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Here's a dead loli being the victim of necrophilia, what sort of things would YOU do to her dead body?


Lick that smooth cold pussy and suck those toes and squeeze my cock up its anus. Deep into it's delicious softness


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>>973 Then it seems we've got similar sexual fantasies then. I'd also feel her up and make her into a love doll that I'd "play" with a lot. The guy playing with her corpse must be enjoying himself.

Anyhow, here's a cute loli whose in a one piece school uniform, white stockings and school shoes. She's 6 years old from what I understand and her name is Mai. What do YOU do to her dead body?


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no I specialize in loli but since we have the discussion I have some pictures why not exploit it XD.

the sweet Mei lies in its hood full of flowers, very pretty and feminine, they chose a school uniform, even more cute.

But they want to bury, I can understand it but I can not afford it, I lift his little body and I put on one of the benches of the church's night no one bothering me.

Or with me a dummy of the same size of Mei, and a blonde parucca that settle in the girl's hairstyle. done this, gently stripped of his iniforme Mey before the shoes then the socks that brings me to caress her skin finally sit up and extension uniform.
I put all the dummy except her panties, the childhood fantasy on them forces me to keep them.

This done, the small hill on the back of Mei wood and hill a wax mask on her face, to allow features to train while I move clumps of hair. somehow I now have the girl's face and put it on the dummy that takes the place of the deceased which is nice with me.

The day after the funeral I feel no one has discovered anything are watching television, I congratulate myself as I caress the head of Mey sitting difianco me. Last night just arrived home I had already injected my anti decomposition serum. and dressed in a little white dress feshion.

But before doing anything I wanted to know if my plan had worked. Port Mey in the cellar used to my rec room where I move my small body, like a puppet doing dance and move to finally undress and place my cock on her belly.

I extend her hands as if to help me get to the pleasure, but not spray my seed roofs lean against the racolgo in a fazoletto that I throw out then you keep accarezarla and kiss her, in particular neck and mouth.

Then they dress and the hill on a chair soon we will have more time to play.

here is a small and sweet white snow that just ate the poisoned apple . what to do with her ​​body ?


ops sorry wrong number, My action refers to 976


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/OOC: Replacing Mai's body with a life sized dummy? Good idea. I understand your desire to keep her cute panties in your fantasy since I share it. I like your fantasy with her./

I check to see if Snow White's dead and when I learn that she IS dead, I take some pics of her from various angles and distances before I discard her apples and take Snow White's lifeless body and bridal carry her away while slipping her basket onto my arm.

Once we reach my cottage and go inside, I lay Snow White onto my bed and I strip her naked before I feel up, massage, kiss and lick her various body parts. I focus heavily on her legs, feet, chest, belly and cute ass but I massage her neck, back and shoulders from behind and whispers sweet seductive things into her ear.

Next, I use her lifeless cherub hands to masturbate with and I imagine her smiling and saying how she wants to make me happy. I soon cum onto her cute flat chest and then I make love to her corpse by piercing her hymen and let out my love juice into her still warm pussy. She shakes hard as I do all this and once I'm done, I bath and dry her before redressing her and then I kiss her deeply on the lips which causes her to come back to life like in the fairytale.

Smiling, she thanks me for bringing her back to life and we leave the cottage and move to my castle since I'm a prince and we get married and live happily ever after.

Now then, here's a cute dead loli laid out on a slab for you, what do you do with her?


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/Thx, I always try to be creative, your post with white snow is adorable , I really like /

Excellent, they took me to another subject, I get closer to the table where I explain anatomy during the day but at night i do alternative medicine.

put in the ground the bag and sweep away with a kick. reassure the loly that not going to cut into many pieces, the girls so pretty They deserve better.

her eyes secure nothing, but for now I do not close them, playing doctor with her for hours examining her body and making question then imitating a female voice and give me feedback as if it were alive.

When I'm satisfied I give a bit of sugar, kissing her gently and then close her eyes. at that point completely throne, put awhei before scarf then the wide skirt.

At that point I begin to caress his body andthe giving small bites on the legs, neck, butt but without the eave the sign of the teeth.

Finally, I dedicate it to her pussy before biting it and then licking her to allow me to have sex with her.

That done, I take a long centipede and put it on the belly of loly, he begins to scamper forward back undecided then head to the neck and located mouth.

it takes a while, but finally begins to get inside the girl and then expect that the insect do its magic.

In fact the special insect reactivates the heart and brain of loly thanking me Hug me to have it reported in activity although continue will have to continue the treatment if you do not want to go back to being a corpse so i adopts her.

Over time it will become the first mine to the game server, then effectively and finally my patner in life.


someone without heart thrown by a walkway this angel .

Can you take the little loly on time but unfortunately, already dead , what to do with her

/ The mine, and just one example of how it ended on your chest you can change if you plan to better ^^ /


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/OOC: I agree with you about how dead lolis shouldn't be cut open, they deserve to be cherished and treasured just as much as living lolis. Nice work as always in your last fantasy/

I gently scoop up the angel's lifeless body and bridal carry her to my place. Once there, I place her in a series of poses while taking pics of her from various distances and angles /in one, I place her right hand on a copy of "Alice in Wonderland" and in another, I place the book of her lap under her clasped hands/.

Next, I passionately make out with the dead beauty and gently strip her nude. Once she's nude, I take some more pics of her from various angles and distances in a variety of poses. Finally, I caress, kiss and lick her lovely body before I make gentle love to her. Afterwards, I bathe and dry her before putting her outfit back on and I do a variety of non sexual activities with her such as tea drinking, dancing and casually chatting with her.

One more thing I do is that I have several cats rub themselves against, lick and play with the dead angel's body. One of them even plays with her soft lips and even kisses her while snuggling cutely on her chest. All of this causes her to come back to life and she happily rubs the cats who restored her to life. She also is grateful that I was kind and gentle to her body while she was dead.

Now then, here's a cute loli in a dress and sandals whose lying dead in a casket. What do you do with her cute body?


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/ Thank you, I am always happy to hear it. I also always expect to read your risposte./

/ If someone else wants to participate but do not face scruples, we are here to have fun and give free rein to our fantasies / (attempt to involve the community)

I understand the tradition, and also fair, but there's nothing right in to bury a little angel, I could not sneak during the night but fortunately the driver of the wagon-burial is my friend.

