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Hi. Im Jay.

I'm a simple man who enjoys cannibalism.

I look for literacy in a partner. Length of message doesnt matter. Just have a fair command of the language.

I had a world in mind where humanity has lost its sense of brotherhood and respect for its fellow man. People are in clans. Clans are led by head of households, typically an older male, who acts as the executive of his clan.

In this world, people who arent heads of household are always for sale. Who is the seller depends on their performance. If they perform well in work or school, they are on sale by their head of household who can sell this person for however much they see fit. If their work is unsatisfactory, they are called in for a weekly inspection where theyre evaluated and priced for sale by the government. When people are bought, they can be used for anything, whatsoever.

Im open to any ideas

If interested, email me at

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