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Hello I am looking for a girl who is interested in being dominated and snuffed at my pleasure. My kinks are strangled, drowning, smothering, choking, neck snap. The process or idea would be me and her going on skype together, either through voice or video if she is willing and she does as I tell her to. Or she listens to my voice as I would tell her what I would do to her.

You certainly don't need to just jump straight in. Obviously you will want to go to trust me. So us rping out some scenes so you can gauge what I will do is perfectly fine. But I am looking with this post for a girl who is willing to go all at it with me. And let me have my way with her.

Make no mistake, I would never actually hurt someone in real life. IF I ever found a girl who was interested in doing something like this I would be an utter fool to hurt her. So all of this is fantasy only.

Anyway, if you are interested please send me a email at

About me -

27 years old,
6ft tall,
Short brown hair,
Strong arms and body, played a lot of lineman football.
I am very dominate...

I am looking for a female, not a trans or gay. Only girls.

This picture is not mine, found on pixiv.

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