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I want to try and roleplay being eaten alive. I am a genetic male taking hormones to develop a nice soft female body. I am doing this with the sole purpose of being eaten someday. I want to eat myself and be eaten so bad. This is a sexual desire of mine and want to be fucked while im being cooked. I want to be alive for the entire process. Since this is probably to extreme of a fantasy to be real ill have to settle for roleplay. Ive never roleplayed before so well see where this goes. Don't care whether male or female. Email address should be attached to the post. But here it is just in case maddymaderson@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion


Also the more people the merrier. Lets not make this a one course meal. We can be eaten together♥.


I tried to email you, but it just came back as an invalid email.


Believe that email is private, so you need to sign up at the host .onion site and send a message through the new email.


Got a new email that is more easy to reach:

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