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Hellooo! Figured this would be the best place to come for what I want!

Long story short, I want someone to RP with without killing my character, while possibly killing yours, or at least escaping.

Specifics I'm interested in: My female character captured by your character (prefer male but w/e is fine), whatever way is fine (for slavery, for shits and giggles, long time enemies, wanted char, w/e again lmao)
My character is then continually abused and raped \o/ I don't care for life ending guy explosion gore, I find it boring. Gimme psychological warfare and intense beatings and whips and humiliation and basically try to utterly destroy my character's sense of self esteem, make it so they WANT to die, but don't let them. Big kicker is I want my character to eventually escape, and possibly kill her captor. A big thing that I like about soft guro is aftercare and bandages and the comfort after the hurt. I'm weird I know w/e
So long as it's not life ending, I'm open to pretty much anything.

Prolly will never get a response lmao oh well
Lemme know if you have any other questions! I'm not sure... exactly where I'd wanna do it. I don't know how comfortable I am mixing this side of me with everything else. We can talk about it if I get any interest!


Hey! I'm very interesting, psychogically broke can be very fun!
If you want, send me an e-mail and we could try something ^^


happy to be your partner Beepboop, contact me on Discord at Souro12#9050


well if only I had a place to contact you


I tried adding you but it didn't let me :n

If anyone wants to RP still, I made an email for this!
Feel free to shoot me a message!


ETA: Was able to add ya ;D


Add me on discord for RP


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