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Looking for a girl who is into being a little sister slave to a horny older brother. Must be okay with things involving their feet.


Sure. But do we do this here ?


here and now?




Sure !


Alright who starts ?


I can.


Ophelia was drawing in her room, being watched by her brother. She loved her big brother. He was always so nice with her. Giving her gifts everydays, always willing to help, and always here for her. They were doing everything together. Eating, playing, showering, dressing each others, and even going to the bathroom. She loves him. And her big brother loves her. Maybe a bit too much. But that, she doesn't know it yet...


I'm afraid I qualify for this IRL. But probably off the board because at the time I lived out this fantasy, I was 17 and my step-sister was 13.

There was no genuine guro, but there was actual exploration of S & M and humiliation.

It lasted nearly two years, and reading your RP brought back its memory to me. Thank you for that. LOL.

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