Are in an alley with another wagon-funeral to lend me to 'break came on time we have a minute to incirca for change.

we exchange the coffins and pay him handsomely to shut up, he smiles at me and tells me that it is as always a pleasure.

I take the steering wheel and I'm leaving, while others only bury a box with some animal bone, the rest of the case is already closed does not reopen.

Arriving at my house using a back street so that no one gets strange questions and with the help of the port cart the coffin in my basement, as always furnished to be my playroom.

I open the coffin with a bit of effort, but finally here is my reward. A sweet loly, lying on a bed of white flowers, adorable. I can not help but kiss her forehead immediately.

The roll out of the coffin being careful, not to make them hit your head or scratch it, just as if I had to deal with a sleeping person,

Not being able to immediately inject my trusty anti decomposing the serum made my friend to me a few days ago, in order to preserve the body and why or pay more to reward risk.

I support it gently on a chair, acarezandole hair and then comb while I speak softly and do mirror the mirror in front of her.

Play with her by putting a light makeup on the cheeks and a little polish on the nails as if you were preparing for an important occasion. The change my clothes putting an elegant red dress, complete with low-heeled hat long white socks and shoes, with sadness caressed her lips, and I go out I have to return the car.

It takes me less time as possible but in the end they are not home before dark, I go into my basement elegant dress I put on some music and I lower the intensity of the lights.

I guess my little guest smile, maybe yell for putting us so much, I bow to her and then take it gently and dance with her, despite the movements of her there is a certain elegance, the evening continues as a gala evening only the two of us. soiling her lips with some chocolates. to look so sweet that I can not help but give her a sweet kiss for clean her face

at that point I begin to compliment her and undress her, accarezando legs and belly of her and then kiss the scalp massage, chest unusually developed for his age not that I mind.

I lie down on the little loli me pe then seat her on my dick to my every move her body moves, I imagine you moan pleasure while I have sex with her.

Once finished I fell on my chest to hold her gently holding her to me, I clean a little later and then place it on a table and bind the hands and wrists and ankles do not want to get hurt neo proceedings.

In fact mettto for the whole body of small cylinders of common metal attacked a generator connected to the eletricity in my city. And I give you shock. The body is arched but no continuous reaction for a while but when I'm about to give up hope here is that he opens his eyes.

Moans slowly to the uncomfortable position into the free without delay, he does not remember anything before that time, but it still happy and Hug me maybe subconsciously knows what sucess, from that moment I take care of her and trametto my passions with which it helps me until we decide to move to the country to live happily together


That's a monster of ragnarok online , Sohee .

This creature looks like a loli is near the city , far from its natural habitat , the first to discover the little creature who discovered to be devoid of life , what to do about her?


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/OOC: Yeah, I hate seeing beautiful kids and women get buried too. It feels like their beauty is being hidden away from the world and will be lost as they rot away. They should be preserved and placed in a massive masoleum for the whole world to gaze upon their lovely forms in eternal slumber./

Saddened that the lovely being before me is dead, I caress her sweet face and then decide to experiment. I plant several beetles near the dead girl and they crawl onto her body. One goes up her skirt and into her pussy while another goes to her right hand and messes around with her lovely fingers. Others crawl onto her sweet face with one feeling up her lovely lips and even going into her mouth to feel up her gums and tongue while another goes into her ear. Two others open her eyes and sip fluid from the surface of her eyes and even poke them.

The one in her pussy goes into her uterus and gets her reproductive organs to release a number of her egg cells which it fertilizes to create eggs that will soon hatch to produce more beetles. It then fuses itself with her nervous system and distributes its matter all across her nervous system. Once it reaches her brain, it takes control of her body and she awakens as my obedient love doll that obeys all of my commands.

She gets up and I hold her hand as we walk home to my place where we make love to each other. In time, she gains emotions and a shy but kind hearted personality and we get married and live happily ever after. On a sidenote, the eggs hatch and new beetles emerge from her pussy to find other women and lolis to impregnate.

Now then, here's Maria from Umineko. Sadly, she died in her sleep and her lovely body is wide open for your pleasure. What do you do with her?


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/ Science is still behind but I think who knows one day /

I entered the house to steal valuables, but in trying known the girl lying on the bed. I stop to look at her a moment, then know that something is wrong no noise from the open mouth of her chest does not move, my ear on the hill sweet of her chest. only silence.

I spun and I moved away to start to leave the room and the house itself but standing in the doorway to me, my brain thinks divverse times I beat feet nervously and finally I get back on my feet.

I tell maria it's all her fault that is putting me in trouble, I had made several inquiries about the house I met both Mary and her mother, a dysfunctional relationship, but I was only the thief who was making inquiries with the excuse of the day.

Every time Maria was kind to me, a loly who still believe in magic after all, better to control his vital parameters taking off the gloves nothing to do, my head falls sound thrashing on the bed beside her, combatuto between the heart the reason and instinct in the end I raise my head with no regrets.

I will do what I came for, I'll steal something, steal Maria The bag that was supposed to contain valuables now is filled with her clothes and I put it in my shoulder and then get closer to Maria and close my mouth. accarendone lips and the alignment as a child. and I take it in my arms taking away both she and plush.

No messgge of claim, better than the mother think plain that his daughter was kidnapped disappearance that find her dead.

I take with me also some of his "magic books" then I go back to the loading machine before the little one in the back seat, and then everything else in bagaglialio.
I'm a bit of a hurry and shocked I did not think of having to do something this evening genre.

I head home later in my garage, and only then the nervous tension leaves me, I get out of the car and open the back door. Mary is asleep them forever stroked his hair cut and color have always made me mad. The get up gently and port in the cellar in my playroom.
there is some other girl that I turned in my pet dolls.
The end that will make probably the beautiful Maria.

I stroke his forehead and began to baciaarla and licking her tiny body, especially the legs and her little ass. Mary believed in the magic unfortunately the reality is different, but as a tribute to her or to the fact that he made me promise that I would have believed it. I'll get a book of magic and do a ritual or at least what I think is a death ritual. candles and salt magic circle. I follow the instructions as for a recipe.

