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People generally know what I like from my comics and art, but I play NC female victims mostly for consensual sex that turns to unexpected stabbing/gutting/gore . Click my name to email me.


A few sample poses to give some idea of what you'd be getting from me.

--- Start of a scene ---

Thursday. An early spring day that is, like most California spring days, cool but hardly cold. Miko is a senior and will be graduating in a few short months, but the young Japanese girl has been homeschooled by private instructors for most of her life, the prodigy child of wealthy parents, and she's excelled. Worried about her lack of socialization, however, they decided to enroll her in a public school for her last year before college, a crash course in the real world of sorts. Naturally, she did not fit in - smarter than the rest of the students and with no real childhood friends, she's like an adult in a tiny, eighteen-year-old body. The seemingly random and subtle rules of the highschool social hierarchy completely escape her, though, leaving her the outcast. So she did what anyone wanting to quickly learn American teen culture would do - she watched way too much MTV and ridiculous teen soaps and read lots of magazines, giving her a very skewed view of her environment and leaving her with one major impression: girls that put out are cool. So for the last five months, she's been having all the popular and cute guys in her classes over for 'tutoring' sessions, sleeping her way to popularity.

With the new semester just started, she has found herself in a calculus class with the resident bad boy and heartbreaker, Blayne Devyne. Rich, roguishly handsome and utterly distant in that cool, unattainable sort of way, he's the guy all the girls want, but hardly ever has a girlfriend. Sure, many /say/ they've spent a night with him here or a weekend there, but nothing provable and certainly nothing long-term. Miko was quite surprised, then, when he agreed to come over to her palatial and empty house for a 'study' session when they were teamed up as partners in class. All the boys knew what her 'study' sessions really were - Blayne had to know too, right? She's about to find out. He's at the door and she made sure that her outfit makes it clear what the real intent of the session is, dressing in what she thinks is her sexiest, most provacative little outfit she has. Here goes everything!

With her Asian heritage combined with her tiny build making her positively tiny compared to the average Californian hunk, Miko has found it to work better for her to emphasize the difference as opposed to trying to hide it, so when the door opens, Miko is wearing the most incongruous attire. On one hand, she has her hair done up in pigtails, like a little girl, and her wide welcoming smile shows off her braces. On the other hand, she's dolled up like one of the smallest little sluts you've ever seen, in a pink tanktop with a unicorn printed on it that was probably too small for her to wear comfortably years ago, a pink pair of boy-cut undies, and thigh-high socks covering her legs. The tanktop looks painted on by this point, hugging her perky young chest and ending abruptly at her ribs. Neon pink rollerskates finish off the ensemble - she isn't allowed to buy high heels - making her appear a couple inches taller than she really is, which doesn't hide the fact that she's probably half Blayne's height. It appears young Miko has had a bit of experience in making do with what she can wear. "Hey, Blayne," she coos, trying to sound seductive but coming across more like a kid that's playing at being sexy. "C'mon in. I'm excited to tutor you. Maybe you can teach me something, too?"

--- End of same scene ---

Miko slumps back against the headboard again, shivering and shuddering in little earthquakes, her body going all twitchy from the overload of being gutted alive while in mid-orgasm. She hyperventilates in rapid, gasping splutters and sobs through gritted teeth, braces prominent, staring down in disbelief at all those guts in her lap and the hook that still juts from her perky young chest, between her dainty little breasts that rise and fall in quick, shallow breaths.

Then he pushes his hand into that tiny little chest, and Miko loses her shit. Her rolling, fluttering Asian eyes blink open wide and clear again. The girl's heart constricting inside her, her perky, eighteen-year-old breasts bounce and buck as her death throes shake her violently, only a mindless, pathetic squeal able to spill from her blubbering, cocksucking lips now. The higher her squeal goes, the harder she bucks and heaves, arching up harshly as she thrashes. Soon, cum tinged pink from blood comes rushing up the Asian girl's slutty young throat to gush from those beestung lips with more wet, gurgled squeals, big eyes bulging like they might pop from her tiny skull. Her thighs fire off like a jackrabbit, shivering and twitching rapidly, dainty, cum-splattered teen tits jutting up so her chin rests atop her collar bone.

"G-guh-guh-GUTS!" she shrieks, high and shrill, sounding every bit like the horrified teen she is. "I c-cuh-can suh-SEE m-muh-my g-GUTS!"

Her heart bursts and she jolts one last time, holding that wicked arch, boggling up at her killer with his hand in her chest. Her fat little lips tremble, threads of cum stretched between them, braces visible. "M-muh-Mom-ee?!" she asks in a tiny, pitiful plea, the poor teen utterly broken. Then she slumps one last time, slowly, head flopped back against the headboard, eyes staring wide and blank.

Her plushies have watched her fuck twenty-some guys over the last seven months, and now they watch the little eighteen-year-old whore die, covered in cum like the slut she had become.

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