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We haven't had one of these sincethis new site. Kill the girl(s) posted earlier.

First post sets the tone so starting with someone traditional. You've defeated Cammy White. Finish her!
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I will not ignore it. I make it faint with a single attack. Typhlosion uses Ember. She's shocked to see me, having thought she was alone. Surely some guard would've alerted her. My pokemon army has already slept them.

Now she has none and I summon several giant snakes at once. Rayquaza, Arbok, Onix (not you Onix), and Gyrados, all stand in front of her. I like snakes. Which should get to eat her? I drench her. Gyrados has fun tossing her around and using water torture. Of course, Arbok has his place... in her vagina. And ass. But he leaves her body.

So that Dugtrio can enter every orifice as Onix holds her over each head poppnig from the ground. Her spin is close to breaking, giving head, tails, and pussy to each part of the same pokemon. Dugtrio starts popping up and down rapidly like moles like your opponents in wack-a-mole. She's curved down and held tightly. Arbok keeps her legs spread, being a live spradbar. Rayuaza electrifies her, coursing pain through her body.

Her pleas fall on deaf or uncaring ears. Her feet burn from Typhlosion more and more. But oh her scrumptious ass. Left side, fire. Right, lightning. Her mouth is held open and water courses in. Dugtrio leaves so that her sweet pussy can be shot with poison sting.

Rayquaza uses confusion on her, and she runs wildly, screaming into the ocean. Gyrados is the snake that gets to her this time, first dragging her down so she drowns, grabbing her ass and trying to breathe. Don't pout, Arbok, you've been spoiled and usually eat them. Let the others have a go now and then.


You forgot to post the next target, so unless you do, I guess the previous one is still up. (I may get to her some time today/tomorrow if no one else has in the meantime)


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Just gonna help out and throw out three versions of Gwen from Ben Ten. You managed to be her three times, have fun.


"Your Omniwhatever won't save you now..!" I growl the last words, then laugh. Her brother is dead three times, heaped in a pile. The nexus is still warm from the battle that raged, but their energy attacks were negated entirety here, and I'm a superior combatant next to lucky fools who won the lotto.

As a semishapeshifter, I've several snakes from my warp-mutated upper right arm grappling the three naked girls.
"You really gave it your all. But it just made it easier for me, having your powers negated and your clothes shredded. All here. Hahahhahahaha" Some long wormy tentacles slither up Gwen's 3 assholes. Others, more leathery, whip and sting her asses. Their struggling only appetizes my minions.

I have fun toying with them over the next week as I corrupt the nexus into my personal dominion. Her Hell. Bugs hatch and crawl from their cute butts.

Utilising super ancient alien technologies, I trap Gwen's mind from each of her 3 bodies, then kill them. First, I slice one belly open and the same body's neck immediately next. The tallest body struggles in my limbs as she bleeds to death. The next body is drizzling in acid vomit, and my upper left arm ejects a plasma spewer. After days of maggots and other vermin devouring living meat, the middle height Gwen is eliminated by strangulation. My vines choke her as plasma lines run up and down her body and worms crawl out of it.

The youngest is held by her thighs, upside down midair. Kerosene is drizzled on her hands, feet, and ass. Her flying dance is beautiful. I make sure the other 2, already trapped in the mind-machine, get a great perception of every dimension of their youngest's suffering as she joins them.


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File: 1533404504706.jpg (119.07 KB, 800x800, a5319c06afac3a7372d22b72fe….jpg)

I tie the cat girl down to a table, then take a knife and cut a long vertical slice down, from her clavicle to her pubic mound. I nail the two flaps of skin and flesh to the table, and methodically strip her of every organ in her chest cavity. I cut off the head to take to a taxidermist later, and discard the rest.

Here's Gazelle, now that you've successfully defeated her, she's at your mercy. How will you finish her?


She's tied spread-eagle to the ceiling, swaying midair with her arms and legs angled away from her.

I slice a semicircle under the skin of her pubes, then slice 2 long lines from it to just below her boobs. I tie it to a bar above her face so she must look at it.
Next, just above her belly button, I cut 2 more lines across her ribs, except these are angled. I slowly yank the skin-ribbon away and let it dangle off her side. I do the same for her other side, and she he 2 wings, like a bird trapped.

Next, I pour kerosene over some old fallen branches I've placed below her.

Before I ignite her final demise, I interview her. I ask her about her sex life and her family and where she grew up. Did her parents hit her? Was she ever raped? What size cock did she most prefer? What was her most demented fetish?
I hurt her the whole while, prodding her both verbally and with a rusty pitchfork. Especially in her ass.

I shove a large funnel in her mouth, binding it to her with a mound of tape on her lips around it. I pour endless jars of my urine, feces and cum that I've saved in jars just for her. I can her hear gargling. Puking it back up and eating it again.

Finally I tell her I'll light her when I finish my smoke. She watches me, trying to speak but only regurgitating her next meal. I tickle her pussy and her sides just above her hips with the lit end when I'm not puffing. I can tell she wonders when this might end, dreading what's next even more than she's hoping to die already.

I check to make sure the fire is going to be larger at her ass end. Don't want it to finish too quickly. She panics more and more as she sees my cigar crawl shorter. I disappear from her sight, maybe she can see me in her peripheral. I stand at her ass and say "well my smoke break is finished. Are you ready for Hell?" and drop the ember on the pooling firesauce below her.


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Since last poster didn't leave a follow up girl, I'll leave one.

Mikado sensei was walking around the empty school, naked at night... At least she thought the school was empty...

Finish Her


File: 1533956535954.png (404.71 KB, 500x1086, 896ceabefad364722a35f2f80c….png)

Mikado slid to a stop as she rounded a corner. It was a dead end, in more ways than one. I unsheath my katana. She holds up her trembling hands, and pleads with me in Japanese. I simply walk up to the terrified woman. I unleash the sword on her with a zigzag motion, cutting off her upraised hands and separating her head from her torso. I feel a shower of hot blood spray my face as her rapidly beating heart pumps in panic. Her headless corpse crumples to the ground surrounded by a rapidly speading pool of blood. I pick up her head and gently close her wide open eyes, then place her head on her pert breasts.

You've defeated Kino and disarmed her of her persuaders. Finish her!


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Kino looks around in awe, seemingly unable to come to terms with her own situation. But that wasn't my problem, not at all. A sinister grin spreads on my face as I grab her neck and squeeze it, taking pleasure in watching her gasp and choke for air before I let up, but she let out a different cry of pain. Pinning her against the wall, I had already gotten my cock out of my pants while strangling her, and now I had forced myself deep inside of her.

"The small ones are the best, you know," I taunted as she whimpered and cried in pain with each thrust. I kept thrusting, harder and harder as I produced a knife from my belt, ramming it into her stomach, feeling the warm rush of blood wash over my hips, running down my legs. The only thing that matched her screams of agony were my moans of pleasure as I widened the gash, pulling out of her as I watched coils of intestine slide out of the gash, hitting the floor with a sickeningly satisfying wet slap.

As soon as she slumped to the ground, twitching and gasping, my seed was added to the mix as I sprayed on her exposed guts. Leaning down, I kissed her lips before ramming my knife into her heart.

Another day, another victim.

This is a young woman named Eli. She's 20 years old, lives alone and single. She's a little too trusting and you find her leaving a convenience store very late at night as you drive by. The timing couldn't be better! Finish her!



>>4234 (excuse my double posting I didn't mean to hit enter yet! Same for the other one blaggghhhhh)
I just found out today I have only a year to live. It's multiplying and there's no cure. The tumor will eat my brain. Facts are facts. Hope is stupid.

There she is. I've always been a good man. I've suffered so others can be OK. I gave so much... What does she do? She just opposes me on everything, though she's certainly sweet.
If I live, if I find a cure tomorrow, will I regret it? I'm a wealthy man I can get off. I'll bribe a judge. Fuck it.

I jumped out of my car and just started beating her. She was easy to take along. I didn't expect myself to do that. Such an impulsive decision. And she just accepted it? Didn't she knowwww? You're supposed to fight and run away. Does she think I'm an agent because of my suit and tie? Fuck it.

I didn't think that would be successful, but I didn't think it would fail. I just didn't think, at all. Well I came this far. Fuck it.

And now she's in my car. Not bound or anything, just crying and looking at the door. She glances at me, crying and bruised.
"Why? Waht idd I do waht will you do please don't hurt me please I don't wana d-" SMACK "shut up!" I scratch my forehead. "Just shut the fuck up." Maybe if she thinks I'll let her live... yes...
I have money!" "I have more money than you." "What do you want??"
"Are you a virgin?"
"... Y.. Yes.."
"you've never done anything...?"
"I've kissed... once. And I..." She was calm but wide eyed and humiliated more than scared now. "I sometimes. I mah.. st. ir. baate..." She cringed so hard at herself. She was a guilty person.
"You're going to lose your virginity to me. Take off your pants." She hesitated and just stared at me so I punched her. It took so much skin off. My knuckles really cut into her face. She was bleeding a small river.
She complied and crying, took off her pants and sat in her panties. "those too." "WAAHAAhG!"


I'm sorry that was just awful. I got hungry


File: 1534633701840.jpg (1.05 MB, 1380x2050, bbfa249c7ee4819bc0eb14ef85….jpg)

You defeated this trainer, and deemed the money she gave inadequate.


File: 1534924684119.png (4.13 MB, 2832x2004, 8a16e9c01fb57aa7348ddd58a4….png)

Putting the next one at the top so it's beside the picture: Sarah (left) and Lucy (right). (If whoever takes this one has an issue with loli, just ignore Sarah entirely and only do the mum) After breaking into this single mum's home and raping her and her daughter, you can't leave any witnesses. Finish them!



“Nice job, Hydreigon, return!”

“You gave your best, Lapras, take a rest.” We both recall out Pokémon and the green-haired girl walks over to me to shake my hand. “A shame I lost. But well fought.”

“You too.” However my smile quickly falls into a frown as she rummages through her bag for the prize money, only to hand me a handful of coins that total ₽300 at best. “Is that all? After the 5-Pokémon fight we just had?” That bit of pocket change doesn't even make up for the potions I'll have to use on my team if I don't want to make my trip right back to the last Pokémon Centre.

“Look, I'm sorry, but I'm seriously broke right now, I had a whole bunch of losses recently.”

“Sucks to be you, really.” I take a moment to look over her; black minishorts, a rather form-fitting white tank top, and a fancy red and yellow jacket. Looks just about my size too. “How's about your jacket, then? That would about make up for it.”

“What? No! That was way more expensive!”

“Too bad. You beat up half of my team, and while I'm always one for a good fight, there needs to be some compensation to the victor. Unless you wanna take that up with my Hydreigon.” What she doesn't need to know is that I raised that one from the day it hatched, so it's perfectly tame, and actually a little bit of a softie. ...Which is not to say that the huge three-headed dragon wouldn't tear her head clean off if I asked it to.

The other girl... what was her name again, she did introduce herself before the battle... Brooke, right. Brooke backs away from me a little, flinching as her back suddenly hits the wall of the cave. “W-well, if you were a boy there's something I could do with you, but you're a girl too, so...”

