'd have their way with any hole with a pulse. If giving up her pride meant survival though, she'd take it.

The woman kneeled before me. She began to undo the front of her gown, revealing her firm, perky breasts.

The woman closed her eyes, an expression of disgust on her face. I grip my sword and decide to heal her of her shame.

With all my strength, I swing my blade against her graceful neck, slicing through it in one go.

Her head toppled over and fell into her lap, a slim string of skin and muscle keeping the head tethered to her shoulders.

Twin jets of bright red blood spraying out and covering me and the ground in a 4 meter radius from the front of her body.

Her half nude body slumped over, the jets of blood rapidly slowing down to a simple dribble.

I lean over and pick up her head by her glossy brunette hair, raising it in front of my friends. A look of dull confusion is frozen on her face, her luscious lips and chin crusted with blood and her eyes half lidded.

2nd LT Anett Hosenfeld of the NVA has had her MiG-21 TSF disabled. Finish her off.


File: 1561866810566.png (273.82 KB, 600x493, __fujimaru_ritsuka_fate_gr….png)

Apologies if there happens to be many inaccuracies to Muv-Luv lore. Haven't played/watched the series myself, hence had to rely on the wiki.

With that out of the way, cheers!


On a mission tasked with eliminating the BETAs of the Laser-Strain, the 666th TSF were dispatched with haste as to allow heavy artillery to do their job without having their payload intercepted in mid-air. As for me, well, I was a mechanic in charge of maintaining those hulking TSFs. Right now, I'm in the private room somewhere watching the live video of a certain pilot riding MiG-21 TSF through hidden cameras I installed earlier. Annet or something, whatever those sexy bitches were called.

Honestly? I don't give a fuck about the 'war'. The BETAs would overpower through our line sooner or later, humanity is fucked and whatever we're doing here would only delay the inevitable. Might as well enjoy life while we still can, eh?

I guess the only saving grace I have were the female pilots. Pheeew! Whoever designed the suits were a goddamn genius, I have to say! I often find myself ogling them, fantasizing that they were my bitches instead. I mean, sure, some of 'em would die on the line of duty, but they should've at least bring some of the usable dead slut's bodies to be used as onaholes! I sure as well would pay the fuck out if it means the chance to screw these privileged bitches while they're still in good condition.

Defenders and soldiers? Pfft- they look more like whores, if you ask me!

Unfortunately, someone caught me in the act. It was one Lt. Anett Hosenfeld, who merely glared at me as if I'm some sort of filth and shouted "Get away from me, freak!". It was the most humiliating moment in my life, one that I'll be sure to take my revenge on. How fortunate that I was one of thr mechanics assigned to run maintenance on her TSF, and at her cockpit no less.

And now, here I was, safely jerking off to her through live camera even as she was fighting for life and death. Those bodytights and frantic movements of her curves are goddamn criminal, I'd say! That would've been all I did had she kept quiet, but oh no, that cocky bitch is going to pay for what she did to me!

There was a device that I painstakingly got from the black market, one that can disrupt the power flow of vehicles like tanks. Apparently, it could also disrupt mechs, their communications and radars, or so my source told me. So within the several ton war machine lies a device that would spell certain death for her… and on my hand, a remote control to activate it.

How unfortunate that she happens to find herself overstretched and away from her team mates, surrounded by BETAs on all sides. My cock hardening from the sheer thought of it, I dug her grave and pressed the button.

Almost immediately, the effect took place, with Anett glancing about in confusion as everything around her deactivates. "Eh…? What happened?" My hidden cameras were all unaffected though, thank the goddamn stars! And just as quickly, a huge THUD could be heard, followed by long claws piercing through her cockpit. Panicking, she took to the controls and tapped into many buttons, trying desperately to activate the TSF for naught. "C'mon, c'mon! Move, damnit! MOVE!" I rubbed my hardening cock faster, her panicking voice stimulating my senses!

A loud -SCREEEEECH- later and suddenly, the cockpit that was her only protection from the outside BETA were opened. And out of it, countless monstrosities lie in wait, chittering and their sight clearly set upon the doomed pilot.

"Ahh….. n-no-"

Uncaring of her voice, they all dogpiled onto her, like a pack of hungry hyenas ravenously crunching through their prey. Her right leg was crushed and disfigured, her stomach exploded into a pile of gore by a BETA's lance and both her arms were chewed off right from her shoulders.

A long moment of blood-curdling scream soon followed even as something is trying to eat their way through her lungs. I've never climaxed so hard in my life, HOLY SHIT, it was brutal! Her body was then torn into two, with the lower half suddenly thrown off into the mass of BETAs outside only to never be seen again as they all fought like dogs over it.

"Kfft-… Kirke…" a soft voice sounded out of her, the only thing left of her being her armless torso with one breast torn off and her still-intact head. A huge -CRUNCH- later and suddenly, the top half of the head was roughly eaten off even as the sack of meat that was the veteran pilot fall off, flopping and shaking onto the hard ground as brain matter from her other half starts spilling out. The rest of her was consumed soon after, leaving behind only blood, pieces of discarded flesh and a miraculously intact green eyeball rolling around, the last reminder that this used to be a battle-hardened, loyal soldier known by the name of Anett Hosenfeld.


Haaa, what a way to relieve stress and get some revenge. At this point, the computer screen and table are practically dripping with cum. I made sure to save the data, as material whenever I felt like jacking off. Heh, who would've have thought that the last legacy of the supposed last defenders of humanity were to be used as my fapping material? Fucking appropriate, if you ask me.

