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I want a game where I really suffer. Please remember. Being master in guro, doesnt mean you can kill anyone. You can buy few chemicals in real life, make bomb and explode it outside. That would work but won't give you release. Please remember that if someone submissive gives you his/hers life to end it with great phisical and mental suffer, you can not just shot the head. Real drastic tortures before death can be more guro than just death and what you will do with the corpse. I want to be a part of RP not youst your fantasy about killing/cannibalism. Also I am pissed when I read "I am eating your dead body now, what you feel (!)???". Hey I am sorry but I am as you said, dead. I can not say anything. Another thing for me is torturing before death. Really good mix of pleasure and pain can really work me. Yes you will be able to end me if you want that. But I want to have pleasure from that RP too. Most of GMs here remembers only about their pleasures. They think that submissives do not need it. Wrong. We do.

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