Then the miracle, a flash and Maria opens her eyes, standing up and stretching as if he had just woken up smiling at me, I had not resting on a table having a stone slab, I look at the book the paint brush in the other hand and Maria. like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

The little girl goes down with a bit of effort showing a perfect paronamica of her panties.
then meet me, but it just comes out of the magic circle, his eyes full of life go off the moment and falls on his knees, his grasp before hitting his head to bring it back into the magic circle. the magic takes to have spring return a few seconds later. Then Mary kisses me.

I'm sure they do not understand the meaning, but I reply to its small lips without straining to do something more pushed. One thing leads to faster I miritrovo on scheina with her straddling me giggles as my hands touched her hips and leri rubs against my chest like a kitten.
Also try to use my cock but eventually we limit of dfregarlo against his little ass, a strange relationship Motl.

After this strange moemtno mutual passion another kiss and I begin to explain while we take a bath together, she says, to understand but I'm pretty sure he did not fully grasped the situation. day secrets I improve the seal of Mary tatuandoglielo on his back, crying a lot at that juncture but just some cuddle and kiss to make it stop. They'll stop even a thief, driven by maria become a magician with her as my assistant, and then we'll get married, we would not have children, but the magic that we have discovered allow us to do what we want. A happy life even if it is strange

/ She was very strange , because I also wanted to propose her as : Topic XD /

to stay here is the two witches of the same series of loly Maria . After a tough magic of combat both after finishing all the magic in them they fall asleep to not wake up more . what to do with their little bodies ?


File: 1469518466719.jpg (120.76 KB, 800x600, preview52a6d1a7c5c880f4fb9….jpg)


I take pictures of their cute bodies from various angles and distances. Then I gently stand up Bernkastel's body and I proceed to dance a nice waltz with her. She moves elegantly even in death which arouses me.....

I then sit her down and intimately caress and brush her long purple hair before I caress her lovely face. I then open her dull lifeless eyes which were like that even when she was alive. I then deeply kiss her and her lips and mouth taste like blueberries. Next, I sit her on my lap and I lovingly caress her nice set of legs which look like those of a ballerina. Finally, I look up her skirt and take a pic of her lacy black panties and take pics of her in various body poses before I place her on a chair with her legs crossed.

I then stand up Lambdadelta and do a tango dance with her as she was energetic in life and would want to do something energy filled if she were alive. I then place her in a series of body poses and take pics of her before I passionately kiss her on the lips and neck while moaning her name. I also caress her legs and tickle her and do the other things that I did with Bernkastel.

Next, I strip them both nude and have passionate sex with each of them and then pose them together nude in different body poses while taking pics of them. Afterwards, I bathe, dry and redress them and make them into my love dolls. Of course, the two of them appear to me live in new bodies and were interested to see what I had planned for them.

Lambdadelta of course teases me but is impressed at how kinky and perverse I am and likes how I was rough with her body. Bernkastel meanwhile is intrigued with what I did to her body and how gentle and romantic I was to her body. She tells me that I'm a gentleman at heart and that I'd make the one I hook up with one day happy.

Now then, here's a cute loli princess in eternal slumber. What do you do with her body?


File: 1469708144508.png (565.14 KB, 768x576, __nagi_kannagi_drawn_by_p_….png)


Not much remains the kingdom and on the edge of collapse now,, so why not take what I need in an effort to better life away here d.
I can get from the royal gardens I drop by the rope, the kingdom and a slaughterhouse but the royal garden and very nice though and the first time I see it, made better by a new element.
The young princess and lying on a bed of flowers the thing it sounds unusual, especially her alone without guards. I touch her arm with his boot, no answer so I lean over her.
As I suspected there are only the mortal remains of her, which has taken her own life to avoid capture? This will not prevent others from desecrating his body. giggled.
coins I can steal anyone else where I find a beautiful princess? I bent over her and I spend a finger on the cheek.
"Sorry my lady, but I beg to abduct"
I imagine quite still annoyed I tie her wrists together, then alinep the skirt of her and tie his ankles, it can not escape but for light web surfing can be would be a problem if the dress or a limb princess become entangled.
Load the young man on the shoulder and go back where they came from the way and a little more challenging, but nothing you can not fix
Once in my den untie the princess and I smile with a certain malice.
The smell even in death the actual maintain a good smell, I start to kiss her gently and lick her neck soon stripped of all his personal efects the only thing that I will be able to resell. not much unfortunately.
But I enjoy the intimate ambience of the princess and her body caressed her body, starting from small barefoot then order the legs through the little pussy, the copolymer Breast grin and finally the face.
to settle on a couch putting many pillows near and put weight percent, and began to make her a drawing. wasted talent number 1, I'm good but I never gained much in that way so I gave the "job" of the thief.
The portrait of the princess is right, the rest is not moving and no breaks does not take much. the fact that I take off my pants and put my cock and rub on the ass and pussy of her while I caress her legs and her small hands.
the sperm is placed on her belly clean my body soon after. the hair is combed in a regal but I have to cut them and spettinarli not cheap and dirty them a bit as well as her skin, it covers its forms with animal skins and hold you in my arms like a small wedding, going to the Forsta.
The necromancer and surprised to see me, I ask him to do something for the girl, the hide that is the princess. the old man may fall, and as I thought only asks my virginity to her.
Aspect that has finished the ritual before entering, the girl does not breathe slowly coscente what has happened and asleep Necromancer tells me that I have to make her drink an infusion of roots every two days to keep the spell that keeps her alive.
Not a problem then carry the loly in my den with her lying under the skins of animals.
He wakes up after several hours while I play with her. It is a bit confusing and does not remember anything about his previous life, but has a soft spot for me mutual thing, from Princess to the thief teach the craft and develop a very intimate relationship that is done to strengthen between time and our adventures one day satiated We are become merchants and put on family, living happily ever after.


It is a hot summer, and are in the house a young loly flat on her back , a bit of foaming at the mouth , and her body is a little hard . after a brief check discover that she is dead . there is no one but the two of you , what to do with her body ?