Now, what did she say in her last moment? Kirke? Oh, right, wasn't she that one cool black-haired beauty of a pilot in the same squad? Hehehee, now I'm imagining if her death would make me cum just as much as Anett-chan…


This here is Gudako, the last Master of Chaldea. After countless trials and hardships, she made bonds with many Heroic Figures, grew as a person and even helped save the world from the Incineration of Human History. However, your organization had deemed her a threat rather than a hero and thus, you are sent in to discretely eliminate her. FINISH HER!


File: 1563222714237.png (4.13 MB, 2954x3600, Tifa Lockhart [Final Fanta….png)


A discreet termination was not the easiest of tasks. It wasn't so much that the client wanted the death to look like an accident. Oh, that would do the job, sure, but from the clients stand point, if the target was clearly killed, that wasn't bad. As long as it could not be traced back to them, that was all that mattered. This Gudako was considered a threat, and taking her out was a top priority.

The attempt was made in the evening. In general, most assassinations happen after dark. Though that is the time that most would expect, these are done simply for ease of factors. The target is usually weary at the end of a day, or asleep. And the darkness lends itself to stealth. The man assigned to this mission took full advantage of it, coming in through Gudako's window in the darkness.

Padded shoes left no trace of their path, silently slipping across the floor toward the lit bathroom. The sounds of a shower were heard. The girl was cleaning herself. The man paused, and contemplated options. A fall in the shower could do the trick, but to make it better…he nodded to himself and took a slow, steadying breath. Then his hand - gloved - reached out, and gently pushed the door open, slowly. Every inch or so he would pause, and listen, to ensure that the door made no sound, and that the target was unaware of what was happening. Thus it took him five full minutes to open the door to its greatest extent and allow him to step into the steam filled room.

She was singing in a voice that…was not the best. No one, he thought, was perfect. He could make out her form behind the curtain. Arranged in such that the shower head jutted out into a raised tub. Given the size of the place she was in, he would have expected a separate bath and shower stall, instead of a joined one. No matter, that made things easier, in truth. A smile crept about his face. Make it look like she fell. Blow to the back of the head, he decided, and readied himself, curling his fingers into a fist.

Lighting fast, her jerked the curtain back, catching the girl off guard. Before she could really scream, he smashed his fist into the back of her head. She staggered and went down to her knees in a crash, dazed. He palmed her face, earning a squeak from her, then slammed her down onto the tiled floor of the bath tub. There was a sharp crack this time - her skull, not the ceramic tub coating, and then a whimpering, tear filled moan of pain and suffering. He had smashed the back of her head, and it was like someone had pulled the strings out from her.

"Consistent with a fall," he decided. She'd clipped the edge of the tub, and that would work too. He wasted no time. Her chest was heaving and she could barely breathe, struggling to do - anything really. Her arms flailed a bit, uselessly, and she stared at him, though one eye seemed to only open half way. Brain damage from the blow, that would work in his favor. She watched him with a stupid expression on her face as he pulled her legs out, toward the tub drain, so that it didn't look like she had fallen to her knees. They were a little bruised but nothing he thought worth worrying.

No tub mat - that made this all the more easy to sell. Her skull had impacted the edge of the tub, and that would be what the coroner found when an autopsy was done. Simple accident. But the man reached over and killed the shower, instead allowing the tub to fill. He rolled his sleeves up - revealing that the gloves he wore went up past his elbow. The assassin was well prepared.

It took time, and he watched the tub fill, the water line rising up her nude body. She did look good, the man thought, and felt it a shame that the target was high profile enough that he couldn't take his fun with her. Sometime that was a requirement, in fact. To defile the target before death. Or after. Not this time. No, the nude woman, panting and looking up with out comprehension would go undefiled, her last minutes simply painful and confused, with no further violation. And no satisfaction for the killer. Oh well, he could afford some satisfaction after this job.

There did not seem to be anyone coming to check up on the woman. Apparently this Gudako liked to be alone in the evening. He knew nothing about her beyond the news stories. And now, how she would die. The water was at her chin, and then rising over it. She swallowed some, and coughed. The body began to respond. Well, that was no surprise, he thought. She might be too stupid to understand but her body didn't want to just give up. So he reached over and gently pushed her head under the water with his hand. Gentle pressure was all it took. Some water splashed over the side, from the way her arms wiggled and her legs twitched. She shut her eyes and then opened them, staring up and out. As there was no conscious thought, there was no will to struggle to hold a breath. Bubbles came out as she exhaled, and then water rushed in as she tried to inhale.

All in all it took surprisingly little time. Since she wasn't consciously struggling, there had been no great effort needed. Her body jerked a few times in the tub, and her mouth gaped like a fish. The eyes grew wider and wider with sudden lack of oxygen, with the warm water clogging her lungs. And then they darkened, though remained open. She swallowed again, and that was that. Her body gave a jerk, and then started to float as a cloud of urine bloomed between her legs. He turned the water off as he left.

In the end, the body was found, nude, face up in the tub, eyes wide, starring at the ceiling. The mouth was agape, and water pooled in it, though the tongue jutted out. There were no real marks on the body, save for that blow to the back of the head, from what the ME could only assume was a tragic fall. She must have slipped while getting into the tub and then drowned in her own bath tub. Some of the water had splashed out - clearly she had fallen in, but she lay there in the now cold water, tinged yellow from her last expulsions.

She's the best of the best, ain't no one better in a brawl, or at least that's what Tifa thinks! Show her that she's not hot stuff. FINISH HER!


