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I want to make D&D Obliterators a la Warhammer 40,000.
The only issue is how best to phrase their attack. I wager a Standard Action at will, that damages enemies either in an area of effect or with a series of targeted attacked. If an AoE it may be as follows.
dot (60 foot line).
dot (30 foot cone).
dot (20 foot radius burst with a range of 200 feet).
Alternatively, 5 ranged attacks at 300 foot range at its normal ranged attack bonus. Or something.
Either Twin-Barrel or Heavy-Cannon may be applied.
Twin-Barrel: Immediately discharge a second identical attack, except optipnally at different targets (i.e. it must strike with the same target and damage type, e.g. 10 touch attacks dealing fire damage, or 2 seperate cones of cold affecting separate areas)
Heavy-Cannon: Double damage, range and area of effect if applicable.
The damage type must be one of the following:
Fire, cold, acid, electric, sonic, unholy, or ballistic.

Any suggestions? I want someone to throw a match against him (or her, a girl obliterator would be kool).


Obliterators from which Chaos Codex?

There are versions which can pick one of multiple shooting weapons, but never fire the same on consecutive turns and versions which randomly roll a weapon from a list and versions which randomly roll a statline for the attack.

I'd decide on what weapons are available to Oblits and try to find equivalent attacks/spells from D&D, e.g. krak missile -> fireball.
Then it's just a ranged attack with choose/roll effect from/on a list.

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