File: 1469818359126.jpg (337.96 KB, 850x517, sample_fdaacfe6cd95277efc3….jpg)


I take a deep breath as I come into the house with just a bottle of water. I looked around the household hoping someone was home so I could ask for some ice. As I finished taking a sip of my drink I noticed the body upon the ground. After a few seconds of examination, I lean in close licking a bit of the foam around her lips away.

I get a wicked grin upon my face before lifting her up and kissing her deeply. Letting my tongue explore her mouth slowly. After a while, I'm burning up from sexual tension and heat. So I strip down to nothing and insert my member into her mouth. I move her head back and forth by pulling her long pigtails, taking a deep whiff of her shampoo.

Eventually I would cum deep into her throat and lock up the house. I'd make a call to my friends who bring the cryo gear to bring the body back to my lab to keep for further fun.


Kat from gravity rush feel victim to poison apple in the middle of the forest and no one else is around. What do you do with her?


File: 1470092836511.jpg (81.7 KB, 1280x720, Linaria deep in thought.jpg)


I'd feel her lush body up, gently strip her nude and have my way with her. During my time with her corpse, I'd focus heavily on her ass, legs, belly and chest plus I'd open her eyes to make it look like she's alive and would mimic her voice to pretend that she's responding to my having sex with her.

Afterwards, I'd redress her and then I'd place some beetles on parts of her body and they'd scurry around. One would go into her rectum, another would go into her pussy while others would go into the orfices on her head like her mouth. Two others would go to her empty eyes and sip fluid from the surface of them. Eventually, the beetles would fuse with her nervous system and brain and take control of her now living body. She'd now be my living sex doll and servant that in time would learn how to talk and think as the beetles have a single hive mind controlling them all.

Now then, here's Linaria from Suisei no Gargantia in a boat casket very much dead. Her last wish was that you keep her body as your sex doll. What do you do with her body?


File: 1470831655906.jpg (47.63 KB, 640x479, __shuna_magical_tale_drawn….jpg)


/>>1422 thank you very much I loved it ^^/

I could visit Linaria before the funeral, you've already taken steps to inject my trusty anti decomposition serum. A beautiful ceremony and then entrust the boat casket to the current that would take it straight to my boat.

I'm a little preucupato but finally hits Linaria arrives, cradled by the current alongside my boat. assure the boats, one to the other. Then go down and the sccarezzo her face before caricarmela over one shoulder and return to my modest craft.

Allow the boat casket to continue his journey but without the valued guest on board and already I begin to undress revealing the gentle contours of her body that acarezzo carefully, and then dress her up with clothes suitable for belly dancers. did this I take a box opening it by putting several similar insects to millipedes on Linaria abdomen. this is done I move while I film everything carefully.

Insects are a bit bewildered by the new environment, but quickly crawling over her body to seek shelter. some choose to have the pussy and ass for introfularsi, while a few others date back to the upper body, reaching the face Linarie. the insect slips into her mouth while others go towards the ears one plays with her eyes opening them sciovolando on them in an attempt to figure out where to go even if he later comes into her mouth.

I wait a moment and then I take my flute and started to play, the temporarily merged insects in Linaria body respond to commands according to the melody. Her body to begin with making awkward gets up and then cominciae to dance for me with seduacente do, I allow Linaria to rub and move ardently hips before you stop playing, thus allowing to her body to his gaze free of looking at life. insects respond weakly to external stimuli, but eseguno my commands Linarie fact I can lie down and I begin to have sex with her.
The body emits some spasm and then abbraciarmi while I stroked her legs ass and every other part of the body and then kiss her with transportation.

Did this I take the flute and with a melody I get back insects in the box because I can feed them later and keep them safe. to turn off the camera and close my eyes to my precious guest and then transport it below deck. the lava and wipe them carefully and then make her lie down on my bed. I must now steer my boat but when we get into port I'll have plenty of time to have fun with my love doll.


after hearing a thud . enter the rooms of the princess finding her body . her heart if it stopped for a moment of terror . What do her little body


File: 1470873134040.png (355.74 KB, 704x396, Hitomi in eternal slumber.png)


/OOC: I adore what you did with Linaria. It's what I'd have done too./

Upon learning that the princess is dead, I lift up her onto the bed, strip her nude and begin to caress, kiss and lick her various body parts. I put heavy emphasis on her flat chest, smooth belly, cute little butt and her cute set of legs. I also sit her up and massage her arms, back, shoulders and neck before I whispers sweet things into her ear and hug her from behind while telling her that everything will be ok.

I then begin to caress, massage, kiss and tickle her cute feet and soon, I'm tickling her entire body. However, the shock I'm giving her cute body shocks her body back to life but she's still in a coma. To wake her up, I cusp her sweet face in my hands and french kiss her while stroking her hairless virgin pussy. This causes her to softly awaken and when she sees me, she smiles and I explain to her what happened. Grateful for bringing me back to life, she kisses me and the two of us become a couple as we'd been close friends already and we end up living happily ever after.

Now then, here's Hitomi Suzuki from Madoka Magica lying on the floor dead, what do you do with her body?


File: 1470930934154.jpg (192.5 KB, 850x638, __souryuu_asuka_langley_ne….jpg)


/ I already took Miki. in other Necrophilia. so I peaches with that /
/ I'm sorry but I really came along because I had in mind a special thing I wanted to share with you , hope you like it /

I was doing a walk to learn more about the city where I had moved. when passing near a deserted building it seems to notice something. I decided to enter.

Lying on the ground I see a young man with school clothes, in my mind turns on a vague memory where I saw that school uniform, anyway I quickly resume and control the conditions of the girl. Still, I view almost in passing, but I take her by the shoulders and dragged a bit more to the inside so as not to be disturbed. more than anything else reminds me of something but at the moment does not connect.

I rummage in her personal efects. there much the diary, a book of school, the student card that allows me to know his name and school, then connect that is of the same school of Miki, lying in my basement. Hitomi Suzuki, the I congratulate the name and I apologize for having ignored while I caress the long and soft hair. The hill back of a column while I inject my trusty serum anti decomposition that I always carry with me. I stroke her long legs do not know why but the school difisa he's really good. comuqnue leave her a moment alone.