File: 1567109040397.jpg (47.07 KB, 558x640, Casca.jpg)


Ending the fight with a savage uppercut I revel in the sensation of Tifa's teeth clattering together as she flies upwards and backwards. The night air is pleasantly cold as it fills my lungs with every heavy breath, my cock is desperately trying to escape my jeans, and I can just barely keep myself from letting it out. Telling my member to relax, I squat down beside the barely conscious little whore and whisper softly in her ear, taking a perverse pleasure as she recoils from having my breath so close to her ear, "When I asked if you could dip your milkers in my fucking ale, you should have taken the compliment like a good bitch." She tries to say something, but I ignore the incoherent mumbling and start pulling her clothes off. First to go are her skirt and suspenders, leaving her in nothing but those plain panties and that ridiculous, almost see through top. Her tits seem to defy at least a couple laws of physics with their ratio of size to firmness, but I don't waste time complaining about it. I take out my cock and start stroking it slowly with my offhand, my other hand pulling out a wicked looking hunting knife from its sheath. It's only when I straddle her hips and bring the knife up to her face, the moonlight catching beautifully on the high carbon steel as she realises just how fucked she is. That's when the pleading starts.

"Please no, I'll suck you off," she begs, her voice trembling in that sinfully erotic way as her eyes fly frantically about, trying too see a way out of the situation. I don't respond, simply bringing the knife towards her sternum and cutting her top away, her tiny sigh of relief when she realises that I'm just cutting her clothes is so cute that I almost fuck up the cut, but I manage to avoid breaking the skin. A drop of precum forms on the head of my cock as I simply sit there, enjoying the way that the cocky little bartender wriggles beneath me. Simply enjoying the night air for a few moments before I answer her.

"Darlin', I'm not gonna be satisfied with just a little blowie, I'm goin' to make you scream," I whisper in my best soothing voice, Tifa doesn't seem to be calmed down any, but I couldn't give less of a fuck about her preferences. She lets out a cute little yelp, intensifying her wriggling as I reach back and slide the back of the knife against her nethers through the thin panties. Tifa's struggling makes the tiny little drop precum slide out from my foreskin and land on her stomach. She immediately freezes up. That's when I hear footsteps coming from down the road. I look down on Tifa, she looks up at me, and I immediately cover her mouth with my hand, just before she manages to cry out. She struggles, but I've got leverage and fifty kilograms on her, and I manage to force my knife towards her chin. "Sorry darling, but I can't have you crying out if there are people on the streets," I whisper as softly as I can. The knife continues its journey for several seconds while the footsteps keep getting closer, if she's not dead by the time that guy reaches the mouth of this alley, I'm in for a bloody night. The blade punches through the skin under Tifa's cute little chin, continuing onwards at a decent clip, burying itself in her up to the hilt. She goes goes still and I lay on top of her, hiding her body and imitating a hobo as Tifa's last lifeblood coats the entirety of my chest. The footsteps disappear into the distance, and I get to work quickly, corpses aren't my thing, but if they're fresh enough, you can't really tell the difference.

Her pussy is delightful, and though the smell of urine almost kills the mood, I enter Tifa's little cunt and make her mine, fucking her non stop for nearly five minutes, trying to cum as fast as possible in case more nosy assholes try to ruin my fun. Her pussy is delightful, even though she's dead I can feel that she definitely kept up with her kegel excercises. I paint her insides with my cum and it is a glorious feeling of her cooling body squeezing me as if she were alive. Pulling out with a wet, sucking sound I put my sticky cock back in my pants and stalk off into the night, intending to find a guy my size that has a good set of clothes.

(Casca's in the woods, bathing when you come upon her. Make the bitch suffer.)


File: 1567153306927.jpg (265.68 KB, 550x733, 6c2d56d3b29ed6c3d3b6f40b75….jpg)

You've cornered Peni Parker, now end her.

The sun was just beginning to slip behind the horizon when I stumbled upon the dark skinned young woman bathing in the lake. I observed her with great interest from behind some bushes on the shore, hidden from her sight. She was quite pretty, her body sculpted by what looked like the life of a wandering warrior. Muscular arms, and thick powerful legs slowly moved as she splashed more water over herself. My pants grew tight as I imagined my cock ramming deep into her tight cunt.

Perhaps it was an act of rash impulse, but I had not had a woman for months, and the both of us were far from civilization. Even so, she seemed a formidable fighter, and I decided to neutralize her from a distance with my crossbow. The girl knelt down and began to scrub her hair as I shouldered the crossbow and placed the sights on her bare back. My patience was rewarded as she stood back up and turned around, facing my direction. For a moment, I hesitated. She was so beautiful, her wet skin glistening in the dying light of the evening.

I pulled the trigger, and the bolt loosened. The crossbow sent it flying straight and true, and the projectile punctured the girl's left eye, going straight through her orbital cavity and penetrating her frontal cortex. I saw her stagger back, one graceful hand reaching up and grasping at the shaft, her face twisting into a pained grimace before slackening into a dull expression. She fell back into the water with a splash, and I hurried forth towards her body.

I grasped her by the legs and dragged her corpse out of the lake. As I caught my breath, I looked over and felt a lust I had not felt in a long while. She was perfect in every way. My hands fumbled with the zipper on my pants in my hurry to sexually satiate myself. Her skin was wet, yet still warm and pliant. I laid myself over her torso, pressing my erect cock against her soft slit, looking deep into her one intact eye. It stared past me unseeing as I penetrated her dead pussy, my hands squeezing her perky, palm sized tits. My pelvis pistoned in and out of her as I placed my lips against hers, my tongue slipping in and tasting her saliva. With a deep grunt, I unloaded my balls into her cooling womb.

I pulled my cock out, now limp. Satisfied, I was. Only a few minutes ago she was alive, with no idea that her evening would end so swiftly. Now she lay on the grass, a strangers cum dripping out of her slit, a hunting bolt stuck through her brain. Oh how circumstances can change, I thought to myself as I gathered my pack and left. The scavengers would clean my crime up.


