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so i just found out that im not alone and that other people have naughty fantasies like me!!!! i want to chat more about the fantasies im discovering about myself but i dont raelly know where to go for that..

stuff i think i like:
-getting hunted
-getting killed (headshots, neck snaps, strangling, hanging, neck-slit, neck-chomped, beheaded.. )
-getting "played with" after im killed ;)
-getting eaten (monster or animal)
-getting stuffed/roasted like a chicken (i had this fantasy ever since i was like 6 lol)
-maybe other stuff too???

so ya if you want to chat with me about any of this stuff reply here.. i have a discord thing but i nvr used it much..

so amazing to kno other people have these fantasies!!!! ok so ya leave a message :)


oh ya, and stuff i know i DONT like:

-anything super painful/torturey totally not into that because i hate being in pain :P


you sound like a lot of fun. this kinda thing is exactly what i like (especially the hunting, headshots and neck snaps) i would love to kill you and play with your dead body :)


yay!!! ok so like for anybody that does like the same fantasies as me you should tell me how to message you or whatever so maybe we can chat sometime!

and heres a little bit about me too:
about 5' tall so pretty small and petite, long wavy caramel brown hair (but sometimes i straighten it), big brown eyes, small but perky boobies, and a plump little butt. I can be a kinda bratty sometimes, but i'm a good girl :)


i kinda try to stay as anonymous as possible but if you thought up some scenarios we could chat here


i look forward to killing you ;)


i kinda just want to use this to say hi and see if other people share my fantasies & i dont think it would be good for chatting anyway..

maybe we could try chatzy tho (its totaly anonymous and you dont need an accnt or whatever).. its chatzy(dot)com & then copy & paste this after the .com part "/44902559475856" for the room i just made if you want!

we are having a cookout soon tho so i cant stay in there too long


so i think discord might be easier then chatzy... my name there is Princess #4784 so message me if you want :)

i will still check the chatzy tho!


Got kik too just incase i’d love the decap part


Hi princess,

Do you have kik too?


hi sorry i dont have kik but im on chatzy & discord!! message me if you want :)


I will, because you like exactly, what I love.


File: 1528005509951.jpg (271.94 KB, 900x908, 1526108696057.jpg)

I'd want this to happen to you before you get snuffed.


Sent you a friend request on discord. Should be in your inbox as vendar113. Hope to chat soom


Would be interested, as well. My Discord is Black Heart#8400


Would you be into having your pussy cut out from between your legs?
I'd cut out your entire reproductive system then fist fuck the hole left between your legs. :)


thanks for asking but im totally not into painful stuff... and after im killed & f**ked i still like to be a cute dead body.. not all cut up and stuff.. sorry :/


Cute dead body huh? Care to share an example? ;P


Hi, are you into bellystab/shot?




The apartment mailbox was labeled ‘Princess,’ that looked promising. Even better the door was unlocked, I slipped inside and locked it behind me. I crept down the hall, she was in the living room watching TV with headphones on. From behind I could see she had beautiful long brown hair. Better and better. She was leaning forward, enraptured by her show. I just walked up behind her, grabbed her head firmly, and spun it around. She didn’t even get out a peep before he neck crunched audibly. I let her fall back onto the couch and walked around to examine my prize. Damn skippy, she was a cute little thing. Pixie face, perky little tits, the most surprised expression on her face. Still twitching and jerking as her body realised something wasn’t quite right. “Sorry Princess, you’re going to miss the rest of your show, but we are going to have all sorts of fun the next few hours.”


hi.. thx for messaging me but no.. not into painful stuff :/
lol what are you testing??
OMG!! your mini-story is sooo amazing!! i srsly love everything about it- thank you so much for writing it for meee i'd love to read what happens next ;)


There was a light fixture above the sofa, it looked sturdy and was perfectly placed. I noosed her and hauled her into a half hang, just high enough so she would ride comfortably on my lap. Then I snipped her clothes off, just a halter top and shorts. Sweet, it was if we wanted this to happen. I sat back to admire her and smoke a few bowls. Her nipples were standing nicely, her heart hadn’t quite gotten the message she was dead yet. She really had the sweetest little rack, I was seriously tempted to play with it, but it was dessert. I arranged her hair to nicely highlight her tits though, they jiggled oh so slightly as she twitched out what was left of her life. I spread her fine legs a bit, she had a furry inviting girl-next-door snatch. I could have some fun there while waiting for her heart to stop, I knew she wouldn’t object. Her face might even have taken on an expression of horniness, but that was probably just my imagination.


Sent you a Discord request under DruXXXX. Happy to write stories about you.


Princess, I added you on discord. My major fantasy is neck snaps. Hoping you might fulfill it.


I added you, hopefully for some fun


ok so a lot more people messaged me then i ever guessed which is totally flattering and i love it!!

but just to clear up a couple things to hopefully save me time and save you time too...
1- ya, im "old enough" irl so you dont need to keep asking
2- if your adding me just to try to get pics of me, just dont... most girls arnt desperate to send selfies to strangers online so if thats all you want bother somebody else ok?



sent you a request on Discord. That stuffed/roasted like a chicken thing sounds fun :)


hello I'm interested in your fantasies :)


Hi lrincess,

I miss you in discord :(

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