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Hey, I guess like everyone here I'm fucked up and disgusting. Nonetheless I want to emphasize that the things are only in my head and I consider myself incapeable of using violence in a way that would hurt anyone seriously. I consider myself a normal human being with a broad social life.

I'm basicly looking for a female (or transgender, crossdresser, bi-male ...) roleplay partner. I'm really into murder or rape scenarios. You should either be my victim or a submissive slave that helps me with my brutal work. I like slashing throats, beheading, hanging, bleeding to death and necrophilia. Other turn ons are toilet related things like piss, vomit and scat or even animals and ageplay, but that part is negotiable.

If you have any additional wishes you can bring them in of course. I'm very open minded. I really expect a long term, detailed roleplay. Please leave a comment down below if you are intrested. Let's have fun together! :-)

Useful notes:
-We can communicate via e-mail or skype
-Languages: English or German
-I won't beg for camsex or phonesex (or something similar), the rsp will be text only except you have other wishes
-Erverything will be anonymous
-I'm 22 years old (if anyone wants to know)
-Also I'm new to gurochan an this is my first entry here :-)


Hi im gay male victim, my e-mail is if you like behead and mutilate me in chat rp ;)


File: 1529549232316.jpg (171.41 KB, 600x849, c0c345d6f946c34fab8ad1c7c0….jpg) I am interrested to be your partner/victim


hi my kik is boyFDYU iam young bi boy wanting to become your victim


Hey, I'm totally down, 21 year old femboy here, (im a trap!) and I'd love to be your submissive victim. I have a lot of roleplay experience and would be willing to do just about anything you want.


I'm a femboy (trap!) that would love to be your victim in some rp,


Ever heard of discord? I find it to be more fun for rping. If so my name is Frieda#4798


Sounds like we're into all the same things ♥ I'd love to be your victim. Add me on Discord? Anemoni#5984


Submissive girl here super interested

Email me at


I'm a submissive female and very interested

Please message me


Don't know if this player is still around, but I am quite interested in a detailed roleplay.. Also intrigued how you intend on doing 'long-term', when involving Necrophilia? But, guess it's still long term, even if it's only one pc, that lives into the next scene of the story. ^^
I wouldn't mind a serial killer themed story, think that could be quite entertaining..

Been roleplaying for over ten years now, but only lately have started exploring this.. Darker stuff.. Always been big on Horror, Slasher and Monster movies, so.. Maybe I was destined to go down this road, eventually.
Reason why I am putting so much here, is because I want to emphasize something. I don't do well, with partners who seem disinterested in building something, and manages less than two paragraphs, per reply. So, if this amount of text scared you off, eh.. We probably weren't going to work out as partners anyway. :P

In any case, if you still read through it, here's my mail:


Heyy, I'm actually around right now. I've send you a fried request, Anemoni.


Im interested too. My discord is NecroSnuff#0088


I am happy to do anything in my head. No limits


Extremely interested ^_^
Shy little femboy with a very sick and twisted mind and no limits whatsoever. Rape, torture, snuff, beast, incest, ageplay etc. turn me on so bad.
I love long and detailed rps and delving into the little graphic details <blushing>
Hoping you're still around <3
If so -



I am a crossdresser bi boy who would love to be raped, castrated disemboweled or eaten or all by you.
Contact me and I would love to roleplay with you. My E Mail is

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