File: 1567950412662.jpg (97.73 KB, 850x680, sample_886e0073be68108b7fb….jpg)

With the spiders, you gotta strike fast, or else they just dodge outta there. A high powered harpoon at relatively short range will do it. Right through her chest, pinning her to the wall. Missed the heart, though - wrong side. Eh. Still a collapsed lung and profuse bleeding. A good start. As she whimpers and tries to pull herself off, I approach and draw my kukri, hacking off one arm with a single hard blow, then the other. She's screaming uncontrollably now, the agony too much for her. I press the blade to her cunt and into her, splitting her open, and draw it up to her ribs. She finally goes silent as her organs start to fall out, and I watch silently as she passes. I don't bother cleaning the scene. Let the press assume that some hunting or whaling themed villain took her out.
Komand'r of Tamaran - AKA Blackfire - brought you in to hire you for a job. You found her after a rather intense fuck, her partner no longer there - and she tells you that the one she wants killed is herself. And she wants you to make it as painful as possible. Tamaranians are notoriously hardy - how do you FINISH HER?


Finish her is supposed to be non-con tho :P


File: 1568008254325.jpg (23.54 KB, 240x412, 240px-Lady_Jaina_Proudmoor….jpg)

“Not the kind of hunger, I usually feed, but sure!” The feminine eldritch creature said. “But you may be reconsidering in just a bit.”

Before the Tamaranian could say anything, the creature lunged at her, placing one hand over her mouth and nose, the other hand on the back of Blackfire’s head, and gripping her shoulders with her hand-like feet, and then began to slowly, weakly at first, pull her head away from her shoulders.

Blackfire, unable to breathe but able to take it for now, moved her hands to the creature’s body, trying to get it off her, but finding it very, very difficult to even move her. It was like grabbing wet clay, but she could not tear it apart. She tried to use her energy attacks, her hands and eyes glowing, but her attacks did nothing to stop the creature, only leaving smoky, burnt marks where they hit.

“None of that. Just enjoy the feelings of your muscles straining and your breath running out. If you still have your pancreas, you’ll feel a rush of oxygen in a few seconds.” The creature said calmly, casually even.

For Blackfire, it felt like her lungs were going to burst and her neck was tearing like paper, her shoulders were beginning to ache from the pressure on them, and her eyes began to water.
She had asked to be killed painfully, yes, but this was not what she had been expecting.

After several more seconds, she felt the rush, but she also felt a ripping in her throat as her eyes began to water and roll backwards in her head.

Her vision went white for just a second, and then she felt the pressure on her body immediately leave and the hands move from her head. With that done, she took in a deep breath of the sweet, life saving and prolonging air.

“Ten seconds.” The creature said before taking her position and placing her hands on the sides of Blackfire’s head and her feet loosely gripping the Tamaranian’s arms below her shoulders. She smiled happily at the girl, waiting quietly and patiently.

Blackfire frowned at the creature before her eyes glowed green again and shot directly into the creature’s eyes. She smiled, thinking she had struck a death blow, and then raised her hands to pry the creature’s limbs off her.

“Head or arms.” Blackfire froze. “Which do you think will come off first?” The creature asked, and then began to apply pressure and pull at Blackfire’s head and arms, its grip tightening as it began to slowly and gradually pull.

Blackfire endured, attempting to breakfree, but finding it impossible to harm the creature. Its eyes were not damaged, she found as it looked at her and kept smiling, its eyes locked on hers as it gauged her reaction.
It did not take time for Blackfire to begin to feel the burn as her neck began to ache once more and her arms feeling the same… at least until she felt the points of the creature’s toes pierce into her arms.

“‘As painful as possible’, you said, right? So, the arms first.” The creature said.

There was a sickening twist, Blackfire’s arms being forcibly turned unnaturally, and then silence as the creature eased its pulling to let sink in what had just happened.
When Blackfire opened her mouth to scream, two hands moved over it, covering it and leaving her to thrash and attempt to shake off the creature as it resumed the removal of her arms and tossed them to the sides of the room.

The creature did not let go of her head, but instead moved around to be behind Blackfire’s head with its arms around her head and feet gripping her shoulders once more.

It took what felt like to her an eternity of pain and bleeding, but, finally, she could struggle and thrash no more, falling onto the floor near the bed as she felt her lifeblood draining out of her.

“Okay, time to stop that.” The creature said as it moved its feet to the stumps of her arms. “We’ll be done in another hour or so; bare with it for now.” It said.

Blackfire rested on the floor, feeling the creature move its lower limbs and appendages on her body, and then gasped when she felt what she could only describe as its feet and legs burrowing into her arm stumps. Into her bones. Into her skin and muscles… and then, the horrifying realization: into her blood and very body.

It hurt. It hurt so much. Her eyes were wide, tears flowing down her face, and her heart racing in panic. She felt those appendages worm around inside her body, merged with her own at her arm stumps but also not a complete part of her. It was not until she felt pain at her heart and lungs that she felt the creature move its hands over her nose to cover it and her mouth again.

“Round two. You’ll barely feel the decapitation.” It told her.

Suffocation was all Blackfire had to look forward to as she felt her neck ache for a third time, only this time she felt her lungs twisting and her heart being constricted.

She had asked to be killed painfully, but this was not the kind of pain she wanted. She had been expecting stabbing, slashing, choking… something she had experienced before, but this…
This was worst than torture because she knew, she felt it moving through her bones, in her blood viens, and faintly heard the ripping of her flesh.

It did not end at the severing of her head, she still knew her spine was attached, but she felt it creeping in as the creature moved its hand from her mouth to under her neck and head. Reaching, the creature pulled her tongue out, letting it hang under her chin and exposed, before moving its hand back to her mouth and sticking it in.

“I’ll just mess with your sinus canals until you bleed out. Think of it as my desert for satisfying your hunger for pain, okay?” It told her calmly, but with a hint of arousal.