I'll be back a few moments later with the I open the door of the machine and put it inside the passenger's personal Hitomi efects and then gently lift it up and place it on the front passenger's seat, unlike the other departs that she seems to be sleeping, I spend my tongue on her leprosy a foretaste of what awaits me. however, we settle the uniform so that it is in beautiful order and peaches with the belt and then go straight to my house.

Within the garage and once parchegiato, I take the newcomer gently and eter in my games room. where with cheerful greeting to the other girls, and I present Hitomi that hill on the bed. finally. I take off the pants without delay instead to Hitomi I raise only the shoes and panties, of a light green rather sensual for his age. I put myself astride her unbuttoning her blouse to see her bra. I open my eyes Hitomi, a green that was to be great in life, but now lost much of its charm. I kiss your lips beginning to caress the face, the neck and then passing it on hips starting to penetrate my cock into her. I start with making slow. and then completely abandon the passion. I imagine for a moment to say my name and moan when it is currently not possible.

Finished, in the heat of the moment as I was turning to her in the bed, now Hitomi lying on my chest, I close my eyes holding her to me while I remove my cock from inside her. I can stretch out beside her while I take a bit of breath and decide to snoop in her diary reading it.

I watch almost immediately after then watch Miki shortly after, which is dressed as a sailor, and sitting on a chair. I chuckle at the irony, are friends and find themselves now both in my basement, even I would have done it on purpose. I go to the bathroom and brush my first and then take Michi and put it in the bath dressed bathroom. Shortly after I get back from Hitomi and I finish undressing. also making her wear a sailor suit, white blouse, stockings and short blue skirt shoes. the fact that the port herself in the bathroom.

Miki lying with his eyes upward as Hitomi hill above her eyes down and turn on the water, the clothes on their bodies become members allowing me to see the skin and underwear under his clothes. I do a bit of photos then I take a jar wearing rubber gloves. and I go down on girls a few electric eel. My serum prevents the body from getting older so if stimulated with the eletricity the bodies of the two girls you can indeed move a bit annoyed after the eels. beginning to bear shock.

The girls move under the spasms in a strange and sinuous dance, while on the other a stusciano, I fotogravo every moment of this moment of meeting while I was tough. I'm sorry not to be able to join them but at this time only to look good enough. I am compelled to take the pressure off of my cock with her hand, but I'm relieved. remit the angulle in their place some had introfulate in the ass girls while one tried to entare in occa Hitomi.

Ie their skins are a bit arrosate for electric shock, do but suddenly with a healing ointment that will regenerate their skin, did not wipe this for now. Miki port on the chair where he found and then rest Hitomi sitting next to her with appogiara head on the legs of the friend that her hair caress. I still do some pictures sodisfatto. finally reunited, they will return soon to play with the two of them.

here's to you Asuka , of evangelion . after the battle with the angel that struck his mind , in the end his mind gives way, and the doctors declare brain death . There being no living relatives come chosen to dispose of his body. what do you want to do?


File: 1471044470908.jpg (235.16 KB, 1200x649, necro loli.jpg)


I unplug the machines that keep her body alive and once it dies, I inject her with my anti-decomposition serum and bridal carry her limp body away. As I walk towards the morgue, her arms hang limply and sway as I move which turns me on immensely.

When we reach the morgue, I undress her and once she's nude, I begin to feel her up and grope, massage, kiss and lick her various body parts. Something interesting that I do is that I use Asuka's lifeless hands to masturbate with. I picture her smirking slyly and saying what a dirty guy I am. Soon my dick gets hard and I cum after I turn around so I don't cum onto her lovely body.

Next, I place her body in a wide variety of poses and take a bunch of pics of her from different angles and distances. In one pic, she has a pinecone in her hands on her lap to make her look like a pure virgin. In another, her hands are on her pussy like she's masturbating. In yet another, her hands are tucked under her head while her legs are splayed open as a way of saying that she's surrendering herself to be raped.

Taking Asuka up on her offer, I plunge my dick into her pussy and break through her hymen and roughly hump her while groping her breasts until I cum into her pussy. After I rest on Asuka's corpse for a bit, I get off her, clean her up and dress her in a short sleeved red sundress and matching red sandals /with straps/ and bridal carry her to my car where we drive off to my place and then I carry her inside and she becomes one of my love dolls.

Now then, here's the dead loli that started this thread. Imagine yourself in the guy in the pic's place, what do you do with her cute body?

/OOC: I want to give you or someone else a shot at her. Good work with Hitomi by the way. The electric eels thing was original./


File: 1471104761668.jpg (745.48 KB, 800x1131, __original_drawn_by_comet_….jpg)

/thank you! I will do my best ^^ I hope to meet your expectations ./

I was coming back in a hurry at home, was not a good night to stay open on us was to Suppres a storm. while paso the alleys but the known. a little something, a little girl lying on waste, I get close to her is all dirty and wearing a long men's shirt and only her panties. the wind begins to expiration strong and the rain begins to fall. I act by instinct, I'll take it to the sides on an arm running toward the house.

Into the house, the sky lights up and roars while I close the door. both she and I got soaked, but I do not mind the hill on the bed, a little girl, very pretty, short body hair blacks graceful my breath becomes heavy. I'm for women a bit more mature but this helpless creature turns me on. I refrain from qualsasi impulse control as is, and the worst of my premonitions come true them. she's dead. I walk away now to pick up the phone and I stop. those who would seize this weather? not only I have to deal with this mess.

I riafficno the girl and think of a thousand and one ways to turn this problem on someone else's problem, but in the end I'll take my responsibility. I bent over her and tell her that I'll have her as he stroked her hair. and in no time I find myself caressing her whole body, smooth and soft skin before accorgemene are resting on top of her with cock on her pussy like I was in a trance. Only the sound of a thunder brings me back to reality

I'm sweating, I wipe with the sleeve of his shirt and look at it, the face of the girl is relaxed like he was sleeping, one of my hands is laying on cided to her as if to hide his face. as if to drown out the siren song but it is useless, my hand slides along the neck and then lean on the breast, and take it to the side, they have to put a bit of petroleum jelly to help me and then I penetrate easily. I bent over her and kissed her whispering sweet words still feeling the taste of her lips as if she were alive, and then I start to have sex with her.