Ooh, this is gonna be even better than I thought. “Then you're in luck, because I'm only into other girls. So there's your opportunity to pay me.”

“R-really? Sorry, but I'm not...”

“Aw, don't be like that.” I step a little closer to Brooke, making her back into a corner even more. “It's no big deal if it's just two girls, and it's still better than having some guy stick his dick into you. And besides, this clearly beats the alternatives, doesn't it?”

“W-well, okay... What should I do?” Brooke concedes with a sigh after a few seconds. That jacket must be pretty expensive.

“Know what? Why should I be the only one who gets to enjoy herself. I'll even let you go first.” I move yet closer to Brooke, running my hand up her thigh and over her crotch, her shorts tight enough for me to vaguely feel the seams of her panties through it, then over her stomach before squeezing one of her breasts. They're nice and firm, big enough but not too big, and as I realise she isn't wearing a bra, I start playing with her nipple, as Brooke first shudders and tries to get away, but then lets out a gasp.

“N-no, I'm not... Stop it!”

“...I insist.” My faux sweet tone holds enough of a threat that Brooke gives in, probably thinking things would only get worse if she tries to fight, and just looks away, closing her eyes as I pull down her shorts a little to reveal plain dark red panties. I slide one hand up under her shirt to start playing with her breasts, her nipples quickly getting hard from the stimulation, and as my other reaches into the seam of her panties, Brooke starts silently sobbing, the tears quickly dripping down her cheeks and leaving small spots on her white top. Just lovely.

“Come on, just relax. Try to enjoy yourself.” I know she isn't, and she's not going to, but that just makes it better, really. I briefly push a finger into her pussy, eliciting another gasp and a shameful whimper from Brooke, before I start rubbing her clit, and within minutes she just can't stop her body's reaction, getting deliciously wet, her cheeks flush in both arousal and shame, and her breath growing faster.

I don't know if Brooke is just really bad at controlling herself, or if she's even trying and not just letting it happen as fast as possible so it will be over, but it takes only a few minutes more of my attention before she's shuddering and gasping with every other breath, biting her lips to not moan out loud, all the while still faintly crying. But regardless of the reason, it just takes me picking up my speed a little and pushing two fingers deep into her to make her cum just a little later, letting out a high-pitched moan before quickly covering her mouth with her hands, muffling the rest of her climax as her body shivers in orgasm and she squirts all over my hand and her panties.

After a good handful of seconds I pull my hands out of her clothes and Brooke sinks against the wall, panting heavily, but rather quickly catching herself, pulling up her shorts and adjusting her clothes as she still doesn't look at me, wiping the tears from her face. “N-now what? Should I do that to you too?”

I leisurely lick my fingers clean of Brooke's – admittedly rather sweet – juice before answering. “You're gonna do something a little different for me.” Opening my skirt to drop it around my ankles, I pull down my panties to show my, by this point clearly wet, pussy. “Get on your knees, you have to eat me out.”

“B-but that means...”

“Yeah, you're gonna lick my pussy, is that so hard? ...And besides, I showered just this morning, so it's not even gonna be as gross as some of the guys you probably sucked off before, right?”

Brooke doesn't protest, so it looks like my assumption was kind of right, and after a few moments she hesitantly kneels in front of me, taking several more seconds before slowly licking my pussy, making me gasp a little as her tongue brushes over my clit. However while that trepidation is kind of funny at first, she keeps only carefully licking the outside of my pussy, it's gonna take forever for me to cum like this. “Come on, show some effort. You had some guy do this for you before, right? Just do the same things he did that you enjoyed.”

It takes Brooke a few moments, but then she starts to speed up a little, pushing her tongue deeper into my pussy, and more directly licking and sucking my clit; that's better. Actually... “Hang on.” I pause her a little bit later, and Brooke looks up with a confused expression. “Take off that top, would you? I'd love to see your tits.”

“W-what? I-”

“Come on, now. It's just between us two girls. And besides, getting to see your sexy tits might just make me cum a bit faster too.”

Brooke doesn't really seem to buy that, but she complies, taking off her jacket and top to free her very nicely-shaped breasts, before putting her open jacket back on, which admittedly is in a way sexier than if she were completely bare. As Brooke resumes eating me out, I let out a long moan, starting to quietly rummage through my bag, and she doesn't even notice me taking out an Escape Rope and tying one of its ends into a simple loop before managing to throw it over an exposed girder in the ceiling, somehow without Brooke even noticing.

All the while she continues eating me out, and while it still doesn't feel like her heart is really in it, Brooke is doing a good enough job and, combined with the thought of what I'm gonna do to her afterwards, I cum in short order as well, not even bothering to try and hold in my moans as I briefly support myself on Brooke's shoulders, pressing her face against my pussy as I squirt all over her. While I'm still winding down, Brooke hastily gets up, wiping the mess of her slightly flush face, looking like she's about to leave; I need to be quick.

“Just... one more thing.” That's at least enough to make her pause, so with one hand I pull her closer to me by her shoulder, while the other suddenly pulls the noose over her head, completely blindsiding her.

“Huh? What is- No, don-” She realises just in time, but already far too late, as I grab the other end of the rope with both hands and lean into it with my full weight, lifting her several centimetres off the ground and cutting her panicked scream short. Brooke immediately starts struggling, kicking, twisting and trying to pull at the rope around her neck, and while this show is just lovely to watch, it's also making it really hard to keep holding her; I'm a little taller and stronger than her, but apparently it's not enough, no way my arms are gonna hold out long enough for her to die.

But it's not like I don't have something up my sleeve. Briefly wrapping the rope around one hand, I can free up the other long enough to pull out one of my Pokéballs. “Golem, come out!” With a cry the massive Rock Pokémon appears, and I nod my head towards the rope. “Be a dear and hold this, will you?” Golem nods and effortlessly holds the end of the rope in one, briefly looking at Brooke's half-naked struggling form before seeming to just shrug and turn to the wall, and poking at it with its other hand, looking for some interesting rocks to eat.

My arms now freed up, I rub my reddened palms and stinging upper arms for a moment before giving Brooke my undivided attention. She's still hanging on, desperately fighting, her pain and fear showing in her tear-stained face as her eyes are still pleading for mercy. But that's obviously not happening, instead I lean against and just watch her struggle as the life slowly drains from her.

Brooke's face is slowly turning first red, then bluish from her lack of oxygen as her struggles first ramp up in desperation before quickly starting to lose almost all their power until she's only weakly twitching and gasping, I don't think she's gonna last much longer. But in fact it takes a couple more minutes of delicious suffering for Brooke to die, her body only swaying lightly but otherwise motionless as a dark spot becomes faintly visible on the front of her shorts, the urine dripping down her legs and onto the floor, the sight almost enough to make me cum again already.

In the meantime Golem has found some chunk of ore or so it's leisurely chewing on, so after telling it to drop Brooke, I let it finish its meal while I play with Brooke's breasts for a little, if this were somewhere more private, I probably would be having my way with her body for a few hours, but while this cave is pretty empty, I don't wanna push my luck either. Going through her pockets and bag, Brooke really didn't have any more money other than some spare change, nor anything else worthwhile.

That jacket is still pretty neat, though, even if I'll probably have to wash it first. I lift Brooke's upper body to take off her jacket, then recall Golem and turn to go, just leaving the body there, someone or something is surely gonna make some kind of use out of it.


File: 1534938333655.jpg (75.55 KB, 612x408, victim.jpg)

You find Tilly, fallen asleep in front of her studies. She’s been quite active, in demonstrating in a large Cooperation’s business, and it’s time she shuts up. Finish her.


I’d been stalking the Malverick Summer House for quite a while now, and knew that it would be worth the risk. I am no penny-pocket thief, and knew Malverick’s rich tastes, had filled his Summer Vacation House up with several valuable items. I had even seen the movies put one of said items in. A 1940’ies painting, by some painter I didn’t know, but I knew the painting well enough, my fence having explained in quite detail. My fence would pay a little extra, if I managed to bag that picture.
Only problem was, that even after Malverick left the Vacation home, to return to work, his trophy wife seemed to stick around. I would have to silence her, or try to make off with the items, without her noticing.

Of course, this was going to be harder, than expected. After pulling up in my rented van, to the isolated, Beach House, and breaking the locks open, I found Lucy Malverick, asleep in the lounging room with the large painting hanging on the wall. I groaned softly, as I made my way into the room, crouching down with my eyes focusing on the young woman. I pouted lightly, contemplating the situation, as a stir grew in my underwear. A trophy wife, indeed, the woman lay asleep in her tight, nearly translucent pyjamas, barely able to contain those massive breasts of hers. I licked my lips, looking out the massive windows of the lounging room, over the beach, reminding him just how isolated this place was. I cracked my neck, and made my decision, to have himself a bit of fun, with the whole situation.

My black leather gloves cracked slightly, as I moved my strong body over Lucy’s, and tightened the hand over the woman’s lips. The tight press of my hand quite uncomfortable, woke the woman up fast, and her green eyes blinked open in a panic. I hushed her silently, my other hand pressing the cold steel of my switchblade against Lucy’s neck, as she dropped the book she’d been reaching, raising her hands defensively.
“Hush, now.. Fight back too much, and this might be your last night, in this beautiful house… And then you certainly wouldn’t inherit any of that dough of Malverick’s…” I grinned, Lucy raising her hands defensively, as she let out a muffled whimper, from below my glove. She raised her hands defensively, as tears started streaking down her face, and on to the soft pillow of the couch.
“Good girl…” I whispered in a hiss, as I moved the knife down the woman’s body, letting it’s sharp edge play over Lucy’s massive mounts, cutting the fabric between them. I didn’t stop, the knife making it’s way down her curved frame, a small cut even drawing a bit of blood, right next to her naval, making her cry out silently. The cry only made my chuckle, as I move the knife inside her gown, cutting it open from the inside, moving both my hands to my pants. The woman obediently remained quite, only a few low cries leaving her, as she watched me in horror.
“P.. Please.. J.. Just take what you want, d.. Don’t.. Do this.. I haven’t seen your face, a.. And I can say I slept through it..” Lucy pleaded, referring to the black mask I was wearing, still concealing my face. Little chance of that happening, at this point, I was far too aroused to ignore the calling of my crotch.

Releasing my throbbing member, I moved over Lucy’s body again, I positioned myself quickly, before burying my long member inside Lucy’s curvaceous frame. She was surprisingly tight, for a trophy wife, and I groaned with the first entry, having no interest in wasting time. Lucy whimpered, doing a surprisingly good job, of staying quite. I wondered just why, she decided to be that quite. I didn’t really care that much, considering the isolation of the house, but I didn’t complaint. Her sweet, pleading, silent whimpers, was still enough to keep me going. I started thrusting wildly into her, the claps of our bodies growing with intensity, as my adrenaline started pumping. I groaned silently, as her cries grew in intensity, my knife accidentally causing a tiny bit more bloodshed on Lucy’s neck. Lucy pinched her eyes shut, her tears streaming down her face at this point, as she bit her lips closed, keeping her shapely legs still, and spread around me on the couch. Her obedience was quite surprising, at this point.