I had fun with this one. Now for the next target. I'm sure she's already been on here somewhere, but…

It's been a long day questing to get that sweet and awesome loot, doing your dailies and farming for those bear ass to turn in for your chance at a new piece of gear. Finally, the day nearly finished, you decide to relax at your secret underground dungeon where you keep your favorite not-heroes-or-heroines of the world. Today, it's Jaina Proudmore's turn, but she'd getting on in her years. Better let her go easy… or not. Time to finish her!


File: 1572153920751.png (1.61 MB, 1735x2842, dcz27ki-d56b0691-466b-49ea….png)

It is a ruined tower that I was far too familiar with at one time. Long burnt-out timbers creak under my heels as I climb the stairs. There is a smirk on my lips A few fresh embers and frost lines cross the ruins, betraying a few hints of the fight that had just transpired.

My fingers clutch the staff I lean against, my own silver-streaked hair taints my formerly crimson locks. A few streaks of light help mend the burns that mars my skin and ruined my once elegant robes.

I pull a shard of ice from my side and toss it away to finish repairing the damage that the woman at my feet had inflicted upon me. I can see her straining against the mind control that I have over her in this moment.

"L… let me go…"

"Not today." My seductive voice cracks a bit under the strain as I pull her staff off the ground, holding it in my other hand. It would be a great replacement for my own staff.

I look her over, trembling with the last burning remnants of a mana burn. Jaina's clothes were torn across her frame, threatening to show what I had also admired and at times even desired when I visited her in this very tower in my youth.

"You always fail at what you do…" The tip of my heeled boot slipped in under her chest, pushing her against the restraints and the cups of her ruined top. I can see her wince.

"You failed me, you failed our city… everything. And I followed you across so far, did every last job you gave me! No… I am happy to make sure no one else will."

"You are crazy…"

"Crazy was following you this far."

My long leg comes up, pushing my dress out of the way as I give another harsh kick to her cheek, sending the barely away mage tumbling onto her back.

With a limp that was soon healed away, I grab her by her hair and drag her towards the edge of the broken tower I had cornered her on. With a smile, I hold her up so that my group of friends who had watched our magical catfight with such intent could savor the look of the once proud Jaina hanging limply and borderline lewdly in my grasp.

A lowly priestess having finally did the impossible and brought down the harlot that caused so many problems.

"If you boys want a round or two with her, come on up and enjoy… leave her alive so I can heal her up so we can keep our toy for a bit longer."

That chuckle on my lips as the group comes up says so very much. Crossing my legs as I watch the debauchery that soon unfolds, occasionally letting my fingers explore under my ruined clothes in enjoyment.

As the morning sun rises in the sky, they finally finish up with the once-proud mage and she is gasping, broken both physically and mentally, begging me not to healer her once more, to not burn her mana away again. She looks utterly pathetic with nothing besides a heavy layer of cum on her.

I spin her staff playfully in my hand and nod softly.

"You are right, I think I won't."

A snap of my fingers and a noose is quickly looped around her neck and I can see her eyes go wide. She struggles against the ropes, trying to claw it away as my boys drag her towards the edge of the broken tower.

She is teetering on the edge, I can see my boys stringing up the rope across an intact rafter but leaving me a bit of slack. I step up, my still barely clad tits pressing into her bare ones as I look her in those scared eyes.

"One chance… tell me what I want to hear…"

She is at a loss, not realizing how much I once wanted her, she stammers but I close my eyes and then giving a harsh kick to her abs and pushing her off the edge.

There was not enough slack in the rope. Seems like it will be a long wait for that final release for Jaina but I think a naked, fucked out wreck of a mage is a fitting decoration for her former tower as I turn to walk away, to finally get dressed myself, to leave this place for the final time with the best reward.

All the while the music of that creaking rope straining to hold Jaina in her last desperate moments fills my ears as I walk away.


The garden seems to have gotten a bit out of control. How would you take care of Poison Ivy?


File: 1572469230011.png (194.25 KB, 311x480, 18_large.png)


In all honesty, he had though that things would be harder, taking out one of Gotham's premier 'super'-villains. everyone had heard about how ruthless Poison Ivy was. How her kiss was toxic, and her domain a green labyrinthine of killer plants. Her hatred of humans in general and men in particular. Her insidious pollen that could bind the mind and break a person to her will. He'd heard it all, and yet he'd taken the contract out on her anyway. He wasn't sure if this came from a rival crime boss, or someone from the city who had grown sick of the inability of Arkham to contain the vibrant plant woman.

He hadn't cared either.

When it came down to it, all it had taken was an ungodly amount of weed killer and a tap into the city plumbing line. He'd flooded the pipes that fed her little garden. Poisoned the well, as it were. And waited. It had taken two days, but the sheer amount of plant killer in the well that fed her garden was enough to leave it all dead and drooping. And the bitch herself wasn't doing too good either.

"Funny," he'd said softly when he found her, looking down at the vixen. "I kinda figured you'd be dead already. I guess I gotta kill what's still human in you, too," he taunted. He watched her face twist in pain and anger. As if the idea that there was anything human left in her was offensive. But she could barely raise her arm to fend him off. "Its amazing no one ever tried this before. I guess the bat was just too much of a goody goody to stoop to this. But hey, when weeds crop up, you got to pull them out at the root. A little killer goes a long way, don't you think?"

