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im searching for someone to taste ^^ and eat :p vore and other fetish are accept with me any other fetish we gonna put ou what's about poop pee and vomitin the rest is alright ^^ feel free to add me! also i would rather dothe action to you smuff guro ar enjoyable with me! i accept that other eat meh torture me and other i accept alot of thing vice versa ^^ i play alot of different kind of character and i have a various way of rping so feel free to contact me! i will enjoy to rp with you :3 for people that wasent sure unbirth,bodyswap,anal vore,torture,vore are accepted with me diaper,poop,pee fetish is my limit here if not im alright with it!

Last Note girl and boy are accept with me

2nd Note im a girl if you wanted to know

Feel free to cxontact me anytime! im free most of the time!

Note the Picture here is one of the character i might play as if your wondering :3


File: 1529557678937.jpg (35.93 KB, 366x512, 09e4bffe94c325a59109a234a2….jpg)

a Character i might play as in any of the rp

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