Until, of course, I heard her. Behind me, a low voice called out for her mother, as a little girl walked out of the hallway, leading to the bedrooms inside. Lucy gasped loudly, looking towards the little girl, who was yawning behind her hand, when her eyes grew in horror at the scene in the lounging room.
“Hello there.. Stay.. Right there…” I said loudly, about to get up, out of the couch, pulling out of Lucy’s clenching hole.
“No! Run, Sarah, run!” Lucy screamed, reaching her arms up to grab on to my torso, starting to fight quite wildly to keep me down. Of course, my core body strength was far superior to hers, so I rather easily got to my feet, but accidentally pulled her right with me.
“Fucking… Let go!” I screamed angrily, trying to push Lucy off for a moment, before I got my left arm free, quickly socketing a fist to the side of Lucy’s face. The woman staggered, her arms still tightening a grip of my right arm, as her daughter seemed to rush off. I wriggled my right arm a bit, before smacking another fist to her face, Lucy crying out in pain, as her arms gave way enough for mine to get lose. Lucy fell over, but not before grabbing my leg as well, and I sneered loudly, as I kicked her off.
“Fucking.. Stop, woman!” I shout angrily, stepping to her side, kicking her harshly in the stomach, sending a scream of pain from her, as she curled together on the floor.

Now free to hunt the little girl, I did, and a short game of hide, and seek started. Luckily for me, the young girl wasn’t too creative, picking the kitchen as her hiding spot, and her hitched breath was even louder than the cries of her mother in the lounging room. Pulling open a cabinet, I found the screaming girl inside, and sneered as I grabbed her hair, pulling her out.
“Bad idea to run… You girls, are just getting me more, and more excited!” I growled at the girl, tossing her against the large middle table of the kitchen by her hair, plopping her up on it. I couldn’t quite see what age this girl was, but I was fairly sure she was underaged, and quite inexperienced, as she started trying to turn. My large hand on her spine easily kept her down, as only her legs could now help to try and stop me. I easily outpower her legs, positioning myself behind her, quickly finding my prey. I wasn’t gentle, as I pushed myself inside her unused body, groaning deeply as I stretch her widely around me, provoking even more painful screams, and whimpers, then that of her mother. Hot blood helped to warm my throbbing cock inside the young girl, as I started thrusting angrily inside of her. It didn’t take many thrusts, before the girl was hurt bad enough, to stop most of her fighting.
Luckily enough, because her mother had made it up from the floor, now rushing into the room.
“You monster!” She gasped, when she entered the room, quickly going for the largest kitchen knife I’d ever seen, and I quickly stepped away from the table, to defend myself. Lucy ran towards me aggressively, stabbing out for my body quite sloppily, making it easy enough for me to lead her attack out of the way. My right hand grabbed Lucy by the neck, and quite easily lifted her off the floor, as my left hand held on tight to the wrist with the knife in her hand. She choked for a moment in my grip, before I smashed her down on the hard wood table, the impact causing a cut in her scalp, and a moments daze. The daze was long enough for me to grab the knife from her hand, cutting my own in the process, tossing it aside.
“Bad.. Idea!” I shouted, as I brought out my own knife, and swung it downwards, to stab straight through the soft skin of her chest. A scream from Lucy’s longues were cut short, as she gasped, widening her eyes in shock, grabbing the hand I held the knife in. She started throwing hitched screams, as I easily freed my hand again, raising the knife for another stab, when her daughter reached out her arms to stop me. I easily powered through the young girls arms, and stabbed the knife into Lucy’s throat, causing a gurgle from the woman, as a spatter of blood left her mouth in a cough, covering the side of her daughter’s face. Sarah cried out, tears streaming down her face, as she tried to pull my arm away, and life started ebbing from Lucy’s eyes. I left my knife in Lucy’s throat, letting her body twitch, and convulse on the table, as I grabbed Sarah’s small body again, lifting her off the table, and preparing her for my cock again. I growled deeply, as I slammed my cock back inside the little girl, thrusting a few times, to the lament of her cries, and the wild wriggle of her arms.
My cock wouldn’t last much longer, and I reached my hands for the girls neck, tightening a grip around it, as I propped her on the table again. The girl gagged, and hitched for her breath, her hands frantically gripping for mine, to try and stop the hard grip of my hands. I underestimate my strength, soon hearing a low crack from her neck, as her eyes bulge, and the struggle turns to wild twitches of her body.
I thrust a few more times, before deciding I wanted some more, pulling my cock from the young girl, and moving her off the table. With a grip of her hair, and the back of her head, I position my cock for her lips, thrusting harsh, and deep inside of her. Her teeth clamped a bit down on my cock, prompting me to quickly retreat, and pull her back up. The young bones made it easy for my hand to reach in, and quickly crack her jaw, taking away that reflex form the twitching girl, only to lead her back down, and shove down her neck.
My semen was coming out the blanke eyed girl’s nose, before the batter of my balls had finished spraying into her, and I was completely satisfied, letting the girl’s body drop to her knees, leaning against the table.

Looking over my work, I decided to be in no more hurry that night. In between looking for valuable items, and bringing them to my van, I took time to please myself with the two beautiful bodies in the house, until their necks, and holes were filled quite neatly with a mix of my semen, and their own blood. It was interesting, how creative you could get, with a whole in a body’s neck.
I left the house that night, after emptying a few gallons of fuel around the kitchen, and setting a good fire to the place.

No witness’, and no evidence..


File: 1535209824171.jpeg (96.43 KB, 733x1090, IMG_1836.JPEG)

Tilly looked to have been drawing at the time, so I figured I'd have fun with this kill. I pick Tilly up from her equipment and decide to put my drawing skills to the test. It took a while until my masterpiece was complete.

I placed her back where she was and waited for her to wake up. In the mean time I admire the work I did on her computer and hope that she likes it too. By the time Tilly had woken up, she sees herself upon the computer, but instead of having her rest like she had it before, it showed of her being strangled as she stares into the computer. Before she could connect the dots, that's when I pull out the wire and start to strangle the confused girl.

"Do you like it?" I ask, "It took me a while but I knew you'd probably enjoy the inspiration I got from you." She couldn't answer as she was too busy struggling and gagging. Tilly's gags were very cute, and all she could do is just stare at my drawing of her. I wondered what were her last thoughts at the time, but it didn't matter at the end as she went limp. Just to make sure I snap her neck so she doesn't come back from that.

Before leaving I decide to take to Tilly's drawing equipment once more and draw her dead on her chair, exactly how she is at the moment in painstaking detail. After finishing I decide to give the poor girl a kiss as she seemed like a nice girl. After that I clean of her lips to avoid being caught from my DNA and wipe the scene off from any evidence that I was here.

You and Ela are the last operators standing, you've already completed the objective and it seems like Ela has surrendered and says to do with her whatever you want.

Finish Her


File: 1537337653768.png (358.16 KB, 525x690, 851aa6ec2528c1d681523210c7….png)

As I titty fucked Frost's bare breasts, my knife carved a deep gash through her throat. Blood gushed from her throat and her eyes fluttered shut one final time. Her body hung limply from the handcuffs binding her wrists and her torn clothes exposed countless cuts over her naked flesh. Next to her, the bodies of three other girls were stripped and mutilated in various other ways.

"You bastard!" My final remaining enemy cried. "We surrendered! You said you wouldn't hurt us!" Tears ran down her cheeks.

I gently took her face in my hand and looked her in the eyes. "Don't be naive Ela. We're warriors. There can only be victory or death." My knife came up and cut the entire front of her shirt open in one deft swipe, causing her to flinch back in surprise. My hands groped the soft flesh of her breasts and she struggled to get away, but the handcuffs binding her wrists to the chain above her head made her efforts futile.

My hands left her breasts only long enough to pull her pants and panties down to her ankles.

"No! No no no no! Please nnn-NNAAA!!" Ela's desperate please were cut off as my massive member roughly forced it's way into her tight pussy. THWACK! THWACK! THACK! Blood was already flowing freely from her sex. "Oh GOD! It hurts! Please stop!"

Tired of her cries, I lifted my blade to her throat. Her eyes widened in horror and she opened her mouth to beg, but before she could, I slashed her throat. Instead of words, blood spewed from her mouth and painted her tits a mesmerizing crimson. To prolong her death as long as possible, I intentionally missed her arteries and only cut her wind pipe. If her hands were free to stop the bleeding, she might have actually been able to survive this wound. Done with my knife, I plunge it into her muscular thigh.

Changing things up a bit, I move behind her and re-insert myself into her womanhood. Leaning close and licking her tears from her cheek, I whispered into her ear, "Brace yourself, this could sting a bit." Before the words could sink in, I shove her back forward until it is parallel with the ground. Two sickening crunchy pops sounded as her shoulders dislocate simultaneously as they wrenched in their sockets. Her sex tightens up on my cock and she tries to scream, but all that comes out is a spray of blood that paints Frost's placid face. In this position, my hard thrusts force her face into Frost's breasts again and again.

Digging my fingers into her ass, I pounded into her with as much force as I could muster. I was nearing my limit. "You've been a great slut, but I've got an extraction to catch." Her body convulsed. Even without her voice, it was clear she was crying. "Aw, don't worry baby, you won't get pregnant." The unmistakable sound rang out as I cocked my pistol. "I brought my protection."

Aiming my gun at her back, I slammed into her one last time, threw my head back and came hard. A spurt of my semen shot deep in her womb. BLAM! The firearm kicked back and a hollow-point pierced through her abdomen and created an exit wound large enough to allow her intestines to spill onto the floor. Spurt. BLAM! Another round pierced all the way through her right lung and came out the other side of her body. Spurt. BLAM! Another pierced her heart and left lung. Spurt. BLAM! The last round entered the back of her head and splattered her blood and brain chunks all over Frost's bare chest.

Panting heavily, I pulled my cock out of her limp form and spilled my semen down her leg. Spanking her ass and admiring her still-beautiful corpse, I declared, "GG."

Tess and Scarlet were busying themselves with fucking each other late at night. Their highschool was a perfect place for it because at this late hour, it was completely abandoned. Well, it normally was.... They were too distracted with each other to notice you approaching.


File: 1537351904301.jpg (113.71 KB, 880x1200, DZYFP80VoAAxmwR.jpg)

I come up from behind Tess and shove my cock in her pussy. In their confusion I draw a knife and hold it to her neck as I hold her in a headlock. I order Scarlet to lick my cock as I fuck her or her little girlfriend would get her throat sliced open.

After I cum inside Tess I'd cut off her head anyway. In her shock, Scarlet wouldn't be able to do anything as pinned her against the wall and had my way with her. She'd try to struggle but to no avail as I raped her young tight pussy. One of my hands would be choking her the whole time and when she falls unconscious I stop. I let her fall to the ground and carefully open up a hole in her skull with the knife. I finish her off by turning her brains into mush with my cock, using Tess's throat to clean up the brain matter before I pose their bodies in a way to welcome more cocks and have Tess's mouth taking the brains dripping from Scarlet's head.

This is Adri, she summons people from other worlds to fight for her. You get summoned by her but the spell preventing you from attacking her is malfunctioning.



