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Here I had many ideas about role play ^^:

Succubus/incubus: It would be a scenario about an incubus or Succubus that can only torment the souls of someone that concent to give his/her life. It would be cool because he/she would have to make the perso become her plaything

Giant/giantess: It would be a scenario about a giant/giantess making a contest of submission between 2 person. The giant/giantess would be a normal sized person with the power to shrink peoples and would kill the loser of the contest and why not make the survivor clean the mess (of course we can have more than 2 peoples eh eh)

The futa/trap: a guy looking like a girl or a girl with a penis will date a person and lead that person to his/her house to torment and kill that person that thought it was a casual girl (this RP give many possibilities eh eh)

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