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Hello! Looking for victims for the two prompts I'm proposing. I play by mail or on reddit.

1) Dystopian Population Recycling:
In a far away future, people are selected and killed in special centres. The selection is casual and every citizien is taught to accept that fate when it is his/her turn. I would love to focus this scene on cannibalism/butchering.

2) Alien breeding:
You are an human or an alien forced to breed with other feral aliens. The pregnancy is successfull but the birth is going to be fatal for the young and weak broodmare. And even if he/she survives to the delivery, the mother could end up being the offsprings' first meal. Kinks: pregnancy/male-pregnancy.

Those two prompts are scarce and short on purpose. I would love to talk in details with you. Looking for any victim, of any gender and age.

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