I can feel it. Actually, I can't, I can feel its absence.
"Today... you're that unlucky one." I incinerate the heart of the Sasquatch attacking her, but she knows I'm talking to her. The blue-white beam last for a second, essentially slashing up as the yeti falls. Several scrawny goblins and a pair of trolls realize they bit off more than they can chew, but it's too late to run. I trap us all in a towering inferno. Several hundred feet into the air, the flames lick clouds. I know it can be seen for miles away, and though these are frequent sights where I live, I'm happy to give a unique view to so many.
The only spot that's not burning is within a light blue aura, an orb that flows like either slow electricity or water with special powders swaying through it. She eyes me.
"Please. I called you here for h-elp." She's so nervous. It's adorable.
"You shouldn't have summoned a demon. I can have your soul now, if I bring you with me."
"Please no! We can work soemthing-"
BZZT "Nothing personal." Her shield-o'-light or Sacred-Shield (I can't tell which but it's initially resistant to my Null, so it's either light or holy based, but nothing I cannot handle) flickers for a moment before vanishing completely. Every instance it disappears the flames jump on her before being slammed back. After her shield is vanquished, the ocean of fire above her collapses and she can only scream.
But she teleports away! She has a head start and a spell of Flight! No, it's her boots. No matter, I summon fire in them. They're burning and now she must descend to remove them. She's reluctant. She tries to concentrate on just moving away from me, foolish girl.
I see a light doming around me and dive away several meters. It was a cage spell, but nothing I couldn't escape. It's formed around empty air now.
She screams and I turn to look at her. She's falling. The stupid girl really kept her boots on until she couldn't take it anymore and flung them off. If she falls to death than will her soul be mine? I won't risk losing this one!
I fly as quick as I can, and swoop downward and catch her, then slow our descent.
"Thank you thank you thank you please don't hurt me!"
I stand on the ground. I jump into the air and tear her shirt off, taking it with me to the sky, my. She's topless on the ground and bewildered. In snatching her bra and gown, I've scratched her deeply, and some blood runs down her belly.
I cast a bolt of fire, shaped like lightening, into her face. It runs down her body, and covers her skin.
"Haha liar liar" She jumps out from her flaming pants and panties, casting handfuls of water spells at the resilient flames creeping across her skin. She has no more mana to heal and no more energy to run. Her body's reflexes are what keep her moving on the ground, squirming wildly. The fire inches deeper into her flesh and covers her skin. She's eventually immolated. And dead.
I see her soul rising but there's a thin line stringing from her body to me. As she rises from her fresh corpse, I see the line is connected to her as well, a giant drooping rope, from her, to her cadaver, to me. She ascends and looks hopeful but I dive to the earth, opening a giant fissure in the groun beneath me.
"EEAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH NO PLE-" KRKLPS. She screams when she's jerked by the soul-line that becomes a chain of eternal bondage. The sickening crack of her soul breaking and bloating as she's smacked into the portal gives me immense pleasure.
"Nice witch.Be a good girl for your owner... ha haha!!"


File: 1537556974946.jpg (219.74 KB, 686x1000, d2891cc651a6c51c5dd184f963….jpg)

The guy above forgot to leave a new target, so...

After invading the Real World, Myotismon makes offers several humans, including you, the chance to rule over the Japanese Islands after he conquers both worlds. You only need to find and kill the Eighth Child, and bring their body to him.

You somehow discover the identity, and find Kari home alone before the other Chosen Children have returned from camp. Will you kill her and deliver the corpse, or will you make use of her body first?


File: 1537576233293.jpg (109.23 KB, 850x637, sample-8b4664e6ade31143dfd….jpg)


Being a Earth-born Vampire, I gladly take Myotismon's offer and I track down and corner a scared Kari who cries out of fear of me. I gently wipe away Kari's tears and then hypnotize her before the two of us strip each other nude and do sexual things to each other. Once we're done, I bite into her cute neck and suck her dry of blood thus killing her.

I then clean Kari up by bathing her, drying her and dressing her in a pretty dress and proceed to show Myotismon that I've killed her. He lets me keep her body as a trophy but soon after, she arises as a vampire whose basically a dark but still loving and loyal version of her Human self who becomes my lover and a cute daughter figure to me. Myotismon doesn't object though as she's no longer a threat to him and even comes to regard her as a cute niece.

Now then, here's Shizuka from High School of the Dead, you've cornered her and can do whatever you want to her but you must kill her, FINISH HER!


File: 1537585200250.jpg (187.14 KB, 1024x1449, g048.jpg)

The young busty blonde looks up defiantly, clutching at the gunshot wound on her abdomen. I break open the shotgun, expelling the two empty shotgun hulls, and slam two fresh shells in. I swing it shut and point the two barrels at her face. She shuts her eyes and turns her head away, teeth clenched. I fire one barrel, then the other. Her pretty face and head is reduced to ground meat, blood splattering across the concrete wall she was sitting against. Her long, thick legs shudder as she dies.

Here's Rally Vincent, she's been disarmed, now finish her.


File: 1537674187936.jpg (345.1 KB, 1600x1131, 性感之矛nidalee英雄联盟.jpg)

/ Not going for a quick death, but she is finished. /

A bounty hunting contract turned sour, young Rally quickly found out why the wanted poster for this demon had said "Great Danger" after she had expended all of her ammunition and even tried to ram it with her beloved Cobra only for it to keep smiling and asking how she wanted it to prepare it for dinner.

To add to it, it had gave recommendations for how she could be prepared to mazimize the quality of meat and various dishes that would go well with it.

Now, resorting to using her guns as clubs, which were quickly taken from her and eaten by the demon.

"If you're finished, can we start? I'm really hungry, and you and your friend are the only edible things in miles for me to feed on. So, ready to dine or die?" It asked sweetly.

There was little time for her to answer as its arm stretched forward, grabbing her head and holding her mouth with great speed and strength. It dragged her to the ground, and then along it as its arm retracted back to its normal size.

For a three-foot creature, it was far more than it appeared, but Rally figured that as her bullets were eaten into her skin and her car was, in mere seconds, was eaten by its larger, body length maw.

Demon of the Banquet was far more than a title, and Rally was on the menu.

"I've got this recipe I've been wanting to try, and then there's this basting technique I think you'll really like! Oh! There're some new knives I want to break in too! Also-" it paused to turn to Rally, a large smile on its wide mouth; thankfully, not the much larger one that dominated its body.

It stared at it uncomfortably with an eye for quality. When it blinked, Rally felt her pulse stop until it looked away from her.

"Your Indian, or at least half. Hyderabadi biriyani or tunde ke kabab would be amazing! Hmm... perhaps the kabab. I'm still trying to get the right balance of spices down. 150 is a lot, after all." It said as it walked.

Within minutes, laying naked on a large stone table, Rally was being reduced to mince meat as the demon had already cut off both legs and was working on her arms.

"I can't taste, so I'll need to keep you alive until I get the number and mixture of spices of down, or until I cut out a vital organ. I'm very careful, so that'll be awhile, promise! On the plus side for you, you get to enjoy a great amount of rare and unique dishes without having to do anything yourself! It's that wonderful!" The creature had kept talking to her like cutting off her limbs ad preparing her for dishes was a common thing.

"Let me know if this hurts. I'm trying to remove the bones without cutting the limb off completely! I think I've gotten the nerves, so it should feel like a numb tickling."

Rally was becoming dull and hopeless as she was reduced to meat. The creature was tying her stumps and taking care of the bleeding, giving a scary knowledge of human antonomy. The scariest thing for Rally was that she did not feel it as her the bones of her arm was removed like the hardened model from its plaster.

It didn't hurt... but, now, she didn't feel her arm, despite seeing it still attatched.

"It'll take time to prepare the spices, but I want to try a stuffed arm. I hope you don't mind." The demon said as it held up the boneless arm and waved it. The hand still had bones in it, but there was no feeling in it. "What do you think? A juicy, stuffed arm with a crunchy hand at the end."

Rally said nothing and didn't react to the demon's talk.

Her eyes suddenly came back to life as a wonderful taste filled her mouth. Her tongue danced in her mouth as she began to chew, savoring the taste of what could only be described as deliciousness in physical form!

Her eyes adjusted to see the demon in front of her, a smile on her face and a foot with its balls removed.

Rally's expression went from excited to shock as she slowly realized what it was.

"How is it? Too sour? Too sweet? I don't cook human very often, even most monsters don't eat people, so I need your opinion." The demon said.

Rally's face slowly turned to one of horror... and then let out a scream as she came to understand what it was she was going to be.

"My record is twenty weeks." The demon grinned. "You'll taste better the longer you're alive, and, for as long as you live, you'll be treated to amazing food. I even take requests... when you're finished screaming, of course.

You're walking through the jungle when you hear a sound. You go to investigate and find a beautiful woman stuck in a rope trap, her legs bound and her head bleeding from a rough hit. She's out cold from a poacher's trap.

Nidalee from League of Legends is before you. FINISH HER!


File: 1537686228262.jpg (44.45 KB, 504x750, IMG_20180903_143133.jpg)

Spotting her unconscious in the middle of the forest I decide to take off my pants, it's not every day you see this sort of scenario after all. I cut her down and lone up my cock with her pussy, putting a hand around her neck to choke her while I pound her slit raw. Several minutes of savage fucking pass before I pull out, covering her chocolate stomach and tits with my cum.

Moving up I now grab her by the ponytail, forcing her mouth up and down my cock. She starts showing signs of waking up so I ram the back of her throat, leaving my cock there as she groggily opens her eyes and starts to realize she can't breathe. Her last moments of life are spent with me grinding on her face.

You isolated Liru and now successfully forced her to take off her clothes, her thinking that you wouldn't hurt her if she obeyed.



File: 1538040098500.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2018-09-04-05-4….png)

On the battlefield of two wagging factions, I stumble upon my last opponent. I was surprised to see a female. Her name is Miri, and her body is very slim and exposed to the point that her armor is very ineffective. I see every part of her body I can exploit. Her sexy body has me thinking about all the awful things I can do to her when I kill her.

I charge at Miri as she does at me. Miri engages with a flexible high kick and misses. I am able to see her exposed area between her legs, so I retaliate by grabbing her leg in the air and letting a devastating blow at her pussy. My fist stuns her - making Miri fall to the ground. I approach her as she groans in pain. I stomp on her stomach and use my sword to impale her hand to the ground to immobilize her. She screams in agony but that just make me hornier. I kneel down and shove my cock down her throat as she reluctantly sobs. I choke her with my cock and my hand as I fondle her fantastic firm breasts. After a while I allow her to breathe so I can load my cum on her pretty face. She breathes heavily as I cum all over her face and tits.

I have so many thoughts on how to violate her next. Her flexible slim body is very useful. I have a dagger, sword and a spear in my equipment. I can rip her stomach open and impale her to keep as a trophy; decapitate her and fill her skull with my cum; rip off all of her limbs and fuck her lifeless torso; slice off her tits and crush her face in; force her to splits and shove a spear down her throat; leave her for the orcs to rip her in pieces. There is an unlimited amount of ways to dominate her. Miri is fatigued and is waiting for her fate.