The taunting was all part of the service as he looked her over. She was naked, her leaf like garments having wilted and fallen away from her body. Though her body was still voluptuous and tempting, her skin had taken on a yellow tinge of the truly sick. He didn't mind that though. The contract had said to send a message, and as he removed his pants, he made it clear he was going to do just that. She watched, of course - she was too weak to do anything else, her chest heaving as she tried to simply breathe, rising up and down, jiggling her tits. Those green eyes went wide in fear then, he saw it, and he grinned as he gripped himself, stroking his dick to its full girth. "Yeah, they sent me to do a job on you, and I'm planning to do just that in every way, doll. And don't you try to kiss me either. It won't work." He winked as he moved in and kicked her legs apart, eliciting a yelp of pain. "I took an anti venom. Your little kiss of death won't work on me. Funny what you can get your hands on if you have friends inside Arkham. They took a lot of samples out of you, and they whipped up some good shit, let me tell you. Pam. Can I call you Pam?"

She spat in his face as he knelt, the only answer she seemed capable of giving. Shrugging, he brought back one massive fist and then gave her a hard, swift blow to the face. Something cracked in her skull and she cried out in pain, one eye shutting as it darkened swiftly. "Oops," he said, laughing now. He'd broken the orbital bone of her eye, and he used her distracted state to line himself up. Her legs were on either side of his, and he roughly pulled her forward, spearing the pained villain upon his cock.

He took his time with her, of course. You don't get to fuck a broad like Poison Ivy every day. He dealt with her protests in the efficient way as he'd done the first time, and it only took two more applications to really drive the message home. She had a pair of shiners that matched and would make her a sure stand in for a raccoon by the time he was done, as well as a fist sized bruise in her stomach. She'd mewled from that point on, whimpering and crying softly, but he didn't mind that. She'd outright wailed when he came inside of her, blowing his load there, coating her cunt with his spunk. He'd grinned down at her, and when he'd pulled out, he'd wiped his sticky, spent cock on her face, leaving her cheeks glistening with a mix of spunk and her own juices.

"It's a shame I can't stick around and have some more fun, Pam, but duty calls, you know?" He asked, chuckling. He'd made her cry, he'd fucked her, broken her, and beat on her. There was only one thing left to do. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one, taking a drag, as he put his pants back on. Then he walked over to one of the bottles he'd brought with him. It was big and red, and had a long, yellow nozzle.

"Do you know the best way to deal with an overgrown lot, Pam?" He asked as he twisted the cap, and then started to dump the gasoline out onto her. She screamed then, realizing what he was doing as he soaked her, and then backed away, leaving a trail that wound through the dead plants, toward the entrance to the garden. "Yeah, that's right, you figured it out. I don't even have to say it. I'd say I'll see you around, Pam, but well, we both know that's a lie." He waved then, and turned, flicking the half smoked cig away behind him. He heard a soft sizzle, and then a sharp intake of air as a rush of heat swept away from where he'd been standing. Her screams grew louder, but everyone knew to stay away from Ivy's garden. No one came as he left, the orange flames licking up the trees, reaching for the sky.

By the time the Gotham Fire Department arrived, it was too little too late. They could simply contain the blaze, keep it from spreading out of the gardens to other buildings, but it roared away inside the grounds, turning everything that had once been there - including Poison Ivy herself - to ash.


Android 18 was once feared by millions. Show the world why she's not worth a damn any more.


File: 1574587472774.png (123.73 KB, 1280x720, 6AA04137-7970-4A15-BF4E-C2….png)

Android 18 awoke strapped to what seemed to be an operating table. In the middle of a clearing in front of a crowd. And completely naked. Next to her stood a somewhat stocky figure with thick red glasses, grey skin, and conical horns. Behind the strange woman was a gallows. Looking down at her, the woman suddenly kneels and licks Android 18’s cheek. Getting back up, the woman says “YOUR3 4W4K3. L3TS G3T TO TH3 FUN P4RT!”.

Walking around the table and in front of the crowd, the woman introduces herself to the crowd as Teresa Pyrope. She then goes on a long spiel about why everyone was here today, justice, how justice is important, and Android 18’s various crimes. During the spiel, Android 18 tried to escape by testing the strength of her binds, finding them resistant to all of her attempts. Once her spiel is done, Terezi presents a coin to the crowd saying “H34DS SH3 L1V3S. T41LS SH3 D13S.”. Android 18 can hear many murmuring among the otherwise chanting crowd about how Terezi is blind and won’t know which side is which.

After a few seconds, Terezi flips the coin into the air. It gets about ten seconds of air time before landing in Android 18’s open left palm. Inspecting the coin reveals heads. A favorable flip. Terezi walks over to Android 18 and unsheathes a sword that was disguised as a walking stick that she was carrying and positioning it over one of her restrained legs.

Android 18 immediately objected, stating that the coin had landed on heads, thereby guaranteeing her freedom. Terezi inspects both of 18’s palms, taking the coin. After a few seconds and Android 18 shouting that she be freed because the coin landed on heads, Terezi simply asks “CO1N? WH4T CO1N? 1 DON’T S33 4 CO1N.”. The moment she said that, a little memory at the back of Android 18’s head said “She’s blind, remember?”.

In one swift motion, Terezi sliced off Android 18’s left leg as easily as one cuts butter. The woman’s piercing screams energized the crowd, which started going absolutely wild at the sight of Android 18’s blood. Doing the same with her other leg and her hands, Terezi walked up to 18’s lower half and pointed the blade at her crotch. Android 18’s pleas to Terezi for her to not do what she was about to do fell on deaf ears as Terezi slapped 18 hard enough to bruise. Then, Terezi stuck the blade into 18’s vagina. It pierced her cervix, going all the way up and piercing her womb and small intestine, eliciting a high-pitched, drawn-out scream from 18. Effortlessly lifting up her sword with the impaled Android 18 on it, Terezi walked over to the gallows and put 18’s head in one of the loops. With one last plea for mercy from Android 18, Terezi effortlessly slid the blade out of 18’s body, causing her to fall into the noose.

