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Talewood Takes place in 2266. After a world war broke out, an unknown chemical was released that had unforeseen consequences. This caused 75% of the worlds population to be born female from then on. Men became to important to just throw away, women however...

Laws were quickly changed, many as a form of population control. Women could now get the death penalty for the smallest of crimes even a child young as six could be subject to the criminal laws. There was also a lottery set up where anyone who's number comes up is executed as well. Some even choose to volunteer.

A few rules, Experienced role player only please. You don't have to write a whole book each post, but at least a paragraph or two. post at least once a day, helps the story move along. You can nudge the story in a direction but don't take hold of someone else character. If your playing a victim being executed after you can start a new one. Looking at, the moment, for someone to play the executioner and at least one more person to play a victim.


Summer Fair

It was the day of the big summer fair. People were getting excited, this kind of occasion happened only a few times a year. It was the day many of the prisoners of the surrounding counties jail and lottery "winners" met their final end.

The park was already set up and a few people, some with their families, were already milling about. The stage had been set up, it stood about 4 feet off the ground and was quite big. It held many things the executioner would need to do his job. A gallows for six half with a trap door under them and half hoist jobs. All were meant for slow hangings. There were a few lumps of wood with a large sharp ax beside one. A few tables with straps for live vivisection. A couple steel frames for skinning. There were also poles and a few holes in the back of the stage for impalement. Last was a garrote device. An old one all ancient wood. There would be no shortage of entertainment to day.

Beside the stage was a large tent that led into a fenced off area behind the stage. There was a line stretching from the tent of a 100 or so girls and women. Some were escorted by guards, some had slips of paper in there hand, and some had just come to volunteer.
All were being registered and sorted as the fair was commencing.


Sara Jones was nervous to say the least as she stood naked in front of the official who was registering her. She was a sixteen year old, thin with dark red hair and emerald eyes. She was a late bloomer her breast were still on the small side and her hip had only started to grow.

She wasn't here by choice, she has been stupid and broke curfew and been caught spray painting a wall with a few friends. Now she would pay for it with her life.

The officials words snapped her back to reality. "... of course since your here for a crime you'll be executed nude." Sara already knew that, she had been in the crowd many times at these affairs and never thought she would be the entertainment. The woman continued. "I've just entered your information and am just waiting for sentence... Ah here it is." Sara held her breath, "says here you will be hung by the neck slowly until dead. Please allow the guard to bind your hands then follow him to the holding area." Every thing went cold. It wasn't the worst way to go, better than being skinned, but not as fast as beheading or having her throat cut.

It was all so real now as a large man came over and bound her hands behind her back leaving only her small patch of pubic hair for modesty. She was led out into the holding area and tied to the first of many post reserved for criminals. As fear began to rise all she could do now was wait for the executioner to get her and the fair would began.

Sara 16



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