You completely missed the point of the thread


File: 1538206029686.png (304.81 KB, 415x420, Menace.png)

(I don't know this character, but let's have a go.)

It was always a shame to have to put down an obedient pig, or would this one be considered a cow? Few that she knew of in the area ate foxes or wolves, but this one, called Liru, seemed more lean than fat with room for improvement.

"I'm going to eat you now."

She squealed and blushed and smiled, wrapping her arms around her legs before shyly opening her legs to reveal her pink pussy between her dark-skinned thighs.

"Not what I meant, but okay."

She watched the small creature before her remove her armor to reveal her monstrous form, and only then did she realize that the 'eat you' part was meant in the very literal meaning... and so she tried to run, or rather crawl, away, but the length and strength of the creature's tongue matched her body-mouth.

A prehensile, serpentine tongue shot out from between the massive maw, wrapping around Liru's leg and putting her right back to the creature. Her leg disappeared into the maw, and, for a moment, she thought it was just illusion, but then that maw, the dagger-sized teeth, closed, taking her leg off completely and leaving behind a clean stump; save for the gushing blood.

"First the master gets a bite, and now I get my turn!" The creature said happily, its arms snatching Liru's at the elbow and shoulder before her teeth sank into the meat of her bicep. This mouth's bite was not as powerful as the larger one, but it tore flesh from bone just as easily.

Liru screamed and tried to crawl away once more, but the creature, focused on its meal and chewing with both mouths, had a painfully strong grip on the arm and would not let go.

"Next leg! Bite down on my hand so you don't swallow your tongue." It shoved its hand from her elbow into Liru's mouth, gripping her lower jaw from the inside as the large mouth shot its tongue out once more, wrapping around her other leg and pulling it.

This time, when it bit, the foot and part of the leg was missed.

"Master! You missed a bit." The creature said and reached around with its foot to shove the bit of Liru's leg into its great maw. "There you go. Do you like it raw? I can preserve the torso and cook it later." It asked, and then turned to Liru's wide, horror-filled eyes. "Fresh it is! Next are the insides!"

It moved its other hand from Liru's shoulder to her forehead and, with a practiced technique, dislocated her jaw one way and then the next before twisting and ripping it down her front until it broke off from the rest of her body. It then offered this grisly meal to its great maw, to which it accepted, before digging both hands into Liru's throat, widening the wound and feasting on her insides beyond the skin.

The creature tore out her breasts, a lung, veins, the stomach, kidneys, and intestines, takes turns feeding the mouth on its head and the one in its body. Liru, seconds into this gorey feasting, was dead, her eyes hollow and empty as the creature continued to speak.

Is anyone else hungry? No? Just me? Okay.

Her kingdom has fallen, again, and her 100 subjects have been freed from whatever spell she had them under. Now, within her private chambers of the palace, you find Menace, on her knees with her hands tied behind her back, waiting for your judgement. Outside, past the balcony, you hear the roar of the group awaiting to hear has been done to the desert queen.

This is Menace from Queen's Blade. She's a revived queen of a desert nation that can use Egyptian curse magic of some kind, but not anymore with you looming over her like a vulture waiting for its meal. FINISH HER!


File: 1544657115105.jpeg (139.54 KB, 426x327, EA9B281F-B631-41DF-B3F4-5….jpeg)

Exactly how the bird-like creature got into got into the queen’s private quarters is anyone’s guess. All it knew was the will to survive and feed. Yet, here it was. Standing in front of Menace. It looked at her from her head to her legs while making low chortling sounds. It was sizing her up. After a few seconds, the animal dove in. It stabbed its arm blades into her back, roughly tearing out chunks of flesh. It dug it’s beak into her mouth, removing most of her lower jaw. Screams were reduced to merely gurgles as the animal fed, tearing out and swallowing organs, flesh, and bone alike. As its feast drew to a close, it ripped out her uterus and ovaries, swallowing them whole. Its feast done, Menace’s body was unrecognizeable. Blood caked every surface, small chunks of flesh are flung everywhere, her skull was cracked open like an egg, and a damaged eye hung out of its socket. The few bones that remained aside from her skull were a few of her arm and leg bones, some vertebrae, and a lone rib.

Lethargic from its recent kill, it fails to notice the individual sneaking up on it. FINISH HER!

The drawing does not belong to me! It belongs to Ramul on deviantArt!


File: 1544764139440.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3508x4961, 2623200 - Dandon_Fuga Mil….jpeg)

Lethargic from its recent kill, it fails to notice the individual sneaking up on it. Another clone of Mileena!

Mileena grabs the bird-thing and deftly snaps its neck. She looks on it with hungry eyes before noticing the bird's cloaca and begins licking as one of her own hands sinks to her own crotch as she moves the material of her purple leotard aside. Mileena begins pleasuring herself as she licks the dead bird out. The aches of pleasure rises in Mileena as her back arches and she squirts all over the dead queen's remains as she orgasms. Pleasure washes over her as she removes her mask and devours the bird-creature whole. A little pleasant appetizer before a battle - and she had to admit it was finger licking good as she licked some of the bird thing's blood off her finger. The only way it might have been better would have been if it had been coated in a mixture of herbs and spices.

No matter though. She had a date with the arena as original opponent was now a bloody mess on the floor thanks to a bird of all things someone new would have to be substituted.

Mileena's hand went back to her crouch as she begin thinking of novel ways to kill her new opponent if he was male she could always kneel and start giving him a blow job before devouring his manhood - a classic that always got the crowding roaring with laughter and her soaking wet.

Or a woman warrior! - Milleena fantasized about biting to a tender pair of breasts and tearing them off while using her Sias to "Pleasure" her opponent's pussy.

Mileena once again felt waves of passion as she orgasmed again and basked the glow of passion.

*BLARM!!!*, a loud horn sounded. Startling her and she ripped away the bottom of her leotard that she had gripped in the throes of passion as she bolted alert.

"Oh well", She sighed, it was very wet and nearly ruined anyways. In any case it might raise her standing with the crowd and distract her opponent enough for an easy victory if she fought a match sans leotard and soaking wet.

Mileena watches a portal opened nearby as she tossed away the remnants of her purple leotard and strutted through the portal. She emerged into a large area filled with cheering spectators.

Mileena adopted as walk the empathized her curves and caressed her form as she walked to the center of the arena to meet her opponent. Mileena flexed her muscles and shaked herself a little so her decent sized breasts bounced pleasingly for the crowd.

/This is going to be too easy…/, Mileena thought as she bowed to her opponent then turned around to wave her round ass at them. Mileena then gave her ass a little smack which sent the crowd roaring with cheers and laughter.

/Yes, this will be all too easy…/, Mileena thought as she turned and the fight began.

The match however did not go as easy as she thought. Mileena fought harder than she ever fought before but her opponent was just too powerful.

Soon she found herself reeling back and forth in a woozy state. A call which sounded like it was a thousand miles away slowly pierced her ears as she struggled to make sense of anything going on:



File: 1544779224690.jpg (365.64 KB, 827x1169, 97eab9cf7ffd471f88d56c1ca8….jpg)

The dazed woman warrior stumbled about as the man calmly slipped two fresh 12 gauge slugs into his double barrel shotgun. He walked up to her and shoved the barrel up against her chin. Her golden eyes flashed open as she realized what was going on. The man fired both barrels at once, obliterating Mileena's head in a shower of blood, flesh chunks, skull fragments and brain matter. Her body shivered for a moment, then collapsed limply onto the dirt floor of the arena, blood squirting forth from the neck stump.

You've finally brought Makoto to her knees. Finish her!


File: 1544830948758.png (1.09 MB, 1684x1920, Ophelia_Dramatic_Heroine_B….png)

I slammed my fist hard into Makoto's well-toned abs, the woman doubling over in pain. Bringing my knee up, I slammed her in the face - breaking her nose, and making it so that it started bleeding. The girl was thrown backwards, taking a few steps back before landing on her knees.

In an instant, I was on to her. That orange scarf she wore would be the instrument of her demise. Grabbing on to the both long strips of cloth coming from it, I tugged hard on both - squeezing her neck shut. Before she could react, I crushed her windpipe, cutting off the flow of air to her lungs. Her face grew red as the girl began to struggle, but my hold was too strong for her to break out of. While struggling, pulling with both of her hands at the scarf around her neck, she ended up loosening her sports bra and the piece of clothing came off. My dick hardened at the sight of her boobies, the erect nubs of her nipples clearly visible to me. Still, I knew I couldn't get distracted by that - so I kept on holding to the scarf until her struggles died down. A patch of yellow appeared on the crotch of her white, baggy pants, signalling that the fighter had pissed herself in her final moments. I kept strangling her for a little longer, making sure that she was dead. Then, I let go of the scarf, and she collapsed to the ground. Getting my dick out, I dropped on top of her, pushing my cock in between her tits. Grabbing onto them with my hands, I used them to give myself a boob job, until I came, spilling long streaks of semen all over her purple, dead face.

Ophelia thought that being the chosen maiden would mean she'd have no troubles taking you on. Show her just how wrong she was and FINISH HER!


File: 1544925861230.png (50.22 KB, 1432x814, ACA5FF3B-9859-46C4-82BB-1E….png)

The Boarbird managed to defeat Ophelia by accident, sidestepping one of her attacks and thwacking her in the face with its tail. To keep her from getting up, the animal brought its foot down on her chest and started pressing down. Ribs cracked and bone fragments punctured organs as pressure increased, and the creature managed to bust right through her chest, spraying blood everywhere. One foot claw slashed a hole in her heart, so if the shock didn’t kill her first, blood loss certainly would.

Being an animal that would pick off weak or ailing young from a herd of animals, the scent of blood was a sugary sweet smell to the animal’s nostrils. Right then, it began to feed. Ripping out chunks of flesh and scraping bones clean of flesh with the sharp and pointed plates at the front of its tongue, the animal took its time with its feast. After fourty-five minutes of eating, the skeleton was completely devoid of flesh. But it sensed something in the head. Picking up the skull and dropping it on the floor, it split open, with a damaged brain falling out of the shattered skull. The animal would then pick up and eat the organ, with no other flesh left to pick off.

But now, it was at the mercy of anyone or anything that happened to enter the room. FINISH HER!

The drawing belongs to the Serina project, not me!


File: 1545182148237.jpg (616.63 KB, 850x1075, b5c43e9d7d5851f80969f6936f….jpg)


What entered the room was a torrent of flowing lava as the Cryocene era came to an abrupt and sudden end. The Boarbird had little time to react as as the once rocky floor below became hot lava. The Boarbird was almost instantly transformed into a fireball as its world became pain for a moment. Its once fine feathers became carbonized ashes and in instants its small brain boiled within its skull.

The carbonized remains of the Boarbird would dissolve and be incorporated into a piece of fine obsidian.

Far into the future that piece of obsidian would be fashioned into a Yoni Egg to be sold on a dodgy website and used by a middle aged woman experiencing a mid-life crisis to 'cleanse her root chakra' and 'get in touch with nature'.


A well toned Gladiatrix named Severina stands defeated before her opponent in the local arena. The leering local administrator gives a 'Thumbs Down' indicating that she deserves death and humiliation.