As Terezi tightened the noose and listened to the now frenzied cries from the crowd, Terezi walked back to her quarters, which were below ground to get some rest. After drinking an entire bottle of Faygo, Terezi passed out on her couch, drifting off to sleep.


You were hiding in Terezi’s closet when she fell asleep. You had been dreaming to do whatever you truly wanted with her for quite some time, but you never had the chance to do it. Until now. She’s sleeping. Wide open. A sitting duck.




Was there supposed to be anything in this box, anon?


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I see. Still waiting for Terezi to die.


File: 1576206183360.jpg (78.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It was time to strike, and Ebony was ready to do so… why she had chosen to wait in the closet for her selected livestock to slaughter was more of her own desire to write down a few alterations she would have to try to recipes than anything else.

Since they were close to a recording set, she had considered making a show out of it to educate others on how to prepare and cook whatever species this Terezi was, but she decided against it.

She was hungry after all.

With her prey asleep, she emerged from the closet causally. There was no need to rush. Even if she woke up, Ebony would be able to catch up in no time.

She made her way to bed her prey slept on, and, with practiced ease, placed one hand over Terezi's nose and the other over her mouth; beginning the slow process of suffocation.

As her prey began to stir away, she would very quickly find that Ebony would not and could not be moved through struggling, gripping, attacking, slashing, cutting… Ebony was an eldritch monster that could not be harmed by conventional means.

Terezi's panic grew in one last effort to break free, and then slowly ceased, the light in her eyes fading as Ebony began to countdown until she was completely out cold.

When that was finished, Ebony snapped Terezi's neck, her head turning 90 degrees to the right… and then continuing in a clockwise direction, the neck and spine twisting and crackling and tearing until, finally, off the head came, and then down Ebony's throat, her mouth stretching unnaturally to accommodate the meal.

"Mmm. Tasty."

Next, she pulled the body up, the blood splattering on her body being absorbed by her skin, and began taking Terezi's body apart. Bone by bone, meat by meat, organ by organ, until all that was left was a headless body of skin and muscle.

Happy with her progress and meal, Ebony examined the body and nodded approvingly.

"Great! Now I have a body to stuff for dinner tomorrow! I'm thinking honey roast duck recipe. I hope my patrons will like it!"

DC's got a new animated series and I am loving it!
Harley Quinn has heard the news that her partner, Ivy, has gone missing. Unsure what to do, she's begun taking leading only to wind up on the phone with you and desperate to believe anything.
Time to finish the Clown Princess of Crime.


Actually, I just watched episode 3. Instead of Harley making a desperate call, let's have you calling her, selling yourself as a henchman, but you will be her assassin instead.

Hehe. Seems more fun anyway.


File: 1576752930749.png (86.22 KB, 1280x720, F360DFF0-99E1-4F8A-B424-61….png)

After a few minutes of trying to contact one of her more trusted henchmen, the phone was picked up. The voice on the other end sounded almost exactly like one of her henchmen, and the voice instructed Harley to meet with them by a warehouse that she frequented when hiding out when Batman was hot on her tail. Figuring it was serious, she made her way to the warehouse, only to see that it was empty. A feeling of unease came over the clown princess of crime, with an eerie silence in the entire building. As she explored for a bit, she could feel as if she was being watched.

Upon entering a room, someone hiding behind the door slammed a croquet mallet into her face. Hard enough to make her go unconscious.

When she awoke, she was completely naked, strapped to a chair, had a ball gag in her mouth, and something large inside of her ass. A firm clench with her lower intestines confirmed her suspicions; a monstrously-sized dildo. A bright light shone down on her from a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. A camera on a tripod was placed in front of her. From the blinking light, she knew that it was recording. After a few seconds, a horrific sight strolled in from her left. And this sight? A tall Caucasian woman in blood-soaked medical scrubs, black pants, and a mask heavily resembling a character she saw in an anime movie. The woman kneeled down in front of the camera, cheerily saying "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to tonight's show! Where you, the players, decide the entertainment for your twisted pleasure! Our special guest for this week is the clown princess of Gotham City, Harley Quinn!” The instant she said that, the realization of what was happening to Harley hit her like a ton of bricks.

She was the main attraction of a red room.

The woman then listed off Harley’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and love interests in a stoic manner that set the already budding fear inside her belly deeper. The woman then turned to Harley and said simply “Now. Let us begin the show!”. A man in a similar mask wheeled in a pair of carts. The first cart was full of medical tools before leaving. They all looked as if they were recently washed. On the bottom tray of the cart was a laptop displaying what Harley could only assume was a live chat. They seemed to be urging the woman to cut Harley’s neck. The second one was empty. The woman kneeled down in front of the first, read the comments, then picked up a scalpel. Struggling in her restraints, Harley tried to escape her predicament to no avail. Pressing the blade into her neck, the woman made a thin, precise slash across Harley’s throat. Surprisingly, the cut wasn’t deep enough to slash her throat open. And the woman didn’t stop there. She cut out a square of skin from Harley’s neck and set it on the second cart. The agony of the procedure made Harley cry, with mascara already running down her cheeks like black raindrops on a window. The woman looked back at the chat again. They were urging her to salt the wound.

Walking away for a second, she brought out a salt shaker. She unscrewed the cap and dumped the entire thing onto the open wound on Harley’s neck. The piercing, muffled scream that came out of Harley’s bound mouth was rapidly reduced to nothing more than a whimper as the agony of the salt in her wound overwhelmed her mind.