Her body moves under my shots, while my hands are resting on her breast while continuing massaging at some point for the continuous external stimuli her heart starts to beat, awakened rudely complains and cries of instinct while I make out my dick without coming into her.

Surprised what sucess and take it and to finally wash well. she sobs complaining that it hurts. I laugh nervously and decided to tell her everything that sucess. She thanks me leaning his back against my chest while I finish cleaning it.It does not tell me anything , although obviously remembers something . I tell her I can stay here tonight, but tomorrow will settle .

I sleep on the floor and the bed occupied by her. I can not sleep well and finally when I close eye on the little girl falls out of bed ending up on my chest . I complain as I open my eyes met those of them large . do you remember how those of Puss in Boots ? to Shrek ? here is the kind eyes that you can not say no . It looks like a chick wrapped in my sheets . give her a pat on the head that makes her moan , while the sigh . the next day I would have made hustling for my daughter , while I prepare the documents to adopt her. from that day we live a platonic relationship that leads us to lead a happy and carefree life.

/I would tell everyone not to get problems . if you want to take action go ahead , not only here but also by other parties. posted just to propose a character or the like . We do not bite ^^ . I believe ò.ò/

While doing a ride to the cemetery . you can find this little girl lying on the ground . Note that after an examination to hit his head against the stones dying instantly . despite being in the right place you decide you need to do something about it . what to do with her ​​sweet body ?


File: 1471242968516.jpg (323.9 KB, 824x1200, lolibooru 50010 blue_eyes ….jpg)


For starters, I take some pics of the dead girl from various angles and distances /and even take pics of select body parts/. Then I'd search for her missing shoe, find it and slip it onto her stocking covered foot like in Cinderella.

Next, I'd caress her sweet face and then stand her up and give her a nice hug before I started to dance with the young girl's lifeless body. Even in death, she moves with a certain elegance as her head and limbs limply sway as we dance. Next, I'd bridal carry the young girl's body out of the graveyard and carry her to my place which is close by.

Once there, I'd lay her down and place her body in a series of poses and take some more pics of her. I'd then gradually and gently strip her nude /while taking the time to lovingly caress her stocking covered legs and feet/ and tenderly caress, massage and kiss the dead girl's lifeless body. I'd then make gentle love to her tender body before I bathed her, dried her off, injected her with my anti-decomposition serum and after I washed and dried her clothes, slip them back onto her lovely body and then I'd kiss her on the lips.

She'd then start to stir, gently open her eyes and smile at me. She wouldn't know who she is so I name her Chloe and let her live with me as my lover as she loves me just as much as I love her.

Now then, here's Rika Furude laid out dead and nude. What do you do with her body? /OOC: please ignore the blood./

/OOC 2: Good work with the previous loli by the way./


File: 1471388182352.jpg (325.62 KB, 678x960, the loli goddess Rika!.jpg)


This is what Rika looks like nude with no blood, just picture her for the scenario nude like this but laid out with the dull look on her face.


File: 1471445436872.jpg (329.81 KB, 850x1237, __hatsune_miku_and_kaname_….jpg)


I had gone to the temple to pay my respects before I leave and go back to my apartment in the city. the village had piqued my interest I had stopped one day to sleep in the car

I'm going to pray is a cold The whole day. the rest is winter, but that does not stop me to see two pairs of bare feet. I lean and I see. a girl lying on the ground, naked, lifeless eyes open and his face contorted in what I might call disbelief. I'm not surprised who would believe he died so young. I assure you of his condition but it is clearly dead and in a state of rigor mortis.

He had gone to stock up so do not hesitate to use my anti serum decomposition on her then settaciare the temple. It seems to be the current home of the girl I also discover his name as I try. I raise that Rika and perfectly straight except for the hair that move in the wind and put in the trunk.

And a long journey but I continue smoothly up my home where after parking in Garaga, recovering the Rika body and put it on the table of my seminterrato.a that point playing doctor with her caress every part of her skin and kick start to free her from that rigidity

beginning on the face, I picture her with an expression a little more relaxed than with the face that seems to ask "if I'm kidding," the massage cheeks with his hands but then with a little effort to move them mouth to soften it before then to give her an expression more natural. I kiss her but she did not close my eyes passing to other arts. Before the legs, which are caressed for their entire length before inizzi to move them first one and then the other. once freed from the rigidity of the step dead arms. I put particular endusi dui small arts but especially on her hands and fingers doing everything with care not to break any bones.

The face making her lie down on his stomach and began to massagiare entire spinal collonna Rika while before I held her in my arms I was sorry that his body was so hard and so my precise desire to make it flexible again.

Once you have done the new face while I undress and then I take her up to place it on the mat not take it anymore. I can not get on the bed. so mu sun on her. the small body disappears while my cock strokes her pussy and ass by Rika. whisper sweet words and massage his body s continio until it starts to penetrate. continuously for a while changing position several times until I can not sit on me. coming to her at the end.

Did this finally close my eyes making her lie down on me as if he were sleeping. I clean his body, the long hair comb and dress up as a nurse. an outfit that was meant for another of my dolls but since their shapes were similar I took the opportunity.

At that point continuing to play with her making several photographs in different poses and then place it on a chair and poggiandole hands and head on my bar counter. the acarezzo hair again before he even kisses her on the lips. unfortunately I have to go but I promise to return very soon.


/ Excuse the plot a little convoluted , but I liked the idea ! /

Outside your house there a very large and heavy package , delivery and free it seems to be a gift from a friend. once you signed the ports at home and fortunately or unfortunately is deserted . ( See who dwell alone, or those who live with you are not there) at the end in one way or another to reveal the contents of the package.

A young girl in unifome , his name is Ai and is definitely a human body , and the girl died but the invoices and reveal that nancy and this and a free sample of a new agency . so now that Ai belongs to you what to do with his body .


File: 1471662620982.jpg (172.72 KB, 901x1601, Sayaka's cute like this! -….jpg)


Wasting no time, I stand up Ai's lifeless body and I hug her before I french kiss her. I then proceed to dance with Ai's corpse and do various things with Ai like she was alive.