File: 1545189653178.jpeg (124.22 KB, 800x1000, AAE95C50-3C1B-48E1-9847-C….jpeg)

When the administrator gave the thumbs down, the gladiator that stood over Severina suddenly looked over towards the gate behind him. It was slowly opening, with odd noises coming from the other side. He muttered something under his breath before running off without his weapons, almost as if staying behind was a fate worse than death. The sounds (akin to those of a Taller and a Baby from Cry of Fear) became louder as slow, shambling footsteps could be heard.

And what came from the gate was enough for the most seasoned veterans to give pause.

Standing at almost twice the height of a man, the creature was surely intimidating to look at. No one really knows what the Shambling Flesh-seeking Nurses really are. Some rumors floating around insist that they are the very manifestations of guilt and anxiety, while others said that they were ejected into our world by an angry god. Perhaps the answer could never be found, and anyone that tried could succumb to a horrible fate at the hands of the monstrosities, or things more terrible than them. Regardless, the weakened gladiatrix was at the mercy of this abomination as it stumbled forwards with almost haphazard movements.

When it got close enough, it broke into a full blown sprint, stabbing Severina in the chest with one of its shorter legs and pinning her to the ground. Using its clawed right hand, it grabbed and raggedly tore off one of the gladiatrix’s breasts and devoured it on the spot. Then, the left body joined in, and things started getting real messy real fast. Handfuls of organs and flesh were pulled from her body cavity and shoved into one of three toothy maws, with their touch feeling like thousands of bullet and stings on contact, even worse than the pain from open wounds itself. Severina‘s agonized screams echoed throughout the arena for a good thirty minutes before finally dying down, signifying her death. Her corpse now lay defiled, bones thrown this way and that, with no bit of flesh left behind. Right then, the Shambling Flesh-seeking Nurse felt like it was the queen of the place.

But as with gladiatorial arenas, a new gladiator would have to come in and take the creature down. And it wouldn’t give up its throne without a fight. FINISH HER!

Sound references


Left & Right:

The art and concept belong to Pyramiddhead on deviantArt!


File: 1545298033157.jpg (825.13 KB, 883x1243, d829c398c9528a38a21c01a59a….jpg)

The creature lurched around, its orifices making clicking noises as it slowly digested the unfortunate gladiatrix. A squad of specialist exterminators dropped into the arena, rifles at the ready. They were equipped with the latest in beast-hunting tech. Select fire AR-15's chambered in .50 Beowulf, the beefy bullets themselves being tipped with fragmenting explosive charges. With a hand gesture, all 15 members spread out in a line and opened fire on the Shambling Flesh Seeking Nurses.

The creature barely had time to move before bearing the brunt of hundreds of rounds impacting its bodies. The fireteam slowly advanced, firing until empty, and quickly switching to fresh magazines. Within a minute, there wasn't much left of the freakish monstrosity besides twitching flesh and writhing feelers. The exterminators weren't done yet. Each member prepped a white phosphorus grenade and threw it on top of the remains. The creature burned under the bright white fury of the WP, and the men could hear its high pitched scream as it finally died.

You've cornered Shirase Sakuya in a dark alleyway, finish her!


File: 1547402934395.png (688.29 KB, 1033x1530, d80da05f96cf1e6b710a033cbe….png)

Sakuya panted as she ran from the monster. Something slimy wrapped around her legs and brought her crashing down. She looked back and screamed shrilly. The creature attacking her looked somewhat like a giant squid with the legs of a spider. On the end of each tentacle it had a razor sharp curved claw. The girl kicked at the monster, desperately trying to escape.

The thing stared at her with big blank eyes. One tentacle uncurled, then whipped out, slicing through Sakuya's pale neck. Her screams turned into horrified gurgles as blood flooded her mouth and lungs. Her hands clamped around the giant gash in her neck, but it was futile.

Her eyes rolled up and the teenager collapsed to the floor, blood squirting out of her mortal wound. The monster rolled the dying girl over on her back, then ripped open her chest. It began to feed on the contents of Sakuya's chest cavity, blood and gore covering its beak. In the span of 30 minutes, a young woman was reduced to a collection of bones and scraps of flesh.

After downing Lynette Bishop in a dogfight, you have the opportunity to finish her off.


File: 1550540096237.jpg (30.34 KB, 225x350, 316344.jpg)

I jump out of my burning plane and open up a parachute. "Fucking bitch"-I think while slowly gliding to the hill where an enemy plane has crashlanded."I got a bunch of bullets in my back part and what is the result?! That cunt on that plane I dogfought with is going to pay". I land right near the plane and instantly take out my old 38' to get it done fast if the pilot is fine. Inside of fiery storm of glass and metal I see something golden. Suddenly, the enemy helmet falls down from the cockpit of the plane. It instantly gets shot midair. I never miss my targets. Steadily, I climb inside of cockpit ready to send my bullet inside of theirs skull. I get up quick and the only thing I could notice that moment is a fainted golden haired girl. I was astonished for a second, but then I saw enemy markings on her small emblem that she was holding in het hands. I remembered all that has done her nation to me and my family and so I grabbed her violently and thrown out of a plane. After that I take out my war knife and grab her by the head. I am ready to cut her throat but in the last second I remember her. She is one of those heroes hanging on every poster in enemy cities. I found it interesting to send their hero back dead and messed up. I cut down the ropes of my chute and tie her up tightly by hands, legs and put a loop on her neck. I fully cut of her clothes and I see and beautiful young lady's body, which I can't resist to touch. Haven't seen a nice woman body since the war started. My hand slowly rubs her chest and the crawls to the genitals passing her belly. She starts shaking and finally wakes up. She sees me, my emblems, tries to reach out for her weapon and finds out she is tied. I touch her sensentive area and she starts screaming. "Ah! No! Why are you doing thus to me?!" - she staggers. "Cute! Haha. I haven't touched hero's vagina before. You will pay for what you've done to my country and people." I through the loop rope over the tree and start to pull her up. She askes for mercy and then moans as the rope tightens up on her neck. Her face turns red and veins start to stick up right from her childish collarbone. I get my boner out at push it up her warm and lively insides. She starts to breathe again as she lifts up from my thrust. She starts begging:"Please, put me down. I can be whatever you want, let me live, I am just a symbol… ". "Yeah, a symbol on a stick and now on a rope" I let her hang a little bit again. Her vagina titens up from the pressure. She moans. I cut down the rope. Her body falls on the ground numb. I lift her face up and throw a nice fountain of milk on her face. She pleads for not killing her. "Not enough fun I had with you!" I state. I grab my 38' and move it to her head. Her eyes start to show despair and fear. She closes them. I guess she understood that she is not getting out alive of here and this is the fastest way to end it. Not what I thought though. I get a nice punch on her belly and another one on her face. She falls down on the ground. I sit on her rendring her stuck and start playing with my knife near her white and soft skin. She feels the cold iron near her body and pleads: "No, no, not like this, ahaaaha, please, wahaaa" She starts crying as I make a cut on the back side of her arm. I see a nice fountain of blood going out of it and pink and pretty meat. She cries loudly. I can't stop and make another cut on her back. I turn her around and cut her leg and another one. I scratch my knife on her belly waiting for it to go up when she breathes in. I make another cut. At this point I don't see a hero animoany. Just a simple messed up pile of gore with tears and milk on it's lovely face. "Put your head up!" I yell at her. "Are… you going to end… this?…" She starts to smile weakly. I grab her by her hair and shout again. "Look up, stupid cunt" She slowly turns her head up, and I can see her tears passing by the smile, falling down on to my legs. I grab her by the long and beautiful hair. "Any last wishes?" I ask her as I move my knife with an edge right up to her throat. "Please, if you win the war, don't do what you did to me with out women" I saw a hero again in this messed up body. Aggressively I thrust my knife in her neck. A fountain of blood starts rising up from a wound. Judging by it I could tell that her heartrate was calm by the end. I fully cut her head off. I look at it again and see her smiling. I couldn't hold it and thrusted a punch in her head which fell near her dismembered body. I shot a bunch of bullets in her belly and left her there like that. Let that be a message to the cunts on the other side of the frontline…

You meet Sara in the dark alley. A nice opportunity to become an animal for a second. ;) Get her!


File: 1550540939615.jpg (30.34 KB, 225x350, 316344.jpg)

I jump out of my burning plane and open up a parachute. "Fucking bitch"-I think while slowly gliding to the hill where an enemy plane has crashlanded."I got a bunch of bullets in my back part and what is the result?! That cunt on that plane I dogfought with is going to pay". I land right near the plane and instantly take out my old 38' to get it done fast if the pilot is fine. Inside of fiery storm of glass and metal I see something golden. Suddenly, the enemy helmet falls down from the cockpit of the plane. It instantly gets shot midair. I never miss my targets. Steadily, I climb inside of cockpit ready to send my bullet inside of theirs skull. I get up quick and the only thing I could notice that moment is a fainted golden haired girl. I was astonished for a second, but then I saw enemy markings on her small emblem that she was holding in het hands. I remembered all that has done her nation to me and my family and so I grabbed her violently and thrown out of a plane. After that I take out my war knife and grab her by the head. I am ready to cut her throat but in the last second I remember her. She is one of those heroes hanging on every poster in enemy cities. I found it interesting to send their hero back dead and messed up. I cut down the ropes of my chute and tie her up tightly by hands, legs and put a loop on her neck. I fully cut of her clothes and I see and beautiful young lady's body, which I can't resist to touch. Haven't seen a nice woman body since the war started. My hand slowly rubs her chest and the crawls to the genitals passing her belly. She starts shaking and finally wakes up. She sees me, my emblems, tries to reach out for her weapon and finds out she is tied. I touch her sensentive area and she starts screaming. "Ah! No! Why are you doing thus to me?!" - she staggers. "Cute! Haha. I haven't touched hero's vagina before. You will pay for what you've done to my country and people." I through the loop rope over the tree and start to pull her up. She askes for mercy and then moans as the rope tightens up on her neck. Her face turns red and veins start to stick up right from her childish collarbone. I get my boner out at push it up her warm and lively insides. She starts to breathe again as she lifts up from my thrust. She starts begging:"Please, put me down. I can be whatever you want, let me live, I am just a symbol… ". "Yeah, a symbol on a stick and now on a rope" I let her hang a little bit again. Her vagina titens up from the pressure. She moans. I cut down the rope. Her body falls on the ground numb. I lift her face up and throw a nice fountain of milk on her face. She pleads for not killing her. "Not enough fun I had with you!" I state. I grab my 38' and move it to her head. Her eyes start to show despair and fear. She closes them. I guess she understood that she is not getting out alive of here and this is the fastest way to end it. Not what I thought though. I get a nice punch on her belly and another one on her face. She falls down on the ground. I sit on her rendring her stuck and start playing with my knife near her white and soft skin. She feels the cold iron near her body and pleads: "No, no, not like this, ahaaaha, please, wahaaa" She starts crying as I make a cut on the back side of her arm. I see a nice fountain of blood going out of it and pink and pretty meat. She cries loudly. I can't stop and make another cut on her back. I turn her around and cut her leg and another one. I scratch my knife on her belly waiting for it to go up when she breathes in. I make another cut. At this point I don't see a hero animoany. Just a simple messed up pile of gore with tears and milk on it's lovely face. "Put your head up!" I yell at her. "Are… you going to end… this?…" She starts to smile weakly. I grab her by her hair and shout again. "Look up, stupid cunt" She slowly turns her head up, and I can see her tears passing by the smile, falling down on to my legs. I grab her by the long and beautiful hair. "Any last wishes?" I ask her as I move my knife with an edge right up to her throat. "Please, if you win the war, don't do what you did to me with out women" I saw a hero again in this messed up body. Aggressively I thrust my knife in her neck. A fountain of blood starts rising up from a wound. Judging by it I could tell that her heartrate was calm by the end. I fully cut her head off. I look at it again and see her smiling. I couldn't hold it and thrusted a punch in her head which fell near her dismembered body. I shot a bunch of bullets in her belly and left her there like that. Let that be a message to the cunts on the other side of the frontline…

You meet Sara in the dark alley. A nice opportunity to become an animal for a second. ;) Get her!


