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Looking to play a scene centred around the pregnancy of an human, that received the seed/eggs/spawn of an alien.
The human can be ANY gender and ANY age.
Human body is not suited to alien pregnancy. Indipendently from how the pregnancy happened (consensual or not), this will lead to the interesting part of the scene...

1) Fatal delivery: When the offspring is going to be mature, they will erupt from the kids body. Wouinding him to the point that he couldn't be repaired.

2) Hungry offspring: the newborn litter is hungry. Their istinct is to eat their mother. The memebr of alien species are aware of that and accept that, while the broodmother didn't know that...

I can play the "father" or the "Mother", up to you!



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ForYou#2704 it is my discord. I am fury but can be a human girl/futa... You can decide about my age;) are you interrested? Aaah and we can play both scenarios or mabe later will think about mor of them?

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