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I just had a scenario idea involving an OC of mine, and thought it would be a good idea to post it here.
A few years ahead from our time, science has developed genetic modificated furries for a zoo exposition. You're one of the zoo employees, taking care of a hard task.
A week later, a unstable tiger boy escaped from his trainer and killed several children.
His legs and arms are safely restrained, and a gag keeps you away from his sharp teeth. Your job is to get rid of him before he gets into more trouble. No one is watchin, though. You can do whatever you want to this cute tiger boy.
What will you do?

(My email is Kidney26eater15@gmail if you want to talk.)


File: 1520104612032.jpg (2.26 MB, 1836x2540, 20180303_162200-1.jpg)

Decided to add a drawing to complement the post


Id be interested if it was a tiger girl... ;)


Hey anonymous. I am furry and you decide about my age and gender... Interrested? My name is my discord

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