File: 1550854381556.png (1.74 MB, 1725x2439, 4a1d544a71663eb0bb7376c65a….png)

Sara stumbled around in the dark in a drunken haze. She had just come from Club 647, a local dive bar and had now stumbled into an ominous dark alley as she sang drunkenly to herself. Deep in the alley two menacing yellow eyes spied her and an bellowing howl broke the night.

"Hello Puppy!", Sara said with a drunken smile, "You need someone to pet you?"

Out from the darkness came a well muscled half-man half-wolf creature and it fixed hungry eyes on Sara. Before Sara could process what was going on the werewolf pounced. And had her in its heavily muscled grip. The beast's drool dripped on to her blouse and it's stinking breath penetrated Sara's nostrils. Sara felt her pants wet as her bladder emptied as she felt fright.

"Well, you're a big puppy aren't you?", Sara said with a quivering voice as she tried to make sense of her perilous situation.

The beast then used its claws to rip off Sara's blouse and expose her breasts which it eyed for a moment before ripping off most of the rest of her clothes and inspecting at her pussy. The Beast then began roughly fingering Sara's maidenhood with its sharp claws.

Sara groaned with pleasure as the claws teased her. So, he wasn't interested in a meal it seemed. Sara then found herself getting wet as fantasies of living out a real life paranormal romance novel filled her drunken head and she found her hands unconsciously massaging her werewolf captor's muscled body.

The werewolf bellowed a howl and Sara found herself roughly turned about and positioned on all fours as she got more and more excited in her drunken state. Then the werewolf penetrated her with his rather large wolf cock. Sara felt her insides race as the werewolf thrust again and again into her. Sara felt herself go weak and her toes curl as she was taken to heights of passion by her monstrous partner. With a hard push she took the knot that was at the base of the werewolf's cock and Sara screamed in pleasure as she felt the werewolf's hot seed flow into her and warm her womb with fiery passion. Sara could barely contain herself as she quivered in orgasm and was reduced to moaning as she went nearly limp from all the pleasure cascading through her frame.

Sara was basking in divine pleasure when she felt the werewolf grab her tightly and then rake his razor sharp claws across her supple neck. Sara's world slowly went black as she faded into oblivion still cooing in pleasure.


"Marvella" has entered a deadly underground fighting tournament for the thrill and promise of riches. Finish Her!


File: 1550864798424.jpg (97.94 KB, 685x1000, sample-dc3ebe4d48ac12f2f05….jpg)

Marvella, the raven haired beauty of the underground death matches fell to her knees, shivering as she clutched at the gash ripped open across her firm abdomen. Thick red tubes slipped and slid through her fingers, dripping blood onto the rubber mats of the fighting ring. Her opponent, a large Amazon, smirked triumphantly, her dagger slick with Marvella's blood. Marvella glared at her, defiant even in the face of death. "Finish me already, cunt!", she yelled. The Amazon nodded, knelt down beside the girl and pointed the dagger at Marvella's chest. With a grunt, she slid the knife deep into Marvella's exposed chest, slicing deep into the girl's pounding heart. Marvella gasped, her eyes wide as she felt ice cold pain spread across her chest. The girl stiffened, then relaxed, blood dripping from her mouth and nose, her eyes rolling up as death came for her.

You've cornered Amane Suzuha, now finish her.


File: 1550966285205.jpg (1.97 MB, 1600x2100, Madelyn02.jpg)

The rope I stretched across the bike path in a park at about the level of the riders' chest proved useful as a brown-haired girl rode right into it on her bike. Usually so careful and focused, Suzuha's mind was more focused on her mission than usual - making the time-traveling girl pay no attention to the road she always took from her apartment to the tv shop she worked part-time in. The rope hit the woman right under her boobs, throwing her off the bike and making her flip over and bury her beautiful, if feisty, face into the rough asphalt of the bike track. The impact stunned her for a few precious moments, and in that time I was already on her. Quickly grabbing one of the girl's arms, I pulled on it strongly enough to dislocate it - giving me a leverage on the girl if she tried to struggle. Then, I grabbed the seam of her hot pants, and started to drag them down.

"Get off me, you dick!" Suzuha screamed at me as her head started working again, but I just smiled cruelly at her. She began to struggle below me, but a sharp tug of her arm that forced a pained cry out of her mouth helped with keeping her under control. I pulled her pants down her meaty thighs - well-trained because of the girl's biking habits - enough to expose the girl's neatly shaved cunt. I stabbed a finger right in there immediately, Suzuha jumping on the ground in surprise when I did that. Freeing my erection from my pants, I quickly rammed it into the girl's cunt - to an unhappy squeal coming from her mouth. "N-no! You bastard!" She screamed at me while trying to kick at me with her strong legs and punch me with her free arm. But once again, all it took was a strong tug at her dislocated arm and all her resistance melted away, shut down by her pain. I pumped straight into her for a while, enjoying the resistance she was trying to put up. As I felt my climax approaching, I grabbed Suzuha's head with both of my hands. "What are you doing? Leave me a-alone!" Even if she was trying to put up a tough face, her voice still cracked as she was saying that, showing that she was still scared. I let my fingers play with her pigtails for a few moments, before pressing my hands against the sides of her head. Then, with a powerful jerk, I twisted it to the right - real fear showing in her eyes for a moment before her spine broke with a satisfying crack. As her cunt started clenching in her dying spasms, the first strands of my cum began to shoot right into her pussy. I pulled her head back forward, enjoying her lifeless expression as I came deep inside her - her tongue slipping out of her open mouth and enhancing her dead look. With my hands, I pulled up her top and freed her sizeable tits - and fondled them as the last of my climax finished.

Once I was done, I pulled out - semen trickling out of her slit as I did - and then pulled her shorts back up. I also tugged her sports top back onto her big tits - and dragged her towards the spot where her bike had ended in. Laying her down near it, I twisted her head back into the broken position and then let it rest on a particularly huge rock. Then, I took my rope down and headed off - leaving the dead time traveler as if she was the victim of an accident while biking.

Madelyn came at you with her sword, even if you had the impression that she wasn't trying too hard. A kill on a sexy girl is still a kill on a sexy girl, though - so Finish Her!


File: 1551131991495.jpg (2.31 MB, 1240x1754, Elvaska.jpg)

Elvaska watched as meek girl with jade hair rushed at her with a sword raised. With expert skill she grabbed the attacking girl's arm holding it in place. Elvaska then leaned forward and kissed the young fighter causing her to drop her sword in surprise and blush heavily.

“I… I… I'm Madelyn.” The green haired girl stammered. “I… I.. I've come to arrest you for being part of conspiracy to dethrone our lord Baron Randolf Westmoor.”

Elvaska fondled her own raven hair, giggled, and stared into Madelyn's eyes.

“Well, Madelyn.”, Elvaska said in her most sultry voice, “I don't think you really want to do that. I also think like to spend time with other girls. And you know what? I do too.”

Elvaska reached around and caressed Madelyn's back as she turned bright red. Madelyn made a slight protest as Elvaska deftly stripped her and then quickly stripped herself. Elvaska pushed Madelyn sending her falling on her back before pouncing upon her. They cuddled in each other's arms as they passionately kissed and their bodies caressed each other.

After a while Elvaska flipped around and intertwined her legs with Madelyn and they rubbed their maidenhoods against each other. Passion and pleasure spread through their bodies as their wet pussies rubbed one another. Madelyn's back arched and her toes curled as the lithe girl experienced orgasm after orgasm. They parted panting and reviling in orgasm.

Elvaska got up and then fell back on top of Madelyn. Both women gigged as Elvaska started caressing Madelyn's face and hair.

“That, was incredible.” Elvaska said blushing and then looked at Madelyn with sad eyes, “Too bad you have to die now so you won't tell anyone about me.”

Elvaska quickly kissed the shocked Madelyn while her hands crushed the green haired girl's porcelain throat. Madelyn's face turned blue and the the girl went limp in Elvaska's hands. Her shocked expression eternally frozen on her face. Elvaska gave Madelyn a final passionate kiss and stood up. She had to get away and out of the Barony of Kaladon if she was going to keep her life.

You see Elvaska distracted and dressing herself next to the body of Madelyn. Finish Her!



File: 1553920732119.png (1.6 MB, 1000x1324, rosacosette.png)

I load a single M406 HE round into my M-79 grenade launcher, and raise it to my shoulder. The tall, raven haired beauty kneeling next to the corpse is about 150 meters away, and I adjust the ladder sight accordingly. I squeeze the trigger, sighing in contentment at the satisfying BLOOP and the sudden kick of the grenade being launched on its death inducing one way trip. A full second later, and the girl is thrown up in the air by the explosion, tumbling down all loose and limp, like a rag doll. By the time I get to her body, I can tell she's very dead, her broken corpse riddled with hundreds of pieces of shrapnel, her internals turned into jelly by the overpressure wave of the 40mm shell.

You've cornered Princess Rosa Cosette D'elise after shooting down her transport plane and massacring her guards. Finish her!


File: 1554093689317.png (3.03 MB, 2000x2600, file (43).png)

After the wave of adrenaline rush, I've begun to notice how pretty Rosa is.
Something deep inside awakened, my desire to ruin such a pretty figure surfaced.
I couldn't help but put on a grin and looked at her with predator eyes.
Rosa must have realized it too, as the fear in her eyes give it away.
Her knees gave away, she sat backwards, and slowly crawled back.
Like a fish in a barrel, her efforts are futile.
I pulled out my M9 Beretta, took careful aim at her right breast.
With a swift motion, pulled the trigger.
The bullet easily tore through her white suit, and passed through her right nipple.
Blood quickly staining her pristine suit, and pouring out onto the Earth.
Rosa screamed and moaned in immense agony, and I simply stared as she struggled.
Half a minute passed, no, maybe more, maybe even two minutes.
Rosa is still alive, the pain clear on her face.
I wanted to enjoy more but it's time for my departure, to end this encounter, I quickly unloaded the rest of the bullets in my magazine into Rosa.
This time, with no care of where I hit her.
Three bullets made it's way through her chest, piercing her lungs.
Five into her stomach, four through her uterus.
The last two, into her eye and and forehead.
Decimating her brain, which was the final shot that ended her young and prosperous life.

