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I am a switch male, looking for someone who plays females. I want long term partners and I am literally up for anything. While my own kinks are rather mild compared to a lot of the things on this site, I am willing to expand and try pretty much anything. I would prefer my partner to also be a switch. I am capable of any length of reply, from 1 paragraph to 7. I am comfortable playing GM roles as well, I am multifandom and typically play on Skype.

Trickyjestermike is my handle for RP. Please be 18+.


Hello? I-i was wondering if anyone would like to RP anime with me? O u O


Looking for a rp partner. Gender doesn't matter. I normally will do anything. I usually play a lycan immortal girl. I'm submissive and really up for anything. I do prefer rps where my character is a slave, used to please her master/mistress in whatever way they please (even resulting in death.)


how can you be contacted shizuru?


Writer in the market for an RP partner to help with establishing a certain setting in the long term.

Theme: medical/institutionalized location (research facility holding young characters both furry and otherwise for study)
Mostly medical/experimental themes involving humiliation. Not focused on death or sexuality, as such would be unprofessional of the staff and wastage of resources.

Contact if interested. Am open to questions.

(Am a poet, with little experience at prose style personally. Would prefer a partner able to write in 3rd person prose, but not necessary as long as they are willing to discuss scenarios involving the above.


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Skype is w4rh3ad_1

I'm looking for a preferably long term partner for my role plays involving scantily clad heroines, one offs are fine as well. Basically I would love to have my heroines delve into a an immersive world filled with peril lurking around every corner and path they so see fit to explore; in which they meet their untimely ends via death, dismemberment, torture, rape, and post mortem play.

My gals are usually ornery, scantily and seldom wear armor as they are air-headed cocky heroines that would have a sensible aptitude that is nullified by their egos and erotic pride for their bodies. My gals are flashy/racy and cocky in the face of adversity!

They're naturally curious and have a warriors spirit at heart bit retain their femininity. In short they are big-breasted battle babes with far too little armor on their strong bodies that get in over their head!

Turn offs:Scat, toilet play, anything underage (Girls are 15+ and that's pushing it for me)

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