Many hours of grueling, comment fueled torture later, it became a wonder that Harley was still alive. On the second cart was the skin of her neck, her scalp, both of her breasts, her uterus and vagina with the hymen still intact, the ovaries crushed, the ball gag, and a muscle taken from her neck. Aside from the respective injuries on Harley Quinn, her belly was slit open and her ribs broken aside, revealing her organs and beating heart. The woman read the comments on her stream one last time. They had a vote earlier to decide how Harley would die. The decision was unanimous. A single stab to Harley’s heart. Her torturess took the scalpel, still wet with Harley’s blood, and stabbed it into her black heart. Her heart was literally black, spray painted that way by the comments. Harley tried to scream, but where was her voice? Gone. Reduced to nothing. Her vocal cords were removed, with her windpipe cut open. It took several minutes for Harley to finally bleed out. The woman then walked up to the camera, did a stereotypical “See you next week!” outro, and turned off the camera.

And thus, the Clown Princess of Gotham was no more.


Stelsa Sezyat has been wandering through the woods of planet Earth for about a day now. Forced to flee to Earth because of a poor decision she made, she was now utterly on her own, forced to leave her matesprit behind on Alternia. In the dead of night before dawn, she became fatigued and tired, her hair a mess. Finding what looked like a small isolated settlement, she laid down under a makeshift bench and fell fast asleep, deciding that she would explain herself when she woke up.

On Earth, the village she wandered into was isolated. Full of inbreds and hillbillies. Unknown to the USA for all of its history. Stelsa had just wandered right into the wolf’s den. Who knows what the village might do to her when they find her. Could the entire village rape her before using her violated body for gruesome entertainment, with her teal blood spilled day in and day out before finally succumbing? Or maybe they would do something far, far worse to her…



Waiting for death…


File: 1577865999560.jpg (343.34 KB, 600x900, 0cVcC0KmCwttq26Tis8FZuzL26….jpg)

With her slumbering away Stelsa failed to awake whilst members of the town moved her body into a wooded farmshed. She was rudely awakened as they nailed her blue limbs to a boarding cross-shaped resembling that of a crucifix. Her viscous foreign blood oozed and coated the board causing the townsfolk to yell out in horror.

“This creature don’t got blood in ‘er! Satan worked up a devil for us tonight!” The nailer spouted breaking through her ankles seamlessly. He spat into Stelsa terrified expression landing wads of it inside her eyelids. She yelled out in her own tongue forcing the man to place wads of rags drenched in alcohol into her open maw. She struggled in her confinement however this achieved only added torment from the movement of her wounds.

The beer bellied individuals sang prayer around the crucifix, preparing her body ceremoniously by coating it with freshly distilled ale. Her struggles had subsided for a while now as she stared down at the group bewildered with permanent shock attached to her expression.

At once the choir of voices silenced as the seemingly leader of the village brought out a pre lit lantern from outside. He swiftly shattered the glass fire across her forehead instantly setting her ablaze. Her panicked struggles resurfaced as her skin ignited from the alcohol that she was previously coated in. Stelsa felt as her blue flesh charred and melted leaving parts of her alien skeletal structures revealed. As her throat was burned through her screams her replaced with painful gurgles and then a harsh silence aside from the chars of the fire. Her corpse raged on into the night as the town left it on display as a reminder that devils still walk amongst them.

She was done 5 years ago at this point but she is my favorite character so I would appreciate seeing Riven as the next victim. A day on the rift going sour for her with your choice of champion to eviscerate her is all I request.


File: 1585849177928.jpg (150.01 KB, 850x1328, pu3jYiR.jpg)


Riven push her lane, without wards towers, or any vision. she farms happily as she could, even she already fed the enemy toplaner, he is now busy on the drake. Riven heards a creppy sound and a presence approaching her, she tries to run and jump over the walls, but its too late. Its Pyke. Riven fell his knife pierce her spine. She lost her leg movements. Riven is pulled back onto Pyke. Pyke jumps to use his ultimate on Riven, defensless.
Pyke hits the ground, with his kinfe on Riven's throat.
But Pyke is not satisfied.
He pulls his knife even more against Riven neck and behead her. He cuts her arms and legs. For last. he opens her belly. put his hand inside her guts and pull out her heart. Pyke take off his mask and eat Riven's heart in one bite. Pyke stab his knife on Riven's head, take his dick off and start fucking Riven's throat. Pyke cums inside her throat, and white ,hot cum drips from her mouth.

This is Minamoto no raikou, i never really liked her, but her boos are amazing an I would love to see how u guys can use them after beating her.


File: 1585946017169.jpg (283.75 KB, 1125x2000, magallan bikini.jpg)


The enemy servant was a real bitch. I originally considered sparing Raikou after the battle, but after she killed my favorite servant, Okita, there was no room for mercy left in me. I was out for vengeance, and Raikou was going to get the worst of it.

I started by having my remaining servants force her into a kneeling position in front of Okita's headless corpse. That served two purposes: to remind her of her sins and show her what she was about to get. After borrowing a sword of Caesar, I walked up to her, put the blade against her neck, and watched her squirm.

"Time to get what you deserve," I said.

"No, please!" Raikou begged. Huh, who knew berserkers could cry like that? Too bad that wasn't going to save her. I slowly moved the blade into her neck, listening to her screams become louder and louder until she started gasping for air. The noises stopped suddenly when the blade went through her bone. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and her mouth fell open, dead.

I pushed the blade through until her head fell cleanly off her body. Now it was time for some fun. No way I was letting the bitch get away that easily.

I sat on Raikou's corpse and stripped her of her clothes, revealing her massive boobs. Damn. I was surprised I managed to kill her before she collapsed from the size of her tits. I started to rub my dick in her breasts, at the same time kissing her severed head. After I finished, I let each of my servants have a turn. Once Raikou was used enough, we left her severed head between her boobs and took pictures to post on the internet.

Here is Magallan, ready to enjoy her summer. Too bad for her, it's about to be her last. Finish her!

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