You're Christie's (A 26 y/o British assassin) new training partner, but little does she know, you have ulterior motives that she would never fathom.
After a heated training session in her gym, you pin her down onto the floor.
"Wow, you really bested me today~ That punch really hurt, it's your win, can you get off me now?" Christie said to you, and added in a seductive tone "As your reward, maybe you'd like to have some fun in my room hmm?"
But you're well aware how much of a tease she is, never letting anyone down under her pants.
That's besides the point you thought, your plan is to kill her, and there just happens to be her Dagger laying beside you.
You want to give her the most slow and brutal death ever, will you use your bare hands, her dagger, or a mixture of both?


File: 1555098778286.jpg (284.66 KB, 1200x1920, IMG_20190114_140338.jpg)

They'd been training for some time now, the assassin and her new partner. This had been his best win against her yet, and he had her pinned under him. With a roll of his hips, he dragged himself up along her torso, until he was straddling her middle. She was a lying cunt. A tease, they called her. She'd also pissed off one too many people, and he had a job. He could see her confusion, as she was pinned beneath him.

"I think I'd rather have my fun here," he told her, watching as her face scrunched up all the more. She'd offered him play in her room, but that had been a ploy to simply get out from under the man. Maybe she would give him a peep show, but that had been about it. Flash some nipple then send him on his way to jerk off to the memory. But he wasn't budging and she had to wonder if he'd planned to force himself on her here, in the training ring.

"Now wait just - " she started, but didn't finish. His fist smashed into her face, cutting her words off with a cry of pain as her head bounced off the mat. Then he did this again. And a third time. He felt her nose crunch under his blows, and a gush of blood splash over her face. Another punch. And another. Her cheek bone broke and she sobbed, thrashing under him. A seventh blow had her body arc up, and she wailed now, begging.

"Stop….please stop!" She implored of him, through a mouth that now missed a few teeth. She was shaking her head, shaking her body. Her legs had a tremble she couldn't actually control. He smacked her face now, open handed, smearing blood over her cheeks. "Anything…give you anything." Another punch, another wail. The tenth one fell on her right eye, and the orbit around it cracked under the blow.

But his hand was sore now, and he was panting. This hadn't been a fast beating, it had been slow and measured. But he was tiring. He needed to finish this. So he reached for the knife and gripped it in his hand, ignoring the pain in his knuckles.

She saw the blade gleam, with her one good eye, and screamed, trying to throw him off of her. IT didn't work. Oh, he bucked, but his weight was well spread and she couldn't toss him away. Especially not after the beating he'd delivered to Christie. He drew his tongue carefully across the blade, to keep it from nicking his skin. Then he reversed the grip in his left hand.

"Good bye, Christie. Maybe you shouldn't have been such a cunt," he told her, bringing the blade down. He pressed the tip against her right ear, seeing her confusion. "Oh, and such a shitty assassin." And then he slammed his right hand in against the hilt, driving the blade into her skull with a sickening crunch, through her ear, angled up just a bit, to ensure the long blade went into the brain.

This sudden severing of nerves sent her body jerking about, twitching, eyes going wide - or more accurately, eye, as the other one had been swollen shut from the beating. Her mouth popped open and her tongue shot out as she made strangled, choked words. He gave the knife a good solid twist, as blood pooled under her head and piss pooled between her legs. The body gave one more jerk, and then fell still.

Standing up, he wiped the handle of the blade off, but left the body there in the ring, for some poor sap to find the next day.


Sgt. Candice "Candy " Morgen, a hand to hand combat specialist in the Army. Many a soldier had lusted after her, and many had been turned down. But now you have a chance to take her out, for good.


File: 1555268069612.jpg (194.83 KB, 850x1202, sample_9c489232441c7795f28….jpg)

Sgt. Candice "Candy " Morgen grappled with the enemy soldier, grunting as her opponent struck her repeatedly in the abdomen. She kicked at the young soldier with her leg, and felt satisfaction as she heard the sickening crunch of bone breaking.

Her opponent cursed in agony and let go of the large blonde. She wrapped her arms around the boy's neck and began to squeeze, causing him to gasp. He felt Candice's large firm tits press against his back as she choked him. He batted his hands against Candice's face in a futile effort to escape. Candice smirked as she spotted a large bulge growing in her opponent's trousers.

She didn't even hear the sound of the bullet that punched through her skull and blew her brains out. The soldier inhaled a deep lungful of oxygen as her arms went limp and her body fell over him. He dragged himself out from under the corpse and stood up, dusting himself off. Candice's head had been obliterated by the bullet, leaving one good eye to stare up at the sun blankly as blood pooled around her.

You've fatally wounded Kai Schren, now end her!


File: 1555280238177.jpeg (340.97 KB, 900x850, B97489C2-E903-481F-8021-7….jpeg)

Kai Schren was terrified as the squad of enemy soldiers surrounded her. After a brutal fight with them, she was stabbed in her right thigh which made her collapse to the ground with a loud scream. She scooted back on her round ass until her back of pushed up against a fallen log on the wide grass land. “Dumb bitch” one of the male soldiers said to her as they closed in on her.

They were in total shock just a couple hours ago, watching her essentially assassinate Sgt. Candice "Candy " Morgen who was everyone’s favorite cock tease. With Candice dead, the squad was enraged and went on a hunt for the sniper, and now they had her with more then a few ideas in mind for the injured Kai Schren.

Selvaria Bles stood behind the soldiers with her hands on her hips. “Well boys. Go ahead. Have her. Teach this coward of a sniper a lesson” Selvaria said, with little care in her voice. The men happily obliged. “You made the wrong move, assassin” one of the men said as he approached her.

“Ah! No stay away from me!” Kai Schren pleaded but it was no use. The first man stood right over her as she sat up next to the log and unzipped his pants, revealing his full, stiff shaft. With a hard yank, he gripped her hair and pulled her head up to his tip. She tried to push him away and screamed but it was no use as his thighs simply pushed her hands back. “Oh god no please! Please sto- Uugghhh HmpH!!” Kai tried to beg but his cock penetrated her mouth and began to slide further and further inside and down her throat. Kai continued to scream around his cock as he forced her head to bob up and down his shaft.

After a few of face fucking the poor sniper, the man finally unleashed his load in Kai’s mouth, her eyes going wide as the cum overflowed and dripped down her chin. He slowly pulled his saliva and cum covered cock out of her mouth. She gasped and panted for air. The man delivered a couple hard slaps across her face, sending cum flying out of her mouth.

“Hey let’s hurry this up! I want a turn!” One of the other soldiers said. The groups swarmed around Kai. She screamed as they picked her up and slammed her stomach down on the log, putting her in a very comprising position. The soldiers in the back quickly pulled Kai’s incredibly tight pants down around her thighs, revealing her round ass. “Ahhh! Stop! No! Please!” Kai begged but the soldiers just laughed and after giving her ass a hard slap, one pounced on her, forcing his cock between her ass cheeks and driving it through her clenched asshole. Kai screamed at the top of her lungs but that only let the soldier standing in front of her to grip her hair and slam his cock into her mouth.

The soldiers continued their brutal gang bang on Kai, taking turned on every hole. After what seemed like forever, Selvaria Bles was getting impatient. “Ok boys finish it up and execute her already!” Kai’s muffled screams got noticeably louder after hearing Selvaria’s words. The soldiers only had a slight look of disappointment on their faces as they finally pulled out of the poor girls holes.

Kai was left on the log completely soaked in cum. One of the men gripped her by her hair and pulled her back to her knees. “Ok bitch time to die” he said. “…n-no please!” She begged but not changing anyone’s mind.

The man pulled a pistol out and pointed it at the back of Kai’s head, pulling the trigger with out a second thought, killing her instantly and blowing her brains all over the grass and log. Kai’s pleas were instantly cut off as the shot rang out, both oh her eyes blasted out of her skull. Kai’s corpse flew forward and lended on the ground, her destroyed ass sticking high in the air. With a laugh, the soldiers took a quick picture of their work before abandoning the snipers corpse.


Finally, you’ve captured Selvaria Bles after a brutal fight.
How do you kill her?


File: 1555540566012.jpg (108.44 KB, 565x850, 1517653623351.jpg)

The men that finally closed in on Kai Schren didn't care that she was one of the youngest generals of her time. They didn't care that she was a master tactician. Or that she was a high value target, that could have been ransomed off for some heavy price, pulling in much needed funds. Or that capturing her would be some sort of political coupe. No, they didn't care about that at all.

As they tied her hands high above her head, her mouth bound and stuffed with her own panties, all they cared about was fucking her. She was a hell of a looker, naked as she was, bound with her hands high on the pole, and her legs forced apart, each one lashed to a stake in the dirt. The men took their turns with Kai, each one taking her pussy, or ass, forcing her up and down the wooden rod, as they impaled her with their pricks.

Some chose to spill themselves on her stomach, or her gorgeous tits. A few enterprising soldiers stood up on an overturned cart, when they were about to cum, so that they could stain her hair and face. One bastard managed to get her square in the eye, earning a string of curses from the bound woman.

Most however, chose to loose their seed inside of her, be it her cunt, or her ass. She protested -of course she did - right to the end, screaming herself ragged into her own sodden panties, thrashing about. She was a General. This was not something one did to a person such as herself. But the men only saw a young, foolish girl, that had a uniform on and that made her a target. Plain and simple.

The last man to use her was the platoon's commander. And he chose her ass, fucking her hard and fast. She'd had a lot of cocks, but to his pride, his' was the thickest. He made her sequel and pant, to buck and scream. She came, much to her shame, from this cock, as she had from some of the others. He laughed at this, as he finally drained his nuts in her, feeling his heat pulse deep into her back channel, hearing her sob and whimper. He smirked, and pulled away, the last of his cum spurting onto her thigh. He didn't even bother to wipe himself off, just took a step back and looked her over.

"You're a dumb cunt, you know that?" he told her, tilting her head up a bit to force her to look him in the eye. He smirked, and held out his hand. One of the soldiers stepped forward and handed him a wicked looking Stiletto Knife. It was long, and thin, gleaming, with a dark lacquered wooden handle. It ended with a small end cap that bore his nations flag on it. His hand held her jaw tight as his eyes never wavered. He drove the blade into her chest with a fierce thrust, and watched her eyes as the tip bit into, and then speared through her chest. They went wide with shock and pain, and a new scream bubbled up behind her lingerie gag.

He held the blade there, as she sobbed and heaved, her heart trying to pump blood, but the organ too damaged to manage. Time seemed to drag out for her, as the chest thudded, but her vision grew darker and darker. The last thing she saw was his smiling face. Then the lights went out in her eyes, and he wrinkled his nose as she voided herself, leaving a puddle at her feet.

They left her there, knife in her chest, legs splayed wide for the next bunch of soldiers to find, and do with what they would, as a warning to the enemy. Don't be out alone.


Kara Zor El, of the house of El, captured and bound in a room full of kryptonite to subdue her powers. How do you finish her?

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