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M looking for F sub
Looking for a devoted mate who enjoys her death over and over again
Also able to deal that pain and pleasure to kidnapped victims

Bloodsucking. Snuff. Big breasts. Breath and water play. Guns and knives

Turn offs. Scat. Furrys vore and pregnancy


Kik vendar113


I’m interested, but can we use email/hangouts?


I'm on discord under the same name


Hey are you still looking for a partner?


Yes I am. Sorry. Didn't realize i never clarified that I originally posted the topic.

Kik vendar113


Just bumping this up looking for some more people to talk with.


Any vampires want to hang out?


Any vampires want to hang out?


Any vampires want to hang out?


yes however i just busted my cell its going to be a few days untill i can get it replaced


Hey I am a 18 y.o. girl happy to be snuffed in any way as well as kidnapped, raped, auctioned, necro, made into furniture, animal, incest, disposal, vote, cannibal. You can be any age or gender and can be single, couple or an animal if you wanted. I am also happy to do as friends or family or famous people if you want multiple victims or people you know. Msg me at discord Bronzelara#7359

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