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This thread is meant to state what you'd do to a woman, teen girl or child in a pic attached to posts provided and once you've stated your abuse fantasy, post a pic of your own of a woman, teen girl or child for the next person to abuse. The abuse can be physical /like beating them up or rape/ or verbal-mental.

I'll go first, here's Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic in a bikini at the beach, abuse her however you wish to teach her a lesson for being moody and hot tempered.


File: 1521940765902.jpg (99.85 KB, 540x702, c7f37e8b932506284d5cd93b11….jpg)

I grab her by her hair roughly. She opens her eyes wudely, surprised by my violence. I grab her by the throat and lift her up. She's strangling. So I tear off her clothes and throws her back on the ground, face first, breaking her nose, and takes out my dick. She begs me not to rape her, but I shoves my dick in her tight pussy anyway. She screams in pain. I just took her virginity. I slam my dick in roughly. I want to hurt that slut. I keep raping her while she's begging me to stop. But I keep going mercilessly. She eventually starts to like it, and her screams of pain become screams of pleasure. Her begging to make me stop become beggins to make me go faster. I fuck her so roughly she finally cum. I cum inside her too a while after. She collapses. And finalky, I decide to snuff her. I suddenly grab her chin and head and twist her neck, snapping it loudly. She dies instantly.

Here is Ruby from RWBY. Have fun sniffing her.




File: 1523800672462.jpg (9.83 KB, 225x225, Solution.jpg)

The Girl lets out a muffled scream of terror as she wakes up. She truly is a pitiable sight. A roughly 16 year old girl is striped, gagged and chained to a table. The shock is written on her cute face. She tries to move but the Cains restrict her. As i walk into her field of vision i let my finger slide along her body. Her skin is warm and soft. While she is trembling in fear i distribute a weak acid on her entire body, taking special care to put enough onto her tits and into her pussy. After I´m done with that i look into her face. Shes crying. While the acid turns her skin extremely sensitive I turn on some machines and put away my gloves. As i walk back to her side I look into the grimace of fear that is her face. As i touch her breasts she lets out a muffled cry. Judging by the grimace of pain that her face now is the acid did a great job. As i start fucking her that expression grows even stronger. The feeling of her wound and slightly bleeding breasts in my hands. My cock in her pussy lubricated by her blood. And that whole body twitching in agony is just great. I come many times till she eventually passes out from the pain. As I´m satisfied I decide to go on without waking her up.
She only wakes up again as I ram the tips of the hoses into her veins. I whisper to her tired and frightened face "Hussh it will be over soon". And so i watch her last moments as her blood is suck out of her body for further processing.

So this is actually my first story id be glad for some feedback :)
The picture is Solution from Overlord. Or you just make her a regular maid i don´t really care.

"I´m not afraid of God, I am afraid of men."

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