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What I want:
Boys or Girls or Monsters who are loyal servants.
Strangling, violence, cute hugs, snuggles, Yandere, obsession, blood, guts, disgusting, nobility.
Victims who think I am the kindest, gentlest and most misunderstood wonderful princess and person in their life. Anything I do is cute and spectacular and they support it!

About Me:
The only things you need in an RP partner is their ability to write literate paragraphs, reply quickly and tease you enough till your serving time is rewarded with their cum, blood, guts and juice.

I am that unpredictable, mentally unwell, noble, pretty princess who will reward you, torture you, cry for your affection and cry with you when you are crying. I will also make you cry while not crying. Just listen to me, ok?

Anything that doesn't touch on scat or furries - I am A-OK.

If you'd like spoiled princesses with a questionable heart of gold, I am your princess.

If you'd prefer selfless and helpless girls who take out their pain, loneliness and power position to nurture and hurt you. I am that girl.

If you give me selfless, obsessive love and take my orders and wishes, then you will get my love and vicious expression of love.

Of course, I'll be fleshing out personalities and chemistry as they grow. It's not a one time fuck, it's a life time cycle of how much harder can I make each other feel good.

Have an Anime-style picture ready for RP.



I'm not into guts, but I'm curious. is that a deal-breaker? if it's not, do you have Skype?


Hey there princess I don’t think I am worthy of you at all I am just dust compared to you yet I would gladly obey everyone of your command if you wish me to

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