I then lay her down and take some pics of her body from various angles and distances in a series of poses before I gently strip her nude /while being slow and seductive in peeling off her stockings and having my way with her legs and feet. I then take some more pics of her before I start to caress, kiss, massage and lick her body parts and then I make love to her.

Next, I bathe and dry her off before I dress her up in a "Madoka Magica" schoolgirl uniform, white tights and white mary jane shoes, open her lifeless eyes and sit her on a chair. Thanks to information provided by a magazine that came with Ai, I then go to a body market to purchase a friend or two for Ai.....

Now then, Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica laid out dead and you come across her body. What do you do with her cute body?


File: 1473091305733.png (128.23 KB, 600x521, __tomoe_mami_mahou_shoujo_….png)


/ I have already done something with Miki, but since no one for now if I'll come forward again ^^ I imagined the same age or miki for this round/

I was late to school for different reasons so it is already night not that someone at home aspects, the rest live alone, since I moved here to study. Returning home easily known a girl on the floor in the uniform of my school Apresto me to give her aid, but the deep blue of her eyes seem to eliminate any doubt. I pluck up courage and I feel pusazioni nothing to do. I acknowledge my classmate, well or heard only 2 or 3 times its name, I've never talked about but I wanted to. do I take the phone when I put it in June inefrenabile I feel a desire to do anything else really. I caress the head of Miki what I'm about to do is wrong in every concept. yet I feel that I have not as if I were to choose, I close my eyes at her, gently. loading it on my shoulders, I am not even vaguely strong enough to be cool and take it as the super heroes of the film in his arms. but I must say I feel her breasts I pressed on the back is exciting to me.

I can not get myself noticed by anyone coming to the house where I close my dntro with my classmate, poggiandola softly to the ground. perfect you will never go back more, I lie difianco to her telling her nice things, and I'll take care of her and then kiss her. I begin to caress and feel the shapes of her, putting emphasis on her ass while around Gaccia below. I considered it a bit of a tomboy but while counting I realize the intimate already a mature girl and no longer hat began as a child. it excites me to the point that I begin to have oral sex with her. I heard sometimes his voice is so easy to imagine me as I make love to her. continuously again and again while I am surprised to be capable of such things dinche not me exhausted deck beside her to open my eyes, I do not know if at that time he felt shame or gratitude. cmunque I am having sweated a lot I take a shower and the port Miki to bathe with me. The hot water and then limproviso her body resumes surprising life, seems to have sensed it all and heard it all. from that moment tells me many things among which he loves me and that if I love making love with her so no problem there. I do not understand in sincertità but there fidanziamo and I do not ever miss my support, living a happy life.


It is a bit more grown-up , but I think it's worth it .

Mami found in her room lying lifeless , only inintimo . has no life what to do about her?


File: 1473142712500.jpg (197.21 KB, 1000x1238, angelic Aria in eternal sl….jpg)


After checking on Mami and learning that she's dead, I lovingly caress her hair, face and body parts before I take pics of her from numerous angles and distances and even focus on select body parts in some of the pics.

I then stand her up and dance with her. Even in death, Mami moves with a certain grace and elegance that I'm attracted to. I then strip her nude and fondle, kiss and lick her various body parts /especially her lush breasts, smooth belly and sexy butt and legs/. I then make love to her dead body and pop her cherry since she's a virgin. During my necro sex with Mami's body, she shakes limply with the force of my thrusts into her tender body.

Once I'm done, I bathe her and dry her off before placing her in numerous body poses while taking pics of Mami in those poses along the way. I then dress her in her school uniform and kiss her deeply on the lips. This causes her to stir and awaken and she looks at me with her golden eyes and smiles warmly.

We then become a couple and live happily ever after.

Now then, here's Aria from Sister Princess in eternal slumber. What do you do with her cute body?


File: 1473198664977.jpg (192.11 KB, 850x1051, __aria_sister_princess__sa….jpg)

/as already happened before you used before me one of the images I was interested show ^^ so it's time or wanted to do something a bit special /

I find the ragazina lying on the floor, after a quick check I find out that she died, sorry for the tender Loli I decide to take the responsibility of looking after his body. after having crossed several times the face and hair of loli I'll take her up bringing it to my model car is, where I can sit in place of the transient beside the driver. to settle the suit, and I put the seat belt, something is still missing.
I think about it a moment and recovering a stuffed plush that I had in the trunk that I had bought to beautify some of my "guests" but was better in the arms of her.
Her head rests on that of the bear while I put her arms as if to shake the stuffed animal, immortalized the moment with a photo and then take the car and go home.

Once home port Aira, in my rec room where I make a nice photographic service, various location alone, with some books and several puppets, also do a video where I can dance gently and place it on the bed and finally use du her my trusty anti decomposition serum. gently caress her small body stripping him and then began to kiss her neck slender arms legs and other points.

I do not come inside her but used his hands to release the tension of my cock imagining entusiata to help me in this action, the fact that some of my cum lands on her which is cleaned shortly after.

I put a very elegant dress and carefully comb the hair so that it is presentable put them in the hands of a greeting card and load in the car, I found Aira at the right time. there is an important festival and believe it is the right time to present it to the then celebrated the load by putting the machine back into the arm the teddy bear and put in motion the 'car.

After celebrating and received several gifts and all are gone , in your rec room are Aria waiting with other packaged individually gifts looking at the note in his hand discover that it is a gift , what to do with your gift?


File: 1473576817497.jpg (42.03 KB, 476x700, 1452385951002.jpg)


Deeply aroused at the dead angel before me, part of me feels guilty for lusting for a pure and innocent child like Aria but then I picture her smiling kindly at me and saying that she knows that my love for her is pure so that it's ok for me to want her.

Smiling at this thought, I stand her up and dance with Aria's lifeless body and even in death, she moves with a certain elegance and beauty that I'm drawn to. I then lay her down again and caress her hair curls and face before I lay Aria on her back and I fiddle with her delicate hands and fingers before I kiss and suckle them. I then lift up Aria's skirt and reveal that she's wearing white tights and black mary jane shoes. I then caress Aria's tight covered legs and grope her crotch and butt through her tights before intimately caressing her shoes which I then remove and then I caress and massage her stocking covered feet.

