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Hello I am 26 years old and have a strange fantasy fetish. Now I am only into real wemon so trans and gays please go elsewhere.

I am looking for a girl that is interested in being my slave. She needs to understand though that the fantasy I ask her to fulfill would never be carried out in real life. I would be an utter fool to harm a girl willing to be my toy.

Now some things I would ask her to do is primarily on cam or over voice. However I am not afraid to roleplay at first. But I want her to play with her pussy as we do. None of that (I just think about it) no I need her fully involved.

Hopefully as time goes on she will learn to trust me. I want to dominate you for long term and keep you as my toy.

My kinks and fantasys are involving snuff / Necro / limp / asphixia / drowning. Again fantasy.

If you are a girl and interested please emailed me yes it is my real email. Also you can add me on Skype with the same email. I hope to hear from someone soon.

This picture is not mine but reflects a fantasy of mine.

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