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Inspired by the Logan Paul incident and the whole "dead girl RP" series, I decided to make up a "scenario-based" roleplay where you're a hapless wanderer in the infamous Suicide Forest and you end up finding a dead body hanging during your adventure.

TL;DR: You're in a forest, you find a body, what do?

Feel free to participate and contribute. Let's open this up with the following lady: Sayori.



Ever since that one dumb Youtuber caused a shitstorm by coming here and showing pictures of a body, including close-ups of her cleavage and a panty shot, the 'Suicide Forest' has gotten a bunch more attention and visitors for one reason or the other. But today, thanks to the cold temperatures and winds, especially at this time of the day, it looks like I'll be undisturbed around here. Good.

After passing a body that's too rotten and bloated to even identify the gender and one that's been all but stripped to the bone by the elements and scavengers, I finally come upon one that looks still usable. A girl in her early teens is hanging from a branch, barely a foot off the ground and motionless save for lightly swaying in the breeze. When I touch her leg, her skin is entirely soft and still somewhat warm, she can only be hanging here for a few hours; this will do perfectly.

She's barefoot, as they tend to be, wearing a red ribbon and what looks like parts of some school uniform, a simple light grey jacket and short red gym shorts. The girl's large blue eyes are blankly staring into nothing and the streaks of her tears are still faintly visible on her cheeks, as is a string of drool running from the corner of her mouth. On a second look I also notice her fingertips smeared with blood, the matching scratch marks around the noose on her neck making it very obvious she put up a huge struggle, but to little avail in the end.

Before continuing I briefly look around the tree the girl is hanging from, to find a pair of shoes and socks neatly placed besides the stump, as well as a school bag with the nametag 'Sayori' on the inside. That would be her, most likely; looks like you're today's lucky one, Sayori.

By this point my dick is already rock-hard in my pants, but I pace myself, carefully lifting Sayori out of the noose, her light body falling into my arms as I carefully place her on the blanket I spread on the ground beforehand. One side of her jacket has opened, revealing the smooth fair skin of her collarbone; I really wonder what drove such a pretty girl like her to do this. I carefully open Sayori's jacket to reveal a light blue bra, before undoing that too to free her almost flat chest, her breasts just barely beginning to take shape, but under my touch they're nice and firm yet soft.

Opening my trousers, I kneel next to Sayori, then lift her head onto my lap, putting my dick in her mouth and moving her head back and forth in a blowjob. Even with the lack of any actual feedback, the inside of her mouth is still soft and wet as it should, and the back of her throat is nice and tight, and I keep thrusting deep into her, just barely stopping myself from cumming already. I pull out, smearing some more saliva around Sayori's mouth in the process, then briefly wipe myself off on her jacket before getting to taking off her shorts.

To my mild – but pleasant – surprise, her panties, blue ones matching her bra, are completely dry; usually when people hang themselves they tend to, you know... But Sayori apparently knew to take precautions and avoid any undignified ...mishaps. All the better for me. Pulling down her panties, her pussy is still completely smooth, and when I push a finger inside, she's still soft and warm, and judging from the amount of resistance, she's still a virgin too, as expected at that age.

Taking a bottle of lube out of my bag, I spread a bit of it on my dick, and generously inside Sayori's pussy, then push her legs open and pull her closer to me. Parting her labia with my dick it takes me a few moments to properly slide inside her, breaking her virginity in the process, but once I'm in as I expected she's just lovely tight. Continuing to fuck her, I lean forward to play with Sayori's breasts some more and deeply kiss her, savouring the taste and softness of her mouth.

After several moments I pause and pull out of Sayori, easily lifting her body to turn her around, then lean back against a tree and slide her onto me again, making her ride me as I keep fondling her breasts from behind and admiring the reddish and dark blue marks on her neck up close. It only takes me a little more to finally climax, tensing and gasping as I shoot a huge load of cum inside her, but then slowly keep going for a few more minutes before finally pulling out and placing Sayori on the blanket again, bits of cum dripping out of her pussy for a nice creampie.

Wiping off the worst traces from her pussy, I put Sayori's panties on again like nothing happened, then proceed to completely dress her, before placing her body in the noose again. With any luck by the time they find the body there won't be any evidence of me left – if there's an autopsy at all. But really, what am I worried about, it's always worked so far.


Damn, that was a good read.


Nice. Got someone to offer up for someone else to RP?


File: 1515483161334.jpg (239.26 KB, 1133x1700, 1328229138130.jpg)

Right, my bad. Let's go with a bit of a variation (and totally not because that's the only picture in a forest I have): By extraordinary happenstance you come upon this beauty, Sophia, still in the act (ignore the bindings in the picture); do you try and save her, or just let it happen and make use of the body afterwards? (or yet something different)


You know that jack ass in the forest the other day gave my an idea. So I went with a camera in to the forest and 5 minutes in a see this sexy bitch offing her self so while the tape was running a went being her “ improved the show” it took a few tries but it paid off seeing her naked body shake and kick while I just walked off and recoded her. After she was done kicking I then took some nice time to fuck her warm corpse and man it was great how her dead cunt felt around me. I then blurred her face so it was porn hud safe the I up loaded it. After the shit storm I apologized saying how even because I saw the body filmed it edited it and uploaded it I am not a bad person.

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