Next, I unfasten Aria's dress and slide it off her small body revealing that she's wearing a white silky camisole. I then gently slide off her tights exposing her matching panties and lovely legs and feet both of which I intimately caress, massage and kiss. Afterwards, I caress her bare arms and kiss and lick her armpits before I massage her shoulders and kiss and lick all around her neck and whisper sweet things into her right ear.

I then remove her headpiece and undergarments which leaves Aria nude and I'm in awe of the beauty and purity of her nude form. I then place Aria in a series of body poses and take pics of her in them. I then intimately caress, kiss and lick her flat chest and belly before doing the same to her back and cute buttcheeks. I then get nude myself and snuggle with Aria's nude body.

Just then, I hear Aria whisper how she wants "Mon Frere" meaning me to make love to her to bring her back to life so she can be with me. Nodding, I then gently ease my dick into her delicate pussy and carefully breach her hymen which causes her to wince but she reassures me that she's willing to endure the pain to be with me and for the sake of our love. I then pump into Aria's small body and eventually, I unload my seed into Aria's pussy and the shock brings her back from the dead.

Smiling kindly at me, she caresses my face and expresses her joy at being with me once more. We then rest for a bit before we bathe together and dry one another off. She then gets dressed in a cute frilly blue nightgown and we go to sleep together in the same bed while holding hands.

Now then, here's Makie from Negima who you find murdered. What do you do with her cute body?

/OOC: Makie's the same age in Negima that Mami from Madoka Magica is roughly plus Makie's quite cute and childish in personality so it can work./


File: 1474029575152.jpg (107.98 KB, 850x531, __ichinose_kotomi_clannad_….jpg)


/ Apologize for the delay, I was a bit busy /

I was assigned this case, or at least I have been made to assign in the district are famous for wanting to find out who killed girls and women and consgnarlo to justice.

Analyze the victim's body with a sigh care for the brutal way of running some have not really compared to the beautiful maidens. I analyze the crime scene, and do all the tests to scentifica. In fact, I extract the stick from Makie ass and then free it from the tape that strangles.
knoll her body along the cabinet, as I look at the empty eyes of her. I already have my suspicions and or already got everything I needed from the scene so we put her body on the stretcher and bring to ubitorio.

I pay them handsomely for the doctor who goes away leaving me alone with her. I caress the hair and then Makie game with her tongue. I take attletiche massagiandole legs and moving them doing the same thing with arms and neck so as to break the rigor mortis. same thing I do with her back.

Now that he has again the ability to move freely before I clean the chin and then kissed her and put in he poses very athletic snapping several photos to show the flexibility of Makie movements and then dance with her and play a little to the doctor with her.

with scissors to take off the dress to accarezare and smell her tender pussy before use and keep his fingers to get me pleasure while I shake small breasts. I can not come in her unfortunately for now. but I already agree with the doctor who will send me the girl once you are beautiful to me.

I'm home and I'm in MioStudio when I hear the bell the doctor comes to see me bringing me a beautiful little girl in a wheelchair. Makie and wearing a stylish white dress lolita, I thank the doctor for his services and accompany the little Makie together with my other trophies, of which women and girls or solved the murder case.

Now in a row as if it tratase a museum case is not yet resolved, but they are close, and why I have not made love with my new little angel. but I tell her sweet words while I sit on a chair legs crossing them and giving her a kiss on the forehead, soon you too can give me pleasure to thank the excellent work.

found this young student who was accampta in the library . After a quick check you notice that there is no heartbeat , what to do with this sweet creature.


File: 1474103336601.png (1.48 MB, 892x878, 6bedda7c0b18db3b22e9231c0c….png)


After taking some pics of her from various distances and angles as well as taking pics of select body parts, I caress her long dark blue hair and sweet face while whispering "Sleep well my angel....." before I start to caress her lovely legs and feet as well as kiss and massage them.

Next, I open up her top and strip her down to her blue bra and panties which deeply arouses me. Giving into my urges, I strip her nude and have my way with the dead girl's body and do my usual routines to her. After I'm done, I redress her, gather up her stuff and carry her home with me.

Once at my place, I place her on a morgue table and in front of an eager audience of horny perverted guys proceed to strip her nude gradually and do an external examination of the dead girl's body. When I'm done, they pay me for my performance and with advance science, create replicas of parts of her outfit for them to take home with them as mementos with one even purchasing a duplicate body of the dead girl.

Once the dead girl and I are alone, I bathe and dry her off before dressing her up in a pretty dress /with no sleeves and a short skirt/ and matching boots and play with my new prize.

Now then, here's a cutie laid out in eternal slumber. What sexual adventures await her cute body?


File: 1534001119853.jpg (409.61 KB, 1200x691, dfd60d4f71cd9747fdbdb04830….jpg)

I'd probably cuddle with her, kissing her on the forehead and having my legs touch hers. After a bit of being promiscuous with her, I inadvertently tipped her body and find out that she's not responding.

I shudder and feel up her legs, touch her feet, and probe the cameltoe that are pronounced by her bloomers. I then use her limp feet to give myself a footjob. Just before I climax, I pull down the bloomers and then have sex with her. I'd ride her for a bit before I cum inside her. I kiss her on the lips before I put the bloomers back on. I lay her to the side and feel up her ass, kissing her ass cheek before I head off...

You were on an adventure with a close friend who you've had a crush on... One night, as you woke up, you noticed she's unresponsive...


File: 1545278385348.jpeg (334.63 KB, 1280x1657, 1723186__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Bumping this with another prompt.

You enter your sister's room and find her on the bed, unresponsive.


File: 1546232855949.jpg (38.76 KB, 400x225, cossette2.jpg)


I sadly caress her lovely face and nice hair before I french kiss her.

Next, I intimately caress, kiss and lick her nice long legs up and down before I stand her up and dance with her dead body. Even in death, she moves with a certain elegance that I'm drawn to so I passionately make out with her corpse and strip her nude and then pump into her pussy with my dick which causes her to limply move and then unload into her vagina. Once I'm done, I redress her, cast a spell on her body and then make her into a love doll for me to cherish forever.

Now then, here's Cossette in eternal slumber mindlessly waiting for someone to make love to her pure angelic body. Do it!


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