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So I had this cool idea for a snuff RP. So basically some strange magic phenomena a whole butt load of fictional characters. The kicker is that they are all attractive female's. Of course the government can't allow people to know this so they send Casey Vincent a professional assassin, to hunt them down. Evil witches to innocent little girls, they must die. Of course Casey isn't content with just killing them. Oh no he would never waste a body.
Basically how it will play out if you're interested. Is you will choose a female character from a work of fiction (anime, video games, movies etc) and I will play as Casey. I will hunt you down and if you're character can fight we will have a short fight which you will shamefully lose. Next I'll rape and shame you before finally slowly killing you. My only limit is scat. If you're interested my kik is DeathFetish777 and my discord is Vice Dark Lord


We need your entire discord like name#12345 sorta thing


My bad I'm new to discord. Vice Dark Lord




Now I look like an idiot Vice Dark Lord#0926



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