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That's the best title I could think of. Inspired by the post about the Suicide Forest here, but far less specific. The premise being:

* Any kind of situation involving either a girl that's about to die, be it by suicide, accident, murder, execution or whatever, or the aftermath thereof, i.e. a dead body.
* Female victims only (title says 'girls', but can be lolis or adult women too); the PoV can be any gender (specify in the request if you want to)
* The PoV shouldn't by design be the killer, but instead a witness/bystander or prospective victim. (Though the premise leaving you the option is fine; 'You just killed/are about to kill X' isn't okay, 'You find X about to kill herself, do you save her or let it happen/'assist' her' is.)
* Following the usual /rp/ MO of 'fill the previous request/idea, then post your own'. (Post that don't fulfill the previous one can and should be ignored unless the thread has been inactive for a while or there is no request.)

Hopefully I made this halfway understandable, here's a bit of a template.
You: [Specify details about the PoV, if needed]


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And I'll obviously post my own to get this started.

Name: Mira
Age: 19
You: Any sibling of hers
Situation: You come home early to find Mira playing with herself rather dangerously. She doesn't notice you come in, and it looks like she's about to pass out... What do you do?


I first take off my clothes to revival my all ready hard cock, I’ll star stoking while admiring her body bounce in sluty pleaser as almost putting on a show for me. I then make my self noticed by placing my cock in her face. She doesn’t even block as she tries to suck it while still asphyxiating her self. She finally gets it and it feels like heaven as her tits bob and shake. She keeps her head down for what feels like hours then I finally cum In her mouth. Her eyes start to stutter and she closes then for good. I then notice a note on in my room saying to leave her out at 1 and her “a friend” will take care of it and to enjoy her for the time being. Which I did.


File: 1515456120423.jpg (160.66 KB, 600x653, 18a8d8cdd07801418359aa15a0….jpg)

Name: Miyata Yuuki
Age: 18
You: Her lover, be it her boyfriend, fiance, or husband.
Situation: Miyata is dying of a disease and is told that her time is fast approaching. It's thirty minutes before she is put under to pass peacefully and she calls you to fulfill her final wish of having sex for the first time.

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